I was locating myself on a parking lot here, close by away from everything, and despite that, there was a lady pulling up starting to interfere with my flying, trying to film me and document whatever im doing, because she thought i was not allowed to fly in close Proximity to private property and of course she was completely way off in her approach as she was not even willing to enter a dialogue with me. She was just busy filming me with her cell phone documenting the incident. I do want to say for the record. I didnt fly anywhere near private property. Also, i didnt hear anything from the police afterwards, which i would have expected, as this was probably the intent of her documenting everything lets just reiterate the rules for soft 250 gram drones here in europe. You are allowed to fly over people. You are not allowed to fly over groups of people, you can fly inside urban areas, but you are not allowed to fly or private property. Also, you need to respect peoples privacy. This is not only related to drones but to cameras in general when youre filming people in public also, you need to keep a safe distance to airports, government buildings and other critical infrastructure. Apart from that, theres not many limitations for some 250 gram drones. But, of course, you need to use common sense if you want to minimize situations like the ones with the bird lady and also the birdman that has previously been posted here on the channel, apart from producing premium content here for the channel, its also pretty annoying.

For me, when i concentrate about doing videos for you guys that i have to deal with these kind of persons, so this was the reason why i decided when i had to do like a dji mini 3. Pro signal test to go outside the city to a well known location, where ive flown many times without any issues. These are just plain fields, but i know from experience that this area is prone to trouble. At least it was with the old smart controller that had a ton of connection, glitches and deterioration of the signal when flying in this area, its probably caused by a cell phone tower that is located close by and by the way. If you want to see the signal test, i will make sure to link that in one of the end cards, so i was concentrating very deeply and i was trying to do all sorts of things with my cell phone and airpods to try and see. If i could break the connection to the drone that was located somewhere, three four hundred meters out over the field testing, all sorts of combinations enabling or disabling both wi fi and bluetooth – no should not stop screen. Recording you put it in airplane mode here, take away the wi fi, then a white wine appeared and it was pulling in and parking next to me on this remote parking spot outside the city, and then you know, i know it can either go two ways.

I, like somebody, thats interested in what youre doing or its somebody that wants to approach your flying. I always start out friendly by greeting people hi, but, to be quite frank, i was actually a little bit annoyed that i had to deal with this right now. So the guy steps out of the van and immediately starts to scout the horizon. Then he kicks off the conversation by saying, are you the one that is flying your drone over my property over there? I immediately tell him im, not the one hi yeah, then he said they have a lot of nerve as they keep circling around my garden. Then i reconfirmed that im, not the one, because i actually do this for a living not completely as a living, but at least i use this as a serious side income. So i know the rules, and i know that this is not proper behavior to circle above peoples, private property and then he all of a sudden recognizes me, and then he realizes that we have been talking before then. I just reconfirmed with him that he was the farmer owning the land living in at the property on the other side of the road forever, and then the conversation goes a little bit back and forward where we just confirm each others existence. Basically, i also confirmed that i remember talking to him about flying on his property. Of course he was super annoyed, because this has happened twice recently and im reassuring him again.

It was not me – and i told him he should not put up with this, because the pilot is breaking the law, all right, theyre only landing here. Pizza is good, as you can hear, the drone was low on battery and its not according to the book that somebody interferes with you during an active flight. So i just asked him politely if i could land the drone, so we could continue the discussion while the drone is also landing. We continue the discussion and hes asking questions, say what, if it was like a public instance that was doing this drone flight instead of a private person, then i informed him about a special paragraph in the danish law that describes what is allowed and what is not Allowed in regards to protecting your privacy when youre being filmed or taking photos off, then hes asking or maybe concluding if the government is allowed to fly all his fields or his areas without prior permission. To my best knowledge, they can do that without asking permission, because the farmer does not own the air space above his fields as long as they decide to take off outside the farmers land they can cross it within the current limitations of visual line of sight and All the other stuff, but flying over the land is one thing, but i find it very hard to believe if they are allowed to invade peoples. Privacy, even though theyre the government theyre not above the law, so i find it very unlikely.

This is the government that has been performing those flights, its more private person that found the garden where the farmer lives quite interesting and wanted to see whats going on. We kept the dialogue going a little bit back and forward around the topic. What the government is allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do, and i ended up reconfirming the agreement. I made last time with this guy that i could continue flying all his fields as long as i didnt fly in close proximity where he lived Music, but both you – and i know that i dont need his permission as im taking off and landing outside his land. But its still better to have a common understanding, so i can just go to this spot and fly whenever i need – and i dont need to worry about this guy approaching me trying to escalate the situation. So this was a very good example that you cant really predict what happens there when people are approaching you when youre out flying this time, it was a very pleasant encounter, very, very different from the two other situations with the birdman and the bird lady. In case you missed out these two videos ill make sure to leave those in the description below. I perfectly understand the reaction from this guy. I would also be super pissed if there was a drone sipping around inside my garden. All the time when i just wanted to be left alone and enjoy my privacy, also, if youre interested in the signal test that i was actually performing that day as well as other videos about the dji mini 3.

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