Well, this is going to be another Captain. Drone drone, video and Im wearing my captain. Drone t, shirt and Ive got Captain drone stuff all over the place just to drive you up the wall with Captain drone anyways lets get on to this video, its all about these little drones right here that are pretty cool and glowy. So recently I made a video showing exactly what you get if you bought a drone for fifty dollars, Canadian, but expected a one thousand dollar drone with 4K video and all the obstacle avoidance and all the highlights, and I was expecting people to go got it. You know for fifty dollars, you dont get a lot its pretty bad, but there was an awful lot of people that came back and said you know for fifty dollars. Those drones were really good. Can you make another video like that, so thats? What this video is? All about so in front of me, I have two of the latest technology in drones, at both of these drones. At the time of the recording of this, video will cost you 30 U.S. I am serious for thirty dollars. U.S you can get either of these glowy drones that come in display cases, so the two drones before me would be the jjrc h11. Its really cool in this display case and youre gon na think its awesome. When I show you this thing and it costs 30 U.S and the second one is the s96, and it comes in this larger display case and it costs 30 U.

S and youre gon na be impressed with both of these, because let me tell you what they do So what do they do? Well, they do the same thing. They have the same features except theres, a few differences. For instance. This one has 360 degree obstacle avoidance that you can turn on and off in flight. This one has a longer flight time, so I was going to show you both of these drones in one episode, but the episodes going to be too long so Im just going to cut it into two videos. So in this video that youre watching here were doing this one, the jjrc h11 in the glowy little container. So for thirty dollars, US you get quite a lot with this little baby because you also get the little carry pouch and theres more stuff in it, including prop guards for indoor flight. This is an indoor outdoor drone, but I would say its more indoor than outdoor now. One thing you have to be aware of when you buy a 30 drone, is that everything you read on a website about this drone might be incorrect for the most part. For instance, if you look at the website, it says this has an 8K camera. It doesnt have an 8K camera. It has more of a 4k camera, but it has a 30 dollar 4k camera. What is a 30 4k camera well thats like taking a really good 4k camera and then making it really bad youll see that in this video on the website, as well its going to tell you it has 20 minutes of flight time.

That is incorrect. It has 10 minutes of flight time. Its also going to tell you on the website that the range is pretty far now. That is true if youre outdoors and you have no interference because it is Wi Fi, you might be lucky to get 50 meters of range and Ill put some place here with that is in feet. It does have altitude hold, which is perfect for beginners, because when you fly blink it just sits in the air and waits for for your next command, which is really nice. It does have two cameras, one on the bottom and one in the front, and you can switch between them theyre, both not very good, but you cant switch between them. It does have gesture controls where you can raise your hands and it will recognize that youre a human and take a picture or start a video. It does do flips indoors or Outdoors just make sure you have enough space and it does have three speeds and you need those three speeds for the days you go outside and theres a bit of a breeze. You might have to put it in the speed two or speed three so that it doesnt get blown away back to China. Now this display case is actually your controller. So this little item here is what you put the drone on when youre not going to use it anymore. You can, if you want sit it on there, put the display case on and kill your batteries for batteries.

This takes three batteries Ill. Show you a picture. What the batteries are, I believe, theyre AAA batteries. Three of them. You can turn the light off. If you want its up to you, if you want to leave it on or off the light lasts, a long time because its just an LED lights, so those three batteries that are in here it would go. You know for a day or more with the light on anyway. Is that you pull this off blink and this little thing that it was sitting on. You spin it like that it falls to the ground and then you stick it in the front right here and you spit it, and now it becomes a cell phone holder when you flip up these little tabs, its quite ingenious. Actually so your cell phone goes in there. So when you see me flying this with my cell phone, its sitting in this portion, the Drone is foldable and, of course, for thirty dollars. You have brushed motors but theyre the modern day, brush motors, so theyre pretty darn decent. You do have lights in the front and your camera is adjustable. You take your finger and you adjust it to any direction. You like straight down or straightforward or any spot in between in a little carry case. You have some options and some accessories like spare props and a few other things, and you have prop guards which I might put on for flying indoors, because this one does not have any obstacle avoidance.

So thats your prop guards right there and they just hook onto the arm all right. So let me put these prop guards on and well take it for an indoor fight. This is what the Drone looks like with the prop guard so Ill see if Ill bring it closer here, so you can see the back its almost like a little spider web around the props, its pretty decent. So these are included in the kit. Now, what Im going to do is take it for a flight now bring it over here it does have altitude hold so means. I can use one joystick and fly it. It will stay at that height, no matter. What if I want to go up, move the joystick up? I want to go down move the joystick down. It actually looks pretty cool with the little uh prop guards out of here very closer to this camera here. So lets test out the prop guards Im going to bang into the wall Im flying along. I dont know what Im doing and Im just going to crash into the wall. Well, there we go nothing so that works and lets go crash it to something else and point point it just bounces off that so all good. So that is your indoor flight mode and I can walk around it. It sits pretty still in the air its got Alpha to hold an optical flow underneath theres, a little camera on the bottom, which is quite terrible all right, so this upper portion is where your phone goes in just slide your phone into that space uh.

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it fits in the upper space, no problem. What you have to do is take your phone and take the Wi Fi on your phone and connect it to the Wi Fi of the Drone. Now, on your phone make sure you connect to the Wi Fi shooting out of the Drone after you connect to the Wi Fi shooting out of the Drone, then open your app. The app for this drone is called kyufo, and you should see something that looks like this. There should be a picture of my phone up here if its recording go ahead and click on the start button, and you should see wherever I move this guy thats. What should appear on my phone screen and were all set? So let me take this guy face my head and put it down here its sort of magnify the image its like zoomed. In all the time I dont know why so Im, just gon na go sit back over there and I will be in the image. I purposely did that, so it faces me on the couch and I can take the phone display and stick it. On top of my head, so youll see what I see youre, looking at the entire interface of the app from the left hand, side all the way over to the right hand side. So, on the left hand, side you have at the bottom left take off and land.

