However, ive noticed that a lot of you guys, starting out, are just looking for a drone that can do it all one that can fly indoors and outdoors fast and slow can carry a full sized gopro and ideally can do flips and spins as well. Well, this here is the cinelog 35 and its sort of going for that hybrid style. Its got the protection that youd expect on a cinewoop, but with bigger, propellers and motors. That should give it a little bit more speed and efficiency, which sounds perfect. But how versatile is it really and are you making any compromises by getting a drone like this, instead of getting two separate ones, that might be a little bit more specialized for their particular type of flight? Well, thats. What i want to check out today, also, if you guys, are interested in free stuff, i will be doing a giveaway this week, ill be giving away these two pairs of analog goggles, and all you guys have to do to enter is follow me over on instagram And leave a comment on my most recent post featuring these goggles. Now you guys are gon na have five days to enter, but if you missed the deadline, no worries ill be doing more giveaways over there. So if youre following youll get the next one, but now lets see how this guy flies first, i decided to take it nice and easy and got some slow, cruising shots Music.

When it comes to these slow cinewp style shots, the cinelog handles them really well the tune on it is amazing, its just as good as the one that comes on its younger brother, the centalog 25 overall, its very stable in the air, and it feels fantastic. I even did a lot flying it indoors around the house and overall, it felt pretty comfortable just like most large cinewhoops, though it does create a decent gust of wind blowing down which can blow it around from side to side if youre going through narrow spaces. I did find that if you fly a little bit faster, though just like in this clip here, you should be able to get some decent shots without any struggle. It can also carry the newest gopro, the hero 10. Without a problem. There was one thing that i didnt love in these situations, though, and that was the gopro mount that comes with it, so the camera mount you get in the package comes fixed at a 20 degree angle and thats problematic, because when im flying that slowly, my quad Is actually flying at more of a 10 degree angle, meaning the gopro is still pointing up a little bit. My solution to that was to mount this foam wedge onto it instead, which is usually my preferred way to mount a camera now. The foam wedge is also technically fixed at a 20 degree angle, but i find that, with this method, once its strapped in its just much easier to make adjustments to your camera angle, to whatever angle you want, i do wish that the camera mount it came with Was adjustable, though, now there is one other obvious solution to this and thats just to fly it a little bit faster and when you speed up the cinelog a little bit thats where it becomes a lot of fun Music.

In my opinion, these types of shots are where the quad really shines. Uh. As you can see, i felt really comfortable flying it through narrow areas and around cars. The prop guards definitely factor into this, but its also so light and nimble. It just felt very natural and makes it an easy transition. If youre used to a regular 5 inch freestyle drone, i should mention that for all these shots, i chose to throw a 850 milliamp battery on there, which is what made it feel very light and allowed me to take those harder turns with ease, because the quad Seemed fairly agile, i decided to try some freestyle as well as a final test. I went to the local park to see if i could pull off some basic maneuvers and youll see in this clip the extent of moves that i felt comfortable doing Music now compared to a real freestyle quad. The cinelog 35 definitely felt a bit underpowered when it came to pulling off a power loop or a split s. I definitely had to throttle up quite a lot to have enough momentum to throw myself over a tree, but the good thing was that it was able to pull off both of those maneuvers with very minimal prop wash, and i find that those are two moves that A lot of cinewoops seem to struggle with, of course, having good throttle. Control is still important, but this guy handled it really well its definitely possible to mess around with some basic tricks, but overall, its performance in freestyle is kinda meh.

Now one thing to keep in mind with the cinelog 35 is, if youre, using a lighter battery in the back, it becomes very front heavy because of the weight of the gopro. Now this isnt ideal, because the front motors end up having to work a lot harder in order to keep it level now, this isnt really noticeable when youre doing regular kind of cinematic cruising, but once you start doing flips and spins, you can definitely tell that its A little bit unbalanced one solution to this would be to use a bigger battery in the back in order to match the weight of the gopro, but thats still not ideal, because the battery kind of sits in the middle. While it should sit a little bit further back if it was to be fully balanced, another option would be to use a naked gopro on the front to take away some of that weight. Another thing to keep in mind is the battery connector on the drone is actually the smaller kind, an xt30, not an xt60, which means the batteries you need have to have the smaller connector an xc30 and not the bigger connector and most 4s and 6s batteries do Have the bigger connector, so you just have to be mindful of that. Otherwise, you have to pick up a little converter like this, that you can plug in and change it to an xt60, but this isnt an ideal solution as well, but now the question that i know a lot of you guys want answered is: is it better than The pro tec 35, which is a very similar drone to this guy, that i previously reviewed on my channel and has been the quad that ive been using.

Until this point and in my opinion, the protec 35 falls short in three main ways: its noisy as hell. Its also fairly heavy – and it comes with a good but not great tune and the way mine came set up. It was also very sensitive to controller input straight out of the box. Now the cinelog 35 is still loud, but definitely less noisy than the protec ill. Give you guys a quick demonstration, i dont know if youre actually gon na, be able to hear the difference, but well see. This is the pro tech. Okay – and this is the new cinelog Music Applause that didnt work all right. This guy is quieter and the sound that it makes is just a little bit more pleasant, its also significantly lighter ill put, both of them quickly on the scale. For you and straight out of the box, it comes with an incredible tune and is very easy to fly. Also, if you get the hd version, it comes with the nebula pro, which is a great camera, its also really hard to find right now, so its a nice touch for the most part, though, in my opinion, the cinelog 35 does exactly the same stuff that the Pro tec can just a little bit better. I will say, though, assuming you put the same sized battery on both quads. I do think the pro tech is a tiny bit faster and also it comes with the adjustable camera mount, which is really nice due to their shape, though both quads will be a little bit unbalanced if you use a full sized gopro on the front.

So am i now going to be abandoning my pro tech for the new synalog 35 yeah? I think so. I do think i like the cinelog better, but does that mean that if you own a protech, you should throw it away and now get a cinelog as well? No definitely not the pro tech is still capable of so much just dont forget that, although having good gear is very helpful, whats most important is having a good idea and putting in the work to execute it. Well, i hope you guys enjoyed this video.