We have an ultra cool rtf bundle here today to review for beginners in fpv. This is a beginner series ready to fly, bundle, rtf means ready to fly, and this quad can get an upwards of eight minutes flight time on a cruise out into the fields. You can do some distance flying with this quad. It also comes with gps on board. Its hiding just underneath this battery strap right here the wires go down the side and into the flight controller. This allows you to be able to fly it out of basically out of the receiver range and have the gps take over and bring the quad back safely. That is very similar to other quads out there, like the dji quads in best, buy or other department stores, where you can buy something with gps ready to fly out of the box. This is more of an fpv style quad its not a dji fpv drone. This one is a slimmed down drone with all the wires not exposed by this external casing, and it even has casing over top of the wires going to the motors, which is really really cool. All the way across here no exposed wires on the outside of the quad anywhere, which i think is really fantastic for beginners, so durability, wise its going to be really tough and its its really light, so that actually helps with the crash durability. I used a firefly x light on board and this is a 4k camera thats d cased, similar to the d case, gopro camera, as youve seen it can be powered by included cable that plugs right into the batterys battery, lead balance port right here, so thats cool.

This camera can be powered from 2 to 6s, which is kind of crazy, thats awesome. It has a lot of versatility, so you can basically fly this one just about any type of race quad out there and speaking of great footage. This one is really gaining a following. I flew this one on my center race 20 that were giving away on the channel. You can go back and watch this review coming up in the end of october, were giving this away on the channel so make sure make your comment on this video and any other video on the drone camps channel and subscribe and youll be entered to win this Guy at the end of october, so well be looking for your comments. Send us an email on dronecamps.com too, on our contacts page and that will get you completely entered in to win the center race 20 from flywheel its around its around three to four hundred dollar. Quad so um thats a really nice gift to my subscribers, but i think this bundle is is probably more fun to me as an experienced pilot than like the seagull series. Rtf bundle that we reviewed previously on the channel from eachine and adam rc. That bundle was kind of like what i called the poor mans uh pro tec 35. The protect 35 was one of the most popular like hybrid fpv race, slash, cinewoop, drones out there. It had really thin ducts and really kind of hardcore abs sort of prop guards around the whole thing.

Now i like this one better because it is, it is lighter under the 250 gram mark and it doesnt have prop guards, and it also has gps on board. So this is this is really right down my alley right here, so we have the safety of gps return to home on here, which, as a beginner, really helps you out if youre cruising along in acro and people have asked me this recently, what happens if i Lose communication to my radio if you lose communication to your radio and you have gps on board, if youre cruising along an acro, the quad levels out immediately when it loses signal and gps takes over and it starts to go up and turn around and come back To home, which is a really excellent thing for beginners or people that want to do long range flying if you want to fly down a canyon or river its, the ultimate. A terrible situation is that you fail safe. The standard, onboard betaflight controller will tell you that its going to drop and it will drop right in the river now ive heard stories of people that happening to people. So this is nice that gps is on board. So gps takes over as youre flying down the river and bam levels out automatically and whats. Interesting about this is that um ive been flying down a river before and im flying along in acro, and then it does this. It twitches momentarily and does this, but it goes right back into acro when it regains signal so really really fast and awesome type of coverage for your quad, its kind of like a insurance policy for your quad, if youre doing any kind of like long range flying.

So hopefully, this kind of explains it in a beginners type of terms for you, so that you understand that, yes, it will work in acro mode, auto level turn around and come back so thats a great safeguard to have out of the box with something like the Auk rtf bundle let this one sit there for about a minute flight time and record the home point before you take off and it comes without it. Having the the box checked for arm without loading satellites, there is actually a box in beta flight that you can check turn on or off. If you turn that box on it will be able to be armed without setting the home point, which is not such a great idea, so you want this to sit there and load the home point. First, that way, it knows where to come back to and it doesnt fly back to mainland china. Very, very important so today were flying with the eachine t8. This is a radio master controller that comes along with it. It is mode 2 with throttle on the left and we have a pair of skyzone cobra l goggles with dvr on board, unlike the beta fpv quad that we recently reviewed without dvr on there, the cetus pro and the cetus ready to fly bundle it just doesnt. Come with a recording option for your video, so most guys out, there want to record their fpv videos and edit them share them.

