18 kd in casual and got better so definitely um good. To see improvement there, because uh 0.18 kd im gon na be honest, is not good at all, like thats severely below average started ranked in neon dawn, uh bronze silver was like his his floating rank and then hes now, gold, silver um so definitely improvement. There thats always a good thing to see, is just overall improvement like a lot of people. Try to compare themselves to you know pro league players, content creator, people that they look up to and they kind of try to put themselves in their shoes. But you know its the baby steps that really count guys and when you see an improvement like this, you know from from bronze silver to gold to silver and im, assuming the kd probably followed as well. If youre taking the right steps, you know on um fixing your mistakes along the way like this is really solid improvement and consistency with this is going to take you a lot further than you know that guy that makes that jump from from gold one to plat. One in one season, right, like you, want to have consistent growth, at least in my opinion, it is better okay. So the next thing is aim. You know thats something that oh anyone always wants to improve, but this this thing here with four games, three and seven and then the next two you know like people, always try to break down games guys like we have to get it inside of our heads that We cant perform the same: every single map, every single game, youre going to be playing against different players, those different those different players going to be doing different things in the bomb site.

You know with defense or attack. You know whether theyre executing or defending um, like theres, a lot of factors that goes into the outcome of your performance right, like theres different situations, thats. What makes siege sieges, because these situations are so unique to one another. So dont beat yourself up if youre not being consistent between games. I struggle with this as well. I could drop 15 kills one game and then you know drop. You know two kills and and have seven. Yes, whatever it is um at the end of the day. Just focus on trying to perform your best every single round and then that will carry you know throughout the game itself um, while youre focusing on those rounds, then the last little bit here that i think is worth mentioning or going over is operator selection. So this is something i see quite a bit as well, especially with my coaching service um, where i have these one on one sessions, you know and discord, calls and stuff by the way, link to it in the description. What i see is these people trying to give themselves roles in ranked, and this isnt really something that you see too often. I think the reason that most players do this is because they understand that theres like roles and competitive and stuff, and they want to apply that to ranked and stuff, and i get that you know you want to feel included in things that interest you but ranked Isnt, really the appropriate place or time for um.

Something like this to happen so make sure its the appropriate price, a place like a competitive environment, a scram game day, whatever it is where these roles actually do apply, because in ranked not really that um appropriate to apply these. These you know roles and things like that ill. Just over complicate things just play ranked you know, make sure youre, youre learning from your mistakes and adapting to the enemy. I have to use interesting use of the emp here. So what i will say about using emp with thurman stuff, like that you know its its a great use of utility, emps and stuff like that thatcher, of course, but in the right moments. So you saw a bandit early round um and you were under the impression that he could trick the thermite charge potentially um, but one thing that you could be looking out for here is: if man, its even on the wall right, so just throw a drone in Theres a drone hole directly on the breach here or or the wall rather um that we can utilize drone out is bend it close, no hes, not okay. Now we get to save that emp for later round um, where it could have more of an impact because emps and the reason thatcher is banned. So much is because hes such an influential operator with very little um. You know he has very little to do to have so much influence four rounds.

So when you have an operator like him that has so much impact with such little effort, then you kind of want to use his utility at the right moments at the right times. Um, just so that way you get the most out of it. So just a little gripe here make sure youre checking wall same thing applies a consulate. You know, theres a drone hole there, uh clubhouse as well for cc wall theres. You know these portions of some maps where you can utilize that drone hole figure out if man its actually tricky and if hes not, then you dont even need to use that emp for that it could be used for something um, much more important bro. If i cant hit once im dead bro you just dont okay, so this is a huge mistake that i see a lot of players make, especially with my uh private coaching sessions. Um. When i do. Video views with with private clients is uh, applying sight pressure as an attacker, but then skipping the step of not droning once breach is open and thats. What were seeing right here, um we saw twitch droning a little bit uh when breach was initially open, but theres. No droning after you have a drone on person here. Your drone, your first run got shot early round, but you still have a drone on person. Im sure thermite probably has a drone twitch potentially as well. I mean she does now have three drones.

