So this is great because i have a new product to show you and it’s from flywoo and it’s a hex drone. Now you saw the flywheel hex that long range drone that i reviewed on my channel before it’s got six motors, so flywoo being the innovative company that they are and with everything getting smaller, they made the nano version and they call it the firefly hex nano. This is it look at this thing. It is a tiny little drone that weighs oh, it weighs nothing. I’Ve got a huge camera on it. Look at it. This is this is like comedy lan it shouldn’t exist. It looks like something you would just hang from your mirror, but it has six powerful motors it’s got tiny little four bladed props, it has its own little camera in the front. I’Ve stuck a 4k 60 frames per second camera on this thing and i’m going to attach a battery to it. Now, when i attach the battery and everything else, uh yeah i’m, like away under 250 grams, like i mean away under 250 grams, with this battery on it and everything else, this thing i don’t know i flew it around my house and, yes, you could fly it In your house too, it’s not very loud because it’s so tiny, you want the six motors super powerful, i’m scratching my head. This is the year 2021 and this exists in 2021. I am just i’m blown away flywoo.

You are amazing, all right, so i’ve never flown it outside and that’s. Why i’m out this morning, i’m so excited to fly. So let me go take it for a flick here. We go all right. Let’S put our little firefly hex nano over here and i’m gon na fly this using fat sharks because it is analog and the radio i’m gon na use is the tx you can see down here. The tx16 welcome to to get this thing going. All we have to do is attach a battery, so i’m gon na fly it with a 450 milliamp power, four cell lipo, so let’s just plug it in i’m. Trying to do this backwards to get it in the camera. Here there we are it’s, got a beautiful light scheme on it, led lights check that out, you can see them. They’Ll just start glowing so at night. This thing here must look pretty cool there. We are with the 4s battery. It looks like this. The only modifications i’ve made to this is you see the little antennas coming out. The back here for my i’ve got an fr sky, xm plus receiver in it that’s what they stuck in mine. So i just put a zip tie going around the back here. That holds these little antennas up and out of the motors that’s pretty much it. I haven’t made any other adjustments this here, you’ll see in the unboxing when i show you that uh flywoo sent this along with it and it works well with this here.

Camera smo, 4k. Okay, i’ve got this guy down here and i’m going to sit right here and hopefully it doesn’t hit me in the back of the head Applause i’m, going to stay around me and just film around me here, all right, first flight with the hex. How does it fly? What are my impressions? Well, the first thing i noticed was that it flies as if there is no camera or battery weighting it down. Yes, i thought with all that weight that i would actually feel it flying heavy and it wouldn’t be very reactive to movements on the joysticks, but just the opposite, it’s very reactive, and when you want to slow it down like right here, i’m slowing it down. It does it really really well, so this is definitely a drone. You could fly in out under things and if you want to fly low and pick up speed like this, not an issue and watch this as i come to the end here and spin, no vibrations in the video, no shaking of the props. Yes, it does freestyle and it does freestyle really well. As a matter of fact, so here i am whipping around my car and you can see that it’s very responsive and it’s very easy to get it to go where you want, although it can’t go through a twig, this thing is so tiny that it got stopped By this twig right here, this little twig stopped it all right.

I only had one battery, so i got ta go recharge, it all right, check the left hand top corner, and you will see the view from the pilot’s camera, as recorded in my fat sharks. The image is very low resolution, so here i am after a rainstorm flying it around my house and watch this i’m gon na go right in my garage, tiny, tiny and spin it around and come out. This is really cool. My favorite thing to do with really tiny drones is to fly them slow and fly them in out and around objects. So here, i’m just buzzing around my little area and i’m, going over to my neighbor’s house and i’m going to go in between the house and the trees and just see how well that goes not an issue. This thing is so easy to fly. The great thing about flying right after a rainstorm is that nobody is out, so i have the whole street to myself to do as i wish here. I am flying underneath the trees and just seeing how well it works, because it is so tiny you can go wherever you wish and then i’m going to take it down my street at a little bit more speed just to see how it’s going this is still Not full speed, you’ll notice, as i’m coming back, the sun is coming out in the distance and i’m gon na go and jump into that sun and you’ll see how the camera does well.

This is actually the smo 4k camera on top here. It does record amazingly well. This thing is really good at freestyle, there’s a slow turn it does. It really nicely again at the top left there’s the low resolution i’m, just showing you as i go a distance. What i see in my fat sharks you’ll see the image doesn’t change. It’S got a really good range on it for fat shark, analog image now i’m going full speed. Here we go that is top speed in acro mode that’s, what you’ll get and once again i love how this sm04k camera looks. It looks really good with the colors, especially after the rain, really decent and take a look at the top left of your screen and you’ll see the low resolution from the fat shark. Goggles again, i have to say what i saw in my that sharks looks way better than what you’re seeing on the screen. Trust me here, i am bringing it in for a landing and you’re gon na see my running shoe all right. So this is the part of the video where i’m gon na show you how quiet this drone is or how noisy it is. I think it’s rather quiet, so i have a boom mic up here. That captures my voice, the audio and it’s very sensitive. So i have a little drone down here. I am going to plug it in let’s, just plug you into the battery four cell battery and there we go so the mics here drones here, it’s, probably pretty noisy in that i’ll – put it out here, so it doesn’t hit anything and i’ll just fly it right.

