Today, the main tasks of military drones are reconnaissance and review of enemy positions from above they patrol the territory guard routes. In addition, they can be used as gunners with their help. It is possible to adjust the fire. They are capable of dropping bombs and can also fire rockets. In addition, flying machines play the role of kamikaze. They fall on the target exploding and destroying the enemy. What are the most powerful and dangerous drones find out in our video? We present to your attention a rating of the best drones of our time, triton nq4c. This is a real giant among unmanned vehicles. Its developer is northrop grumman and the customer was the pentagon itself. Its wingspan is comparable to that of the boeing 747. The device is designed to conduct reconnaissance over long distances from a great height for the us navy, it conducts reconnaissance activities in vast areas in the open ocean and on the seacoast. In addition, the drone can perform search and rescue operations. The unmanned aerial vehicle has a reinforced airframe, anti icing system and lightning protection. Thus it can, if necessary, descend through dense layers of clouds for a more detailed observation of targets. On the water surface, the drone has been tracking systems that allow it to receive information about where enemy ships are about their speed and direction of movement wu14. It is a chinese drone capable of developing hypersonic speed. Its speed is 10 times the speed of sound 7.

600 miles per hour, initially it was presented by the chinese ministry of defense as a scientific aircraft. Later they began to declare the military purpose of the apparatus. The wu14 is one of the most powerful unmanned aerial vehicles in the world delivering nuclear warheads over great distances. It is also unique in that it is almost invulnerable to nato. Interceptors radars only detect ballistic missiles flying along a specific route. A chinese can make maneuvers at high altitudes and it even rises to the border, with open space, ch5 a model of a reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle of chinese developers. It can take on board up to 16 air to ground missiles or other highly accurate ammunition. Weighing up to 1984 pounds, the ammunition is guided using a laser system. The device is capable of staying in the air for up to 60 hours without refueling and can reach speeds of up to 248 miles per hour. The drones radar is capable of detecting the enemy in various structures and shelters. Therefore, this unmanned aerial vehicle can be used for gathering intelligence information aiming at targets and patrolling borders. Taranis now lets talk about the scout attack aircraft developed in the uk by bae systems and named after the god of thunder from celtic mythology. The aircraft is equipped with stealth technology, so enemy air defenses will not be able to detect it and its speed is supersonic. The device is designed for intercontinental flights, it is designed to create high precision, strikes against enemy ground targets from a long distance and stealth technology allows it to evade enemy retaliatory strikes.

The drone became the basis for the creation of a whole series of attack bombers with an intercontinental flight range. British scientists are preparing a worthy ending for all of humanity. Northrop grumman x47bc the multipurpose device was created in the united states by northrop grumman. A defense industry company – it is a tailless jet powered flying machine. The machine can take off and land autonomously without the participation of an operator only with an on board computer. In april 2015, the x 47b performed the first ever fully automatic mid air refueling procedure. In the wings are rocket launchers, manned from the ground iai harpy harpy is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed to combat radar stations. This combat vehicle of israeli developers is small in size, only eight feet long and can fly at a speed of 115 miles per hour. The armament consists of a warhead weighing 70 pounds. The drone is used as a kamikaze. It makes an autonomous flight according to the parameters of a given program going out in a given space patrols it after detecting the signals of the radar station. It determines the location of the target dives at it and strikes with a high explosive fragmentation, warhead launched from a mobile container type launcher using solid propellant launch boosters. It can also be launched from ships. The first flight took place in 1989, that is, it detects enemy. Radars manpower and armored vehicles the warhead, explodes and hits targets with shrapnel. However, it should be noted that one heartbeat costs about 70 000 us dollars.

Mq 9 reaper, the mq 9 reaper is manufactured in the united states of america. It is based on the mq 1. Predator, hence sometimes called predator b. It is powered by a turboprop engine. It is considered one of the most powerful unmanned aerial vehicles on earth in the us army. It is the main reconnaissance and strike drone. It is able to climb 8 miles and stay in the sky for up to 30 hours. The maximum speed of the machine is up to 298 miles per hour. The armament consists of an anti tank missile and guided bombs. It can lift up to 14 air to ground missiles into the sky. In america, the reaper was defined as a hunter killer. That is, it is a flying machine used to track down and destroy targets. It is worth noting that the unmanned aerial vehicle has been in action more than once. In total, the us air force plans to adopt 276 reaper drones. Uav outpost. The russian made aircraft is in fact a modified version of the searcher 2 and aircraft from israel. Drones. Not so long ago began to enter the russian army, but they already have combat experience. The unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with modern optoelectronic systems. Therefore, the machines can perform diverse tasks for reconnaissance and exploration of the territory. The russian military uses the drone for photography, aerial, photography and terrain mapping. The device can find enemy, radars, create radio interference and intercept signals.

Also, these drones are capable of giving target designation to warships and missile systems on the shore. According to the russian ministry of defense, outpost has proven itself well in the army. It is worth noting that in 2022 the russian armed forces are to receive several advanced russian made orion or pacer aircraft systems. They will be used for reconnaissance and strike missions. Orion is a drone capable of flying at medium altitudes. It will be able to stay in the air for a long time up to 24 hours. Its wingspan is 52 feet. Its total length is 26 feet and its speed is approximately 74 miles per hour. On average, the armament of the apparatus consists of guided missiles and aerial bombs of various types. It will be able to carry ammunition of small calibers so that the machine can rise into the sky without any problems. Sea worker 5. Nowadays, drones not only fly in the air, but also sail the seas. British designers have created an unmanned surface vessel. It is powered by a diesel engine and can sail at five miles per hour for a week on a single fuel tank. The device can be controlled. Both remotely and autonomously, the vehicle will be used for reconnaissance and trawling purposes when captured. It can be detonated at a distance, thus making a sabotage in the enemy camp sea. Worker 5 has already shown that it can work seamlessly with other unmanned surface and submarine vessels.

S 100 camcopter australian developers from schaible launched this unmanned helicopter in 2005.. Nevertheless, it is still in demand. The s 100 camcopter is capable of tracking large enemy groups. However, thanks to the sage warning system, it remains at a distance inaccessible to them. Therefore, it is most often used for reconnaissance purposes. However, it also has good weapons and on occasion it cant show teeth. It is designed as a vertical takeoff and landing helicopter. Also, it was designed to solve a wide range of tasks. It can carry various payloads up to 110 pounds. The device has a completely autonomous takeoff. Navigation is projected by waypoints and landing. The piloting and flight control modules map coordinates and show the location of the s100. In real time on a digital map screen corresponding to the aircraft dashboard with integrated control data, the payload control computer allows the operator to constantly monitor specific indicators based on the flight mission data, video and photograph in case of loss of connection. It automatically returns to the starting point and now some interesting information recently for the first time in the history of the us navy, a boeing, unmanned aerial vehicle was successfully tested, during which it was possible to refuel a super hornet fighter jet in the air, the mq 25 stingray was the first unmanned aircraft to refuel another aircraft in the air and during testing the drone safely transferred the fighter jet fuel to the us navys f, a 18 super hornet.

Thus stingray demonstrated the fulfillment of its main task, refueling a fighter jet in the air thats all for today. We hope you enjoyed the video which unmanned aerial vehicle did you like the most and which do you think is the most suitable for use in the air force. Leave your answers in the comments.