Well, in this episode, we are going to take a look at the really cool brightly colored, pretty impressive duck system. Viron 30 cr ill, explain everything here we go now. Im really excited to fly this drone because ive only flown it in my house, and it did really well and it wasnt that noisy, which is amazing. So let me tell you a little bit about it, especially if youre going to order it. It comes in a lot of different configurations, so first off mine is entirely analog. Analog means i have to use my fat sharks or any whatever goggles you buy on the market that are cheap for, like 50 bucks. All the way up to like 500 bucks will work with this, because its analog, also the receiver they put in mine, is an fr sky, xm plus. So i am going to use a radio master tx16s to bind with it, which ive already done. Also, you can get this in a 6s or 4s version. I have the 6s, which means i have to use 6s batteries on it. I did try flying it in my house to keep it docile with a 4s battery, and let me tell you if you put a 4s battery on here, you are cranking the throttle im going to show you out here. Youre cranking the throttle almost maxed to get it off the ground. So if youre a beginner, get a 4s battery and learn to fly it on a 4s because it wont get out of control on you, so thats pretty decent since minus analog.

This antenna in the back shoots out at 350 milliwatts thats about, i always say this in my videos, thats about three football fields in length since this flies low to the ground. If you wanted to or high up in the air its up to you, i can do both because thats the type of design it is. It is a cine whoop, um thats, a good range. The only thing you have to worry about in analog is you cant. Go super far, whereas theyre trying to point some place super far because you will eventually run out of range. If you get the digital version, you have a much longer range. If you fly it at night, with this bright, yellow color, there are led lights in the back and they do pulsate and change with your throttle control. I was flying around the house. It looked pretty cool my camera up front, as ive already mentioned analog, so its a cadx hotel, one of the most popular cadets retail 2. I think one of the most popular cameras on the market, its in so many drones and many times when i show you the video from this camera. It all looks the same matter of fact just ill mention it now, because so many people always ask when i fly this drone, i have a gopro hero 8 on it im going to show you the video from the gopro hero8 and the camera up front, and In order to show you the video from the camera up front, i record it in my fat shark goggles.

So what you see is what i see, but you have to remember. If youre a newbie fat sharks are not designed to record cinematic video, they only record a low quality video so that, if you crash or lose your drone, you just replay it in your goggles and you can see where you crashed or lost your drone. So thats the video ill be showing you when im showing you the pilots camera. So in your mind, just keep in mind that what you see when i show you, the pilots, camera in your eyes and in your brain, actually looks. Oh, maybe about 10 times as good as what youre seeing on the screen battery connector in the back is an xt60. So when you use batteries make sure you have an xt60 connector, i have 6s batteries. So im going to fly it with uh ive got all types: ive got an 850 750 and 1000 milliamp hour battery and i think those would be good weights because ive already got the weight of the gopro. It seems quite powerful, especially with the five bladed props. So it should handle those well its got an f7 flight controller in it too. So that means its going to stay super stable. It is kind of windy out here. I dont know if you can see the trees moving uh, but they should be fine in the wind because its its quite large, since i have the 6s version.

My motors are 1800 kv. Now talking about the motors and the ducks – which i think is the coolest thing and the selling feature on this drone uh, let me just say this: hdl rc super super smart company, because i love this all right. Let me explain this quick see these little bumpers on the drone those are designed for flying indoors, so you dont mark up your wall. If you crash into walls in your house or in some big building thats, what is the design of any drone that comes with? Like foam bumpers, so what they did is they said. Well, you know flying outdoors, you probably dont need the bumpers so watch this. You can pull those bumpers right out like that and look at theres, no more bumper, so im going to fly it without the bumpers, because i dont need them out here. You still have the protection on the motors as you see right here, because if you hit anything it just bounces off, but you dont need the piece of foam. This foam weighs next to nothing, so it doesnt make too much of a difference in weight. What it does make a difference of is in the amount of air thats going to fly through your motors and down and out you see on the sides here they can push out this way as well. So i think it might improve if youre going to use this for freestyle a little bit.

I think it might improve that so ill be yanking all of these off. So here we go first thing: im going to do is fly this right here around the area. The winds blowing, so it should bounce around a little bit and im going to put my hat cam on with a gopro on it. So you can see the drone as im flying it just around me here and then ill. Take it out for real flight with the goggles on so here we go all right. Lets get this set up, really quick push all the switches forward power on the radio, its going to make a sound its probably going to complain to me and see i forgot. I forgot to do something: hey it didnt say: switch warding there we go its a okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so next were gon na. Take the battery im gon na put a little 750 on it and just stick it on the front. Here now were on that it is ready to fly all right im going to put an angle mode lets see there we go and im going to arm it. Now i want to warn you. The wind appears to be blowing this way. So that means, if i or is it blowing behind me its blowing right now as i take it up, youre going to see the drone tilt to adjust for the wind, our motors here we go whoa there we go see what i mean its fighting the wind.

Well, im fighting the wind with it. There we go so you can see in the wind its got a few issues, not bad there. Ive got it stable now and uh lets go fly it all right for this flight. I have a 1 000 milliamp hour, lipo battery on the back 6s. This is the largest they recommend for this drone due to weight with a gopro and everything else. So this is a lot of weight on the drone and were gon na see how it can handle it in the wind. Here we go okay, its early morning at my field. No one is around. There is a football game over there. I have a spotter over there, so uh this should be pretty decent. Here we go check out my screen right now. You can see the sun is shining down and is heating up my drone and its telling me on my screen that the core is at 71 degrees celsius, so lets put an acro mode there we go lets arm it Music. I think shes armed its going to cool off now as we fly and theres bugs around my drone, theres always bugs around all right. Here we go 6s battery and were flying and the core cooling thing has gone away there. We are lets fly this. This way. Try not to crash into stuff. It is designed to fly low to the ground because it is a sceni whoop. So its like, i say you can fly low and slow or high and fast.

