So if you guys want to learn more about it, be sure to check out the link down below in the description and without further ado lets, go ahead and get started all right. So, for starters, were gon na go ahead and get checked in followed by a brief class. This class gives us a quick guideline terms of how to go ahead and drive as well as learn about the rules behind driving. All right so were going to go ahead and start this off uh were going to be doing the ride along first, its its gon na give us a better taste of the lap um. I think thats actually a good idea, especially if youre trying to learn more about the track that youre racing and, if youve never been on it, so were gon na go ahead and try this thing out and see what this is about: Music, all right, Music, Music. So, overall, it was a great way to go ahead and educate ourselves of exactly how the track works, kind of gives, an idea how it plays out. I would highly recommend it, especially for the extra buck gives you a different aspect of how to go ahead and drive on it, especially if its your first time now, my oldest brother, has the gt3 rs and then my other brother has the lamborghini evo. You can actually see their channels down below lets, go ahead and jump into our ferrari and try this out deal here at north track of audubon with extreme experience.

We are in the beautiful red cherry red, lamborghini, huracan evolution edition, all right, rahel and connor here in the gt3rs Music right, lift good driving, love it great easy, easy there you go open that wheel, get your eyes up, find that next kona deal. Oh my god! This is so fun good, lift, wait for the cone, tighter good, more power, Music, get ready, slow hands, get it in off the brakes, turn us on in good. Then we get on the power early perfect, oh man! That was actually a lot of fun. I was surprised on how smooth this car is definitely compared to the lambo, a lot more comfortable, a lot more relaxed uh, and you can tell that this thing handles turns just like no other its incredible the amount of technology behind it. You can tell that they really did refine it quite well its a ferrari. What more can you say? You know all right overall, that was an exciting experience, so lets go ahead and try out the mclaren axe and see how this bad boy handles the most important thing about this car. Is it drives like a go? Kart, Music? Okay? Here we go okay, roll on it, Music, okay, nice mechanical! Yes, i love that yeah once it gets going, it gets Music yeah! Thank you. How was that conflict? Oh thats, a lot of fun yeah, i think its a different car, though yeah it was definitely more uh more raw at the back im right from the rari or the mclaren, which one you take hands out: im a drivers, phone thats, a thats, a drivers, car The ferrari is just way too smooth, so as youve already seen that cool looking drone footage was actually shot by this gentleman right over here this year is dan zee.

Thank you again for that footage. That was absolutely amazing. Tell us a little bit about your drones. These things are pretty wicked, as you can tell, these are 3d printed and uh. I see that theres a gopro attached to it yeah, so most of the filming i was doing today was um with this seven inch, drone thats kind of set up for going really really fast and chasing these cars that are going super fast um. You know – and this is all self built right here – you know i i uh carbon fiber frame 3d printed parts that i design and print myself, and you also have a smaller one too right is that uh yeah, so um, you know different drones for different purposes. This is something that i would also use for: uh chasing cars and stuff, but this guy, with the bigger props uh, does a little better, with keeping up at higher speeds. Awesome um, you know this guy is, is really great for really quick, agile kind of maneuvers. How long have you been doing uh drone flying? I started out with a mavic, probably in like 2016, and then i saw a mr steele video on youtube in like 2018, and i basically never touched the mavic again afterwards, so yeah since since 2018. So that puts me at about three years now: wow, absolutely amazing. All right so were about to get a demo of how he actually flies these so uh lets go ahead and see what it can do.

Okay, you ready all right. Oh, my god, Applause Music – that is absolutely incredible. Music. That thing is so stable huh. I try to keep it stable. I mean theres, no theres, no uh, automated control or anything like that. You know, like the mavic, you can put this: the mavic up in the sky, take your hands off the controls and itll just hover in place yeah and its not like. When you went up you kind of let go of the throttle yeah. That is crazy. Thank you once again and if you guys want to go and check out his link down below, if you guys want to contact them, you do that as well and yeah. Thank you all right. Well, there you guys have it overall, a great experience now with that said, if you guys had any questions, feel free to comment down below. Otherwise, thank you for watching. Well, see you guys next time take care now.