So um like just make sure that you that youre doing the the basics and and the very um simple things that set yourself up for success as an attacker um in the round and and the very simple thing is just a drone here. Right so make sure. Youre joining after breaching off face checking everything because thats how you lose rounds like this, especially in a 4v2 with two minutes left. This is a huge advantage for you and your team so make sure you dont throw that away. Um prone peaking here is a kind of an interesting choice. Uh the reason i i want to bring that up is because, when youre prone youre, you know the slowest movement speed that you can be as your operator, so um going prone is like a very last resort thing you want to do you dont, you dont, usually Want to do it as their first resort, because it puts yourself in a poor position if that jaegers half decent and takes advantage of the fact that you are prone and understands how you know advantageous that is for him, then you know you probably would have died There um because he saw you he peaked initially and then he repeat again um. You know the whole time while youre, while youre pruning the floor and its very hard for you to move out of an angle like that uh, because you have to go through the animation and then you know kind of sprint, away versus just being crouched or standing.

So um, you know again going prone is kind of like a last resort. Thing dont usually want to do it as the first thing you do in terms of positioning just because it puts you in such a bad position. Okay, so youre rotating here um, jumping in with confidence off of the fact that it is the 2v4 thats, understandable, uh good pick there in the blue guy. So now you have the information that jager was last seen khan about 20 to 30 seconds ago, so youre actually going off of that previous information, which is good playing a little overly aggressive in my opinion. But it seems like its just going to work out in your in your favor. That was a good round, though um on the only thing later on that i would change theirs, maybe take a little bit slower entering games just because you dont have any solid information. Other than that it was a good uh rotation. You know funneling through that breach isnt ideal. You know you dont really want to funnel through an area so good job. There um im kind of reading the situation like that and understanding hey, apply pressure elsewhere, library with uh pre placed drone here this is i like seeing this a lot. Actually uh. You safely got a drone into the building, hopefully so far i dont want to jinx. You but um safely, gon na drown into the building, understand that they are, i believe, above if im not mistaken, so this is a very impactful flank.

Drone um now the next step here that a very common mistake that i see, especially with five stacks um, is people dont utilize, the fact that they have the five stack to their advantage, like full potential um a lot of the times. I just see five individual players queuing together and theyre just in a discord, so its kind of like solo queue, but a little bit more advanced and theyre capping their potential severely if they just communicated played as a team. Very simple stuff: that takes you an extremely long way. I promise you guys, if you take anything away from this video when it comes to five stacking or anything like that. Its this right here communicate do very simple stuff, and what im getting at here is, if someone dies early, tell them hey get on drone one. You know clearly, if you, if you look at the bottom left here, this is a little tip for you, guys uh calling out drone number as you call to someone to watch a flank drone or whatever it is a dead person to watch a camera. You know um just just in general, so you call out number its much easier for that player to recognize hey its drone. Three: hey its drone, two hates drone, six, whatever it is, so that way they can swap to a faster and potentially you know, catch that defender, thats on the flanker or just get that information sooner in that area, so very important that you call it the number Of the flank drone as well, but back to my point of five stacking, make sure youre utilizing this its very important and it i promise you guys.

It is a extremely beneficial tip to use and it will have a tremendous positive impact for your overall ranked games. Um so theres an lmi on that window. Okay, here again were having the same issue with the emp and especially with ace as well. You dont need to use an emp right because you know if bandit is on the wall um and he he tricks. One ace charge theres still that other ace charge going off on that other panel reinforcement right, so uh either way the wall is getting opened um. So if thatchers up – and this just applies in general, its its very rare – that thatcher is up and ranked, but when he is uh, make sure youre utilizing him to his full potential right. You know theres a reason thatchers banned. So much is because of how much impact he can truly have and how much faster it can make attacking rounds, be um and just your overall job easier right. So when youre playing, thatcher, dont kind of just throw emps just because its the right thing to do make sure youre, youre precise with them and make sure you theres a theres, a solidified purpose for using an emp in a certain area. Okay, so this is very common to see um with a office. Take is a lot of people just go straight to canine, which for the people who dont know this little balcony here, you know like where the aces is walking on and where uh thatchers on rappel is called k9.

