Just a fact. You want all the good noise out of your car. You got to sacrifice your ears. Why is my rear windshield wipe around, so that is what we are going to attempt to fix today or at least help because it’s getting crazy, and i need to stop it. Okay, welcome back! Thank you for joining us. We actually have a special package here. Very big box that came from max speeding rods, or, i hope, that’s, how i pronounce the name of the company. Basically max speeding rods is like a any other aftermarket performance parts brand. They sell a lot of stuff for a lot of different cars. If you’d like to go check them out, i do have the link in their description. So, if you’re looking for any parts for your car, you can go ahead and hop on their website. They have a ton of stuff they reached out to me a while ago, because i had mentioned a couple videos ago that i really needed the trunk cover to the back of my car and them having such a wide selection of parts actually had one for my Car, which is what this is and i’m hoping that this might just help me cut down on a little bit of the drone problems that i have and if you guys are going to go there and take a look and see if they have any parts that They might have for your car.

I do have a discount code in the description of the video, so you can go down there check it out and their link is should be like right next to it. So if you need any parts for your car, i would go ahead and check there first, because they do have really good pricing. So big. Thank you to max speeding, mac, speeding rods for sending me this part, and i will unbox it in just a second. But let me just explain why i think this might help out my issue that i’ve been having. If you look at this car, you have the exhaust right there and normally with like a sedan. It would be the trunk completely covered by the back seats here. So i’ll open this and right there there’s an opening that basically lets sound travel from in the trunk all the way up over the seats and there’s just there’s, nothing here so from the factory. Normally there would be a cover right here. You can actually see the outlines of where it’s supposed to sit right here and right here, it’s supposed to cover everything here, but it’s supposed to also help provide a level of installation that these hatchbacks don’t have because it being a hatchback it’s just straight open and The exhaust is right there and there’s no insulation in between this and the cabin. So what i’m hoping is that having this will allow me to cut out a little bit of the drone, and now there is only a couple things i was worried about that.

Actually, you guys told me not to worry about, but i’m gon na just say it anyways, just in case it ends up happening so right here i have the sony at like sub system that this car, as an st3 comes with so i’m worried like music, is, Like a big thing for me, like when i’m driving, i always listen to music and i just don’t want it to take away from whatever, like sound experience, i have going on in there so that’s. My only worry i don’t, i don’t know based on what you guys were saying: it’s, not that big of a deal and again thank you to max speeding routes to sending me this part it’s. So awesome i love getting free stuff and getting to review it. On my channel, alright, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and unbox this thing: Music, Applause, Music, all right! So here we are we’re in the car right now with absolutely no cover on the back, and i mean like right now: i’m, barely on it like and i’m pretty sure i’m yelling i’m used to that right now but like i want that to not be a Thing anymore, i don’t really enjoy having drone in the car i like being loud, but if you want to be loud, you can’t have loud without the drone most of the time in a lot of the newer cars there’s, a lot of like good insulation and stuff.

But um yeah, really, though you can’t, be loud and and not have drone it’s kind of a given but i’m gon na give it some pretty good gas like we’re gon na, do a little bit of testing at like normal, like part throttle and then we’re gon Na do testing at like pretty hard acceleration, so you guys can actually hear if there’s a difference – and i have my decibel oh meter in the back here all right looks like a normal volume is like 68 to 72 decibels in here right now, i’ll uh, i’ll, I’Ll zoom in on the camera, so you guys can see i’m also about to go uphill. So here we go that’s normal levels of acceleration right there, like 12 15 throttle with accelerating it’s, really loud yeah that’s, that nasty drone right there, like a 25 2600 there’s like an absolutely terrible like the best way i could describe it, for you guys is go Ahead and find like an old fan plug it in and talk into it that’s what it sounds like when you’re talking when you’re trying to talk over the drone in this car, but like all right, here’s, some like here, you know i’m gon na hold it right At that spot right, there yeah it’s, not it’s, not exactly the quietest and honestly, i don’t think that decibels really give you an idea of how bad this thing drones, because i think that’s more like a sound frequency thing, yeah right there right there, it drones the Worst it’s, absolutely terrible, and i am getting on it but, like part throttle, acceleration is where it’s like terrible and i’m gon na find a hill here in a second normal volumes in here in between, like 65 to 75 decibels at any time and that’s, like normal Throttle that’s not even like me getting on it or anything, few more like low rpm, accelerations that’s, just unbearable, like i’m gon na i’m gon na get to a hill here in a second, you guys are gon na really, oh you’re really really gon na see how Bad, it is – and i know a lot of you guys actually have the same exhaust setup that i have.

