Oh, but did i make a mistake, and i knew that as soon as i hit this thing, Music. First of all lets talk about how good this head looks. Oh thanks, i need a haircut. I do its quite long, but i do try the stealth hybrid. That is of course. I really do like that. That doesnt scream out to me its like look im a rescue im, a hybrid you can tell this – is trying to be much smaller and this isnt, even the plus. This is the standard stealth. If you want to see the plus, we will get to that comment below. If you do want to see that video, but then you ask yourself what is the actual job of a rescue from the tea, its literally the perfect utensil from the tea? When everything else is misbehaving, you can literally not miss the fairway with this all right. Listen to me all right: dont move like a fool: Music, yeah, thats right from the fairway that turned out a lot better than what i thought. It would whats that deep cabbage, easy mate easy look first time and many also find it very easy to use on the fringe and around the greens im, not one of those people, but you name it. The rescue and hybrid can probably do it. I have just mishit that out of the heel and it came out like an absolute rocket, still, okay, it really is the cheating golf stick.

These will probably be banned in like five or six years. They wont but uh they should be but yeah. This is a perfect golf club for the golfer that you know finds the long irons a little bit intimidating struggles to get the three four five iron in the air. Six and even seven iron. Now weve got the seven rescues available, but weve got more weight situated at the bottom. Its gon na get the ball in the air. Weve got a bigger head profile, so its going to be stable and it should try and keep you on the planet. In most cases, its a lovely feel really is nice, and even i dont feel like im going to lose it. You know, i mean very easy 261, but that, though, right there is busted once said, that is exactly what i go to school for look just imagine. Youre driving your fear, farewell, you cant hit it for loving the money and you can just whip this out on the tee and smash one straight, its your friend in the darkest of times Music. Oh, yes, okay, goodbye, green. What so, obviously a bit of shape on that um slightly toei, but that really does show the potential of this golf club 260 carry 277 yards total. That just makes me want to try and hit a 300 yard shot at the end of the video ive. Never done that with a rescue hybrid before, but if its gon na happen its from this.

So in terms of tech, there are a few additions that will help. You annihilate your mates. Sorry about that. So lets talk about precision waiting. Imagine the titanic! Jacks! Just there floating on a piece of wood um if it had been holding on to this head with its precision weight in it, he probably would have survived because all this weight has been moved in this head to keep it stable rose. Doesnt need to hog the stable part he could be on this side and rose could be on this side. Thats the nicest shot ive hit in terms of strike definitely more towards center. All right, then, how about higher, launch and optimal forgiveness? Well, forget the man of steel saving lives. Where is this going in the rescue its all about the v? Did i do this after a few share bits looks like it its all about the v steel saving lives. In this case, forget your man of steel saving lives by preventing you from digging an early grave thanks to its legendary turf interaction. So, as we know, with rescues, theyve got to have iron light performance. We need that high launch that drop and stop that you dont want to have to sacrifice from going from a long iron to something like this. So with that in mind, im not really sure how far this is going to go. 236 yards to the pin were going to see how it reacts. If big big word that, if we hit the green bit on the heel, missed thats, better golf shot, so thats hit reasonably well, we might have to go back thats flown 240.

bit of a pull, but that will do nicely. I did a bit of a quick stop to it, didnt it. In that moment, i didnt want to soft bounce. I was like come on, then. Can we get the fifth one on yeah? This is lovely um felt good anyway, bit telly, obviously, but uh yeah, not a bad ratio. For first thing in the morning, its two oclock in the afternoon other weight does include a lighter carbon crown, which frees up another seven grams, which can be utilized to a more optimal position in the head. The c300 steel twist face in the through slot speed pocket, which i feel is the unsung hero in the fairies and rescues and has been for many years that theyve been included because the bottom of the face, especially hitting shots from the fairway, get a lot of Action, so we need that extra ball speed and i do like doing tests now. That was a terrible shot. I do like doing tests now because you guys have probably got this in the bag if you want it in the bag or youve tested it yourself. So youve got your own opinions on this. So stick in the comment section: what did you find with this baby? Oh, i thought it was drawing and it just went no were not tell you what, from 250 its been pretty accurate when ive hit it well, one more look at the numbers very interesting to see what weve got in this, because if youd have asked me before This video, what do i hate to three hybrid? I would have had no idea, probably still dont know, but of course, were going for that 300 challenge.

10. Shots at the end to see if we can get 300 yards out of a rescue, which would be some feat i dont i dont i dont plan on passing that its an absolutely beautiful, finish, Music. I love that. I love that so yeah, the most impressive part about this is that was definitely my stock swing. I didnt feel like i had to neck it when i stood over it, which you know what its like in here. I usually want to give it some, but not not. I had no intention of doing that and we havent it was a nice easy, controlled ish swing, some terrible ones in there. Obviously, but on average weve got 158.4 ball speed. I have no doubt this could be mid 160s well see at the end. Obviously, what we can get really churned out of this when we give it some 4 389 backspin a lot of zippage its nice to see new dead balls coming out. Weve got that control there. If we need it, 246 carry 259 total. Does it make me want to do more, rescues and hybrids? It absolutely does so guys. Can we get 300 yards out of a three hybrid well find out very shortly? If you stick around. Thank you for everyone, for all the support on the channel ive been away for a little while again, youd know if you was on twitch um, but were back now and im great to be back.

I have really genuinely missed making content, so they say a break makes a honda grow str. So guys, if you do like the content, please consider hitting the subscribe button and the bell notification follow us on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter and a live stream on twitch. Every thursday morning, australian western standard times 300 yards with the hybrid is it possible. I was at the bottom, oh dear, that one that one that was like a knife to the heart, a little bit that one 258 yards also guys if youre still watching just quickly. Thank you so much for sticking with us this long. I do really appreciate it, and what were going to do is a thank you, because you stuck around so long put me a question down in the comments section im going to do another video replying to them on my tmail channel so ill. Give you a shout out ill read the question ill select a few and it could be about this club. It could be about anything bit of fun um if you want me to do that. Put hashtag pick me pick me at the end of your question. Right 278 dont think were gon na get any better than that. Today. Okay, we can do this 2. 8, 2. 8, 8., Music, Music, 291, Music, ive, absolutely nuked that, but its gone straight right with all that spin ball speed. Have we got 170 there? It is! Oh my 169 miles an hour well still fun.