This whole. You know balcony here then like big uh canine window here then office door to to his right um a little bit deeper into the balcony but uh. What a lot of people do when they, when they are attacking this bomb site, is theyll just kind of come to this big window, take gunfights, hope for the best and then jump in um. But what i like to see is the fact that um, you know a good portion of the team. Two people, i believe, are library, side taking control of that and we actually killed the ella who was chimney or top fireplace, which is you know this little area through this wall uh, like top fireplace stairs you know, and then this is called chimney here. This little stone structure um when someones on top of that, but um either way uh great pinch here i would like to see someone going um, ivy window or library hall library hallway window just so that way you can establish a crossfire here right because if iona Is looking through the library door top chimney fireplace that area and then someone is also going um, the the ivy uh window, uh, the one next to piano that you know leads into this uh very wide hallway. Here you know you can establish that 90 degree crossfire between those two players and it makes that job of of the ella playing that position much harder and also the chances of um killing that ella go up just because you have more angles exposed to her and If someone dies, you know you can probably refrag that fairly fast all right, so here we are again.

Um were doing a really good job of of establishing uh pressure early round as the attacker. So this is something that you can take away just as an overall. If you get, if you do five sec with these guys, a whole bunch is, you guys are doing a really good job. Getting opening picks uh. Everyone is fairly um full hp. Besides, you know three players which theyre still looking pretty um. You know in terms of hp, but you guys are doing a really good job establishing early round pressure, getting early picks, getting map control, opening the wall. All that good stuff, you guys are kind of in a lull middle round which happens with a lot of players. Actually, where they just kind of um Music, it kind of falls under just hoping for the best, if that makes sense so using drones, as the attacker is very important, make sure when you are droning, you are also taking the map control, because when you are droning, You know um when you have this much pressure already youre going to be drowning into the bomb site or near the bomb site. So um make sure you know. Youre youre inching your way towards the bomb site, not necessarily in so to speak, but just getting that map control, because every inch, especially this close to the bomb site, is that much more pressure to the defenders. Right so make sure youre making um as much progress.

As you can in terms of map control, as the attackers – and you know the more pressure you add to the defenders, the more likely they are to make mistakes and those mistakes could give you free, uh kills uh free map control whatever it is. Just you know something into your advantage, but yeah you guys are kind of in a lull uh. Once you guys get this early early pressure, you guys dont really know what to do just because you kind of uh, you know its its like a dog with a million bones. It just doesnt know what to do right. It just kind of like freaks out and uh spazzes, see like ace is, is just jumping into sight here with uh with the fuser, so good job theyre. Reading the the positioning thats an excellent job there id love to see that um, you and habano were stacked on the double window. So you just decided to play office door here now. I would open the door which you are doing and the reason for you opening the door is because lets just you know: uh use this pen here for for an example, this is the doorway and you know theres like a little sliver here, open or or whatever It is on the barricade that makes it much easier for target action. Accu acquisition there we go much easier for target at its much easier for for the enemy to react to.

Okay, instead of you know a whole barricade being open its just the doorway, you could be standing crouched prone, like you were before um different positions, but when theres, just a specific sliver taken out of the of the barricade, you know if someones going to be at The barricade theyre going to be at the part where its open, so they can see through the barricade right. This is very common sense, so uh just makes it easier to react to as a defender, um or just in general, so good job opening the barricade there. So that way, it doesnt make it easier and make you also more predictable in your positioning and you know potentially get you fried um crouch walking in now. This is an example where i would like to see you using your emp. The reason for that is because we have a legion and an ella. We dont know whats on that doorway because you just opened it so that tells you that nobodys walked into that doorway right in terms of your teammates, who could potentially trigger that elemine or that legion mine. So using the emp there um just to disable that utility and that general vicinity and then walking through the doorway, would be a better, better option there. Now you dont need to cover here um. You obviously can see. So this actually got you killed, which is very unfortunate, um, so player positioning, something very important to take note of, especially if you are a solo queue player.