So um were running the fox here, razer camera on this quad today, and it looks fantastic so without further ado lets go out and fly the auk and let me show you how much fun it can be with the onboard footage and the firefly camera um and Oh yeah, a vtx up to 500 milliwatt, i mean lets, go you guys, lets go out and fly and well come back in and ill show you how cool this quad is. The design on this quad is so cool on the bench in just a minute. Here we go Music, so Music, oh Music, up, Music, Music, oh Music, Music, oh Music, oh Music, Music, um, Music, oh Music, um, Music, oh, oh, Music, Laughter, Music, so Music, all right boys! Here we are back in the studio after the flight test. That was fun. Wasnt it that is an ultra smooth camera 150 bucks firefly x, light 4k at 60 frames per second um thats. Definitely the best dks type of camera deal out there right now, um cheaper than the cadx peanut, the go 2. It also has sd card support, which i think is cool, because with my memory on board type of cameras like the peanut and the go to the fact is that when i fill up that camera – and i dont want to delete the videos that ive taken for The day and once youre, once you have that camera filled up, youre done um, no more filming.

If you have an extra sd card, you can pop a new sd card in there and keep flying and recording for the day. So i think thats awesome. It also has external power support on this camera, so it has a usb plug on the side right here. Usbc the cable goes out and it has a converter, a downstep converter that converts the voltage from a 4s battery up to 6s from the balance lead on here, plug that right in on the side right there, and you can move this camera from multiple quads down From a 2s quad all the way up to a 6s quad, so i think thats freaking cool that i dont have to worry about the camera battery being charged because my go to is constantly dying. I have to charge it before. I fly it every single time. So thats, where these cameras are awesome and the fact that i dont have to wire this one up to the flight controller and specifically have it for the different quad that im flying every single time to the flight controller. Thats really awesome so for plug and play type of thing. The firefly x is, is really awesome and i think its getting a good following so far from the computer community. I think my subscribers really like the video so go back and watch the center race. Video with the firefly x footage from this quad and youre, going to see some ultra smooth like high up precise tree canopy flying and the video looks great plus its not 550.

I dont have to worry about crashing this thing through the trees and breaking it. Ive had reports of people breaking the gep rc uh, gopro hero8s smashing them all to bits, and there goes 500 bucks. So this has a much more peace of mind here. So as this baby sits on the scale guys were looking at the auk without the battery on there at 204 grams, its kind of amazing to me that they were able to get a four inch quad with completely encased wire system on here and the flight controller. Vtx everythings covered up tons of venting down the side on the abs plates, its amazing for 204 grams. Its. This does not look like a 200 gram. Quad to me. It looks like much heavier so that surprised me with the four s850 from eachine thats included this ones, a eight minute flight time cruising battery its going to get it up past 250 grams. So, honestly, if you want to get this one under 250 grams, you have to put something like a 4s 550 on board, but thats 295 grams with the 850 and with the firefly x its going to get you above 300 grams. So an extra 30, some grams im gon na get you up to 329 right there for the total takeoff weight, but lets talk about this auk quad. Now. First of all, it has gps on here. So if youre going to do any range flying thats going to get you out there without having to worry about fail safe in betaflight, if youre brand new to this hobby betaflight is set up to drop when it loses signal back to your radio.

So if youre flying out there down a river or canyon or something youre going to be hiking in and grabbing this quad from the riverbed or from a pile of rocks, so its important that number one, this quad is durable, but secondly, that if youre flying range, That you have gps on board. This baby has gps, so underneath this battery strap right here is a tpu cased encased gps and the wire is, is kind of neatly tucked inside this battery strap right here and its removable. So if you didnt want it here, you could take it off here and put it somewhere else. I wouldnt recommend putting it near the vtx thats why they have it up here and away from the vtx. This will cause a little bit of interference here. So you dont want that, but this is such a cool design, really carbon top plate unibody on the bottom. This is three millimeter carbon unibody. We have recessed hardware all the way front to back here, four bolts holding on each 2004 series motor and five amp draw on this power system from my 4s battery thats kind of amazing, so that allows you to run a long range lion battery on here. Im going to put a link down below to the gap, rc 3000 milliamp battery or getting an upwards of like 25 minute flight time, so you can fly a lion. If you want to freestyle this baby, excuse me, you can fly a lipo.

If you want to freestyle this baby, you want to fly a lion for long range cruising and you should be able to get 20 minutes plus on a lion. So that is super super cool. The other thing is that it has a really legit flight controller on here. It has the same flag controller that the protech not the protect the protect poor mans protect 35 had its the atom rc f405 flight controller and thats. The f405 mini 20×20 stack and it has 30 amp four in one bl heli s mini escs on board. Those are two separate stack, um, esc and flight controller together, so uh thats kind of nice, its not an aio. If one goes bad, you have to replace the flight controller and the escs you just have to replace the individual board, which is cool. You have access to betaflight on this side right here. It has a small little window right here and that allows you to get your usb cable in there. They also include a usb cable to hook up to that, to change your parameters in betaflight, but what a low profile quad its really super. Cool years ago i had a red quad on the channel that i reviewed and i believe it was called the unicorn and it had encased sidewalls like this, but tons of venting all the way down here and a space for you. You know if you want to run some type of action camera on the front.

