Welcome to my channel, well something a little different. Today i have an rc plane. A lot of you have asked for rc planes. I know this is a small plane, but this is the kind of plane that you would take with you and go fly with your children or your grandchildren and have a blast or let them fly because its so simple to fly so this little plane costs next To nothing now i have not flown this, so i am going to try it here and see how it works. Let me just tell you a little bit about it. This here remote control, says youll, get 150 meters worth of distance. This things so small. You dont want it to be farther than that thats for sure. Also, the construction of the plane is apparently made out of epp foam, which im told is supposed to be the best for rc planes, because it is flexible bendable and they say its crash proof. In other words, youre really not going to wreck it. If you crash a lot now heres how it flies, it has two little brushed motors at the back of course brush because it costs next to nothing. This thing and theyre pretty powerful. They push a lot of air, so its just gon na catapult, this flying and on your remote here. Let me just put that down and on your remote uh. You have a throttle here to go faster. You know more power to go faster slower, which is going to bring the nose up or down pretty simple.

Now, on this side, its very beginnerish, this joystick does not go up and down because up and down on a joystick for an rc plane means that you can push the nose one way or another way as well as turn it side to side. No. This here, since theres no ailerons on here that are functioning, this joystick just goes side to side. So, basically, when you go to one side, it pushes one motor stronger than the other motor and the other will opposite the other motor stronger than the other motor which causes it to turn in the air. Now i would suggest to fly this on a non windy day, todays pretty good for that. So lets go! Take it out and fly it now and see how it goes all right, so lets get set up. I have a little gopro over here to show this here plane up close and lets just plug it in its that simple. So, hopefully, the gopro can see this plug it in stuff. The little one cell battery in here this plane does come with a charger. You do get a charger with it and it charges up the battery extremely fast, its only a one cell theres, an on and off switch down here, so im going to flick it on after i turn this on. There we go. The radio controller remote control is on push the throttle all the way to the bottom and then come on over here and press this on button, and we should – and if i move the joysticks lets see if i move this joystick.

Oh there we go now. Ive got signal, so we are ready to fly wow, i wasnt even ready. So i think with this, you have a choice: to leave the wheels on or take them off. If you take the wheels off you just toss it and fly it im going to leave it on and see if i can actually take off from the ground. Okay, ive! Never flown this before so its either going to fly or crash well see what happens. Music, go up, i cant control it, but look ive got it going left, just keep it away from that tree ill, bring the throttle down. I wanted to come back there. It is up above there she goes. Let me just tell you how simple it is to fly. You know. I picked one of the hardest places here to fly this thing because look what i have around me im going around the trees here. So this is not good here, im bringing it down now and it should go right over my jeep there we go. So let me see if i can turn it around. I got it. I got it, i got you baby, i got you baby. Okay, i got ta break it down for a landing cause. I wan na see if i can stick a little camera on it. This is cool all right lets bring it down here, so i got ta turn the throttle off, bring the nose up a little bit nose up and i think that counts as a landing.

It landed in all three legs all right. I doubt if this is going to work, because this has some weight. This is an insta 360 go camera. I am going to try to velcro it on the top im going to put it as close to what i believe is the center of balance as possible. There we go, and i dont think this is going to work very well. I think this is going to be a one big disaster, but lets try it so my guess im a way back here. My guess is this is going to be too heavy to fly. So well put it down, and at least youll see a taxi with the camera going. So uh lets go yeah its kind of heavy and its going right up is it. I went into the grass its too heavy ill. Try throwing it Applause im, pulling pulling off the wheels to save some weight. Im gon na put the wheels over here and im gon na toss it, and i got a funny feeling its not gon na fly but were gon na. Try it there we go im. Gon na toss it with the nose up Music okay, so we learned that you cannot put any extra weight on this. So those of you who would like to buy this and put a camera on it, yeah its just not gon na work, try one more time with the camera. How many failures can you do in one video one more time here were going to throw it higher Music, all right, so putting the camera on the top is not a good idea.

The next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box so check this out here we have the box, your a190 hornet comes in and check it out its a pretty good, looking beast and it does say: blue angel spelt correctly on the side. You can see at the back. This is your little brushed motors to keep it running. It does take a 1s battery that isnt included as well as the charger is included. Two spare props are also included. The controller is very simple: to use a child could use this and it does take four double a batteries to operate, construction manual is included, and the total weight of this beast with the battery is only 58 grams. Now i took the hornet out to my local flying area where all the other rc plane pilots are – and i flew it around the parking lot with all these obstacles. The challenge is not to hit one of these light posts, but to fly it around and through all the light posts, and i will also say no one thought i could do it, but look at this its going. This thing is really easy to fly and easy to operate: heres the heres, the guys who thought i might not be able to do it and they would be correct because i am about to crash pretty soon. But before i crash. Let me just say this: i am still flying on the same one cell battery that was included with this airplane that i flew earlier in the video when i was flying around for the very first time this little guy flies for a very long time.

On that 1s battery, it is amazing, it doesnt use a lot of power to stay in the air, so i guess thats how it does it now heres, where im about to crash in one final post and im flying around having a great old time talking to The guys as im flying no issues there but uh. I thought i was gon na miss this post youre gon na see coming up but nope. I slammed right into it. So im gon na turn on the audio from my hat cam. So you can hear it, and you know what i was. I was trying to miss these posts and i did a great job that one i thought i was miles away from it. Nope hey its powered on, take it for a flight. Youve probably got about one minute of battery power left. That sounds like that sounds like a challenge to me. Unless you crash, oh, your batterys low ive been flying that thing on the same battery for so long watch this joes landing whoa. Look at that hes gon na hit me no, he got almost got it all right, final thoughts on this baby. It flies really well. It is super inexpensive, its just, as i said its great for if youre, a parent or a grandparent or you just want to get it for your kids, uh itd be a lot of fun. It was so easy for me to fly it out here.

All in all, it does exactly what it says on the box, it does fly, it does work and it is designed for beginners to have a lot of fun. So with that said, the links are below its on the kafigo website. Go check it out its very inexpensive and uh hope you enjoyed this video.