Oh silly, Music! Oh, i feel like weve, got a controversial piece today. Oh yeah, first of all, guys if youre, not a part of tml, please hit the subscribe button and the bell notification. Weve got a lot of exciting content coming up and i would not want you to miss it and, while youre there follow us on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter and im live streaming on twitch alex such as gaming. If you want to head on over there, there may be a good chance. I might be live so pop in and say hi right enough of all that its about this today and, as the title suggests, there is one big issue with this somewhat very impressive golf club which we will get to. But what youre staring at here in callaways terms is the most technologically advanced hybrid, ever Music, its not moving. Is it so usually in these videos we hit a few shots, look fat and sassy talk about tech and then review the numbers at the end, boring so heres. What were going to do were going to talk tech, as we usually do, but then were going to go and test those tech parts in mini challenges. First up were going to be testing. These super hybrids spin robustness, an easy lunch launch easy launch its got. Ta be lunch time starving; okay, so were gon na play in hole, seven par five second shot into this green. So the reason ive chosen this shot is, as we know, we need iron like characteristics.

So we need this to get up in the air launch high, which callaways saying this does, and we need that spin robustness to stop. We need that stopping power as well, because this, as we know, should be characteristically like an iron, should fly like an eye and perform like an iron. We dont want it to be going towards the fairy wood, because if we wanted that wed just get a fairy wood right, so its all carrying i put us 247 away so well see how we do try to cut one in to start very brave spin, see Thats not this is quite firm as well on this. Bearing in mind that was a nice little well very nice. We will take that. It seems pretty good to me, but we know we can trust callaway to really push those innovation barriers of golf club engineering. I mean come on. They were one of the first manufacturers to employ c 3pl if thats not pushing innovation barriers. I dont know what is Music. Yes, im still here. Would you do something so four thousand on the back a bit lower, but its still definitely high? In spin, that was a bullet that was that last one well thats at the bottom whats this gon na do lets have a break the flag there with the water. Oh try to cut one again its trying its hardest, thats gon na be short, no okay. That ones not good okay, hit the fringe thats enough for me.

If you need the elevation youre struggling, you dont want your three irons, but you want something thats going to push out your longer eye and towards a fairy wood. So an influential factor in this hybrid is this 90 gram of tungsten waiting split stuck around the perimeter. Its obviously designed for a high moi, low, cg location stable yet, but its going to get the ball as callaway say, easy lunch and with all this tech that weve already mentioned, callaway are trying to achieve a very forgiving hybrid that shoots out very stable ball flights. So again, i have another challenge: lined up five shots see how close we get to this white line could be the hardest one. Yet cant be a lime ball already its definitely not a lime. Ball ill chill out, make the green all now 273, not about the distance shut up stable enough, so 3.6 yards left weve got a beat a little other side. Thats, not gon na win anything but again thats a fairway. If you look at it like that, thats definitely a fairway practice with purpose yeah. That was an 8.1 thats, an 801. If this is cutting and its trying thats the best, i think 2.8, we have a new club s leader for the last shot right come on straight on the line zero. I was trying for a second no buckling at impact. Pretty happy with that thats a full offline, pretty good, so guys in terms of specs.

As i mentioned, i had the three 18 degree you can get the two in the 16 theres, also the 21 24 and 27 lofts, so the stock shaft callaway love. Obviously the steel fiber and that returns – i think it does a fantastic job, had no problems there at all with getting the ball in the air, obviously its all about extreme flight control, 75 gram, of course, in the hybrid shaft weve got a driver shaft, even though Weve got driver dna thatd be interesting and now its time for the exciting part. So thanks to driver dna and tech in a hybrid head profile, callaway is saying that this is their longest hybrid. Ever this club, no doubt has an unbelievably impressive tech list. So if youre stranded on r d island and the only way of surviving is eating technology just eat this youll last a hundred years honestly, so thanks to jailbreak ai velocity blades, all titanium flash face an attraction. Carbon crown theyre all designed well, callaway is saying: exceptional ball speeds, distance and again lunch starving. So what were going to do here is were 293 yards away. Theres no way thats were going to reach that id very much doubt, but were going to see 10 shots. How far we can actually hit this because it is about distance youd be lying if you said it wasnt its about super duper distance and to help us try and squeeze a little bit more out.

Weve of course, got the optifit hosel. So, im going to knock this down a degree, its going to be playing 17 degrees, first of all, its time, first number on the board Music, its a strong one. To start with so now, look were looking at direction here were just going for pure distance. Is that two eight? Oh, my goodness, two eight four to start us off. I think we could stop so were probably not going to go as far because that was a bit more towards the heel 265 reasonable. This could go a long way. Ive, just drop kicked that Music. It went 258 yards Music Music. Oh, that was a golf shot. 286. I have absolutely thats 169 ball 271 on the fly its with Music brenda and its 292 last one its having the beans its had the beans 275 on the fly. 168 ball. Give us 300 finish: dont, you dare Music, so so now its time to address the title and the one big problem with this club has got nothing to do with the performance as youve seen it passed most of the tests. I think you know what the problem is going to be, and that, of course, is the price its uh, its not cheap, with driver technology and driver dna seems to come driver prices. So, by the time this video is uploaded, i will have the u.s prices down below, but i have the aussie price of 599.

99. This is a 600 hybrid. Yes, i have no doubt there are many golfers that will benefit from this club. Whether they can justify 600 is a completely different question and thats, obviously down to your personal situation and what youre willing to spend on a golf club thats, not a driver and its not a favorite wood and its not a set of items, its a hybrid. So its a lot of money, but to box this whole thing off and give a bit of context to what club this is trying to be. This is like a special edition golf club really um. Its obviously got the epic name, its a super hybrid, like before its released later than the initial launches. Earlier in the year, it stands alone its a very unique special golf club and its gon na appeal to you know a good number of people im, sure and performance wise. It did everything it said it would its long, its forgiving its stable. It goes high guys. Thank you, as always for watching. If youre, not a part of tml, subscribe bell notification, so youre notified of future videos, weve got some absolute belters coming up. As i said earlier, follow us on social media. Facebook, instagram twitter, get yourself over on twitch, im. Sure im probably live now. If youre not come over to say hello, you just no, you know dont be nice, i might be like. I might not be just check alex its just gaming yeah thanks Music.

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