If you guys – oh my god, if you guys watch my solo q series um, i make this a very large point where uh you know paying attention to where my teammates are theyre kind of like beacons or information, so to speak. So that way, i know if hey, if the jager dies in that area, i know not only is that area unsafe right now, but also they could potentially take that map control and it could affect me or get me killed in my area that im playing so Just paying attention to where your teammates are positioned very important, and that leads leads me into my point here where, as soon as you look at ace and ayanna here, lets see if i can get a good frame or not so you try to get on the Couch, which is understandable, im just trying to you, know, have like decent positioning. You know off positioning so to speak, something thats a little bit less predictable, but you really dont need to have that positioning because it is a 4v1 if you just hold angles and hold your your um domains that you should be owning as the attacker, while your Teammate plants is much more important than trying to get into an off position um. But if we look here you know, ace is planting, ayanna is doing all uh canine window there and then ayanna um is piano double door. So you know in terms of this lane, which is piano, you dont need to worry about it until that iona either leaves or she dies right so immediately.

This should register in your your brain, okay, the only lane i need to worry about, and the only lane that can apply pressure to me and my team is the office rotate. So you immediately look there and you know until the legion is dead or one of your teammates dies in the lanes that theyre controlling behind you, then you start worrying about something else. Does that make sense? And that applies to anything in siege in terms of lane control, whether youre attacker or a defender. This is a huge concept, a very simple concept that can go a long way that ive been using since ive been i you know: ive been averaging plat 3. All the way up to when i play against champs right, its a very simple concept and it can apply in any single rank, so make sure you take that home put it in the books and it will apply to literally any situation any map whatever it is. Uh when it comes to lane control and trying to understand what domain to to control and that ultimately ended up getting you killed not only being indecisive on what to hold, but also trying to get into this position here kind of sprinted. You know you should have been holding that window uh, sorry that rotate the whole time, but you know ultimately um okay, so you know default use of an emp here now i would like to see you guys be a little bit more cautious about develcam.

That was from first round right: uh dont fall under the comfortability of having round advantage and all that stuff like if, if the enemy is doing something similar that theyve done before, then theres no excuse to not already be adapted to that, because youve seen it before By the enemy in the same game, so you know be on your toes is what im saying could be a valve came outside right now, because that window was open last time. Okay, so youre doing the same thing here with applying pressure id love to see your drone this time uh. This is great understanding of the situation at hand, and just you know how the round is progressing. So far. The first time you went to games window like this, you just jumped in it was a 4v2 theres about a minute and a half left or a minute or so on the clock uh. But this time its a 5v5, you guys got wall, open, um and theres. Two minutes left on the clock, so you you recognize this and you are droning now, which i really love to see um so decision making in terms of just kind of um Music, the baby steps of rounds and like just the the common sense, little things like This uh you, you definitely have so far um a pretty decent understanding for a new player. So this is really good to see. Hey come on, okay now were over droning.

So if we look at what is a threat to us when we jump into games so two doorways right, one hatch, so three things to worry about, we can check hatch hatch is closed because theres no debris on the floor thats a great way to tell if A hatch is reinforced or open by the way. Just look for the debris on the floor. If you cant, you know, run directly below the hatch um, so doorway here doorway here now the thing thats going to have the most threat to you is going to be this doorway on the left, because not only is it closer to the bomb site, but also Uh theres more positions that the attackers can play or sorry. The defenders can play in that general area that you have to drone um Music and then they they could just be ratting in or or just rotating from right. So you know this lets just say: this is door number two right um and this is door number one on the left door number two. This is a hallway, so you can check this period or uh momentarily just drive your drone up check the hallway strafing in and out. If theres, no one there, then theres, no one there, you have a window of opportunity. You take your drone over here um. You check over there and then you know if no ones closed door here you can jump in take the map control and then continue joining after that thats kind of how you solo take map control so to speak, all right deployed all right cover me.

