This is my son, who was born in 2013’s, umbilical cord baby hat and all that kind of stuff totally sealed. You can see the wrinkles on it. This was totally tied tightly and i saw a bug walking around there a little black bug. I didn’t save it because i didn’t think of making a video until now, which was just like about 30 minutes ago uh, but it was a little black bug crowner. I was like how did that possibly get in there? I checked there’s no holes in there, so i took this out. This is where the umbilical cord is there’s, the umbilical cord and apparently see those little shells right there. There was actually seven of them, so i assumed that this bug survived in this box for seven years. It went through like a molting process or something so you can get a closer look here. So three of those fell on the floor, so that makes seven and, as you can see here, as you can see here, he was born in 2013. This has been sealed and somehow this bug has been living off the umbilical cord for seven years. That is like the weirdest thing ever and the grossest some kind of bug stuff in the cap here yeah it just that just blows my mind, so the bug i’ll try to find it online and put a picture of it, but it was a little black bug. Kind of like a little beetle, or something like that.

If anybody recognizes these, if we have any bug experts, please let me know what this thing is, but surprisingly, the piece of the umbilical cord still looks like it was seven years ago anyway. Just wanted to share that weirdness with you guys always remember. The motto always be kinder than necessary and watch out for strange bugs inside your umbilical cord boxes. If anybody else is weird enough to do this like we did so, i was taking this out here to throw it out because we don’t want in the house anymore, because it’s gross, i saw like tons of little like dust in the bottom here. There goes the little shells blowing in the wind. I don’t know what that is, but a bug living inside this box in a sealed bag for seven years and still being alive, it’s pretty awesome, but pretty weird and gross all right guys. If you haven’t already seen it check out my ford f, 150 lightning, video, which i just uploaded a few days ago, i’ll put a tag here or something in a link somewhere or something like that click on the radar car. So you can see all my videos. Please help me conquer the youtube algorithm by liking by commenting by sharing subscribing all that kind of good stuff love you guys until next time always remember the motto always be kinder than necessary.