Now, before i get in and talk about, the revolutionary features the super exciting specifications off this drone. I just wanted to quickly talk about stereotypes, because i think dji has just broke one. You see traditionally, when we think of small lightweight and portable drones. We think entry level performance and when we think of flagship level drones with high quality video, we think large heavy drones with more restrictions to jump through what, if you could have the best of both worlds. Well, now you can, with this the dji mini 3 pro so lets talk about the design of the dji mini 3 pro here it is thats it fold it up, and the first thing youre going to notice is that it has an all new design over something. Like the dji mini 2, and this all new design brings benefits such as improved wind resistance and i have to say its been exceptionally windy round the coast here at the minute when ive been trying. This drone out and ive had this drawn out on some really windy days, and it has handled perfectly now when you first unfold this drone. The first thing you might notice that is visually different is that the back legs sit higher than the front and attach them legs are larger propellers. Now them larger propellers are whats going to bring that improved wind resistance and that improved performance theres a range of other visual things, youll notice, design differences with this drone.

The first youll notice is that it now has obstacle avoiding sensors tri directional obstacle avoiding sensors. The other thing – and the big thing youll notice is, if i take this gimbal protector off, is that it has an all new gimbal design. It has three axis stabilization and this all new gimbal design allows true vertical video format. You can now capture videos natively in vertical format, ill talk more about that again later in the video, but i think that is a massive innovation. So ive had the privilege of being able to test this drone. For a few weeks now and ive tried the camera out in a range of different lighting situations and in a range of different locations, the video quality you get from this drone is absolutely mind blowing and the area ive noticed it most is in lower light situations With the larger sensor of the dji mini 3, pro one over 1.3 inch and an aperture of 1.7 over something like the dji mini 2s 2.8 ive really noticed a massive improvement in them lower light situations you can capture up to 4k 60fps video and you can Record in 1080p, 120 fps slow motion. Alongside that, you can also record and decently like color profile. If you like to color grade your footage in post, i really cant get over how well this thing flies in the air and the footage you get from. It is incredible, i really do think that anyone could pick this drone up and get cinematic footage right out of the gate.

Its starting to seem like this is the ideal first drawer. So all the clips youre seeing are coming from the normal profile with a little bit of color grading ive added in post. You can also shoot 48 megapixel photos and, as with all the dji drone range, the photos always look crisp, sharp and incredible. Now the camera sets on a completely new gimbal design, and this gimbal has a range of benefits and some neat new features. Firstly, it has three axis stabilization, so youre going to get incredibly smooth videos. It now also is able to tell further upwards and youll notice. Theres a larger cut out at the top of the drum, so you can now look further up and have a more unobstructed view than ever before. You can basically click straight up, but the real innovation here and the one im sure youre all dying to see is it can now true vertical video. The gimbal can turn on its side and on the app you can see exactly what youre shooting in vertical mode. This is a massive benefit, especially for anyone who makes a lot of content for social apps, and it also has a big benefit of if youre shooting anything vertical, a really large vertical subject so tall buildings waterfalls. Anything like that. You can now capture, even more of that than ever before. I cant get over how quiet this drone is. I think this might be the quietest drone.

I have ever flown its incredibly quiet in terms of the weight theyve kept it 249 grams, and this is absolutely a massive win, because most countries, drone regulations and restrictions kick in heavily around 250 grams and above its also incredibly lightweight portable and compact. You can fit this drone basically anywhere and it fits in such a small space in any camera bag for comparison. Heres, a dji mini 2 youll see that the dji mini 3 pro is slightly larger, but youre getting a much higher level performance drone that delivers very high quality footage. I just cant get over the size of this tiny little drone, for example heres my camera bag. I check out whenever im, making all these values and look at the space this little guy takes up. Look i cant get over that the video quality thats drawn and thats all the space it takes up. My mind is blowing theres, no reason you couldnt take this drone anywhere for flight time. You know i get 34 minutes per battery, so three minutes more than you would get over something like the dji mini 2. And if you buy the fly more kit, you get two additional batteries making three in total. So you get well over an hour and a halfs flight time now there is also a fly more kit, plus that comes with extended batteries that have 47 minutes flight time, but this is not available in europe. So lets talk transmission and controllers, so the drone now uses ocusync 3.