Here i’ll show you you can fly it i’m going to put an angle mode there we go arm the motors that’s. How noisy the motor is? Can you hear it all right and i’m just going to slide over here a little bit and take it auto slowly? There we go, keep it keep it in frame, keep it in frame there. We go a lot of wind coming on me and let’s land it there we go so could you hear my voice still while it was flying? You know it it’s, a little tiny, six. Propeller drone, so how noisy was that all right? So you have to admit the flywoo hex nano looked pretty impressive, very different technology. This tiny little drone in my hand here and the image coming off. It is outstanding, that’s off the 4k camera i stuck on top, and this thing could lift it no problem and it even has a power supply going to the camera. So you don’t have to put your own power supply. It comes. It comes out of the box like that. Now you probably remember i reviewed this. This was the first version of the hex. This was the flywoo hex, but it’s a long range drone, and when this came out, all of us on the planet thought this was very small. It is small compared to a lot of drones on the market, but it’s a hex shape and it you know it goes long range.

It flies for a long time, it’s really really good. And then, when flywood came out with this, i thought they were joking. This little thing that fits in my hands. This thing here is well the little tiny nano brother of this baby, it’s, not long range, but they do make two versions of this. So the version i have in my hand here this is just called the b f version, bind n fly and apparently i’ve seen pictures of it there’s an inav version which has a gps rescue module on the top. So usually, when you put gps rescue on a drone it’s because it’s long range, so i can tell you the props if i measure them – they’re 1.6 inches very, very tiny, but you get six of them. So it’s pushing a lot of air that’s why it can lift so much and fly so fast and it’s such a smooth flyer. In addition, the stack in here i have no idea what it is, but if i look at the box that it came in, it says: it’s a goku, f411 hex flight controller 16 by 16 stack version 1.0 and they stuck inside mine. They put a receiver in mine that is an fr sky, xm plus, and that is why you saw me flying it with this here: radio master, so that receiver works with every radio on the planet, pretty much. That is compatible with fr sky type receivers, which is most of the radios on the planet, especially if they have open tx or something like that and it’s.

An analog pilot camera in the drone, which is why you saw me, fly it with my fat sharks, which means that if you own any type of analog goggles that cost you i don’t know 40 dollars all the way up to like 800 dollars. It’Ll work perfect with this drone, so no problem there. Looking close at the camera, i can see that it’s, a cad dx branded fpv camera and it’s very nano in size, so it’s one of their branded cameras, and that means it’s, good quality, that’s for sure the motors on here i can see that they are the Robo brand they’re 1202.5 motors at 5500, kv they seem to work really well, no vibrations are going through any of these arms uh, which is really good, very, very solid. It looks like it’s a two mil carbon fiber frame on here, and no issues with crashing i’ve dropped this on the ground many times. It’S perfectly fine, like i said, very powerful lifts this camera with no issues the video transmitter on here. It has five settings. I can change five settings right on the video transmitter, so that usually tells me you start off at 25 milliwatts and then you work your way up. It’S got a little flywoo atomic antenna on the back at 5.8, gigahertz it’s a mushroom antenna on the back. I like the fact that they put led lights in this thing they didn’t have to, but they did and outside you probably couldn’t, see them so well.

But here, if i show you some video as i’m talking right now me flying this indoors, you can easily see the led lights. So, if you’re flying this in the late evening or some place where the light is not too bright on a dull day, you’re gon na see the led lights blinking away nicely flight time on this baby, i can tell you that so i flew it with a 450 milliamp hour four cell battery, so the very first time i took it for a flight. I didn’t have a camera on the top this here, uh smo 4k camera was not on the top. I was flying it without and i was getting close to six minutes of flight time as soon as i put this camera on top it reduced the flight time because it’s extra weight, so i was getting closer to five minutes of flight time with the camera. On top, so the next thing i want to do is show you: what comes in the box here check this out super fast unboxing check out the sticker on the front. That would be the specs of the drone i received and speaking of the drone here. It is here’s my little nano, it is so tiny when you see this in person, you’re gon na freak, it’s, so tiny and here’s. What comes in the box you get uh. Eight props you’ll have to put six on the drone, so you have two spares.

You also get some extra screws and nuts, just in case you want to replace things, you do receive the spec sheet for the flight controller and you also receive these two gifts. At least i receive these two gifts. They are both camera mounts, so one is for the smo4k and the other ones for an insta360 go. Hopefully everybody gets one here’s the weight of the drone. You can see it by itself and, if i add the four cell battery there’s, the total weight all right. So back to me all i can say about this: little guy is i’ve, had it flying around for about five days before i made this here. Review video, so i’ve had some fun with it, flying it indoors very easy to fly indoors. Oh, i should mention as well for flying indoors. They do sell a version with prop guards or prop guards are the accessory and i’m told by flywood that if you buy this here, little nano between may 1st and may 5th they’re going to give you the prop guards for free. So you don’t need the prop guards outdoors at all, but for indoors. If you don’t want to mark up your walls, then maybe it’s a good idea to get the prop guards if you’re not very good at flying. So i flew this and i didn’t have any issues, but the very first time i flew it. I noticed in my fat shark goggles, i didn’t have all the vtx channels that i’m used to so i realized clued in right away that some of them must be locked because in some countries the channels are locked.

So you don’t mess up other things, since this is sold around the world, so you just have to go and unlock the channels in the instructions that tells you how to do that so i’m, going to put links below to where you can find this here. Drone on the flywoo website, if you have questions on this drone, just post them below, and i will get back to you if you want to know if this is good for beginners. Yes, it is all right guys, hope you enjoyed this video.