After watching my initial review. Because they were looking to purchase a new enterprise drone for public safety for fire and police and all kinds of other things like that. So after they visited with me, they went back home and they actually ordered the m30t. So theyve had it for a while. Now theyve been using, it theyve been training with it, and so i just thought it would be good idea to visit with them and get their opinion on the m30t and if the investment was worth it for them, and so we have a zoom meeting scheduled for Here in just a little bit so im going to go ahead and record that meeting and you guys can listen in and if you guys have any questions after watching this about the m30t or about how theyre going to use it. Theyve been very helpful. Ive had questions for them and i can reach out to them anytime. So if you guys are looking to get something like this for your organization, you know if you work in public safety of any kind. Just let me know in the comments like if you have any questions and i can pass it on to them, or hopefully you know i can answer them or i can reach out to dji, because i think you know this is a pretty big investment and i Think you, i think its good for you guys to hear from someone that actually has purchased it.

Somebody thats using it. You know not on a daily basis, but on a regular basis. Theyve been training with it and, and i think thats going to be really valuable for you guys so anyway, heres the discussion with the stutzman county, sheriffs office and ill come back and just have a few closing remarks after the interview all right. So here i have the team from stutzman county sheriffs office and guys if you want to go ahead and introduce yourselves names. Casey young im, with stefan county sheriffs office, ive, been with this agency for a little over 11 years and ive been flying drones for, i suppose about three four years: all right: im, riley shafer. I formerly worked with sheriffs office for about a year, so i have a little bit of a law enforcement background. I took a new job here. Staying with stutzman county as the assistant, the emergency manager um been flying a drone now for a few years. So all right cool! Well, thank you for joining me today guys. I, the reason that i wanted to bring you guys on is because um, because you guys have the m30t and you purchased the m30 t after driving up here to visit with me and and take a look at it. So i know that you guys were thinking about getting uh some aerial support for your department and so what kind of prompted your department to consider purchasing the m30t over all of the other options out there when it comes to enterprise or commercial type drones.

So i guess from my standpoint, what sold me on the m30t was uh. We have a mavic 2 enterprise, yeah were a multi agency team and we always kind of had an issue when we would need it which we share with the local fire departments um. When we would need it, wed have to go to one of the fire halls and get it and thatd be a half hour process to do that, whereas the m30t not only was the price a lot better than the m300 that we were looking at its now Right here in our office, so we can, we can grab it and be on the road in five minutes, yeah and thats, one of the best things about it, its so easy to take anywhere. You can store it just about anywhere and its quick setup and theres. Just i mean its just so many things and ill you guys can get into that a little bit more later, but uh. So when you came up to to visit with me – and i gave you a little tour of the m30t, what was like the first thing that was like wow – i think this is what we need in our department. I think the big thing that stuck out to me was the thermal capability with this compared to the one we have now i mean its night and day totally different. This is way more clear, um, just the capabilities with this one compared to the one we have is actually kind of crazy to think about.

When you compare them side by side, the capabilities of the thermal camera is, i mean its just endless. What you can do with that thing so, and especially for you guys for public safety, so um, so after you flew that m30t for the first time. What was there anything that kind of surprised you about it? Like you werent expecting for me, it was the ease of getting it up in the air. I mean its no different than a mavic 2 enterprise. You take it out of the case. You turn the battery or turn it on, get it linked up and youre flying theres no putting pieces together, theres, no warm up time, theres, nothing thats, just banging off yeah thats, i think thats, the most important thing, especially for you know, like a search and rescue Thing or maybe, like a you, know, a pursuit type situation. You want to get up as soon as possible, and sometimes it takes up to three minutes to get. You know one of the larger matrices up or any of the other drones like that. So yeah time is is critical. You know for what you guys do so so how do you guys plan to use the m30t like? Where do you think itll have the biggest impact for your department? I think the biggest one is gon na be search and rescue. Um thats always kind of uh. What would utilize the drone for uh fleeing suspects? That type of thing um itll be interesting to see if we can utilize this, for maybe pursuits in town um itll be interesting to see im not sure how well it would work.

Sure, but you know messing with the tracking capability on here and being able to follow vehicles across town it. It just might work. So do you have a lot of pursuits like? Are you often chasing people or looking for people yep? It goes and swings. I mean well have a couple of months where there will be one a weekend and then itll go a couple months where theres not a single one, so its just it varies a lot. Okay, have you used this the m30t in any way to pursue anyone or for any search and rescue since youve? Had it its funny? You mentioned that so the day it arrived, we had an exercise planned that night um specifically to utilize the drone in our uh special operations team and the highway troll tracking team, okay and its funny, because it showed it was in the mail and on the way And we were trying every avenue to get it here, so we could get it ready to use. You know a couple hours from then, and it would arrive now like at the last part of the day, and we got up in the air and the ease of use. I mean we got it and within a couple hours we were taking it out to go. Fly it for this exercise we had for as a fleeing suspect, slash, search and rescue, so cool, so yeah so was the rest of your team impressed yeah.

