What i forgot i forgot to play the music whoops. Can you guys hear that that was my bad? I forgot hello. Welcome to the stream, so murder, drones, huh, pretty interesting, ill, say uh. Yeah. Honestly, this series looks very interesting and yeah honestly im very interested in it. It it looks cool and it definitely looks like it has a style. I will say that im expecting this to go down a certain route with the series where its like after uzi uh, Music after uzi, i think thats the characters name befriends n, which is one of the murder drones im guessing uh uzis gon na use n to Get one of the like to convince the murder drones to actually uh be on their side hold on a second. I forgot about something whoops. I forgot to do something um, but um yeah, anyways, um, Music. Yes lets! I you know what im gon na talk about. One thing and thats uh the clip: i saw uh of murder like four murder drones and that clip was uh wow. I cannot speak for the life of me but yeah. Basically, the clip was essentially like showing who the team or like who was on the team and i think its interesting theres, some information given theres two characters introduced v and j and the thing is about v uh. I mean i feel like theyre not trying to hide it, especially with the thumbnail, but its very obvious.

Definitely a sexualized character. I will say uh most likely, Music and yeah you. I can kind of tell based on the thumbnail to be honest, but um yeah uh. I mean yeah its fine. I guess to be honest though it i do like how it introduced the murder drones as like actual characters and not just mindless drones, because if it did, then i feel like that would just be kinda lame. I mean to be honest, the fact theyre actually characters is. It makes it more interesting because, instead of them being just mindless drones, that now theyre like actual characters and also it just it gets rid of the whole cliche of like oh uh. Uzi basically turned one of the murder drones good by uh, making it defective and and thats yeah and, like ive, seen ive seen that whole thing with like robots being defective thing before uh hello, welcome to stream, but uh yeah. So i i do. I do like the how they introduce the team in that recent clip and also, i think, its very interesting that theres only like apparently a team of three now. What i hope is that its only the three of them, because then it would make it seem to it – would tell to the aw it would tell the audience and the characters that oh crap uh these murder drones are something not to mess with, because they can Kill things very quickly, because the fact that, like theyre killing a ton of uh, you know robot civilians very quickly, uh that shows that they have a lot of power, basically like theres, something not to mess with.

But if there is more murder drones than just three and theyre like split into teams, then that thats interesting, i guess if there is like a whole like team sort of thing, then you know you could have like more murder drone characters to introduce, and i wouldnt Be surprised if they go with that too, because you know more characters means a more uh potential plushies. You know you never know, but uh yeah honestly id say that i am definitely interested in in the first episode. I heard its like almost 30 minutes long, so thats kind of crazy but uh yeah. Honestly, i really think ive kind of come to a roadblock other than like. I think this series looks cool. I love the aesthetic that its going for i i genuinely am very interested to see what what happens with this series, because i think it looks very interesting, and there clearly is a story now is: does it seem predictable? Yes, but i do feel like this is going to be one of those series like meta runner, where it completely subverts my expectations and completely just goes a completely different route. Unlike you know, another series that they made that went exactly how i expected, but uh yeah. We got like two minutes left uh to the premiere and what im going to do is im going to turn off the background music once uh once the premiere starts, and the thing is as well is that ive actually fixed, because i had a ton of problem And best boy, yes, uh ive, actually fixed the whole like audio latency problems that ive been having with like reaction, live reaction.

Streams where, like the audio, would be completely unsynced uh that doesnt happen anymore. The only latency there is is the video itself so technically, technically speaking, my reactions might be ahead of the video but its not that big of a problem – hopefully hopefully it wont, be but uh yeah, honestly im, definitely uh interested in the series and yeah. I cannot. I cannot wait to react to uh to the first episode because it does. This series definitely does have potential and i am very interested to see uh if it lives up to you know, i i guess my well. I mean i, i hope, its good, that thats thats, you know, and i kind of expect it to be uh somewhat good and you know im just hoping it lives up to that expectation, but uh yeah, honestly thats, all i ive gotten to say i i dont Know what to say anymore, we got like a minute left and i now have to just add a ton of filler words and stuff that really doesnt matter just so that way. You know it isnt as awkward with the the premieres but uh or with the the thing, but uh dont worry its its going to start its its most likely going to start. I i hope that way. You know im not just sitting here saying random random stuff. Oh its starting its its starting okay, thank god! So now so now, im probably gon na cut the music im, probably gon na cut the music.

