I think it was, but apart from that, theyre also talking about new features updates to existing features, quality of life changes a new weapon and some weapon balancing, so lets get right into it. This is the overall developer plan for 2022 and again im gon na leave. A link to all of this in the description below so you can check it out, for yourself were gon na go over these things. When we read through the letter, however, something thats not actually mentioned in text apart from this plan, is the smoke grenade cosmetics? Im? Not sure if that means you can get different colors of your smoke grenades, but perhaps otherwise i dont know what a smoke grenade cosmetic would be and theyre also talking about bp income, balancing theyre, also not mentioning this in further detail, but we know that the bp Economy in the game is horrendous. I got like 1.5 million bp and i never use it really. So that is definitely something that needs improvements and then they also do mention weapon balancing. But apart from the new weapon, thats coming theyre not really going into detail with this, i just feel like this is what they always do. They try to balance the game. They add some patches with some weapon balancing, so nothing major here. As far as i can tell the first major thing, if you will would be the sanak rollback, sanag is being rolled back to its original version.

This is kind of huge and its kind of crazy. In a way, they spend all these resources making the new sonic, but pubg says that most people want the original sanog bag, and this also means that features such as the loot truck will most likely not be there. This is gon na be a roll back theyre. Just basically disabling the new one re implementing the old one, but either way this means that the old boot camp is coming back. A lot of people will be happy to see that it also means that the old ruins will come back. I personally will be happy to see that i feel like the new ruins was mostly a visual overhaul. It looks better, but it doesnt play better. I i think the old ruins was way more fun and also a place i like going was quarry pouring nowadays on xanag. It is a bit of a maze and its super difficult to loot and play there. The old quarry has a great balance of easily accessible loot, with the risk of being spotted when youre down in the quarry and thats kind of exciting. I think next up, theres gon na be a new weapon. This is gon na, be like a little ace and im gon na put some pictures of the real little ace here, so you can see that it is indeed the same thing. This assault rifle is going to be a 762 assault rifle in the game and what pogba are saying here? They wanted to be a little bit less powerful than the barrel in terms of damage, but also more so than the ak, and that could kind of put this in the region of the m4 actually.

So this could very well end up being a 762 m416 which sounds kind of boring at first, but then again, probably isnt, because in my opinion we want more rifles that can compete with the barrel and m4. This one could very well just be that the training mode is also going to get more exciting stuff. I think the aim trainer is great. The sound trainer great as well great additions overall but theyre. Also gon na put a one versus one mode in there. So youre gon na be able to fight one versus one with a friend or a random stranger that is kind of cool. It kind of reminds me of all those hours i spent back in the day playing one versus one in the old counter strike. Also something that could be exciting to a lot of you guys is that they will put a custom match training mode that will allow you to play with friends. So you might be able to start your own training map and then play with friends. Thats kind of cool – and you can make your own one versus one tournaments and stuff like that – that might actually be possible going further to another map update. We have the parama world sub, update and whats. Really interesting. Here is not so much the parabola part, but what is interesting, i think, is that they say that there are some overly advantageous areas in the world and uh when they say that the first thing that comes to my mind is tego.

Teigo has some insanely open flat areas where, if youre stuck there without a car, youre pretty much dead, if someone is in one of those buildings, thats just kind of overlooking the entire area, so that is also what i would call an overly advantageous area. But if you read a little bit further, they also do write that miramar and tega will follow as well. So yeah were going to see some updates to pretty much every map in the game when it comes to quality of life. Improvement. Popd are not being very specific here, but they are mentioning that there are certain inconvenient elements in pubg such as not being able to use heel items and boost, while you are in the drivers, seat of a vehicle or having to cook a perfectly timed grenade. So basically, thats kind of a cool thing i think, like you have to cook the grenade, you have to know that theyre, okay, this grenade, has five second fuse, so im counting to two and then probably im gon na hit that target in three seconds. I feel like thats a cool feature, so im not sure if that means impact, grenades or something like that, but it could be either way. This is nice to see overall, that they want to make the game a little bit more convenient because, especially newer players are not going to have a fun time with a lot of the bugs in the game like another one that could be part of this list.