We flew them side by side and we compared, and i mean they were impressed. They they think its its going to be a slick tool, so you say youre like a multi department, you know disciplinary group or people do you think like? How are you going to work with other departments to use this? You know you youve been working with the fire department, but um, you know. Are you going to work in conjunction with everyone and kind of share this device yeah, so its its going to basically be a as needed, um situation and if, if multiple situations arise at the same time, which i mean were were small jurisdiction, north dakota, so its Not like were screaming for 10 drones at a time, but it locks to be a priority, takes precedence and um. So fire department needs to try and find a hot spot on a grass fire or whatever or just during scene, mop up well gladly. Take it out and fly for them um, our city, fire department, has has at least one licensed guy with 107, and then our rural fire department, our largest one, has got a couple of guys that are 107 certified. So, okay and both of you guys are 107 correct, correct yeah awesome, so i think a lot of people would be interested to know how you paid for this. So you received a gift, i believe, and some grant funding for this as well correct um.

We basically just reached out to area organizations explaining them what we were doing, trying to upgrade our capabilities of what we, what we had, and not only that but to add another drone to the fleet, just so that we could have multiples. In that case, that multiple things would arise, um and and for ease of of pilot ability. You know looking at that screen for three four hours at a time. Your eyes start to bug out on you, so yeah, not more than one flying at a time or be able to do that. Helps but yeah we just reached out to local organizations and and so far uh a couple of given some very, very good donations. And we were able to purchase the m30t just off of what weve received. At this point, i think thats huge, because you know budgets are tight these days and theyre getting worse, but theres a lot of people out there that want to help organizations like yours and they want to help with public safety, and i think its just a matter Of reaching out to you know to benefactors and saying hey, look. We. We could really help our community by getting something like this. You know, do you have any grant opportunities, or you know you have people that you know maybe leave a legacy. They want to leave a legacy to their community, so uh. So you know, i think, thats a great thing that that people need to understand is dont.

You know if you dont have the funding right now, just take a little bit of ground work and get out there and find the funding because its out there, you know even a small community like like jamestown. I think you know, if you even look in the bigger communities. People are gon na, have more opportunities there, so yeah. So you mentioned uh. You know having your eyes on the screen for so long. I think thats a great segue into flight hub 2.0. That is another thing that came along with the m30t. So what do you think thats going to be useful for your team and will you use flighthub yeah? I i definitely think so. Um we have a command vehicle in our fleet for our special operations that um. We would go out with weve also got a van that were working on trying to to get outfitted with stuff. So the ability to have people in that that van that can watch a screen while were flying and either a help. Us look for things that are on the ground or b, be setting up uh flight paths for us to go to an area and search. It takes a little bit of that that back brain stuff, going on in your own head of trying to figure out where youre gon na go next right yeah. I think its gon na be a great tool yeah, and so i have my um flight hub 2.

0. Here so you guys created a mission in jamestown and uh. I think what im going to do is were not going to do it right now, but im going to just hop on here and im going to zoom into an area that im going to just highlight im just going to put a box around, and that would Be an area of interest for you guys to you know, say that we got them say we have a missing child and you know family was on vacation and they wanted to stop and see the worlds largest, buffalo and uh, and the kid went missing so im Gon na put up a uh kind of a flight area of interest and im just gon na put it right on the map here and then, if you guys wan na, maybe a little bit later go out there and fly that location and just kind of show. People you know how the flight hub works, because i think its, i think its awesome. I mean im three three hours away from you guys and and we can communicate through flight up 2.0, so so thats pretty cool, so im just going to go ahead and draw a map right now in case you guys, dont know what the worlds largest buffalo is Ill put it up on the screen here, its pretty cool, so there i put a flight uh. I just put a box oops um ipad. Sometimes there we go.

