So in this video, what were gon na do is test these out. So this is the dji mini 3 pro. This is their latest under 250 gram drone, and the good thing about this is that this does 4k 60p video. Now a lot of people dont really care about that, but weve always wanted a portable drone that fits in the nano drone category that does 4k 60p video, and this does that so at 249 grams. This drone feels really lightweight and ive, had some dji drones in the past ill show you a comparison of another mavic that we have, and in comparison to that, this is really light and most of the weight is in the battery which, once you remove. This feels like just a light piece of plastic, so theyve really managed to bring down the electronics the motors everything and still give it quite a solid, build quality. Youve got all your sensors for tracking any kind of obstacles, and it also has a tracking on the bottom. So you have sensors on the bottom on the front as well as on the back of the drone, and they allow you to fly in a safer manner. They do a good job of obstacle avoidance and because of its light weight, this drone is ridiculously fast as well. Now this thing is the dji rc controller, and this has an inbuilt display on it, and this has literally changed the way i fly drones, because the most cumbersome thing about drones was always attaching your phone.

Turning on the app figuring out updates all of those things we did still have to figure out updates because we didnt update the drone in the office. Weve come out here to the off road adventure zone. You can see behind us. Weve had some fun with the drone and with the cars, but before we could do that, we had a long wait and we had to update everything. Luckily, the os on this is mostly android and then with a hotspot on our phones. We were able to connect this uh to the wi fi on the phone and upgrade everything including the firmware on the drone, including the firmware on the controller. So we were able to do all of that remotely and because this has an operating system built in the apps will automatically get updated. All fly safe data, which is data that is provided by governments to the drone manufacturers to make sure certain areas are restricted. All that data comes into this automatically so lets quickly look at some shots of the drone and then well talk a little bit more about it. Music me Music, me Music, so once youve powered on both your drone and your controller youll see that the display is right here and then you do have a pull down sort of control center, which is over here. So you can control the brightness of the screen from here as well, and then you have complete control for the drone here as well.

So you can see that we have a 64 gigabyte card in there and then you can see that it says that the sd card speed is low. That means that you need an ultra fast card in this, especially if youre going to be shooting 4k. 60.. Now you can shoot in auto mode, but you do have pro settings here as well, so you get complete control over your shooting format. Uh. You also get complete control over your shutter speed, your iso and your exposure, and then you can also customize what frame rate and what resolution, along with what bike balance you want to shoot at. So you can see you have some controls over here. You have the power button, a return to home button and a pause button. This is really handy because, if youre at mid flight – and you want to quickly pause, the drone itll stop where you are or where you want it to stop. And then you also have a cinema mode switch, a normal switch and a sports mode switch, and i can tell you that i had a lot of fun with the sports mode today. You do have your additional controls over here that help you set up how youre going to fly and everything like the dji flying apps that youve had for the drones. This controller basically has everything built into it. So as far as restrictions are concerned, you can see that this is locked at 120 meters for flight altitude, but there is no distance limit.

As long as you can see the drone uh. You should be good and then the max altitude for this, because this is a nano drone. This is locked at 120 meters, but that is good enough for most kind of drone shots and as long as from the flight uh area that you take off from. So if youre in the hills, as long as you take off from a height, you will get 120 meters above that. The good thing is that the sticks for the remote go back here. So you can fit them here and then you do have two customizable buttons here, and these joysticks also allow you to control uh the pitch of the camera, and this allows you to control uh. You can set up this for the aperture or the shutter again as per your requirements. So this is the mavic air 2, and this was one of the smallest drones that you could get that could do good quality, 4k, 60 and in comparison, if you see the size, this thing looks like a toy in front of this and weight wise. Also. This is ridiculously light fold it up as well. You can see how much more compact this is as big as a power bank, whereas this thing is considerably larger, so you definitely have the advantage of size with this as far as video recording capability is concerned. So if youre enjoying the amount of dust i have eaten today so far, dont forget to hit the subscribe button.

Lets look at the controllers, real quick, so you can see that this is the package that you get typically over here. You have the mavic air 2 with the controller. Now, on top of this, you have to attach your smartphone so that this becomes functional. To begin with, this one is basically ready to go. This is the small size drone here and then this controller is basically ready to go. You dont need anything else. The antennas are built in everything is built in the screen is built in the software is built in and it connects over wi, fi and updates through and through. So a really compact package, a really useful package, if youre on the go and if youre filming something like us, this is definitely worthwhile. The question now remains: is that should you buy this drone? Is this better than a mavic? Is this better than some of the other drones that are available and if youre starting out with drones? This is a really good point to start out, because this gives you, basically all the pro features in a really compact size, and you do not require registration because it falls in the nano category. This controller also makes it extremely easy to set up the drone fly. It and then just like pack it up and take it away with you. You dont, have to think about whether your phone, the app, is updated, whether you have internet connection any of those things, because this just works.

This also has a built in sd card slot, where in which you can put in an sd card, and you can have a cache of the video in case you lose the sd card on your drone. You can have a backup of the video on the controller, which is excellent, also for cases like when we forget our sd card at home, which we almost did today. This also does have a built into gigabyte storage, so you can get some shots on the drone on the go so whether youre getting into the drone as a hobby or whether youre doing something which is semi professional. So you want to get some good quality. Drone footage you dont want to worry about the legality uh, then this is definitely the drone to get. If you guys are interested in checking out this drone or checking out some more footage, well have links in the description below plus, if you guys are interested in buying one of these im, not too sure if it is easy to access. But if we can find links or contacts of people who you can buy this from well have those in the description below for you guys if you enjoyed the video, if you want us to check out more such things like drones, we have some gimbals coming up. Uh, we can do that for you guys, just let us know in the comments below and if you want a long term experience review of this as well.

Let us know in the comment section below for that, and i will have that for you out as well. This has been bharat youve been watching.