If I hit that the Drone is going to fly up in the air Im, not going to touch that above that, you have MV which Im not going to play with, and you have your pictures, your media, any videos, Ive taken or anything like that will be In photos on the left and video on the right – and you can re watch it on your phone then over here you have your camera, look at the bottom so right now the bottom is showing black because it is sitting on the desk and look at the Forward camera its that simple over on the right, where you see the four squares click on that first option: you have is gesture mode, it shows bunny ears, raise your hand and it should find you there. We go see, it sees a hand, and it goes three. Two one and it takes a photo and Im showing you the photo now and it probably looks terrible next. You have a 50 times zoom and I should have a slider on my right and I should be able to look at my captain: drones, logo or the phone and everything in it. There you go, you can zoom in and out take that off. Next, you have drone follow if I click on that and if the Drone is flying, it will follow me trust me. It doesnt really follow you. Its gon na go all over the place. Next, you have where it looks like a lightning bolt on Harry Potters.

Head click on that and, on the right hand, side of your screen, whatever you draw, that is how the Drone is going to fly. So, if I draw a circle, youll see see the Drone going around the circle. If that drone was in the air, it would fly that pattern, so you can draw a pattern on the right hand, side and the Drone will just do that pattern. Next, you have the VR goggles. You can go, buy those on Amazon. You basically put your phone in the front and you have two displays and it looks like one then were going to jump all the way over to the right. You have 30 thats your speed, so you can control that on your remote, so Im putting it back to 30 Vice 100., then you have take a photo and start and stop video and thats pretty much it and you have a stop control at the bottom. If things are going wrong hit that stop thing, so I think you get the point of how the video looks as I move the camera around here and your phone display and what you get. It is 4K, as I mentioned, but its a thirty dollar 4K. So, in other words, not very good, but youre only paying 30 U.S for all of this, so how about I take it outside for a flight, see how it does in the wind see what the speeds are. You know the slow speed, the medium speed, the fast speed, the flips and how good the camera is outside, but before we go outside, let me show you what comes to the box so check this out.

This is the boss box. Your drone comes in inside the box, youll find your carry pouch and inside the carry pouch youll find your drone and accessories. First item would be the user manual for the Drone and the app next. We have our drone, which is inside the display case, removing the cover of the display case. We can see the Drone more clearly. The bottom of the display case is the remote and it can glow here we can see a close up of the included camera in the forward section and as well the one on the bottom section. The Drone has forward lights as well as rear lights. A few of the accessories included would be the battery battery charger, spare props, Phillips, screwdriver and prop screws. A set of prop guards are also included. Total takeoff weight of the Drone is 72 grams. Alright lets take this little guy Outdoors to test out the speeds and the flippy mode and also the camera. How well does it film now? It is pretty windy this morning, so Im in my backyard with my house right over here blocking some of the Winds, and hopefully this doesnt fly off into somebody elses yard. Here we go going up, Ive got it in normal speed. Right now were going to change speeds as we go all right. So its doing well back here in normal speed, Lets test out how fast it goes going away from me, Music, its going into the wind now whoa yeah normal speed in the wind, not very good, not very good at all.

All right lets change the speed there. We are in medium speed all right into the wind, oh much better, much better, okay, thats, better and uh lets get the speeding Blades of death away from my face. This would be a good idea to have the prop guards on at this moment and now full speed. Here we go full seat, go into the wind, oh yeah, yeah, no problem so full speed. The wind doesnt bother it and, of course, going with the wind its gone lets, Bring It Back Against The Wind in full speed over my head whoa all right. So we know the speed test Works. Lets uh slow this down, put it back at normal speed there. We are and lets try flippy mode, so were standing right here were gon na flip. It ready five. Four three, two one, okay, heck thing came right up my head. Try that again, I thought it was going in my eyeballs uh Im gon na put it in median mode since its over there and well flip it forward flip there we go all right, bring it back this way and lets do a side flip to the left Into my house almost and coming around and then back this way, all right, so flippy motor and everything else works now. Im gon na hook up my phone and well test out how good the camera is in this morning light so lets bring it over. Put it back in normal speed, bring it back to me and land it there.

We go. Okay lets check out the camera. Take this camera Im gon na point it straight forward, so it is recording video now and Im going to take it up, and this is the image we get. We are hows that image to me. The image looks washed out a bit. It looks a little washed out Ill turn it around to look at the neighborhood, and how does that look? You can see houses across the street Ill. Take it up there. We are leave it up there blowing around in the wind. How does that look? You can see a house across the street so if it wasnt windy, it might be okay, but on a windy day I dont know, and if you wanted to use a drone like this to check your roof. I dont think it would be very good here. Im going to take it up, you can see the way up above me, Im going to spin it to look at my roof and uh yeah. How does that look um, Sarah back at normal speed, because theres very little wind back here and uh spin you around bring it down for a landing there. We are all right, so theres, not much more. I can show you on this little guy other than to say its a 30 drone and you get what you pay for, but its at the top end of the 30 drone. In other words, you get what you pay for, but you get an awful lot.

So Im gon na put links to this product below its on the banggood website. It might even be on sale. I might even have a discount code check below check the links, see what you can find all right guys thanks for watching this video. The brother of this, which I showed at the beginning of the video, is coming out in the next video, so stay tuned. For that till then I say: bye Music. That wont.