Let me bring it close and tell you all about it check out that design carbon fiber a little bit different than what you normally see, because the arms here have an extra piece going this way in carbon fiber for support. It is very small in size, its a 3.5 inch prop design thats why they call it the beta, fpv35 or 35.. The motors on here are 3 800 kv its not large in size. Look at uh heres one hand if i plop it in my hand its a good size. Now it probably looks a little bit different to you, because i have this naked gopro up front thats a iflight gocam and i have a 700 milliamp hour. Lipo four cell lipo battery on the back, so you see a lot of weight on the top but believe it or not, but this entire configuration right here. The way i have it is about 250 grams. So if you fly this without a naked gopro or put a smaller battery on like a 650 youre away under 250 grams, now, the sun might pop its head out and give us a little bit of light for this review. But im not too concerned because the camera system on here is all digital and it is the cad x, polar system, polar vista, so its got the starlight camera which is designed to fly in low light or at night. So when its dull like this, it should be fine, the flight controller insides, an f4, and the one thing i like about this is when i show you, the unboxing which you get in the box is that they give you two different types of props.

A lot of times, manufacturers of fpv drones, will give you one set of props and then a spare set, but theyre identical for some reason. I dont know why beta fpv decided to give you gem fan props and hq props theyre, both very different. So you get four gem fan props and four hq props. I put the gem fan props on because they look like they have a little bit more of aggressive. You know pulling the air, and this does seem like its a ripper and when i say ripper means. I think this is probably going to move pretty quick for the size and the weight and the power so im expecting it to move fast. And for that reason i put props on that, i think, will just grab a lot of air, just pull it through the air fast now for flight time on this drone. If you read the specs, it says: if you put something like a 750 battery on it, no naked gopro, no camera nothing, but a 750 lipo four cell battery. You can get up to 13 minutes of flight time. However, if you want to do freestyle youre going to youre going to reduce that to about four minutes now for my flight today, ive got a 700 milliamp hour uh for cell lipo battery, and i have this naked gopro up front. This gopro requires power. So this battery has to power this camera, as well as all the motors on here so ill, be lucky.

If i get even three minutes of flight time, but were gon na check it out now, because the x 935 is digital, i have to use the dji fpv goggles to fly it, which is awesome for me, because i love a digital signal. Coming back, it looks like watching hd tv now when you order this drone, you will be asked what receiver you want to place in it and you always match the receiver to the radio you own. So if you have the brand new express lrs transmitter on your radio, then get that one because thats going to give you a super long range or you can get crossfire. If you want – or you could do like me, i was lazy and i just said: send it to me: pnp, which means plug and play that means im. Just gon na take the little vista polar system and use the receiver built into that and connect it to my dji fpv radio. So if you already own this, you can just order pnp plug and play all right. So lets go fly it here. We go all right: everythings set to go im going to put the drone here and lets just make sure she arms so lets. Try the arm switch. Yep motor spin up were all set to fly here. We go so im gon na record two sets of video im gon na record the video from the pilots camera inside the fpv goggles at low resolution, but it is digital, so youll see what the cadx polar looks like and as well.

The uh naked gopro im gon na show you the footage from that which should look pretty good all right. So i have an image. I see it facing the football field and im going to put in acro mode. There we go and i am going to arm it. I hear the motors going. I hear the recording going on so here we go straight up like i said i think its gon na be a ripper, so im just gon na yeah, its a ripper look at the speed i have already and its windy out here. Look at this thing go. I have speed to move around. This is pretty good, so a little drone like this, it probably suck a lot of battery power in no time. Look at this im way out here. Theres the bus station over there coming back to me ill bring it back over to me there. I am down here, oh that would hurt if i hit myself in the head, but uh yeah, so its a dull day, and here we have our nice little ripper. Drone lets just try a little bit of freestyle nice, slow, spins, nice, im, gon na come around the corner here. Take it up, spin, it nice and slow seems good, not getting too much prop wash. I dont notice much there with these props. I think i put the right props on everything seems good lets. Bring it down low come through here, come on back whip.