Im gon na uh, that was, that was a case of misleading there, thats just uh thats unfortunate. That was a good. I dont know if thats a refrag there, no its, not because i think you killed bandit but um again theres a lot of face. Checking going on here, man like from your whole team, not even just you just like utilizing drones like its its its simple but true and effective. You have drones for a reason. Use them use them. You saw your drone from from. You know games double window when youve drawn that right, so um take advantage of that and drone. I dont know how to put it like theres, a lot of face. Checking you take a piece of map called control. You drone you take another piece of map control. You drone take another so on and so on. Right um and you know when you get close to the bomb site like this, like it might be a little bit more iffy, but theres still always the option. And if you can take the option, you should um and then you know here the the rooney, the rooney death. I mean its just thats, just a case of misleading. To be honest with you, like you just lean the wrong. I think i think you meant to strafe out and then lean left, but it just you know, came down to being unfortunate there um, but yeah biggest mistake. I would say this round is just over aggression uh when you have time and so much map control.

Like look, how close you guys are you guys are literally in the bomb site itself. Actually, unfortunately, you dont have diffuser, but you guys were literally in the bomb site with a minute left like you guys have a lot of advantage. You guys arent. Even you know fully realizing how much of an advantage you guys actually have right, no all right, thats, a really good early pick. So again, you know uh same situation that were having on defense, where um from attack is is were getting early. Early picks, um were about a minute into the round theyre, currently opening breach, which isnt ideal um. You want to stall a little bit more on the on the wall. If bandit could but its not the end of the world, you guys did get an early pick, which is great setting you guys up for um, really good round success. Now the thing is here: um and the decision that you kind of want to make is: do i want to return to the bomb site because theyre applying so much pressure already or do i want to keep on the roam, because i got an early pick and I want to play late flink or whatever it is so thats. The decision i would like to see you kind of make here is committing to one of one or the other, and you can also do vertical as well with a rooney on the on the bomb side as well, if needed, for plant or whatever it is okay.

So now super important that we look at what were looking at, that doesnt really make sense, but were still gon na look at it um, we understand what were looking at there we go. That makes a little bit more uh a little bit more sense. So we have you and valk in lobby um. Your top fireplace valk is bottom fireplace. Now, if we look at the situation and we only count the people on the bomb site, what do we have? You know – and we dont even know for sure if jaeger and thunderbird are on the bomb site, because we dont know where theyre at right now uh. But we have a 4v4 on the board. But we have a 2v4 on the bomb site. Thats a huge issue – and this is a big thing that i see a lot of people do – is they just kind of like play off of the bomb site and it actually results them losing the round? No, some of the time ive seen it happen. You know numerous times, but some of the time it could lead to losing the round just because of simple numbers and man advantage on the bomb site. You know if the the attacker is going to be trying to to push the bomb site full force right. So you kind of want to meet that and and be that barricade on all fronts as much as you can be um and when youre lacking main advantage main account on the bomb site.

Thats an issue right because the numbers just dont theyre, not equal. So uh your teammates are most likely going to get overpowered if the attackers do a half decent job of just refragging because of the numbers game. Okay, so now were at a 1v3 or 1v4 rad, rather on the bomb site. Right lets. Look at whats going on here we have a 1v4 on the bomb site and you know what im, what im saying and what ive already said. Uh that could happen is unfolding in front of our eyes currently so really really important that you kind of understand this early on of playing siege and you implement this skill set as early as you can, because you can win and lose a lot of rounds because Of this, whether youre attacking and you know, uh there, its its a 4v4 and two people are roaming right and you – and you know that, for sure that means theres only two people on the bomb site for v2 on the bomb site we play refrag its a 2V4, two at you know worst case scenario um, but yeah super important that we understand the skill set. We learn from it now. You know still at a 1v4 now youre returning to the bomb site um when they could potentially already be on the bomb site right. So you want to be in this position and catch this before it even happens. You want to be able to predict this step from the attackers where it could potentially happen.

