This is a direct drive helicopter. I know very little about helicopters, but im gon na fly this. I brought three batteries out and i have jack here because he can either laugh at me if i crash it, but more importantly, he can fly 3d so im going to let him fly this after me and do some 3d flights. If you havent seen the unboxing of this helicopter, it comes with the radio and a pile of spare parts and at the end of this video im going to show you what comes in the box so stay tuned for that. But for now lets go fly this baby. I should be good to stand over here spin this around, because i am a newbie jacks got a gopro uh to capture some of this footage. On my switches i have the hold on so the motors dont spin. I may refer to this helicopter as a drone now and then jack. Please correct me, because that happens a lot and down here. I have it on normal. I dont have it on anything head, speed up or anything like that. Ive got it on 6g, so it means. If i take this hold switch off and push this left. Joystick up prop should turn so im going to do it, quick enough that it doesnt slide off the box first time flying it there we go baby Music. I got a lot of power up and down lets bring it close to that camera over there.

Let me try moving around jack. If this comes at you, please run away hide behind the camera. Please do that this ones got a lot of power, jack whoa. That was a little close to my head. This is more power than im used to im used to flying, like the blade ones. This is fast here. Let me just slow it down here, because i have going way too fast, very easy to fly. If you have a little bit of experience, i have a tiny bit as jack will tell you so im told flight time on this. Helicopter is 10 minutes per battery. If you fly it like this, if you fly it aggressively, it drops to four minutes. So that tells you right there it does come with batteries. Mine came with two. You can get it with four batteries. I believe uh or one battery, but look im getting pretty used to it now, its not so difficult to fly anymore, im. Keeping it nicely in frame here this is good. So what do you think jack? Do you think this is going to be something youre going to enjoy? Absolutely it looks amazing lets bring it down im not going to land it on the box, because i will crash it so lets just bring it over here, ill, bring it close to jack, and i so you can watch it come down im going to hit the Hold switch in a second im coming down and there we go all right.

So that was my flight and now lets have jack. The pro fly it all right, jack here we go controller, is yours. Youre all set all right here we go were im gon na stand back there, he goes Music, hes getting adjusted orientated to it. Oh, i just heard the speed go up, so he must have it in a higher head. Speed. Okay jack says this thing has a lot of power. Look at that Laughter. I dont mind standing this close Music so just to correct im, not a 3d pilot, no worries. If you get close to me, i can swat it away with my gopro Music, nice. Okay. Okay, jack before i ask you your thoughts on this, everybody check this out ill show you what comes in the box. This is the box. Your e150 comes in opening up the box. The first thing we are presented with is a user manual for your e6 radio and then a user manual for your e150 taking items out of the box. We first have the e150 helicopter. You will notice that it has a nice brushless motor powerful on the rear. End and that tail is all carbon fiber and speaking of carbon fiber. Most of the drone is constructed of carbon fiber as well as aircraft aluminum. I was very surprised to see how many components are actually made out of metals. Vice plastic. You can see that the direct drive all metal brushless motor proudly displays that its a 2507 motor taking off the canopy we can see the electronics inside this does have a self stabilizing mode which i was flying in and a 3d mode which jack was flying in.

If you dont want to use the included radio – and you have your own radio, it will work with a spectrum radio as well as ppm and sbus. The included lipo battery is a 500 milliamp hour 3s battery with an xt30 connector. You can put larger batteries in. If you desire a usb battery, charger is also included. The blades are made of nylon and carbon fiber material and two spares are included as well. A tail blade, a micro screwdriver and some body mounts and an allen key are included. Total takeoff weight of the e150 helicopter with battery is 182 grams. The included radio is very nice. Its a six channel radio. Everything is well marked. Theres no setup required its all set up at the factory. You will need to provide four double a batteries to power. It all right so when i flew this, my opinion is as a beginner. It was pretty easy to fly, but it does have a lot of power and an awful lot of potential and when jack flew it where he could do flips and rolls and everything else, im looking at this gopro sorry guys, i know the cameras down there too. Uh, when jack flew it, he well hell have his own opinion, so jack im, just gon na get out of the way and point at you go ahead. It flies great. Ah, it does everything you want it to do its a mile, 3d or or more for more experienced pilots, its its amazing, its lots of power very well built.

How did you find the responsiveness very good, very good, its its quick all right? Everyone, thanks for watching this video im going to put links to this product below you can go check it out. If you have more questions on this helicopter, then by all means post them in comments below here, and i will get back to you with answers. I am practicing and learning helicopters and i am getting better im, no longer a newbie newbie, but uh. You know its helicopters like this. That help me out and get my skills up so im having a lot of fun and the great thing is. I know that a helicopter like this for me as a beginner.