It has a spot where you can get zip ties under it and just zip tie something up. Super quick or you can use this mount right here. This is a little its like a m3 screw and you can put a gopro sized mountain here, so this quad is big enough to carry a full size, gopro dks, gopro or any of the insta 360 camera goes uh go to on here or the peanut. So no problem there in the back, we have diversity antenna coming out next, to your right hand, circular polarized antenna. If youre going to fly this long range, i suggest updating this one to a longer antenna, something like around this type of lynx. They do make much taller antennas and i wish this one was a little bit extended, but it you know it kind of keeps the profile again nice and low for that design, aesthetic which is kind of cool, but what im most happy about with this quad versus The seagull is that theres no prop guards on this one, it will freestyle and it will fly some distance and itll get you a longer flight time because they use 20 series motors. I actually i actually really like these motors theyre, the two bolt top plate configuration for these 40 23 gem fan props. They have a medium core to a nice tapered tip down here and that allows a nice quiet sounding quad, so it keeps the cairns over at the soccer game.

Instead of surrounding you, with their minivans youre, not going to get attacked by cairns most likely for flying. This one, this ones going to be quieter than that standard 5 inch screamer, and you can fly this one with other goggles later on. If you want to upgrade to some skyzone goggles, you can fly it with skyzone goggles. These are my skyzone 030s. It comes with the cobra ls, which are great again, because you can fly and record your videos with an sd card. It also has the steady view receiver in there, and this receiver is actually a diversity receiver and you can remove this receiver out of these goggles. A lot of the box goggles out there just dont have a way to remove the receiver, because theyre always built in, and i think the biggest fail of the cdis series is again is the fact that you cant record the videos with these goggles. You can theres a button on the side right here and an sd card slot on the bottom and 18650 lion. Thats included with that set of goggles and the biggest thing about these goggles as well. Guys is the fact that it has these slots on the side right here. These slots are for your glasses. So if you wear glasses, you can wear these with your glasses. This is a series of goggles is probably one of the only goggles on the planet that has glasses slots on the side.

I dont know why these other companies havent done this five years ago, because a lot of guys have glasses and and need to be able to wear their glasses to be able to see when they fly. So that is super important and it also comes with a radio master series. T8 light controller. This one has simulator support. It has this trainer port up top or the simulator port right here, trainer port and the recording or the uh charging port right here, usbc charge port. It has an internal 1s 1000 milliamp battery inside. If you long press and hold itll show you an led readout here up to five leds gives you a full charge and it should light up green when youre connected to the quad, if its red, that means you need to re, bind it, and this is you Get a radio that you can bind up with other quads. This will bind up for d8 for your tiny loops and full size, d16 receivers, so thats cool for five inch and four inch quads. It has the versatility to be able to be basically be flown with any type of fpv quad out there. It has two two position: switches in the back right here and two three position: switches in the front for plenty of flight modes, turtle mode and whatever support you want to put on here. You can also add the gps return to home inside betaflight on a switch which is also cool, but gps.

Return to home works several different ways on the betaflight series: gps setup. It does low voltage return to home. It will do on a switch return to home and signal loss return to home. So quite a lot of safety here with a uk bundle versus the original seagull bundle that was released. So i think this one is one of those ones that could be super popular and sell really well because number one it has a fantastic design sky zone, goggles, a transmitter that you can use with other quads, also simulator support and a battery to start with, and You have gps on board for some range flying and lion capability. So um, im, gon na put a battery down below thatll, be your long range battery. It should get you an upwards of 20 to 25 minute flight time with the auk quad and a link down to my favorite freestyle battery, which would be a 4s 850 and also not forgetting to add a firefly x light to your equation, i think, is super Important because for 4k at 60 frames per second around 150 bucks thats. That is what everybody should want right now: im still kind of uh happy about this camera because of the versatility of it, so um im going to keep flying this camera until i destroy it. Everything kind of has a an expiration date in our hobby. Unfortunately, but um im really happy with this one. So far it is serving me well and not giving me any problems so thumbs up two thumbs up for the auk bundle and uh the firefly x again on the channel.

You can check out the links down below guys, um anything that you get on the channel here supports me and keeps the channel going and, as always, im gon na keep giving back to you guys on the channel. Subscribers will get a chance to win this one. This one is the flywoo cinerace20, so get your comments in and subscribe and good luck on this one for the month of october and honestly, if youre a beginner, this would be a great second quad, two thumbs up to eachine and adam rc for some really fun Flying quad, i hope you enjoyed the flight test and uh my comments and overview of the auk.