You want to return to the bomb site, so something like this doesnt happen. Just dont focus on garage ones coming downstairs right now: Music, that was a that was unfortunate, miscommunication here youre, trying to flip between blue stairs and uh weindor. You have three dead people. You have a bulletproof cam, looking at uh, breech um, and then you have blue default cam right. So just tell your teammate, like two teammates hey one of you watch breach. One of you watch my blue cam, its really that simple again, this goes back to what i was saying round one i believe where i mentioned not utilizing the full potential of a five stack. This is something that could have been fixed in two sentences. In a little bit of effort right, um or not not even one sentence, just hey valk watch watch breach jager watch blue bandit. Can you know, watch and fill whatever other information that that might be lacking in an area um and youre golden by that point right? So uh, this is a very easy fix and should be recognized the next time this. This um kind of situation happens immediately and it should like it. It should be second nature to uh, ask something like this, especially in a five sec, just because you can utilize these these four other people that are that are playing with you. Okay, all right, um, dont, sprint into the unknown thats. What to say to this dont sprint into into areas where youre not fully aware uh, unless you have you know pretty solid information on where the attackers are going to be.

You know uh as kind of like a cluster or a group. You know the majority of the attackers. You can sprint down a couple hallways. You know through a couple rooms maybe, but when you start getting closer to them, you know where you think they might be or where they are start. Pre aiming doorways and stuff like that and taking a little bit slower, especially in a situation like this, where you dont need to be. You know zoom zoom, fast uh, sonic boy uh, because theres close to two minutes still left on the clock and thats a 5v5 um, and they are also not attacking and pressuring the bomb site. All that much so you got to read the room before you enter it. Does that make sense, just um, just kind of understand, whats going on in the bomb site whats going on near the bomb site things like that? Yes, yes, all right, so youre getting very hyper focused on the fact that they are coming library side this time so um like theyre. They could not. How do i say this um like they could as very well be jumping into games or mud room right now, right since they are taking this side of the map, got ta, be wary of this. We saw it last round as well. You know we saw twitch and zofia down below um in west main, even though the bomb sites above so you got to be careful of your surroundings and the potential of what the attackers could do to do to you in terms of killing you or pushing you Out of an area so be very careful aware of the situation at hand um and make sure that youre youre kind of understanding that you dont want to get tunnel visioned on this stuff, you dont want to get overly focused.

I im going to to assume that youre trying to go for a nitro cell kill here from below so just pre place the nitro cell right um. If they shoot it, they shoot it. You know its much better that they shoot the nitro cell than shoot you because you want to play in this position. Does that make sense fireplace like i hear so my balcony yeah? So you are going for the for the uh nitro thats fused thats, a great job um that now this is what this is. What you call something – or this is this – is what you call a one off. Basically, that means this will only work once um against half decent players who know how to adapt im, not saying you know it wont work multiple times in the same game against the same people, those people just simply suck okay like if something as simple as that Is happening to the enemy and they keep allowing it to happen and theyre not adapting they just suck, and they dont know what theyre doing. But that is what you would consider at higher elo uh a one off just because it should only work once im, not saying it. It will never not work multiple times, but usually it should only work once uh, so whenever it is something like that thats very easy for the attackers to counter you, dont really want to do it multiple times, because that makes you predictable right and then you die.

