So if you remember yesterdays video, we got another update, it was the gun game and we got the grapple hook, but today we got the new kit. This is a cyber kit. You can see right here. This is what it looks like and it says, deploy and control drones to pick up resources from around the map. Drones can also airdrop prime tnt, so this is an insanely overpowered kit. In fact, the community is saying this is probably the most pay to win kit. There is currently in the game. So, if youre looking for something thats, insanely op and pay to win this, is it if youre worried about the game being paid to win this? Is it this is probably the most pay to win kit ive ever seen in the game, because literally theres no other way to do what this kit does like really what it does is insane and it will very very much determine the outcome of a match. Now. Drones are currently going for 15 iron as of this video, so thats whats, making it really really overpowered, but its not just that its. The fact that you can go and transport items and you can drop tnt its really really really powerful, and you can see this is the grand reveal by the way. So this is the reveal of the cyber kit before i show off this new kit. Dont forget to like and subscribe if you havent already so one thing we found is: you can actually drop drones to your teammates, so we can do that in a chest.

Im going to show you that in a second, so you could still have other kits and still have drones check this out all right. So i got my drone. Lets, go and steal. Some diamonds were gon na head out here, get the damage before everyone else now. Theres no range limitation on these drones. You can also go under to save yourself, so if they have really really good bow aim, they cant get you all im beating this guy. Look at that mine now were gon na head over to here were gon na grab. This one too sorry buddy decent mine, and these are mine. I already have five lets, bring them back and you can also leave it on a generator by the way itll actually take it. You can actually share these by putting these inside chests so check that out boom just shared one of those drones buy another one, and now we have another. You do the same thing you keep putting them in there. You can only have one um type of item that youre carrying at a time. You can also drop tnt ill show you that in a little bit ill go get this diamond right here. Four, this ones not ready. So now we can get this and we almost have enough four tier three. Two and a half minutes in this is a tip from jp bobo. By the way you can actually go faster if you use strafe so like if you strafe, left and go forward.

So, basically a or d and then w at the same time you get extra speed all right time to farm. Ms lets go get the ms. I mean the nice thing about this too, is you can use it for scouting? Oh someones coming in lets. Go switch boom. Laters lets go, get some ms. We can drop them to us too. So watch this. I know im over here, so im gon na drop myself. Some ms pick these up. First before they get them mine. I got five. Ms im gon na drop them to me here all right. You know im gon na go for this and this all right, please dont, kill tv. Please dont, kill i dont want your diamonds were good. We got plenty were gon na kill them with grapple hi sub. Thank you. Oh no, thank you for subbing yay drones, opie, so were gon na. Do it again. Oh, i have 70 iron. If you want to buy us all drums, yeah yeah get us all drones. What do you mean get us all? Drones get the phones feed it to me while im doing this – oh my god, im just going to park my im parking. This thing right here, give it to me: yeah get us some amazon deliveries here. Let me go metal, detect real, quick, theres three diamonds by the way, all right! Oh, you know what blues away from their base. I just took uh blues full gin, theyre just sitting on their jen.

Oh my im taking their iron so im guessing their bed is free. We should just yeah yeah its totally free go get it. Are you the drone thats on there, okay, making sure thats my team yeah 120. im bringing myself iron armor back. I see a giant zone coming back and thats full of iron. I didnt even leave my basement. Oh look at this guy! Oh oh yeah! Oh oh, oh, run circles around! I just parked into this void. Hey we should buy some tnt lets. Go lets buy some tnt and someone drop on. I would find them probably like someone yellow, okay hold on hold on im gon na bomb, this guy thats just trying to get us. Oh yeah, always look at this bombing spikes. You can just like bomb anyone. You want cant, you be high delivered. Oh, i just bombed that one. Definitely not me! Okay boom lets go there drone for you. I got the drone first, you im just gon na focus on emeralds yeah when they drop it off hold on im, going to try to pick it up when they drop it off. Oh good idea, yeah lets go to the red base, go to the red base. I think they got the drone. Wait. Green green doesnt have one so yeah wait. Green has one green has one yeah. It was not delivery. No! No dude, im, literally on im, literally on yellows um iron im, literally on their iron im on their iron.

They have no idea, no theyre, not even hitting me, they think its their own teams drone and they disappeared, but my diamonds are disappeared, oh diamonds. That means i got diamonds. I got three diamonds. Oh ms, are coming out. Ms are spawning right now: okay, okay, i got i got uh. I got two ms right now: im dropping them. Okay, okay, youre here so were gon na have to watch her. Did someone steal it? Did someone steal your diary? Oh its red, its red, its red? No, no im chasing im chasing him im chasing im, dropping im, dropping our diamonds everyones, just hanging around in drones, lazily im going to try to steal someones stuff. They need to change the drone colors to match the teams. Go to the shop go to shop, photoshop youre, here here behind you behind you behind you, i got the apple. I got the apple, i got the apple, i dropped it, i dropped it dropped it, get it get it get it. Yes, you got it. Oh, they blew up. My drone drop me. The everest ill get bro hold on hold on im, going to drop these im going to drop these for my drone to take to you im bringing some ms to you, how many, how many emeralds do you want? You want uh, seven eight here, heres theres, ten heres ten. Where are you at youre at diamonds? Here, oh, i was gon na drop, these dudes dude, that is so great youre.