It would be drive bys if i swap seed in a vehicle as a new player, the vehicle will come to a halt because im not aware that i need to hold w, which is the speeder of the vehicle, and then i can release it after swapping key, Because then the handbrake will not activate like it doesnt make any sense. So for new players, this is great news and new player retention. So, overall, i think this is good news for the game. We dont need these weird uh bugs and glitches to be actually part of how you play the game. Okay, and perhaps the biggest change this year will be that they will put another new map in the game. Yes, were just gon na stack up the maps, infinitely just keep going more maps all right project kiki, i will say it looks pretty good. Its a map. Thats gon na have cities, swamps, grasslands, all that kind of stuff, and it should have according to what i read here, a pretty good variety of how you play the game, which is very important, because you want the map to feel different and play different depending on. Where you are on the map, because thats, what makes it exciting thats? What makes that circle that random circle change exciting, because oh wow, now its in the swamp? Okay, i got ta play differently, oh and its now, its in the city. Okay, i better think about what i do here right, so that is kind of cool and some of these screenshots they do look kind of interesting like this is one of the city pictures im, not sure how much city there will be, but we do have some Here, theres gon na be tall skyscrapers where they write that youre not gon na, be able to access every floor.

Of course, just like you count on miramar and you cant unhaven. However, there will be sniper nests on the rooftop, so you could have perfect sniper positions up there and also, since you cannot access every floor, its gon na be pretty simple as an as a player thats trying to fight the snipers to kind of figure out where They are also there will be vertical zip lines or, as they call ascenders, and we actually saw that in the first picture of the of the developer plan here. This is someone thats moving up a zip line with one of these vertical zip lines, as they call ascenders. I assume its going to make some kind of a sound, so the sniper or the people defending the roof will be able to hear you coming, but nevertheless this is kind of cool and moving over to the swamp area of kiki. We have a an example of what that could look like its not going to be so deep that you need to swim here. You kind of like the swamp area on the wrangle. I think yeah kind of like that area. I would imagine this area will also be the reason they add air boats, because they want a vehicle that can traverse these swamp lands easily, but also traverse land areas easily. So theyre going to be an air boat, and i assume this is going to be very maneuverable and probably decently fast, but at least its probably going to be something thats going to accelerate pretty fast, but its going to have a limited top speed yeah.

I would imagine – and apart from the airboat and the ascenders, that we just talked about theyre, not going into much detail what other things are going to be happening on kiki. They are saying that, after releasing the map, they will continue to add exclusive weapons and vehicles to the map, which is something pubg has always done, and the reason they feel like they have to do it like this, and they might be right. Is that if you add too many different guns to all of the maps, its going to be too difficult to find the weapon or item you like its going to be thinning out the loot and making it more diverse? But yeah then its going to be much harder to find an slr, m4 and so on, and they do want to sell you skins for these items as well. So you dont youre not going to spend a ton of money on a progressive car 98 skin. If its almost impossible to find one because theres 20 different snipers in the game and speaking about the weapons, the weapon mastery is also getting an overhaul. The information about this was already released like a few weeks ago. However, in short in the weapon, mastery system, youre gon na be able to go beyond level 100 because they will add prestige levels. I think theyre going to call them expert levels, though they will also improve the stats, make them more relevant and make them better, and the final cool thing about the weapon mastery system is that you got ta, be able to show off your expert level, your weapon Prestige on your characters, name plate in the kill feed, which is a very cool thing back with the maps, the candy is getting another overhaul later this year, and the reason this is interesting is that this is not just an overhaul, not just an update.

This is what they call a grand remake all right, so a grand remake, thats, pretty big, so theyre gon na make huge changes to the map, and i could hope that were gon na see a little bit more snow because i kind of missed that arcade mode Is gon na get an overhaul too, because well, they havent added any new arcade mode in ages. Arcade mode has set coming soon in the other fields below the team deathmatch mode since whenever it came out years ago. So put you will add some new modes here. The only thing im worried about here is that, if you add too many modes, youre gon na spread your player base too thin, which is gon na, affect the cues and means that people are gon na either get longer queue times or have to play against more Bots, which is both terrible for the game, so i hope they think about this long and hard before they make this too big of a part of the game and thats it guys. Those are the overall words in the developer letter. Im gon na leave a link to this in the description below.