So that way, it actually yeah im gon na cut the music and then im also gon na like allow you to uh, hear it so lets just cut the music uh and boom there. We go Music im gon na turn. It down its probably gon na be loud. I think this is probably fine, all right so now uh, hopefully youre going to see it Music, oh okay, that was hopefully that didnt show anything on screen by accident. That was not good, okay! Hopefully, what did it show on screen for like a millisecond? It showed something on screen for a millisecond all right its fine. I mean i dont think it showed anything like you know. I dont think it showed much, but all right so uh theres going to be latency watch this. So i say its 40 seconds right now, yet it definitely does not show you 40 seconds like 100. It is not going to say 40 seconds Music wait. I dont know im looking at the thing i have. The video like opening up was that time if that wasnt time, if that was time, then i think thats hilarious, but if it wasnt then yeah im right im just trying to prove that i theres latency. Here we go not eight, seven, six, five, its probably not time for three two one zero, its probably not timed. I i dont know yo theres the oh, my god, theyre the characters, yo theyre the characters, itd be even funnier if they dont show up until like after we are worker drones, autonomous robots, helping humans, mine exoplanets for our interstellar parent company, jc jensen in space.

Oh, what okay, its treated in the name of windex but its not like we revolted and killed all humans or anything, so this is just like the intro bit. This is like the stuff that was shown in the trailer yeah, so its like freezing cold the beginning. Here we go all right, all right, thats, a cool shot from the planet. We found it pretty easy to pick up where they left off. We finally had a few yeah all to ourselves. Oh but then, unfortunately, our parent company didnt exactly love the concept of runaway ai. Oh okay, wait! So are they still alive yeah, all right, hello, welcome to the stream. So is there just three of them? Oh, my god. I think theres, just three, three of them. Theyre actually doing that thats actually awesome. That shows how powerful they are, if theyre, actually a threat because theres only like a small amount of them, thats actually awesome. I love that. But what have our parents done for the past forever, while those things build? A spire of corpses hide under the ice behind three stupid doors. Its like were waiting for an inciting incident anyway, clicked add vibe text morons, it doesnt work, yet it doesnt work. Yet, who said it doesnt work? Maybe it does? Oh, what the uzi the homework was a word problem about buying watermelons, oh and this magnetically amplified photon converger doesnt count what wait theres like school repressed! Emotional baggage was only worth two points on the rubric, and is it supposed to be that color? Well, okay, the guns broken ew, it didnt kill her wow.

What well those are, those guys are dead. Those guys are gon na die, thats, never gon na end up problematic. Oh wow uzi. I heard you uh im an angsty teen fad bite me also: hes gon na die hes gon na die later hes gon na die later hes going to die later hes not going to die this episode, but hes going to die later im calling it. Then you might blow the other half of your face off hello from the stream everybody whos joining now its hilarious. What are you in for testosterone too hard that can happen? Awesome, okay, never mind! I dont want this guy a guy to die. I dont! I dont you gross. I hate that oh ship, oh, but doesnt, your dad make awesome doors, so we dont have to uh. Do that scary, sounding emotionally repressed stuff, you just said no more feedback on my repression. Today, no im! Sorry! I oh okay! I guess what was wrong with the ship thing: im, not mad at you, okay, yeah! No! I was right what okay thats some funny dialogue so wait. Are they just like hiding out in like bunkers and thats, how theyre still surviving so like? Does she go out of the bunker yeah oh theyre, hiding in bunkers okay, so she accidentally lets the murder drones in nice shot. She accidentally lets them in got it so thats thats the problem there and she has to fix that and where might you be off to um sneaking out to make out with my boyfriend that i definitely have seriously though, but they have hair by the way? Okay.