Sometimes ipads touch you, you know, depending on where you touch it. It kind of messes up with your flight flight path so but theres the area of interest, if you guys want to just share some of the footage from that, that would be great so based on the experience that youve had so far with the m30t. What would you say to any public safety team that is considering getting this drone to to help their organization like? Do you have any advice? Do you have any recommendations or anything like that? It, i think it depends on your budget. I mean, like i said we were looking for the matrice 300 and youre, looking at twice the price of what we have sitting in front of us right. The capability is 10 minutes more in flight time um with that you with the other one youre. Also looking at like reconstruction of scenes and whatnot, we dont need that. Maybe if youre a bigger agency and thats something you need you look more into that, but for search and rescue i mean your bang, for your buck is right. Here i mean this is a tool. If youre looking at getting it get it i mean, find the funding go: ask those businesses, but if youre looking at getting a drone, this is the one that you want and you need yeah. I think so too. I, like i, was immediately impressed the first time i put it up and, and – and i said this in my initial review – video on it is its uh, its definitely fun.

To fly too, i mean its just a beast, its so fast and its its this. The control with the you know, with the rc plus that controller is amazing, so uh they they dji, definitely knocked it out of the park with this drone. So so do you guys have anything else that you want to share that? Maybe the viewers should know or not that i can think of other than you know. Like riley said, with the flight time uh, you may lose a few minutes here and there, but as of right now we have four batteries with two more on the way. Okay yeah, that exercise, we flew also two with four batteries and we flew continuously for a couple hours. Yeah i mean i was just taking batteries out hot swapping. We were able to get 90 battery every time right. Yeah i mean they they charge very quickly. Yeah were looking at adding two more so its gon na be non. Stop flying right. You never youll, never run out yeah, you know so yeah thats great, i think the other the other capability would be kind of neat is if we were to add another controller and kind of leapfrog where we can transition from one controller to the next versus coming Back to your home point every time sure you have a playing suspect and hes a half mile away a mile away and youre getting more battery and youve got to fly back to your home home point youre spending just as much time going back to where he Was and if not further, if they continue, so if we were able to get another controller, youre able to leapfrog and continue on getting in front of the suspect or just for a search and rescue mission, yeah thats a good point, a neat tool that can be Used yeah well awesome.

Well, i sure appreciate the time today guys. I know you guys are pretty busy and uh. I think my viewers will be very interested in in uh in your experience with the m30t, so thank you so much youre welcome. Thank you all right! Guys you have a good weekend. You do the same thanks ross, all right, thanks once again to casey and riley for meeting with me today. I think its really interesting to get the perspective from some people that have been flying. The m30t theyve been using it on a regular basis. Theyve been training with it, and you know, i think i think the biggest takeaway from this for me anyway, and hopefully, for you guys. Anyone thats been looking at something like this, maybe youre, looking at the 300 or some other enterprise drone and then now youre gon na, like think about the m30t, just because of everything that it can do for a fraction of the price and that it was paid For through donations and grants and funding and things like that, so a lot of smaller departments like the stutzman county, sheriffs department – you know their budget is really limited, but theres a lot of generous people out there theres a lot of generous organizations that want to help Their community, so if youre on the fence at all about getting some aerial support, take a look at the m30t. I mean these guys love it. I mean they bought it.

They they came up and met with me. You know when i did my after i did. My initial review they drove up here, they looked at it, they were so impressed, they went home and they ordered it. I mean that that speaks to this drone and everything that can do, and i know ive been hyping. This drone up for the past three videos, but it really is like dji, did an amazing job with this drone and i really think its going to make a difference: uh in a lot of various departments, fire department for sure, uh, police department, search and rescue. So many ways that this drone is going to be useful, so if you guys have any questions for for casey and riley, you know people that have been using this drone regularly. You know in the field, let me know and ill pass it on to them. Just put in the comments and ill reach out to them: uh i have a good line of communication with them. Theyve been awesome, so ive been sharing a lot of stuff with them and theyve been sharing a lot of stuff with me, so ill. Try to answer it if i cant, maybe they can and if they cant ill reach out to dji. So i know its a big investment and you guys probably have a lot of questions so put them in the comments im going to read every single comment on this video im going to reply.

If you guys have a question, so i do have to send this drone back to dji now so uh maybe ill get the opportunity to use it once again in the future, but its been its been an awesome experience and uh its really opened my eyes to What enterprise drones can do like its uh, its a very interesting field for people to get into so uh? You know if you want to get into law enforcement or public safety. I think aerial support is one. You know a little area that you guys could could look at. You know if you look at changing careers. Are you looking at getting into a career with drones? I would seriously consider public safety just because the technology is getting so great and uh and so fun. So powerful so anyway, if you got any value out of this, if you learned anything, click on that thumbs up button, i do appreciate that subscribe. If you want to see more drone videos, more videos like this were getting pretty close to 200 000.