0 and four antennas to get up to 12 kilometers range. Now, when youre picking this drone up, you have a few options: controller wise theres, an option as a standalone version which comes with no controller, or you can pick up a version with the dji rc n1 controller. This is a staple for dji at the minute. You might recognize it from drones, like the air 2s, the mavic 3 or even the mini 2. But if you want to go one step further, theres the new dji rc controller – and you can pick this up as the third version, with the dji mini 3 pro. I love this controller. These are just such a joy to use its fantastic. So why do i love this controller theres a lot of reasons, firstly, its just so quick and handy to pull the controller out of your bag turn it on and away you go. Secondly, it bits up so quickly. It just turns on so fast and youre, ready to go youre ready to start flying now when it comes to the sticks. Theyre much lighter to use theres, definitely less resistance to them, and this is going to be personal taste, but for me i find them much easier to use to get cinematic shots and much easier to be able to hold your drone in certain cinematic moves. Also theres a few additional buttons youve got buttons on the top and youve got buttons on the back, and these can be programmed through the dji fly app to do different things.

You also have an additional scroll wheel on the top, and this can be used for zooming in and out so now lets talk about the new intelligent features of this dji mini 3, pro the big ones being obstacle avoidance and active track. I know the drone community has been crying out for for ages on a mini drone and we finally have it and its amazing but ill get onto that in just a second. So this drone has apis advanced pilot assessing systems 4.0, and what that means is the drone using its sensors will actively try to avoid obstacles, it says, or it will break when it sees them, depending what setting you have on on the fly app. The drone comes with focus track. Yes, you can now track yourself with this drone, so theres a few different modes that you can use in the active track mode you can use trace, which will basically fly behind you. It works fantastic ive tried, it lots really impressed with it. You can also do parallel, so the drone will fly beside you and keep you. It will fly parallel to you. It also works really great. You can also do spotlight, so the drone will stay stationary in the air and, as you move about, the drone will stay in place, but it will rotate to track you and move the gimbal up and down to track. You and you can also do point of interest where the drone will orbit round a point of interest.

All these modes work fantastic and im sure you will be super excited and super happy that theyre now available on a mini drone. You can now also do hyperlapses with this drone, so you can get them awesome, hyperlapse shots and you can also use master shots where you select a subject and the drum will go off and do a range of pre planned maneuvers and come back and you will Have a cinematic sequence ready to go so heres this drone for well. To be quite honest, it would be easier for me to say who isnt this drone for, in my opinion, this is the ideal drone for absolutely everybody and arguably the best drone. You can buy right now full stop if youre a hobbyist or tech, enthusiast or beginner, and you want to get high quality, aerial fluids and videos capture, videos of yourself, adventuring or traveling. Then you need this drone. I think the key thing is this is not really a successor to the dji mini 2.. This is really the start of a line of professional level. Mini drones from dji. A professional can use this and get professional results, but its also fantastic for beginners and for someone whos picking up their first drone, because its a very capable drone that will stack by you for a very long time so whats my personal thoughts after flying this. For a few weeks, well, if you havent already guessed throughout this video, i love it.

As mentioned. The combination of this new rc controller and the dji mini 3 pros quality of the value and photos you get its just a joy to use its a joy to look at the footage you get from it and i absolutely love it. So let me know your thoughts. What do you think about the dji mini 3 pro in the comments down below, i have to say a big thank you to dji. They sent me out this drone a few weeks early before release, to try out and get some thoughts on it. So a big thank you to dji. I have absolutely loved using this drone if youve liked this video and youve learned something new. Please let me know by giving me the thumbs up and clicking that like button down below and if you have just picked up a drone and want to learn more about it, how to get more cinematic videos and better photos, then i recommend you check out my Channel where i have a ton of other content to help you level up your drone game. If you want to stick around and watch a few more than videos now heres a few, i personally recommend checking out and ill not keep you back any further. Thank you.