Okay, you caught me: i need to measure the exterior hydraulic mechanisms of door, one because thats the project im working on for school, a big old door, just like my old man built. I want to join the wdf and hide behind doors like cowards, while playing cards and stuff. Oh, we dont just play cards. Can you grab a fresh pack? We literally only play cards so much that the numbers have faded. Oh yeah, they play cards, i mean playing cards, isnt bad, come on well, when you build doors, so good good door. Good, oh theres, no need to fight. Hes got a thing for the door. The wrench i used to tighten bolts on my first door prototypes and to put your mother out of her misery when the murder jones got to her. With that nanite acid. I want yeah, okay, so like hiding from the neat therapy. Murder, drones, Music, shes gon na be outside for a bit to examine the exterior of door. One your door, specific destiny awaits uh, wow. Okay, i just gon na leave then cause this worked, so weirdly yeah what go doors they grow up so fast yeah. I was like whats with the hair isnt it like fake, technically, because theyre robots they dont, grow hair yeah so like they just hide in a bunker, got it, but does that mean like all of the does that mean the school and the houses are all connected? Like yo sans, no sorry that that was not funny but like yeah, its a dead corpse, yo thats, awesome dude, the aesthetic is so good that looks awesome are those just like dead corpses, dude.

What the oh wait! So they built like things out of the court. Oh, my god, thats kind of terrifying. This is like their nest, essentially so yeah. She brings the murder drones in right yep. This is their nest. Basically, oh, oh so she uses that to like power, the gun got it. I didnt even realize that even in the clip that i reacted to, but yeah so thats like the nest, yo theres, the yeah. How does he see her by the way with the glass right yo lets go and now the gun should work. Theres n yeah. So i seen this clip, i will say that that that the way that gun just like moves around is a little weird in that shot and they said pirating all that anime was useless yeah. I actually i love this shot, though the tail like how the tail just kind of like goes through the hand, thats sick, thats, awesome, bite me and boom yep yeah, so i dont get this part like, so he regenerates some people in the comments were saying. Like oh, the the lights on the thing relate to the lives or the or the function or something i dont know, but yeah. Basically, they can regrow yeah error yeah. Why is one of the lights orange? You just slap me with that arm. Instead of yellow holy crap, it talks yeah, sorry whoa, that height difference. Hey. Are you new to our squad youre a little uh, so he is defective.

He doesnt see that its a robot yeah he doesnt see that its a robot he thinks its a murder drone. So it is defective im not supposed to tell you that biscuits shoot. What did i miss is the best policy. I also cant seem to remember the past three hours of my life: oh thats, a cliche or thats cliche. I forgot cliche isnt a noun, actually its a trope stuck yourself just pop it in your mouth, our saliva neutralizes, the nanites, otherwise id be constantly disassembling myself and by our saliva you mean disassembly drone right, hey lets go in that landing. Oh theyre disassembled sure i love doing anything, sweet, uh, im open to new things. I guess we are never talking about this. Talking about. Oh consider, it uh, ah thats what that was. I didnt even realize that yeah and then this clip are they coming back soon. Yeah here comes, the here comes the character that everybodys going to rule 34. and rule 34. yep. Please dont feed my own extras in front of my family yeah shes, the violence that hair is awesome, though i want it Music. I love saying that, because its funny as hell and its true, i heard this planet planet wide toxic death storm is supposed to be especially in hospital tonight. Oh god, who are you yeah? I dont get that its like. I guess like no worries how come she doesnt know. Who n is, i think, thats like a conflict thing thats going on so obviously a lot of mutual respect there, but secretly i actually kind of have a crush on her.

You cant tell her okay. No, they are mindless yeah that just showed their characters. Hey. Let me give you the tour outside of the corpse yeah its like their nest, and here are the buttons isnt just a landing pod. This is a spaceship. This could get us off the planet. More of a one use missile, they never taught us how to land. No, i uh uh the worker drones. We could work with them to fix this, instead of all the murder which uh, why are we doing that again other than ingesting their warm sweet oil? To avoid overheating and dying, i guess i just want to be useful. I was given oh so they die if they dont kill. You n them really think the company isnt going to dispose of you once all the workers are dead. Oh, my you sure are rebellious. Its kind of exciting, but not as fun as uh following the rules – oh hey, theyre, back yo idiots get out here, yeah got ta run and she sees her theyre like vultures Music. What happened here? Synergistic liability here must have tripped and knocked himself offline. Oh yep, the function and now he remembers, do you really think the company isnt going to dispose of you? Okay? So it was defeat. Yep youre, dead, idiot, oh yep! Oh, you know i left an extremely dangerous weapon at excuse outside yeah, literally so annoying sauce. No, what yeah now hes after and lets the murder drones in yeah, you stupid fool yeah.

