Examine Out Peter’s SPARK REVIEW!!! – https://youtu.be/ljuE1vzLU24 CHECK OUT MY GEAR – https://package.com/MattiHaapoja Presets to your movies! The Cine …


  1. ya'll should do another video on this spark. i'm curious after one year

  2. Ootko suomalainen / are you from finland

  3. you remind me of aviici. RIP

  4. Yes, you can speed up the response

  5. This review would have been better if the guys could have used the controller rather than phone or gestures. Most other reviews seem to think it is very useable when using the proper controller

  6. Now that you can get the Spark for $349 with a controller, Vs $799 for Mavic Air and $999 for Mavic, it really changes for conversation from a value point. Spark is now the perfect drone for beginners and casual users, think of spark as a point and shot camera vs an SLR

  7. Dude, you need to listen to your music before you add it to your videos.

  8. If you put it in sport mode it turns faster and goes faster

  9. We know who peter is… maybe you should tell who you are… wannabe peter

  10. You were a lot kinder than Peter on the Spark! I think he was a bit unfair on it. I use it for my vlog given my limited budget. BUT I will be getting the Mavic as soon as I can because that 1080p is so limited and there’s no d-log (even the phantom 3 standard has d-log!) Thanks Matty I really appreciate you skills.

  11. Wait what, only 30fps !? No 24 ????

  12. then why r u reviewing withouth full knowledge with the drone…

  13. If you are going to Dublin. ireland, hit me up and I’ll show you around. Instagram: @johnharveyperez

  14. By 2025 tech-heads are going to gawk at how we managed to live with puny 1st-gen 4K videos.
    Stop chasing resolution. Chase the story.

  15. Im torn between getting a drone TBH.. Yes the spark is good at being undercover.. The problem with that is now everyone knows it's undercover and will look for it… Am I right? It just isn't work the $1000.. I want a drone but definately gonna wait a year or so and see whats available before putting the money into it. Thanks for info tho man!

  16. And the last important thing:

    Half the price with the Fly More combo. I wish I could get the Mavic but the moneeeeeyyyyyyyyy.

    Good video tho! Hope you had another battery to keep trying out.

  17. vague review , inadequate knowledge about spark , the way peter was using hand gestures , a 5 years old wont respond to him . Clearly both of them were not into the product !

  18. Was ok until he come out with a isheep comment….. pulling out your iPhone! WHY IPhone…..phone has less letters also not everyone is a sheep

  19. You guys really know how to making amazing videos. Love your work.

  20. i just subscribed but i love your videos man

  21. Nice review, however the Spark has great cinematic quality for the limited functions. I agree, not being able to change camera settings is frustrating. A lot of work in post I would not use the Spark if you're not hard wired like any small child it likes to run away; or in the Spark's case fly a way!! You can't find me nah nah nah nah nah nahhhh. It's also hard to see in the sky! You think your controlling the drone to find out you controlled a small bird!! I use the Mavic Pro more and the Phantom 3 Pro. Will be getting the P4P after I get the new Canon

  22. use controller bro.& u can see how fast it can go.& and your assessment will change about it

  23. I love 30 frames per second. It's the best speed, followed by 60 frames per second. Tip: if your film or documentary is too long, remove 1 frame from every clip (using a macro command) to reduce production length. 😁

  24. Thanks mate! loved this video 🙂

    What do you think of DJI OSMO+? (Plus)

  25. Just interpret the 30 into 24 bra

  26. I have the spark and all I want is 24 fps gimbal smoothness and maybe color profiles DJI

  27. Nice video. Looks like car runs well after the last repair.

  28. How hard is it to drive/fly a drone (like the phantom/maverick)? I'm a bit afraid of buying one and accidently crash it xD How do they handle the wind?

  29. I'd love to see how this compares to the Parrot bebop. I got to use a friend of mine's and it was pretty cool with comparible video quality.

  30. Skip to 3:15 for the video to actually start

  31. Good show! Being toy like nobody cares and when they see bigger stuff they care.
    What you said i think was spot on. Thanks, Cheers!

  32. Lol I'd never use the gestures. So useless.

  33. not sure if you had beginner mode turned on (it is by default) but it limits its speed and movement while on

  34. The wind noise stopped when that "thing" was removed.

  35. The windscreen rabbit trail is classic. A least its clean! You crushed my Jedi dreams, just kidding I didn't feel like the hand gestures would be viable in real situations. Thanks for the review. – Tony

  36. For the price the phantom 3 standard would be a way better investment if u want to actually be able to get sick footage. Better quality cam, longer range and battery life, but it's also just gonna be way more stable in wind and u can take it further

  37. You inspire me to create travel video for my channel
    Thanks 🙏
    Algum brasileiro por aqui?

  38. haha you and peter in the same video.. so cool! Love your content guys, I've learned a lot from your videos and I've been applying that knowledge into my own videos, thanks!:)

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