I have a package here that is still shrink wrapped. It is a brand new ready to fly kit from emacs and we're going to check it out. So stay tuned Applause all right. So if you watch this channel much, you know i'm. A big fan of emacs and the tiny hawk series, and by the way, if you like, tiny, hawks, tiny, whoops, all kinds of drones, i hope you'll hit the subscribe button and subscribe to ready set drone, because i love making content about drones and rc stuff. But what i've got here is the emacs tiny, hawk 2 freestyle, but what's different about it is. This is a ready to fly kit, so if you are new to flying, drones want to get into flying fpv freestyle. This supposedly has everything you need, but for now let's go ahead and open it up and again very first time for me to open up this ready to fly kit and see what's in it and boom. You have emax goggles if you've ever used the interceptor car or the easy pilot. These goggles look similar i'm, not sure if they're exactly the same, but they do have a similar vibe to them. There'S a 1s battery right there and i think, there's another 1s battery they're, exactly the same as what come with the tiny hawk 2, the tiny hog s, the tiny hog race, the tiny hop 2 race and the freestyle. So i've got a pile of these batteries, which is exciting because it means more flight time that i can get into you have the actual tiny hawk 2 freestyle right there there.

It is with that cool storm trooper on the planet, hoth paint job that i like. So much this thing rips i did a whole video about it and it is extremely uh, fast, extremely fun to fly a little bit of a challenge to fly not quite as easy as the tiny hawk 2, but we'll get into that in a minute. We'Ll. Definitely take it out and rip it around in the box, you've got a box of emax stickers as well as some kind of basic beginner tips here on the back, which is nice, that's kind of actually i've. Never seen that in one of these ready to fly kits before, but it gives you the really really basic stuff. What the left stick does, what the right stick does etc, and i will set that over here, you've got a usb charging port. This is not usb c; it is micro usb. I wish they would switch to usb c. This also is how you would connect this to a betaflight if you needed to. However, i suspect that, because this is a ready to fly kit, we won't have to hook the beta flight, we should be able to just take it out and fly it. Ah – and here is the remote which is sort of a video game style, remote control, which is i like these – i know some people aren't as big as fans of these. I personally, like the feel of these – i you know, played a lot of xbox in my day, so this thing feels pretty good to me: um, it has a charging port right there in the front, let's see what else we've got in here.

We'Ve got the uh avon props. These are the avon, i think, they're two inch props, uh, i'm, pretty sure they're, two inch, props i'll, put a note if they're not, but these are pretty much the standards for a lot of the tiny hawk drones. Uh, really good. Props from what i understand, they get great reviews on lots of channels. We'Ve got some spare screws, which is what you need to put the props in always good to have those and then we've got let's see. I think that might be everything. Oh, no, then we've got our usb charger here, so this allows you to charge up to three batteries at the same time via usb i'm gon na go ahead and see if there's enough juice to fire up the goggles real quick, take a look, so this will Go right in here: oh yeah, there it is you can't, you can't, really see it, but there's the there's, the static inside the goggles, because there's no signal going to it all right, um yeah and, as i said, i need to charge everything up, but let's see Real quick, if we can get a few seconds of flight time out of it before i charge everything up so i'll turn the remote on i'm going to put all the sticks away from me, i'm, not even sure what what's! What yet, on this i'll figure that out in a minute, but uh i'm gon na go ahead and plug this guy in to the two 1s batteries, which i'm sure have a little bit of charge and i'm just going to try and fly it for a few Seconds and see if i can make everything work and then i'll put it all in the charger.

So again, the the upside of this is, if you're just getting into flying fpv and you don't want to have to mess with binding and you don't want to have to mess with beta flight and all the stuff that um. You know that you will eventually want to mess with, but if you're just getting going, this is a great way to start, because you can literally it should be plug and play and, as you saw, i just pulled it out of the box. So we're going to see just how plug and play it is. I need to flip that over so i'm strapping, the two batteries onto the top here gon na try and get my center of gravity as close to center as possible and to all right also very important to just let it sit flat on a flat surface so That it can calibrate properly you don't want to be moving it around at least picking it up too much while it's calibrating. That will throw things off. So hopefully it got a good calibration there and then also very important. You want to make sure cable management. You want to make sure you don't have your cables in a place where they can run into the uh propeller blades. So what i sometimes do with these little emax 1s batteries is, i put them up vertically and they'll stay that way. If you strap them down pretty good, what that does is that allows these cables to avoid getting hit by the props, which i find to be a good thing? So i've got a little bit of juice in this let's see.

If i can get an fpv signal, see it see if it's already tuned to the right channel um, it looks like it is and i'm seeing black, because there is a lens cap on the camera yeah, so right out of the gate. This thing was already on the proper channel. Can you see me there yep all right, see there's there's the live view of the camera um, so i'm gon na go ahead and just um try doing a little bit of line of sight here with it i'm. Not sure what the arm switch is so i'll just try them and see that might be my rates: okay, that's there's, my arm. Okay, there we go and i'm pretty sure, i'm in angle mode right now, it's really uh, docile and nice and even it's, not it's. Not really uh trying to get away from me yeah there. It is beautiful. Sounding like i, like the sound of the squad, a lot so before i go to nuts with it Applause before i go two nets with it, i will plug in all the batteries and get everything charged up. So i can do a proper flight. Music feels Music. Everything will probably Music is Applause, Music, misconceptions, Music, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, all right! So, if you're looking to get into flying fpv, i can't recommend the tiny hawk freestyle 2 enough. It is a great little kit. It'S got everything you need.

The remote control is already bound to the quad, so you don't have to worry about that. You'Ve got the goggles you've got spare props you've got two batteries that's. The only thing i'd say you probably need to do is order more batteries. From emacs the 450s, but otherwise you are good to go and you can start flying freestyle outdoors. This is not an indoor quad, but it is a lot of fun.