Its pretty nice right must be a super expensive. Drone top of the line brand new nope im focused Music ive, been watching for the old mans ive been listening to everything. You said its been running through my head, locked and loaded. I got the feeling that you know: hey really nice colors well done must bend this mavic 3. nope yeah ive only just begun. I wont stop until its done until youre broken okay. Then it was the air 2s right nope. Actually, all this footage was actually taken by the mavic air 2 and i think that that is the drone that most people should consider and theres. A couple of reasons why the colors that come out of that drone when youre shooting with the hdr are fantastic theyre. Just really good, if youre not interested in color grading and dealing with post processing, it just does a really nice job. That quad bear sensor is really good for video if thats, what youre? Looking for you want an easy out of the box experience, you want something that has both forward and rear obstacle avoidance. Then the mavic air 2 is probably the drone you want, and actually you can get one for less than 700 on amazon thats. A pretty good deal, or if you want a fly more combo, you can still go on for less than 900 bucks. Its a great deal, i think the mavic air 2 is absolutely more capable than the mini 2.

Really. The biggest disadvantage from the air 2s is the smaller sensor, but if youre not flying at night, not a big deal, plus you get that hdr mode, which is just really fantastic. The mavic air 2 has a range of 6.2 miles, thats, like 10 000 meters and a flight time of 34 minutes. This drone is no slouch, so, if youre looking to get good footage – and you dont want to have to deal with post processing to make it look better, i would definitely consider the mavic air 2., now im going to show you a few more samples of video That chris got in croatia with this drone, its just awesome cause the bigger they are, the harder they fall. You build your fortress and ill climb, your walls, you got your arm, but i see your flies so welcome to the fire im. The one Music welcome to the fire, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. If you want to watch the whole video well leave a link for you up, above and in the video description down below. So if you want to deal with the hassle of post processing, save yourself some time take a look at the math gear, too, definitely an underrated option. Hopefully this was helpful if it was give us a thumbs up, if not give us a thumbs down, tell us what we did wrong. So we can do better next time, make sure you check out halfchrome.