In fact, this is the first fully 360 drone in the world, and before i tell you everything there is to know about this, please remember to like subscribe and comment on this video. Let me know if you remember this drone, because this drone actually is from spring 2019, its so old and me, and my friend bruno sisti, druno check him out in the description below had this crazy idea of basically tearing apart an isa 361x and build a drone Around it, so the field of view of the camera will be completely 360 and not show the frame of the drone, and actually it worked amazing, and we did. This is the second prototype. There was also the the first one im going to show you right now and we call this project squid, because i dont know why it looks kind of a squid dont. Ask me it was. I was pretty bad with naming at the time, but this drone went basically under the radar. You see its a bit mangled up right now, because basically i was tearing it apart, because i want to make a 2022 version. I want to work again with it because its a good idea and it has a lot of potential and then i remembered i never really talked about it and its a shame, because this was such a beautiful project at the time and for the time it was Even even crazier – and we only did a couple of videos with this drone posted on social media and put it on the shelf because it was kind of hard to work with and it had the problem that the lens is sticking out at the bottom.

And every time you land it scratches and still is a big issue with all the modern iteration of this drone. Basically, and that happens because we have to use dual camera system. Basically, if you use four camera system, if it existed. First of all, like having cameras on all the corners, it will be better for landing, at least of course, when you crash theyre gon na crash again, but much better than landing for sure. Another issue we had in 2019 was that components were not really good, like these race, star motors, that it sucked really sucked and the first online one board right here: 3s yeah. We did the best we could, but now its 2021 components are so much so much better for cn oops. They can carry more weight, they are lighter and just better overall and also, i feel like im a little bit better than of a designer right now. So i can make something better, and this was not something i would recommend building for to people, because just look at this every component inside was hot glued and i can. I cannot recommend something hot glued. You know so time to make a proper drone time to make something very cool, and also i want to try and make this digital, maybe with a naked cadex vista. I dont know if its possible and still be sub 250 grams. I dont know this is the first video i wanted to record before i tear this apart and start working on it and also i want to know your input if you have ideas, and maybe someone suggested putting a server on it, so when you land, you can Drop the servo and land on that, and we can, we can make it work at this scale and if you dont want to use this remember there is sun fpv and it makes a beautiful one that you can use the easter one 1r on that, and you Are set you dont need to fiddle with anything really, but i want to make something this small, because its very nice for indoors be able to fly and point the camera everywhere.

You saw the videos one last thing for this video. I want to show you the components inside, so you have an idea of how it went together. Basically – and here is the little drone – it will use 300 milliamps 3s batteries that will be slotted inside here. It was a mess. It was a pain like to connect and to make everything fit inside every time it will break the design. As i told you was really really bad thats, why we didnt really advertise on it or anything, lets open it. So you can see the inside, and the issue with this drone, basically, is nothing has to be outside of this line outside of the camera line, not even an antenna, nothing because then you see it in the camera footage and you dont want it. So everything was basically hot glued inside, like the antenna, the vtx, the camera and also the back antennas were hot glued at the outside and yeah. This kind of drone has a lot of limitations, but we can make it work. This is the top lens, basically its a ribbon with a lens and a sensor. Then we have the bottom one, which is of course, on the bottom same thing: its mirror. They are not interchangeable. I guess – and here we have the motherboard of the insta360. There are the buttons power on and um record atop, and also there is an optional naked screen, as you can see, and i wan na have this fit inside the the new drone and im gon na make, because its very, very, very useful, even if you can Use the phone up so its not a big deal and this main board its a bit of a mess.

Here there is the connection for the the power the input and i dont know there is a board on the side and, of course, a board on the back, where the ribbons for the lenses connect, as you can see and thats pretty much it. The sd card slot is at the back, so this is for to be put like this and we have this load to put the sd card. If i were to make a drone now, my idea will be. I have this board right here then here i have the flight controller with the naked vista and then the lens goes all the way out and there is enough space to put fc and visa here in the middle and then the battery will fit on the on The front of the drone, and also these propellers will be here like one year and one year, so its a little bit more centered. I dont know if it makes sense. Im gon na make some sketchup follow me on instagram and im gon na post. My updates there maybe also revive the facebook group check it out in the description, and everything else inside here is pretty much old components like racer motors all in one. This was the very first small all in one flight controller. This was for small drones. It was amazing at the time, but now its so old them. This hobby grows so fast and thats it and thats all for today and for this little drone im gon na tear this apart and hopefully make a new beginning for it, because its worth it, as always, remember to like subscribe and comment on this video.