You know that i, like small drones, and this one is a very, very, very, very small drone. This is uh iflight. Nano name will be here and its ultra light. It weighs around this much today we shall have our first flight with this thing in this area and later we shall also dive this drone from this big building. So uh lets do it, so this small drone uses uh 1s batteries. 450 milliamp hour looks like this. Thanks to banggood that they sent me, this drone uh its very amazing to work with banggood charge these batteries like this, i have this charger and i have a bigger battery and i just plug it in and bam its charging, and i have a portable way how To charge the batteries on the go, because, with these small drones, its just cool, if you can charge the batteries while you are flying because then you can continue on flying, which is amazing by the way im using the dj fpv goggles version 2, with the dg Adapter that will allow me to see the analog signal from this analog drone. By the way, this is the crossfire version. That means that the range should be fine. Welcome you to battery! Please go inside, please cop. It all right lets clean the lens, because i just smushed it with my fingers, its its just so cute, just look at it, its so small, its uh. I cant wait to go and uh fly it in the city, because i i think that nobody will care as its so light so small.

I cannot hurt anyone and i will also feel safe flying this thing because, like i, i cant hurt anyone. I really love small drones because of that factor. People dont people are not scared of it and people just dont care about it, which is amazing. For me, this is my first proper flight, so oh wow, its quite very smooth, actually Music. What all right! I dont really feel that safe with this drone inside because well, the props are not protected and i know how to control drones but well, im, not the most precise guy when it comes to this type of flying, and i just dont want to mess up the Props, as i have just one more set of them remaining lets fly downstairs all right, i got ta say it controls really well. That was an happy little accident and this was not a happy little accident wow. That was really fun. I think its time to bring it outside. Okay, we are at this amazing building its called uh, the academy of yes, science and uh yeah lets uh lets dive it with this drone lets see. If i can do it actually lets take it for a spin. Okay, all right all right all right approaching the big building. It should be quite windy up here: yeah yeah, this weather is quite cold, so this tiny battery is not feeling the greatest its, not the greatest right now outside im punching in but uh theres.

Not a lot of power all right lets quickly change the battery and lets do another one. So this is a one battery dive, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! Oh, i landed in the bag. Amazing for me, as i said, i like fly uh like ducted drones when im flying indoors, but this unducted drone is great for freestyling, so uh. I always wanted a tiny, tiny freestyle drone. Now i have it. Thank you. Banggood take off lets, go one more lets. Take it very slowly because i dont want to drain the whole battery before i get to the top all right, all right, all right, all right, all right all right! This is the deck you can come here and check out the rigger from above a little bit too far away. Lets do another one whoa under the wire amazing yeah. This weather is not the perfect, its totally too cold for this battery, but i got ta say it: controls really well, if only the battery would have more power and lets quickly do another one this time well, do something different. I already do it twice now lets just uh. Just do something different lets. Do some quick freestyle tricks with a full battery with full power lets see? What can i do? Armed lets go whoa. It does have a when the battery is full, its quite uh nimble. What overshotted it thats the crash its uh somewhere over there? I will go, get it.

Oh. I found it nope its stuck in this thing i got ta say its a lot of fun flying this tiny drone, uh yeah its its great for practicing freestyle because its so small, its so light. You can crash it more than a bigger freestyle drone. The only thing i think would break would be the propellers. I think this very light body is durable because of that, because its very light, so if you crash the force, is not so large its not so strong to break this thing yeah, it was a lot of fun. So this was my first look at this tiny drone. I have an idea. I want to put insta360 go 2 on top of it. I know it sounds crazy because, like the insta360 go two ways as much as this drone, but i have a feeling that it might be able to fly if you want to see that subscribe. If you want to get your own tiny, iflight nano something drone check the link in description, if you get it through there youre supporting my channel, and that is very much appreciated.