My query, you, I know when I did a video recently. I think I I showed my original Tyrannis, my 9x d 9 DX, but it was X, 9 D and you'd get there. Eventually people remarked what are you doing? Look you've still got the plastic film on it seriously and yeah. I have mm and I don't know when it was but a long time ago you have to talk the plastic film because hey I've seen people put screen protectors on these things, but look the plastic film. It works as a screen protector and you know I'm saving. It for a rainy day, you know some days, you just feel really depressed and the world's on top of you and there's nothing more rewarding and exciting, and pleasurable and peeling off the plastic on a new display. So I'm saving this for one of those days. But my life's generally pretty good. I don't have too many rainy days. I make the most of every day, so I haven't needed the therapy that comes from peeling the plastic off, but wait. It gets worse long before I had my trennis. I had this 9 X and look look the plastic still on the display. Look at that see that oh, this will get people be foaming now to be foaming at the mouth. What are you doing and the reason this has come up as because look up now got the tango to the the brand new tango, and can you spot anything on here? Have you noticed anything on my tango that you haven't seen focus camera on other people's, tango, twos? Yes, look it's still got the little screen protector on and guess what I'm going to leave it on just the post people up but seriously.

I really I didn't have that much of an issue with these things, um and I'm. If you really want to see the worst, the worst example of me know actually here's. The second worst example of me leaving screen protectors on, and it is my my mobile phone. I have a really old school flippy phone and see that but look this is it this data come off by itself, there's a screen protector. This is like really old and the screen protector stunk. I have to get a new that's, not I mean the plastics coming off. I have to get a new plastic thing on me, because it's actually filtering away and people also noticed this. You see where it's wearing out on the things I don't get the we're on the plastic. I get it on yeah and people have also noticed it with my road microphone. They get so incensed. Take the plastic off your microphone. Don'T eat it yet still knew it is still new, and this is the thing that will probably really get you all super hyped up super hyped up now I have to set a DJI digital. If pv system right, you want to look in here, do you notice anything? Can you see that I've been taken? The plastic off I've used them all the time, but I lift a plastic on. I don't want with my eyes I don't my eyes, whirring out the plastic. There you go isn't it the ultimate.

Now, when I bought my truck my 1994, I think it is Toyota pickup truck. I was gutted. I was gutted. It only had total 50000 kilometers on it, but someone had taken the plastic off the seats already. You know it was just like the protective plastic that you get on you car seat. Someone had taken it off. I was so gutted, but there you go. So what do you do? Do you take the plastic off as soon as you get it? Do you save it for a rainy day or like me, does it just stay there for the life of the product, because the jumper in the jumper here you'll notice, I haven't taken the plastic off up here. Still you see that whoa, but I did take a plastic off the screen because it comes with a screen protector. I had a screen particular in the box. I have put the screen protector on you, but you can see you get the grubby fingerprints. I don't know. If you can see them, they're, probably bits of my DNA as well so yeah. That makes it hard to keep the screen clean by comparison so easy. So I shouldn't really have taken the plastic off there, but it was or kind of clear way off to start with, but hi ho. I do sometimes take it once I've taken it off. I'Ve taken off once so you'll be pleased to know that and everything else I've got still got the plastic on it, makes it hard to eat my lunch mind.

Those sandwiches and hitch take the plastic off they don't taste. Quite so good, but there you go. You know this is just one of those things. Some do some don't, I thought I'd try and kick up a bit of controversy on a day when I'm busy building stuff on the bench while I'm a building stuff on the bench. Well, as I say, I got the new tango 2 and I don't have a system with cross quadrille playing with crossfire in it, so I had to rush it by a couple of crossfire receivers sitting it up. So I can give you the full in depth. Review of the crossfire and I'm, not a fanboy but I'm, certainly looking for an alternative to the traditional things. One thing you notice with all these other transmitters are gon na. Do a special video on this align is that these are so damn big that's. So damn big and they're so easily bent. You know that you clips, which is bright if you throw them around in your box and I've, got a quick sieve and I have its own little carrying case of the QX seven, because I do use it in my backpack and I am concerned about the switches And sticks, getting bent and broken – this are going to say, seems to be a wonderful solution to that whole issue. This is so small. You can throw it in your backpack in your pocket. If you want to, I did get sent this by team black sheep.

I didn't have to buy this with my own money, which is great one of the benefits of being a reviewer, but doesn't change. My outlook I'm, going to give a totally objective, review and subjective objective anywhere to be just fixed. Just effects folks got ta, say initially: I'm really liking that the grip and so forth, I'm a thumb ER, so yep the sticks, a waste. If a my liking, that's like well, I like to have mine as light as possible. I'Ll see what I can do about reducing the spring tension. I'Ve noticed like yeah yeah that these are way way stiff, but hey there's, personal choice. People like them stiff some, do some don't and so I'll be walking you through that. But I need to have a model with crossfire, and so I bought a couple receivers set that up and one thing I'm going to be looking at, which I think everyone who's got a mint tiny. What would like to hear is, I mean one of the problems. I'Ve got is that everyone loves to use tiny, whoops and micro quads inside in the winter when to enter up north now, none, let me across fire, so you can't use your tango to to control your tiny wubble. Yeah Tony. You know you love them. Indoor quad! Well guess what I've got a solution to that and I'm I'm gon na present the idea in a video, maybe it'll, be a DIY project.

Maybe team black sheep will just say: hey that's, a good idea. Let'S do that and then they can provide the necessary bits to make this compatible with free sky fly sky, whatever receivers and it doesn't involve putting a multi protocol. It doesn't involve opening up this and putting multi protocol modules and no no. No, it is a no screws, no soldering, no whatever method of doing it. That will, hopefully you know, be worthwhile. You tell me when I show you the video anyway: do you go it's a just a quick video, while the bench is in a state of disarray, because I'm building a crossfire equipped, quad no anyway, thanks for watching guys, I give the video a thumbs up. If you like it, if you don't, like it, go and watch someone else's video, just a reminder, if you haven't seen my extra channel, the video made by Jack Thornton about the Imperium, go and have a look at my extra channel we'll go to Jack's channel butchers. Initial fpv and watch that video and spread word far and wide it's. The best hope you guys in America have got of saving your hobby he's done a fantastic job anyway, that's it it's, not really a weekly news, it's, just a look at the bench and that's. Why so stay tuned review on this coming up very soon and I'll also be doing some other stuff that you'll probably want to know about that I'm not going to get into it now.