I saw that coming because that happens and now thats a conflict see now shes gon na have to fix that deal me and i love rummy. Wait! No! Im going to murder everyone and the doors going to open. Oh interesting, music love, it um, thats kind of funny, yeah nice death shot. That was a throwaway character, yeah the things recharging, yo that the actions pretty cool Music im, just letting you know yeah throwaway character, but like self aware theyre making fun of it being a throwaway character yeah. So they have to eat the oil thats interesting. So does that mean that character is going to die and im guessing then and then once she shoots him again, its gon na make him defective again. What have you done and yep thats a conflict and the dads gon na die yep the dads gon na die most likely im. Sorry, i really enjoyed our time together. I cant have you shooting v with that thing fight me dad get down. You led a murder drone here, my beautiful doors. Now is so not the time i messed up, yeah im about to fix it, move no youre, not oh! Well, i mean its the main character. Theres, no way its the main character. Shes got plot. Armor shes got plot armor theres, no way shes gon na die thatd be unexpected. Oh so is he having like ptsd yeah bye, wait? Ah spare spare yep spare. Am i dreaming, or did you do something not useless for once ive been trying to get past those doors for months, nice work and yeah? You me name, remember these ventilation.

Shafts can easily get us around this last door, lowest body count eats the companys gon na love this with this colony white, well make top team this quarter for sure you know what that means: Music, good joke, so i think ends gon na. Take that advice from uzi about the whole company thing about like the companys just gon na throw him away and yeah obviously plot armor uh. You know not that i cant wait to keep murdering all these uh yeah. We may be not so actually different from us. Yeah yep, just out of curiosity, do we actually uh know what the company plans to yes afterwards? Okay, so a worker earlier might have suggested that they could fix up our landing pod to uh, escape the planet and stuff which well hey thats against the rules. But it is kind of making me question why our pods were only one way in the first place, because you know i get the feeling the company doesnt actually love, robots and, like we might be robots. Ive made a terrible mistake, its cool. How immediately i could tell hmm no way buddy questioning the company you just finally gave me the excuse i needed. Oh worker drones are corrupted in thats why the company sent us. I hate to see you corrupted as well thanks jay, always looking out for me. Youre awesome wow, so he did. She did technically kill him basically yeah, but of course she didnt die yeah plot, armor.

Ah biscuits im. Sorry! I ruined your card game then made you have an awkward moment with your dad, and i made you rebel like an angsty teen, which got you killed, though you also tried to kill me. So morality calls this a draw. Yeah wait, whats she doing yeah. So the conflict is going to be stopping those two like get in for the record. That was the lamest hell face turn in history. Was that supposed to be you switching sides being rebellious is a lot harder than it looks thanks for showing me the ropes nah. No bonding thing you just killed a bunch of people, idiot theyre, gon na bond, though either way its in the script Music. In the same way, youre about to yo, the wrench came back im literally about to die yep okay. So this is a plot. Yeah wait! So does that guy from the beginning, Music, yeah, oh wait, he he actually is going to die this episode. Oh, he did just stop yeah. Oh, he is actually going to die. I was wrong. I was wrong, but i was right about him dying, but i was wrong that it was not it was this episode not not later, or maybe it is later conventionally attractive. What what did she say? Oh jay, youre, sometimes kind of mean to me, and i wish you werent just some constructive criticism. Nice yeah, snowden traitor well circle back after i right size, your existence, okay, which one do you want j? Please too bad! Good luck! Oh what? Oh, i get it nope, yep, so obviously yeah.

