Welcome to my channel. Well, today is an rc race car day. So today i have the zd racing ex 1601. This is the premium little 116 scale race car of the hoonigan brand series. So if youre familiar with my channel youve seen me review the 1 7 scale version of this, which is massive and super fast, but this is the little tiny baby version and it comes in various models to meet your budget. So you get this. This is a top of the line model. It has an independent esc, independent receiver uh. It has a brushless motor. Its got these really cool hoonigan wheels on it. You have a four channel, remote youll know. The lower version of this has spoked wheels, sort of like spoked wheels here, has a lesser, remote and lesser electronics inside. So what makes this really good? Well for me, an rc car enthusiast. I will tell you this is really good. Nice, rubber, on the tires all metal construction, pretty much theres, not a lot of plastic parts on here inside ill show you some pictures here inside you got oil field shocks all aluminum. The whole frame is aluminum brushless motor, all the things you would need. It runs on a two cell battery that is included, and you get 20 minutes run time with the included battery top speed on this. According to the website is 35 to 40 kilometers an hour, and that could be going downhill.

I never know what these websites what the real thing is, but i have driven this and it does move pretty fast, its very nice. It does have working headlights up front, which is very nice, and it does have tail lights that work as well in the rear. So if you drive this at night, it looks quite sweet all right to take it, for a spin were just going to power on our little remote here its on next, we take the little metal clips out of the cover and we yank this off and its Stuck on there, because the light wires are all connected, you have to pull those out. If you want to pull this all the way off and inside you can see once again, its very nice theres a little switch right here on a piece of wire that is on and off. So i could turn that on now, but first ill have to plug. In the battery you can see, as i spin this proportional steering up front and, of course, im trying to do this in the camera. Ive got forward and i have reverse, and i have of course brakes all right lets go drive all right. So our little cars down there, this road is all closed. So i have it all to myself, but i dont really need a lot of space for this car, because it is very tiny. Its made more for short circuits if youre doing racing, where youre standing in one spot and you dont want it to go out of range.

It does have a range on this of over 100 meters, but you will lose sight of that car before you run out of range, so you should have no problem so lets uh spin. It here im just whipping it around here, just to see how it goes and see if the cameras could catch it, but i know you want to see the follow you want to see. How fast is it so here lets go here, keep it going straight im going to bring it back this way and im just going to line it up and make it go fast straight line here we go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster she spins out of control. This car seems like its made more for going around a course than straight im, trying to follow it here as im whipping around here im doing a big oval. The the skill in this is trying not to spin out because it does have a lot of force. It is a four wheel, drive too so this is not your average car. Its got a tiny little four wheel drive system in it all metal gears, so you dont have to worry about things wearing out it is. They are all greased uh. There is some information online to make it go even faster. If you go right on the banggood website, there is a whole video on it just by changing some stuff in the gears, slight modification, but i tell ya well theres my first crush Applause.

Music lets keep going around ill, try to miss all the pebbles, its kind of hard, because the faster you go, the more were going to catch air look at the rolling, but it always lands on its wheels all right. So that was a blast driving with this little guy. It is definitely a ripper its a lot of fun. I do like that. It slides my tires are not that worn. I dont know if you can see it here. This camera is kind of wide angle. So i probably look kind of weird like a short and fat instead of skinny and tall, but anyways. Let me show you what comes in the box when you get this so check this out. This is the box. Your hoonigan comes in inside the box. Youll find the user manual and a set of decals. The hoonigan looks rather plain, but once you add the set of decals to it, it looks awesome. One lipo battery is included if you need extra lipo batteries order them from wherever you wish and just make sure your battery has a deans connector. A battery charger is included with the kit. Since i have the ex01 model, which is the top of the line model. Mine came with a four channel, remote control, and it has all the features you need on a remote control. You will have to supply four double a batteries to have it function. It also comes with a manual, so ends my review of the ex 1601.

It is a blast to drive. I didnt scratch it up too much. I crashed an awful lot, but you know flipping and everything else, but look at the bottom. Can you see it in the light? Its not even scratched its really good and the tires lots of tread left and i was doing lots and lots and lots and lots of uh sliding around and spinning and donuts and everything else and the body look at the scratches on it. It flipped many times it is extremely durable. Look at that. Can you see the scratches? It holds up really well so yeah. I like this one. This is really good and i will say i was driving. I still have power left check this out. I was driving it out here. According to my watch, i was driving for 20 minutes and i still have power left. I dont know how many minutes of power i have left. I wouldnt say too many, but after 20 minutes yeah thats pretty decent. The only tip. I will have for you is when you get it, you see these little lug nuts that go on the wheels, take them off and put some loctite on there and then put them back on only because with all that, spinning everything they will fall off. Mine did not fall off because i put loctite on mine, but uh ive been doing this for a long time, so i know what to expect other than that yeah, its really good, so check the links below check the links below theres, probably a discount code.

Everything go check it out and see if its for you a lot of fun in the summertime, especially for you dad and your son or daughter, to be out having fun with cars like this. All right guys hope you enjoyed my review. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future. Reviews with i dont know drones, because i am captain drone.