Okay, this is a beautiful job here i really love seeing this okay, so what i said last round about you walking into unknown areas, pre aiming on the roam and stuff like that youre implementing it this time. So this shows me that you are very aware of the mistakes that youre making, even though theyre simple its so great, i would much rather you you know, work and fix simple mistakes rather than no mistakes at all right. This shows me that youre willing to make progression youre willing to fix things um – and you understand you know at least on a basic level. Hey. I made a mistake doing this thing um, so i need to fix it and thats exactly what youre doing here. So this is really really good. Im very happy to see this. I would like to see you take it a little bit slower on the angle. Checking um, you know, potentially listening for audio cues as well is a huge thing that i dont see. Many people do and uh um is very beneficial for you, so just you know, potentially standing outside of a doorway listening for audio cues holding an angle while youre listening just that way. You are ready for the gunfight. If someone does uh possibly swinging from library window, not that one not that one dont run out, dont run right now, dont run out im not going to are they on one library, one library, one library, one library, all right so same situation here lets look at This round right its a 4v3, you guys have man advantage on paper but on the bomb site, its a 3v3 right.

So i want you, you know, and even the people who didnt submit this vote or who are just watching now like pay attention to these things. Guys this bar up here at the top gives you a ton of information, a ton like an insane amount. You know um time main advantage, hp, whos, injured right so like and many many other things that um Music that uh you know arent coming to my head at this moment, but uh either way pay attention to this bar over the top its there. For a reason, utilize, it okay, so youre trying to go for the flank here, im, not a big fan of this. This is what you call kind of like a solo hero player or like a bloodthirsty play. Youre, pretty much just hunting for kills right now. Youre, not really. I dont, know theres a difference between needing to do something and wanting to do something and youre wanting to flank, because youre wanting to go for kills like you. Are there um so yeah? This is a habit that a lot of people have even me myself. I have this habit, you know i over swing stuff, i you know, go for the kills way too much right way way too much, and you know its something that uh everyone needs to work on: um Music, especially in lower elo, when youre, newer, youre, not creating These bad habits that are so rooted inside of you that are so hard to break over the years fix them.

Now you will thank me later when you, you know, when you dont, have these mistakes that youre making that youve been making for years uh. Meanwhile, the guy next to you, whos, been playing just as long as you has these mistakes that are just rooted into them that are so hard for him to break um, break these mistakes now, and you know, discipline yourself as a player so that way, uh it Benefits you in the future, oh basement, bro, all right, basement, thats, yeah, shes right on the main stairs thats, actually is a little off here. Um it like with the premium. It seems like youre, reacting more than pre aiming, which is something that will ultimately end up. Losing you gun fights, i promise you just because you know someone who has better premium is automatically at an advantage um, because all they have to do is just click versus you aiming and having to click so youre, adding one step into the equation. Um between who wins this – you know this 1v1 uh but yeah like when we approach this west main door like lets. Look at how the premium is here so here its decent and definitely needs to be higher for head level here, its way too low its like pelvis, you know hip uh, thigh, basement area. You know here its extremely extremely low um and then here. This is what i mean by reacting right, like youre, trying to preem the staircase, but this guys already up the staircase.

So now you have to react to the fact that he is upset up the staircase right, so pre aim is lackluster uh. I would like to see you work on this. This is something thats very easy to fix. Just going to t hunt make sure that youre conscious every single time you t hunt the whole time. You know pre aim level, pre, aim level. Dont worry about winning the t. Hunt. Dont worry about, you know uh whatever it is, that might be. Adding pressure to you only worry about pre aim. Pre game pre aim premium. This is this is how you know um you. You work on things like this and fix them. Like i s, i spent hundreds of hours just worrying about preem and tian, and also coming from other games like csgo, where, where preem is also so important like uh, you just need to need to take advantage of the fact that its a one bullet, headshot game And you hit that bullet on the head, like you win the gunfight, they have a cam dude. He just drew a nitro, careful, cant, okay, so same thing that i said previously about you playing office door, dont dont, get on rappel like that. You know theyre gon na hear you get on rappel like offer it man, theyre gon na, hear you get on rappel, so just dont do that just dont its not its, not gon na work, the only the only way you would wan na do.