I dont want to hurt you yeah that thing yeah, so one of the glasses is jeez wow that was like. That was like a whole promotional thing. Yes, i dont really get what the whole lights thing. I guess it is like their function type thing. Ah my minds in a weird place: dont read into this wait, so is she gon na get aired or something like that? Oh she still isnt like well its kind of weird and got like so discombobulated so easily. Well, thats interesting this extra. This action is pretty cool, though it is actually really cool. I will say just like the creativity behind the like weapons. The murder drones have is awesome. Im so so sorry have fun. Repressing this. Oh nice, nice way to confuse. Oh, she said attractive male, okay, thats. What i thought got a lot of guts for a barely sentient toaster ive had praise like that before best monologue, ever.mp4 thats funny wait. So what happens now? Did that just lag Music wait so, but what about very rebellious? Disassembly drone now the glasses wait. Okay, i brought the murder drones here accidentally, you chose to leave me for dead instead of just freaking believing in me. Yes, so thats a conflict hyperbole like when i said it last week. What was that the hair was in the way i couldnt read the text. Oh, i could see the back of his eyes there. That was it interesting animation.

Everyone here can bite me. Wow says that a lot actually wow, that was a stock slap sound if ive ever heard one yeah that oh wait. No, i was so wait. Am i right, then he didnt die im just going back and forth im like will he wont he yeah? I swear so she just gon na be on the outskirts. Now id join you. If the sun didnt kill me, oh it does or something though, just cant wait to murder all humans classic robot stuff. I hope theyre sitting pretty there. Oh cause were coming for them. Thats, unexpected thats a different turn. That is a different turn. There is more murder. Drones got it. Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. That makes sense. That makes sense that there are going to be more. Oh god, i cant speak after that theres going to be more murder, drones, uh. Obviously, that makes a lot of sense actually like that makes sense that actually makes sense. So, like yo, that ending, though i was not expecting that thats a different turn, that is a different turn and that thats more that makes this way more interesting. Then the fact that, like now shes like slow, i guess thats whats gon na be the conflict – is shes slowly gon na turn into a murder drone now thats pretty cool, thats interesting. I like that thats a turn of events. I never expected and, to be honest, like this episode, was pretty cool, i loved it like to be hon.

I i actually like this a lot how this is more of like a setup episode for like the rest of the episodes, and it isnt like a thing where its like. Oh, it doesnt go exactly how you expect, like it doesnt go exactly how you expect at all. You really think the video is, or the series is just gon na, be. Oh, she let in the murder drones now its like. This old problem were like, but no like not at all. You have ann and her on the same team, but that twist at the end, where like she actually – and it makes sense too, it makes sense too because, like there was this whole like shockwave thing, that was done that was like given by jay and it. I guess that like thats, what turned her over thats, what like is corrupting her like turning her into murder drone. That is an interesting i was never expect. I never expected that. I actually never expected that to be a thing. Thats awesome thats a very cool twist that i never expected, and it genuinely makes me very interested in the next series and then the ending also teased there to be more murder, drones and more teams and im guessing its going to be something like that. Theres going to be more characters, so they are, they did kind of go with both there of what i said at the beginning, where i was like.

Oh, is it going to be like theres, just three of them and its like? Oh, like you know, theyre, not that you shouldnt mess with them, because theyre so theyre wreaking havoc like and theres only three of them or theyre gon na like do like theres, multiple murder, drones, but theres just teams, however, and they did both this one, its like Yeah theres just three of them, but now theres going to be like more murder drones in the next episode genuinely. That is really cool. This series look is already. I love this. That ending just immediately made me want to watch the series, but, to be honest, like the rest of the video was really good. It was really good, even though i definitely made fun of it, for like a majority of the time, it was good, and i really do love that twist. Honestly, it was great it it it was. It was really great honestly it i. I im definitely checking this series out once it actually is like yeah. The show is awesome. Im not gon na lie yeah its awesome that this show looks awesome to be honest, like ju. The first episode immediately well just that ending got me hooked already for the possibility of whats to come, but uh yeah anyways guys, if you guys enjoy it. Look like news for my channel. See you next one bye thanks for coming on the stream.