The disaster also gave rise to a nuclear disaster at the fukushima nuclear plant. On march 16, 2022 experts detected a strong earthquake of the coast of fukushima. According to those working at the japanese meteorological agency, they said that the earthquake measured 7.4 in magnitude reports soon came in that after the earthquake hit a tsunami hit the region as of right now, the natural disaster is there to four people passing away along with over 220 people being injured during all of this drones were capturing footage for local tv stations, and it was during one of these that a viewer noticed something strange hovering above the area. The user who posted the screenshot said they could see four bright, slides above fukushima, saying that the object started in the triangular formation and hovered their motionless above the area, one user translated. What some of the people were saying and others detailed that they also saw lights above fukushima, adding that they didnt stay around for long and held the triangular formation for the majority of time they were on screen. Interestingly, what many have found is that, during events, where areas have been damaged by natural disasters, many locals have reported seeing strange lights in the sky, almost as if theyre observing the events play out. What many have come to realize is that government officials are also aware of this, as it appears that government documents have also made the connection between these lights and events where human lives have been a risk in recent years.

Its come to light that numerous government officials and those who work around nuclear science have observed these lights close to their size. In fact, in 2021 officials in japan announced that a lab was open close to fukushima. That would study these objects detailing that the research facility will strive to unravel the enigma of this mysterious lions. As of right now, many in the area think these lights are interested in the activity going on at fukushima and that theyre keeping an eye on whats going on there. Others whove studied these mysterious lights, have also said that theyve been observed above united states missile launch facilities as of right now, researchers in the area are trying to get to the bottom of what these lights are and what they want. April of 2021, the japanese government announced the beginning from 2023. More than a million tonnes of water contaminated from the fukushima disaster will be released into the pacific ocean. An estimated 1.25 million tonnes of water have built up around fukushimas power plant, and this is since the 2011 disaster. This is largely because the toco electric power company has been adding 200 tons of water into the reactors and also the power plant site each day intending to maintain and balance temperatures to stop the few reactor cores that left from melting too. Now more than 1 000 tanks on the site are filled with contaminated wastewater, while most radioactive material is filtered out tritium. A radioactive hydrogen isotope is not filtered out and is the most dangerous to humans.

However, 10 years on from the horrors, this cooling water system is meeting some flaws. As the tokyo electric power company no longer has the space to store the contaminated waste. The solution decided upon as of 2021 is to release the contaminated water gradually bit by bit. Over many many years – and this is by putting it into the pacific ocean according to a spokesperson from the u.s state department, this plan is quote in accordance with globally accepted nuclear safety standards as many nuclear plants all over the world regularly. Let small volumes of tritium into the ocean some people arent happy with this solution. However, many have expressed their concerns that the toco electric power company may not be wholly accurate in their judgment of the water safety. These fears are amplified by a study published in august 2020, which found traces of many other radioactive isotopes in the fukushima wastewater. Many local fishermen have expressed concern about the fishing industry and some are concerned for the health of the wildlife. The impact of the nuclear accidents is colossal, of course. The first concerns for most people are regarding any humans from injuries to illnesses and, unfortunately, even fatalities, and while there are many factors to consider economic, social and even how the political climate can be altered, perhaps one of the next most important aspects to consider is looking At the damage to the area, so as humans fled the area, the blissfully ignorant wildlife stayed potent birds, snakes, all sorts of creatures alike and, of course, flowers, trees and even the soil are all left to be contaminated.

Scientists have now begun to ask, as the flora and fauna are left in this radiation zone, can they help us find out about how the environment has been impacted in the long term? The use of animals to monitor such a dangerous climate may seem cruel and unjust, but the truth is we use animals as bio indicators all the time, a bio indicator simply meaning a living thing whose health can give us these ever so valuable insights. Frogs, for example, have permeable skin and are largely unable to detoxify and are therefore monitored as a bio indicator for environmental pollution. Now these scientists are not planning on sending animals blindly into these nuclear zones and hoping for the best, much more ethically theyve chosen to study animals that are already within fukushima, specifically rat snakes. Hannah gerk, the lead author of the study, explained that snakes were a good choice of bio indicators due to their limited movements and their overall tendency to confine themselves to one local area. Other animals, for example, birds, move around too much hindering the experiment. Overall, we can only hope for a sustainable, long term, safe solution to this problem. So what you make these interesting photographs be sure to leave your questions and answers in the comment section below and help us to grow this community, while working to solve these unexplained mysteries.