It back to me range is good a little bit of wind im on an angle here. The winds pushing me sideways, but everything seems a okay go down here. Go through these trees. Miss that one come around back over to me. There we go well, it flies really nice im not going to lie to you guys. It flies really well for the size. These are so much fun these drones, i love the size of these things. Blast to fly. Lets go this way. Try not to crash into everything, yeah, really really good. I have no complaints whatsoever uh, it is. It seems like its well tuned for what im doing you know a lot of times when i stick a big battery and a camera on a drone theyre not tuned for that. But this one seems to be tuned for exactly what i stuck on it and the props i just put on it. It seems to be pretty good, no issues there, all right, let me bring it back and try to slow it down and bring it over. I know i have a gopro in the back of my jeep right here, pointing about this way so ill, bring it slow and hopefully well get some footage coming up to the gopro here just going over it there we go later that day the sun came out. So i took the x 935 to the beach and flew it around. I do have the iflight gocam set on vivid, so the colors look a little oversaturated just ignore that one cool thing.

When i went to take this for a flight, i asked many people on the beach if it was fine. If i flew a drone, you know the buzzing sort of disturbs the silence. The strange thing is that nobody even noticed that i was flying a drone. I asked people afterwards if they heard the noise theyre like no. We didnt hear anything which is kind of odd, because i could hear it im not saying its a quiet drone, but i guess its not as loud as i thought it was now. In my opinion, the two best qualities about the x 935 are that its a very smooth flying drone, as you can see here second thing, is: it has an awful lot of power, its one of those drones that if you want to use it for racing, it Would do quite well if you want to use it for freestyle, no problem, because the punch out power on here is really decent. Youll, never find yourself getting into trouble where you have to give it throttle to avoid something. So then, who is the x knight 35 for well? I would say its pretty much for any fpv drone flyer. Is it for beginners? Is it for pros? Well, certainly for pros, because of the punch out power you can have it do anything youre not going to get into any sort of problems for beginners. You can tame it. If you use a 3s battery, it is small enough that its easy to handle and finally ill do a quick punch out coming at me.

Yep shes up in the air, no problem yeah. So this is a freestyle, drone or race drone. Whatever you want to do with it all right lets, bring it back to me and land it facing me. Oh look at the dirt come up. Im gon na have to clean the lenses off this baby. All right break it down. Here there we are theres my feet, yeah my lens on the drone and the camera lens up here, just full of crap from that landing. So next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box check this out? Heres the box? The x935 comes in, it is a nice looking drone. It is built out of carbon fiber and 3d printed parts. If you buy extra batteries, make sure to get them with an xt30 connector total weight of the drone is 144 grams. If you add a 650 milliamp hour, light bulb battery, it bounces it up to 212 grams. Two sets of props are included. I have the gem van props on the drone, and the hq props are here seen and as well. You get this usb connector and some spare screws and bolts, as well as a gopro mount and finally, a beta fpv card with qr codes that will take you to their website and tell you everything about the product and now the sun pops out again. Alright final thoughts on this here, little guy, you know the x935 theres a lot of drones on the market that are under 250 grams, and this is one of them.

A lot of companies are moving that way because i think thats what everybody wants to fly an under 250 gram drone. I know for myself personally, i do like them, because, with a naked gopro im, getting almost the same image that i would get with a five inch or six inch drone with a full size, gopro – and i can fly it with in canada here without any uh. I dont even need a license like a pilot certificate or anything because our rules in canada are if your drone is under 250. You just go fly now. Ive taken this for a flight on multiple batteries. Three different flights and ive shown you some of the video here and, in my opinion, it seems to work well wherever you point the nose thats, where it goes its its a zippy little guy, a little zippy guy to have a lot of fun blasting around thats. Under 250 grams, so i think, with the digital system, those of you who are into the digital fpv hobby, then youre gon na love, this its definitely a good, buy thats for sure – and i like the fact they do, give you two different types of props: the Only problem with that is they dont give you any spares. So if i toast these props or toast one of them, i have to put one of the other brands on in conjunction with this brand itll still fly, but its just gon na fly not exactly the same anyways.

All at all, im gon na put links below go check it out its on the beta fpv website. I believe so check that out see what it costs. I dont know what it costs right now, because i think i think its only in the digital format. I dont think they have an analog version, yet maybe you can buy the frame and build it in analog im, not really sure, but either case go check it out see if this is the little guy for you if youre in the fpv hobby – and you have A digital system i was looking for my goggles, but theyre far away uh, then yeah. You would love this all right, guys! Hope you enjoyed this video if you have questions on this drone, just post them below and ill get back to you.