Somebody is really excited to go outside. Go on. Oh my gosh, and we met his favorite person out here. Do you want to go on a walk with us, or do you want to go upstairs? First? Okay? Well, we can wait ill, be right. Back louie come here, sit sit down. Oh man did i turn that on. Thank god, Music. All right lets unbox this drone, because i dont really have a ton of time right now. Oh boy, i am pretty excited about this. Go right along this cut here: theres, nothing like getting a new toy that youre really excited about, but also is going to just take your footage to the next level, its actually going to go with a smaller model as well. But the reason i went with this, though, is it – has a slightly better camera. It shoots in 4k, 60 versus just 4k 30., so you can get those cool, buttery, smooth, b, roll footage. Oh there we go. Oh man, oh thats, cool comes in this slick case. Oh im, just gon na take it out. Is there anything else in this box nope, but it does have what appears to be instruction manuals of some kind. First of all, this is an extremely satisfying box to open, very similar to like an iphone box, so it just has that nice, moon with glide. When you open it there you go. I would recommend going with the fly more combo because it has a bunch of additional things with it extra propellers, more batteries, so you can really take this drone out.

It also comes with a usb charger for the batteries which normally, i believe they have like a select adapter that you have to plug into a wall. This will allow you to actually plug it into a usb power bank, see what else we got here. Im really excited about this – oh my god, its so small, its so little bitty, oh my god, its so small. This is perfect. Look at it! Oh my god! Oh my god, im so excited. So we got the drone. What else do we have in here? Oh, this is such a cool case too. They like really went above. The quality is amazing. Okay, so here is the controller. Oh man, oh thats, cool i havent actually put in the joysticks yet, but how the feel of it like its nice, its not like a cheap plastic, its got a really nice build to it. These are the joysticks. Oh, they come in the bottom. They just pop right out – and you just screw them in this – is so cool im so excited about this. So it has three modes that you can choose from the cine, the normal and the sport, so the cinematic is going to be much more slow, smooth speed. The normal just a normal speed and then the sport will be for much faster, so you can actually choose oh wow. That feels good, so you can actually choose how you want your shot to look and you dont have to worry necessarily about moving a joystick or something too far into one direction.

Oh man, im assuming these are extra batteries. Lets take a look. Oh boy, theyre not gon na make. Oh they do make this easier accessories its right there right there, Music, oh yep, additional battery, one battery wall charger to charge the batteries two additional batteries. In that again, the packaging is just really nice, thats, really cool. I almost went with the mini, which is the next model down which is even smaller than this right here, which is just crazy to think about how small that is. Okay. What do we got here? Oh this is the usb power supply. So you can put your three batteries on here and you must be able to. Oh, this is just the normal charger. Okay, i thought it came with something for a usb. Oh it does do it does further in this box lets just dive deeper. Okay. Here we go, weve got this extra box here, unlabeled extra box manuals extra propellers, all of our getting started, guides; okay, so they tricked me they have it right here. I was like really confused theres another pouch in here, which has more adapters as well as a usb adapter for this piece. So this will allow you to charge it in a power bank which is unbelievably cool, so you can literally be out and have these three batteries and have essentially an entire day of shooting, and you can use this drone for all of it. That is unbelievable.

Well, its got to be one of the coolest things about this package in specific and then a usbc chip, a usbc, a usbc charger handy as well as two additional joysticks honestly, i cant really get over how small this is its got a gimbal protector on it Right here as well wow, this is so incredible, and then this is one of the coolest little features that i thought that this package has look at that. That is awesome. They are tiny little nd filters for the 4k camera on the drone for all of the daytime footage. If you need a different nd filter for it, they have it that exact size for this drone, which is incredibly helpful, i mean they thought of everything in this package. This is unbelievable. You know what i think this drone is small enough, that i can actually fit it in my camera backpack. So i wont even have to use the carrying case that they give you, which i guess gets rid of the point of having it, but either way lets just check it out and see if it works. For my camera backpack, i actually go with the brevit. Everyday backpack goes for about a hundred dollars and they generally have a lot of deals going on. So you get like twenty dollars off thirty dollars off, sometimes comes with this a compartment and actually has all of these little like slots here. So you can put different equipment for whatever you need.

They are velcro, so you can take them in and out, and i believe my drone should go in this one right here. So i am oh perfect dude. It is like the perfect fit. It also has this compartment, so you can fit a bunch of different stuff. Nd filters any of the drone accessories as well, which is incredibly useful and then, if you switch it over, it actually has this top part. So you can fill it up with a bunch of other random accessories and it actually even has a laptop pocket. I actually prefer to just travel light, so i actually only use my ipad in it. Setting up the drone was extremely easy. Youll first want to extend all the arms of the drone outward next grab the propellers. This drone came with two kinds of propellers so make sure to install them on the appropriate arms. What youll want to do is charge the controller and your phone as this is what youll use to fly the drone Music, but all right lets go check out how the drone flies all right. Its about 10 degrees outside so uh were gon na find out. If i can actually find this place, uh were at minnehaha falls and ive never been here before, but apparently its a gorgeous place. So hopefully we can get some pretty sweet cinematic shots here, but i just got here and it is cold its like 10 degrees out here right now.

So wish me luck: Music, Music, oh Applause, Music, Music, so Applause, Music, Music, just got back in warming up in the car. A little bit couple thoughts about the drone right off the bat. I think that its tracking is phenomenal. It does exactly what you probably needed to do for at least this budget. The only issue with the tracking that i probably have is that you can only shoot it when youre shooting in normal mode, which basically just means you cant, shoot anything in more than 60 frames per second. But for the most part, when youre, shooting, just yourself walking or whatever it happens to be, you probably wont need 60 frames per second thats generally, when the drones probably going to be moving a lot faster. That youll need 60 frames per second, so i dont really see that its necessarily a negative other than that it does like a couple unique movements. Those are pretty normal standard drone movements. I think they work really well. However, you really just have to make sure that you have the safety sensors on so that when youre doing them uh you dont run into a tree like i actually did so make sure you dont do that when you get this drone, its also freezing cold. As i said earlier, so definitely when youre doing winter, drone shooting bundle up. I mean i got the hat. I got the jacket i had gloves on. It is really really cold out there.

Another drawback to the drone is that you cant really wear gloves necessarily while youre using it in order to access any sort of features on your phone. The touch screen, doesnt really work, even if you have those fancy like touchscreen gloves, i just feel like in general. They dont work all that well, but thats. Besides the point, obviously dont bundle up the tracking features are fantastic. This drone is amazing.