Well, i want to show you a really cool pusher drone. This is the diatone tycan c25 mark ii. Now there is a mark one, but ive never tried it. You know diatone contacted me many times and said we have this pusher drone its the best on the market. It is so stable, so balanced, so indestructible. These are my two cameras i have on it. These are insta 360 go cameras. I have one in the front. Thats kind of on an angle, because when you fly a drone, it goes like this, so you want the camera to be pointing a little bit forward and then this one here at the rear, looks like its pointing down. But of course, when drones fly its like this, look at this on the bottom, too. Ive never seen that before you see these protective little shields well, youre, probably thinking well thats kind of goofy. Why would you put protective shields on the bottom? These are made out of carbon fiber in the video im about to show you. I crashed into the ground, going through some trees really fast and when i hit the ground i picked up leaves, but the drone didnt get stuff caught in the props. Because of these protective shields, so they actually work its really good. This thing is: got some of the latest greatest best fpv stuff on it and its not super expensive. So im really loving this now mine came with a crossfire.

You can get it with different receivers. Comes in three colors too, you can get it in white purple. This is the purple. I think the other color is blue. Im going to put pictures, it comes in hd, digital and analog. Mine is the analog version, so its very inexpensive, and i will tell you right now: if you get the analog version, it shoots out at 500 milliwatts from this antenna. You just have to set it inside, so it shoots out at 500. The image is super clear. You can go super far behind things around things. Super clear image ill show you some of that in this video, oh, and i should also mention too, that diatone says: put an 850 milliamp hour, 4s lipo battery on this or less. Now, when i flew this with the two cameras, you see here, look what i have on it. I dont know if you can see it but thats an 1100 milliamp hour, lipo battery 4s, its quite large. This lifts, it no problem, so i dont know why theyre saying 850, because you can go up to 1100 with no issues and get a long flight time. So now my plan is out here is just to show you it flying in the backyard but im not going to put my goggles on or anything like that im just going to fly it to line of sight using my radio, which is back there, and let Me just grab everything, so i could explain it so i was flying with a crossfire module on the back.

You can get these theyre dirt cheap, put them on any radio. I put mine on a tx16s and over here im using every video. I use fat sharks when im using analog video, because i love fat sharks and these are my fat sharks. You buy them once you never buy fat sharks again. So ive had these for years and uh yeah same as with radios, you buy one and you go for years. So let me show you this thing flying with the hat cam on, so you can hear how loud it is and uh see how it flies around. Here in the backyard here we go all right, so really quick plug in the battery here and just plop it on the ground and were all set to go. Okay, so im going to put an angle mode to flight in the backyard just to show you the sound. The reason i want to show you the sound is because, when a lot of people buy pusher drones, they are unaware that it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Now, if you fly these around people, its really good, because people can hear them – and they know a drone – is coming so they get out of the way right hit the arm switch there we go and lets. Take it up. I think im in the right mode. Here very stable ill, bring it over the other camera bring it over here. If i say i love this thing, its like, it flies like a camera drone, almost its so good ill, bring it over to the other camera uh wheres, my gopro over there gopro again, and i pushed i knocked over the gopro all right.

There you go. I got my hat cam on so ill, take it over in the shade and whip it around this way, its very, very easy to fly. I tell you um. If you know how to fly drones a little bit, you can easily fly this baby. Look at this thing: it just sits there, nothing, nothing, nothing, and you can do one of these things. Well, i caught it there we go all right, so the next thing i want to show you is me flying this out in a little park area check this out all right here i am out at my local park. This is just one of the many parks around my house. You can see its a big open field and what im looking at is these trees see theres trees all along the park on the sides i want to fly in between them all the way around. At least im going to try to anyways with my little baby down here this guy here, so lets go. Try this out. So the idea with this is: i have a camera in the front and the camera in the back. I have it looking down so when the drone tilts like this, it should kind of look straight back thats. What im thinking lets see if it works all right, so camera one should be working and spin it around theres camera two. So lets go going up. This thing flies nice and slow.

Go out here, ill bring it around. So you can see me sitting here in the culvert or whatever you call this thing right over here. All right, so lets go check out these trees. What i have to make sure is: theres. No people around because humans will try to reach up and grab this thing Music, so just fly it over here. This is what i wanted to do. Just fly through the trees, its a very smooth flying. You know, pusher drone, its really really good Music. Let me bring it over here, go a little faster, theres, a lady and a dog, and of course the dog will try to want to chase it ill go faster than these humanoids and come all the way over here and then out. This way lets go to the other side. Transmission on here is 500 milliwatts. So that means i have a massive range, so i can see and fly for a long range come back this way there we are so im actually flying in angle mode right now. This is angle mode, which is super smooth on this drone angle mode is something you know for beginners its stability or for flying indoors, but yeah. It works really well with this drone, no problems whatsoever so lets bring it down here. Oh, i see trees. I see i see something sticking out in front of my camera, thats a branch or something sticking out there. I dont know i can see it on my display alright.