I don’t know if you’re a catless downpipe or not, but if you are, then you know the pain that i’m talking about god, damn all right we’re. Finally, at the hill right now, this get ready for this. This is gon na be amusing. God, like i got ta scream at you to talk to you right now: it’s, not good it’s, so freaking loud on the inside that’s, not where you want it to be loud. You want to be loud on the outside. Drone is not fun. Being loud is fun. Drone is annoying, and that is what we are hoping to eliminate with this. Okay, all right, we actually have a difference, so i just saw and i’ll show you in a second, but it was bouncing from like 48 to 52, just sitting here. I just put it in i’m gon na show you this ready, not bad, all right, i’m, honestly, just sitting here, um the drone is a lot better honestly, just at a standstill, i can actually notice a difference in tone and like sound and one thing i would Test but i don’t think i’m gon na is the whole like subwoofer theory, like i don’t know, if i can maybe i can put on like some royalty, free, music or whatever, but it’s usually trash. I actually feel like i. I hear a difference like i’m. Just cruising in my neighborhood right now, but like i mean i do this every morning and it sounds different what the heck! No this, this a hundred percent made a difference.

I don’t even need the decibel oh meter, whatever the hell it is. I hear more road noise now i will say that i i legit was like half throttle right there. No way are you kidding me this legitimately? No all right all right, that’s one time that’s one time i got ta actually like get on it in order to know see. If i can see a number difference before i go ahead and say that i can hear a difference but like that was with a pop i’m, not even yelling, all right. That was the same exact amount of throttle. I got ta, i got ta see if there’s a number difference holy, crap, guys we’re we’re sitting here at the same decibel level that we were idling at without this cover. I think the range that we were seeing beforehand was like 65 to 75. If i recall, with just cruising like just just normal, like 12 to 15, throttle range cruising, and this is what i’m seeing right now i don’t know if you guys, can see that, but like it’s dipping down to 60, sometimes even with a pop like, i can Hear almost more tone with the pops like what they actually sound like, rather than just like a bassy ear destruction sound straight away. Nobody ahead of me, are you kidding me. You’Ve got to be kidding me. This is going to be like engine breaking with like what used to be like a nasty vibration.

Sound max is 66 that’s much lower than 75 come on. Like i can hear my blow off valve more now. I can actually hear my turbo spooling a little more now gon na do a little baby. Pull right here, guys come on. Oh my god! This is awesome. I want to see if you guys can hear this ready i’m going to try and make you guys hear my turbo now, which i couldn’t hear before Music. I don’t know if you guys could hear that, but i could not hear my turbo like that before and now i can and we are back at the uphill portion of the test all right here. We go no way guys that’s 45 throttle. According to my access port here, we’ll do a little bit of a full throttle already that’s insane. Just putting a trunk cover in my car gave me more sound that i would want and less crappy drone that i don’t want, because now i can hear my turbo more and now i can hear more of my exhaust note of what the sound like that it. Actually makes which is awesome, so i think that’s a huge freaking success and i want to do one more pull right here. Just for a celebration awesome all right guys. I think that was a huge freaking success and with that let’s head back to the shop, so it actually freaking worked. It actually helped fix my drone issue.

Now i don’t have to be driving this car on the highway or like getting on it in a lower gear and worry about absolutely destroying my eardrums. So i just want to say thank you again to max speeding rods for helping me out get this part. I knew i needed it, but i didn’t know i needed it that bad and guys, like i said, if you’re looking for any parts for your car, go ahead and check out max beating rods first and see if they have it for a better price and, like I said before the link for their website is in the description and a coupon code, for you guys to use and save a little bit of cash. If you were to go there and get something so that’s gon na, be it with the focus today, i’m about to head home and i’m actually gon na head to the gym again, which in the last video you guys saw, i was like fresh off a cobot Vaccine, so i didn’t really have my strength. I wanted to fully let myself recover and get my strength back. So we’re gon na go back home i’m gon na hit up the gym. I think we’re all set here with the focus, so i am going to go head home right now.