So today were going to be opening the mavic air 2. The new drum that we just got this thing is tiny, but it packs a punch and it records really good. So lets see whats in here i love peeling plastic. That was nice all right, so we got the bag everythings in the bag nice. So this bag is nice. Damn this finish is awesome, and it feels sturdy right here is everything that comes in the box. We have the actual unit itself, a couple of extra batteries, which is always good. You have a charger for all of your batteries. At the same time, and then theres this remote, which is very small, but it seems really well built, and it feels really nice over here – we have, i believe, extra propellers. This little thing is actually where the nd filters come in. Look at that its so cute. The mavic 2 is the smallest drone weve owned. It has a half inch image sensor, shoots 4k 60 frames per second video. You can do 8k hyperlapses and according to dji, it can fly for up to 34 minutes on one battery and it could go up to 10 kilometers of range before the video signal goes out. Thats kind of crazy. All of the elements here feel really high quality premium stuff, its kind of plastic, but its like high grade plastic, the one that feels like its not going to break on the first impact im really excited to use it and take it on shoots.

This seems like something we can just chug in the back of the van like its nothing, and we can just basically take it anywhere. We want thank you guys for watching.