That is if the glass is broken, because glass uh acts as a sound barrier, um and doesnt allow sound to fully propagate through windows, so thats, why you see a lot of players in higher elo and me if you watch my stream link below in the description? Come say: hi, uh, shoot, glass out of windows is because of the fact that you have the barricade layer, and then you also the glass layer on most windows, and you know, once this glass layer is removed, sound can propagate and pass through the barricade. Much more effectively and efficiently. So that way you can hear better as a defender when someone gets a rappel um, so yeah the window is more than open enough to the point where someone will be able to hear you get on rappel and im very surprised honestly. That you did not die from what you just did true poppy chris youre gon na be the reason why i survived. Okay, nice yo. I contested it for you. Dude youre, welcome all right. So here we are again were getting this early run pressure around the same time, maybe were like 15 30 seconds behind your your average. So far this game, but were getting early around pressure. We got wall open super early. We got an early pick now its time to drone this lull period. This middle man, uh between early and late round, needs to be drone information. Take the map control inch by inch, as i said previously right here on the bottom, its another great job here of getting early early, picks and stuff.

I lit that guy up a little bit bro, you guys need to get the information. You guys are using your lives to get information, not your body or your drone. What am i saying he pushed through the smoke? I shot him a little bit. I think i shot him all right now. This is an instance where you want to use your emp right, what if they have pre placed nitro below they have thunderbird uh. Also, we have an another defender that is unknown at the moment, so they could potentially have two nitros use the emp just in case theres that pre placed nitro you disable it boom scot free on the plant. You can uh get diffuser down safely, not have to worry about your life, getting blown away to smithereens, so that actually was a uh, a secondary nitro. That was a valkyrie, i believe. Could it could have been a warden but both have nitros. So my point still stands here. We are going to prone again huge mistake. I dont want to see you doing this anymore unless its, you know a situation where youre stuck in a corner and its a lot literally literally last resort thing. Man, like last resort thing thunderbird, might come to your left door and hell camp someone else, youll always be better off standing or crouched yeah. You hear her bro yo shes like right at the door. Bro you hear her all right so now.

This is where you want to start fighting as an attacker in a post plant situation. This is where you want to start fighting right here around this point, because if you stall the attackers it does, it does not matter if you die at this point. Well, i mean, if you die like instantly it might matter, they might be able to get the diffuser off very, very situational, but around this time you want to start applying pressure just so that way, the attacker sorry, the defenders literally have no choice whether or not They can defuse. Does that make sense um, because if you apply the pressure, you know stall for an extra five seconds. That five seconds is. You know seals the deal right, the games over the rounds, whatever you guys want, um, they literally dont, have enough time to plant. Even though you died it doesnt matter, you won the game beautiful. So this is something you want to look out for when you are in a post plant situation as an attacker and start applying pressure to the defenders, so that way they literally dont have the option to diffuse. We should be good. I think you played, though i got ta all right, so thats the end of the vod um so, as i said previously, a lot of the mistakes that you were making very simple mistakes to fix, uh all takes a little bit of attention, adjustment and so on. Another thing that i touched on a little bit at the end: there was your premium levels.

Uh definitely need to bring those up, make sure that theyre a lot more consistent and also make sure that what you are peaking is what you are pre aiming, but other than that. I really hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did make sure you guys leave a like on the video, if you learned something from it, theres also links to all of my social media, as well as my coaching, which is down below in the description. So if you guys are interested in a one on one vod review session like this one here or a coaching session and write review session, theres a whole bunch of tiers and packages on my patreon. So that way, if you cant afford something theres cheaper options or if you want to spend a little bit more money, theres also options for that link to the patreon down below. In the description where you can find all the info you need and more and yes, i do coach console players for the people who may be on console as well as a link to the vod form where you can publicly submit vons that i could potentially review On my channel like this one here so links to all my stuff down below in the description guys go check it out. I would greatly appreciate it hope you guys enjoyed the video hope. You guys learned something new and ill catch.