Basically just equipping youre just dropping stuff to him, while hes out there. You need a fireball, i got you, you need a pearl, you need like some bed breaking stuff. I got you, you want some iron, you need some extra arrows, wait! Youre out of blocks no problem. I got three. Oh theres, a drone coming to our um to mid theyre going for ems. There you go. Oh my gosh theres, so many drones. Why did they add drones? Oh wait. Wait. Wait! Im gon na steal their drone im gon na stole their drone. I cant steal their drone. Remember dude! I almost scooped up those ms that he just dropped wait. Can we set up teslas so they automatically kill drones. These are bug zappers, dude, nice, nice knife, apparently one fireball and expose their whole bed. No, no. I hit them too many times. How dare you dude? Those were my. Maybe you should kids deliver yourself, some street pies next time dude, i forgot, i had a grappling hook. I could just grab her dont kill him. Please, please dont, kill him yeah. I got ta get my i got him. I got ta get my weakness. Why are you gon na kill them? Okay, i got one. Oh, this is so good. I got two i get four rounds. I can get a grappling hook. I got three and four clean. Come back come back, make sure no drones around theyre like birds, dude there you go dropping right on you.

You want to go break our neighbors legs, yeah, yeah yeah lets go just get it. You break the bed ill, sponsor them, yeah im just killing them. Oh, these guys are rich, rich, probably yeah. Oh yo, i just made 200 iron. Oh man, thats mean i okay, im gon na go back to the drone. I dont think we need any more resources. I you know i want to fly around its part of the fun. Are you going to be like a radar tell me where everyone is yeah yeah, so this guy is in the mid hes going up hes looking at you hes in the tree now hes making a very poor bridge that took him a little while hes hopping and You missed your grapple yeah. This is just a spectator camera right here. This is like free camera. Oh my god, you through oh theres, a crazy man. Here i mean i could do this with free cam. Why am i using a drone but thats? Okay, ill use? A drone theres a guy right next to you, yeah right next to you, uh hes got a better shot. Hes got it. Hes got a diamond sword, um hes on the rooftop. He has another phone next to you now: hes really building really high and he used balloons and you killed him and then pink wins and yeah. He cant eight ms on him, get me a drone as well, actually ill be drunk yeah.

Yeah. Give me give me iron. I just need some for myself here we go check the chest im going for their gen first heres im dropping them all right. I got two more im trying to do. Oh theyre coming theyre coming theyre coming. Do i get it? Oh, he fell, he fell, i dont know what he did. He felt do i say my do. I think then ive got it to make me go faster. Just you is this. You im gon na put that in chess because were gon na have enough yeah um dont worry about it all right. Actually, no, i left it in the void. I need a new drone. I i left it in the void oops here here take mine because i dont need it. I dont remember which base im on oh thats cool. It kind of shows you like, if you stand next to your chest, thats a good way to show where youre at like. If you stand next to a chest, then it shows like up on the ui permanently on where to go back for where youre standing. I got diamond swords so wheres. He at our base, still im combing him right now: okay wheres, he at im just kidding im coming im coming to help you right now: okay, okay, okay, i like that people are dumb enough to go to ms first. Oh, can i beat him, can i beat him, can i beat him, can i beat him, can i beat him? Oh man, someone.

He got him first, so i got three. I need like what is it for the drone feeling the corner diamonds right now, im im still in theirs, yeah yeah is a few yeah. I just got two: they havent even built today, its just the drone stuff theyre, going through the whole game on the table. For eye and armor, they have a bunch of iron armors. Already speaking of i should be on that you probably be sitting on the top here, theyre taking our bed right now by the way uh. How is this your two working? Oh theyre, on our bed? Oh, my gosh, oh thats, gone thats gone were hitting him through the wall. Actually thats, not even his fault were just hitting him through the wall yeah, he got two or three thats like broken thats. The road three minutes and uh now im gon na do is im just going to sit on the gen, this entire game and theres going to be farmhouse im farming right now, im going in the tunnel faster this guy than this guy. I got three theres four. I got four ready: ive got five at base and four on me right now. Someone just gave me a ton of tt. You want me to bomb their base. I have 15 tnt on me right now. How did that happen? Someone dropped me some and you know bomb their generator bomb, their generator their gen, which gen oh inside yeah, yeah yeah lets.

Do it im gon na do it? Oh someone just gave me some more tnt lets just go bomber. Here we go here. We go. I have fire too fire two knight, not two, but also oh okay, thats, not im trying to get a reason right now, im low! Oh, i could just hide in your cnc. Oh my gosh theyre, all dead, theyre, all dead, theres, an emerald sword person in here. Oh theyre done man theres only one left wheres. He at i think hes on the roof, thats dumb thats, so dumb, i didnt even leave the base. So this kid is insane like i said i dont know what to think about it. I think its just a little too op its definitely pay to win, probably like one of the first pay to win kits in the game. Besides arie, although you had a grind for aries, so you still had to kind of earn her. She does require a little bit of skills, so shes not exactly pay to win, but she still is kind of. Let me know what you think of this update in the comments below curious. What you think, im pretty sure, were going to get a nerf like a mega nerf to this kit. I think theyre just kind of letting everyone loose for a bit thats thats my opinion, pretty sure theyre going to require ems at some point soon. So keep an eye on that thanks, so much for watching be sure to like and subscribe.