So lets take a look at it and lets go. So welcome back everyone. Basically, i wanted to show you the scinova backpack that i got to review and it had magnets for the zippers, and so you open it up and basically its really really nice inside. You have room for your mavic 3 and not only that. Your smart controller, your battery um one two, three, four and plus one in the drone, so you can carry five batteries, not only that whats, so good about this is um up here, its magnetized as well for the button and then, when you open it up here, Were going to close this for a minute, so nothing falls and uh when you open this up, you got more room for your controller and this on hooks right here. As far as having secure room and all so, you got some room inside for a lot of things as well to carry your uh camera equipment around to carry equipment and up here you can carry stuff like um, extra propellers or extra sd cards or memory cards. What have you and then on over here you have some wiggle room and this isnt just for a computer to go in. You have a lot of room to put your landing pad in and not just your landing pad, but your computer as well. If you have a laptop on the go or an extra controller, it will fit in, and then these right here um you could put some stuff in here, like you know, put some keys or whatever.

If you have extra keys, you could put extra keys in here, and this part right here is for your back. It protects your back as well, so its pretty nice, its very comfortable when wearing it and those of you that have the maverick 3 or the maverick 2 pro or even smaller, drones like the maverick mini the maverick zoom. So if you have an evo 2 drone or um one of the evo drones, you could put it in here um. This is a hard case right here and its pretty sturdy. When you open it up, you have side pockets on the side right here. Some of my cords are sticking out sorry and then on this side you have more as well the pockets right here. Besides that, you have uh stuff on this side and um stuff to put your stuff in um, whatever you want to put in and then pretty much its pretty cool. Just because theres a lot of room in this, and those of you that are looking for a backpack, can actually uh use this. You could put your keys on here as well. It comes with this, so those of you that need to put your keys um somewhere that can help you memory cards and stuff like right there and connect them to that wire. Not only that you have quite a bit, you have uh stuff to put cords up here as well, so on the bottom down here is um a part where it has a tarpon in it as well in case it snows youre in a snowy area, mountains or In case it rains um, you know living in seattle when it rains in washington state.

You have to be on the go of you know having some protection on you, while its raining, because it rains so much in a great northwest and not only you know, in the great northwest but and other pacific parts of the world that youre in and its Raining well, this tarp is going to go over your backpack and its going to help you out very much and protect your drone in case it rains or protect something as well. If you dont, like this whole big piece in here well, those of you that want to have something different – it comes with dividers, so were gon na, take a small commercial break and were gon na show jay at the surf ninjas seth. We are at the filming location for surf ninja. I got it, you sure all right and this place is insane. My phone fell to the ground because my son, it might be a little bit blurred, but thats okay. This is where that movie surf. Ninja was from, as you can tell theres my family right there on the back, but uh yeah same spot same location, pretty much the same thing as if youre on set you know all right now were leaving this awesome. Filming location still looks the same. There goes the fam all right what it looks like i have my camera in here. I have the two controllers. I have um ill put the court up here along with my memory cards, because i film with a couple of memory cards and then the memory cards are in my camera as well the good footage, so nobody did a really good job on their backpack and i, Like the product, its great, you have a lot of room to mess around with.

If youre picky like i am on a shoot or uh going on a flight or doing a job. So that has been my scinova backpack review for the maverick three and not only that dont forget to hit that subscribe button, and not only that subscribe to my good friend, ddr usa jason. He rocks and uh. He does vlogs and not only that you can subscribe to my good friend, claudia wells. You know back to the future that played jennifer parker. Well, she has a youtube channel herself. So what you can do is subscribe to claudia wells on youtube. She does have a youtube channel, so this has been the top of the video.