So i must have picked up something when i crashed so now, im going to stick it in a different mode here, lets go into uh lets go into acro mode. There we go so now we got some speed and there we go well just stay in the open area. I just want to try some flips see if i can get rid of that. Little stick hanging off. Hopefully my cameras are still there. Well, the sticks gone. Hopefully, the cameras are still there ill be walking around looking for them. Right lets come back to me. So in acura mode you can have a bit of fun a lot more speed and you have a lot more versatility in how you angle this uh little drone. As im whipping through here im going into the sun, so thats my problem with seeing actually trees or things at the last freaking minute thats what happened before so here i dont have much of an escape road if somebodys, walking and theres somebody there so im gon Na go this way and down through here i miss all that, oh my god, coming around all right. This was a good idea. You know in theory, but an actual concept when youre going fast – and i cant see these little branches. I know the cameras can, but looking through here, my god, all right, thats, pretty good, so lets go up and lets do something lets bring it close to me come on way back here.

You can see the little town im in right over here. My little like golf course field bring it over here and lets. Try a forward. Flip whoa bring it up at the last second whoa. I keep forgetting on these pusher drones. It works in uh in reverse, when youre doing flips and stuff like that. So you have to be careful, so you can do rolls no problem like that. You can do slow ones or fast ones, but uh yeah. Okay, so let me bring it back here come on back to me. I just want to check and make sure my cameras are still safe and alive. Music. All right come down Music. There we go so when i was flying that thing. I picked up that i couldnt figure out what the heck it was its this there was. I crashed into a leaf, so i dont know if that was covering the camera or anything but uh yeah. That was this is what was hanging on to my drone, as i was flying now, wasnt that really cool. Now one of the great things about this drone is you get an awful lot in the box, so let me show you everything you get so check this out. The c25 actually comes in a carry case, opening the carriage case. You see the quad and accessories such as a frame assembly diagram. Here you see the baby retell 2 camera for the analog version. Brushless motors are 1404 4000 kv motors forward and rear camera mounts are included with vibration.

Dampening an xt30 battery. Connector is included, the flight controller is an f7 mamba with 35 amp escs, a usb c cable is included, so you can connect the flight controller to betaflight many receiver options are available. Mine was ordered with a crossfire receiver. One thing i noted is that the frame is rather squishy, so i dont think you can actually damage this frame and if somehow, you did well guess what they included. A second frame in the box to assist beginners with attaching propellers theyve included the propeller direction. One set of gem van props are included, so you may want to pick up a second set besides attaching the propellers. The only other thing you pretty much have to attach is the antenna attaching these carbon fiber mesh protectors for your ducted fans is totally optional. For those that wish to manually configure their camera on their fpv drone theyve included a little switch for that a spare battery strap is included as well as a pile of screws for everything on the drone. Also, various cables for various receivers are included just in case you did not order. This drone with a receiver information documents are included on the f7 flight controller, as well as the vtx, and the channels that are available. Additional frequencies can be had by following the vtx instructions to unlock the vtx total weight of the drone without a battery is 140 grams and if you put a typical battery on it, 700 milliamp hours, its 226 grams.

So, even if you went up to an 850 battery youre still under 250 grams, all right, my final thoughts on this little guy – i love it. I really really like this one. You know i like a lot of pusher drones, but this ones kind of special to me. I really like that they put on the bottom, these carbon fiber little units to keep out the leaves and the grass and all that other stuff. When you come down and bounce on the ground sticks and twigs and rocks that was smart, it doesnt weigh very much, as you saw in this video, its very light. I find it very powerful it really boogies. It really goes. The camera up front sends back an extremely clear signal. I was very surprised at how clear that is so what im going to do now is put links below to this product. I believe its on banggood. It might be on other stores as well. Therell, be a discount code, so check that out and ill put links as well to the insta. 360 go cameras. I put these cameras on pretty much everything in the rc hobby because they weigh next to nothing and they record quite well. You know for the size of them theyre pretty decent. You know you push one button and youre recording and you can connect them to your phone right after you record something to check to make sure you got the shot.

You wanted all right guys thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up. If you have questions on this little baby, well, then, post them below and ill get back to you because ill be using this quite a bit.