This is crazy when you have to fly really close to things, and you really have to see the details. The image looks great. This lens really does a great job. Music ive gotten something extremely exciting in the mail today. So this is the magi mask mask. Well, not really a mask. I wouldnt call it mask, but well thats the name of it. So these are basically goggles for your phone. You put your phone here and you turn your phone screen into your goggle screen and you can use this for many different things. But what i am most interested in is using this for flying the drone, and i have a feeling that this will change the way. I can fly the regular drone because it makes your phone screen look like a huge movie screen. Im, actually quite surprised how well this lens you do it like this. You open it up. You put your phone here, you close it up. You can um, you can get your usb through here. So when you control your drone, you use the usb cable plug it into the controller. Then you can change the focusing distance of this thing by just like unlocking this thing and then see i like it when its somewhere around here. This is my perfect distance. Then you lock it and youre ready to go. Lets stop talking and lets go and actually experience the flight with this thing lets see how well does it improve my flying capabilities, yeah abilities, you have to remember to dial in the settings before you fly because well, when youre flying, you wont be able to access The screen so uh closer the it gets the bigger the screen, but i kind of like it when its here lock it and now were basically ready, ready to fly and it works with glasses too.

So all right so lets lets. Take this thing for a spin lets start recording wow. This is very funky wow. This screen its like in my face. It really feels like im in a cinema right now, looking at a big screen. This is uh. This is funky very funky. All right lets approach. This crane right here lets get real close lets, get the details of it. Lets lets use this mask as it should be used. I think the best way i have to use this is like when you have to fly really close to things, and you really have to see the details. The objects you are capturing. This will help a lot. This is a very good replacement for ipad, because i would say that this type of looking at screen is even like. It feels even bigger than a huge ipad in your hands. Definitely it really feels like a cinema cinema screen. This is crazy and the resolution is fine if my phone would have even better resolution that would that would make it look even better but uh. Well, the retina screen on the iphone mini iphone 12 mini is totally fine. I can see some pixelation but thats, because the phone screen is right off my face, but uh all in all the image looks great. This lens really does a great job with like enlarging the screen. This is so cool. All right lets check out the beautiful part of this place, so this building right here in the center, the white one with the green facade element – is a beautiful building.

They are selling apartments here and those apartments are like renovated and kept in the old style. Really fancy looking some amazing apartments right there, so this is the quiet center of riga by the way, one one more thing. This thing these goggles, this mask is great. At is like i can see the wires when i get when i fly close to them. I can see them really well, so no worries about the wires and i got ta say the experience. Is it kind of feels like fpv, but the only thing is. I cannot dive this drone. I can only uh. I can only fly it like normally. Oh lets. Catch this bird, maybe alright, lets get one more shot of a building right here. This funky, i dont, know how this is the dome yeah, its a dome, yeah beautiful, dome lets, get a shot with oh another bird, maybe its the same one, all right: precision and a rotating backwards upwards flight with the dome in the center. I can really see all of the imperfections i get with my controls on this screen. It really exaggerates everything i got ta say its uh, its quite amazing, to fly because uh, you can see all of the details that are there on the screen. That drone sees you can see all of the imperfections you achieve with being not so great with controlling the drone. So you will see everything you do now were back from the flight and i got ta say this thing is incredible: it really is like going to a movie theater and like flying your drone with a 5g connection somewhere and youre just sitting in the movie theater And just checking out the big screen and controlling your drone thats, the feeling thats, how i experienced it.

It makes you see everything, so it can improve your precision. It can improve your uh drones health because you can see the wires. You can see small branches, you can see everything on your screen and you can really get immersed in the flight experience. Also one very important plus for this thing is that if you are in a very sunny scenario – and there are no shades for you to hide in you – put your phone in and its completely dark, you can concentrate on the image and no sunlight will interfere with Your flying, apparently there are these receivers that you can buy, that you can connect to your phone. If you have an android phone, you can connect the receiver to your phone and basically fly analog drones with this setup and actually yesterday i started looking at my like some of my older cinematic edits. Through this thing, it was like looking at them for the first time, and i got ta say my my shots. Look better on the big screen. If you have this thing, go check out some of my cinematic edits, you might be uh surprised or not. I dont know this thing is really really cool. Video watching experience was insane and drone flying experience is insane and you can even connect an analog drone to it its like. What else do you need? I really do recommend this thing. If you want to get your own go check the link in the description for all of you who have been flying fbv you, you know what this is.

You know how it feels when youre looking at a big screen inside the goggles and like seeing everything but for all you who havent flown fpv, i got ta say its amazing go check it out. Link will be in the description if you want it, get your own and experience the flying in a way that you have never experienced it before. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy this video. If you did, you know what to do.