If you want, is that a bird? Oh, it is a bird all right, let that bird go that way. So let me see im flying low down here. Reception back to my goggles is a okay outstanding uh, not getting any breakups or anything like that, which is what you want to see on a drone like this, especially if its analog. So this is the cool thing about just staying low to the ground. You try not to crash into the ground, but you stay low fly around. It should give you some pretty cool video lets. Go this way a little bit farther out and come back. This way looks pretty good. Lets. Try a little bit of freestyle here so ill. Go up and just spin it no problem, especially with those little duct items removed off the fans, its pretty darn decent yeah. You can do a lot of cool stuff lets see. Once again, i have a 1000 milliamp hour, lipo battery, so its the heaviest possible that youd want to stick on here. You could put a 1300 milliamp hour. I do have one of those it doesnt recommend putting one of those on, but i guess i could try it just to see if it uh it works. I think it will just fly slower because itll be so much heavier. Yeah lets come over to the woods. The trees here, usually when i fly through the tree, oh whats, with all the nets.

If i fly back here, im going to have all these trees block the reception, no, it seems to be still working. Oh there we go there. We go losing losing some interference. Interference, interference, interference, pretty good, pretty good, still going still going, not bad, so the 350 milliwatts is actually perfect for this drone to fly it around, not an issue its powerful enough uh. It keeps us going quite a distance in here. If i go this way im going to give it some gas fly way down to the end of the field ill see if it makes it all the way down to the water going this way. This way this way, so this is a fair distance. This would be several football fields and there we go no issues on the reception. Look at that clean as day and bringing it all the way back to me excellent range on this drone. You know when they came out with the first viron uh by hdlrc. I was pretty impressed with it and did a review on it, and it kind of blew me away this one here is pretty decent as well uh. You know theyre using the same lineage, so same idea, everythings just a little bit more upgraded. So its pretty cool lets go into that tree yeah. So you can see my shadow im just inches above the ground thats, what you do with a scene whoop, and you get these really cool type images like this going in and out of stuff and around things lets go.

This way lets try to miss this. Go over here go under this yeah see, whoops are a blast like can i go under this yet there we go no problem there. So, if youre new to the fpv hobby and your first drone you want to buy is something thats controllable, it wont get away from you get yourself a cine whoop toss, get it get. The 6s version toss a 4s battery on it or get the 4s version toss a 3s battery on it get the analog version. It wont cost you that much get yourself. Some cheap goggles off of banggood or someplace else get yourself an inexpensive radio like i have and youre and youre gon na need a battery charger and batteries get all those off amazon whatever and uh youre all set to go and im gon na ram it into The ground right over here and lets put it down next thing. If you buy this drone, youre, probably wondering what do i get in the box when i buy it. So let me show you that now check this out. Welcome to another super quick captain drone unboxing! This is the box. The drone comes in when you open the box. Youll find your drone and it is a very nice looking drone made of carbon fiber and molded plastic. It is put together very well and perfect for beginners, as well as pros total weight of the drone without a battery or camera is 245 grams.

Other items included in the box would be a spare set of gem fan. Five bladed props, as well as two battery straps and a gopro mount. Finally, you have spare screws as well as prop direction card and a diagram of your f7 flight controller and lets not forget those hdrc stickers. Alright final thoughts on this drone, i love the fact that the ducks on here i love the plastic. It seems quite solid, like it could really take a crash unless you crashed into concrete or something woohoo that wind is picking up. I love the fact on the ducks. You have these little foam pieces that just snap in that is such a cool idea, im sure on other drones. If you wanted to, you, could just yank off the foam, but i like that its so quick in the field. Just put them on or take them off and fly around. I do believe that having them off, you see how air can get in the sides and come out the sides. I do believe it increases the freestyle ability and the speed a little bit. Its still performed, like a scene whoop, you saw how it was flying low to the ground, no issues very stable with the wind and everything else. Youd almost think there was no wind the way this thing flew its really really good. As a reminder, i did fly it with a 1 000 milliamp hour lipo battery for the 6s when you look on their website.

That is what they recommend as the maximum. Its probably like, i said because of the weight of everything everythings blowing off my jeep with the wind here, the camera on here and the video transmitter is a okay, its top notch. You saw when i was flying under trees and way out there. Yeah reception was good. It was exactly as i expected for analog, so all in all to me, a guy that flies so many drones. I will say this is the best analog cine whoop that i currently own the best analog cine whoop yep. I really like the frame the way its designed very light. This drone is actually without the gopro or battery just sitting by itself is under 250 grams. You already saw that in the unboxing. I think i probably already showed you that, but its under 250 grams. The problem, obviously is: if you want to fly it, you got to put a battery on it, its over 250 grams. Now, if they made a version that was under 250 grams with a battery on it – and it was just as amazing as this that would be pretty darn sweet. So this drones, going in my collection of drones and its one im, not gon na, sell or give away, because i really like it so its staying with me uh, and that just tells you how much this drone might be good for you. If you get the analog version or the even better digital version, so with that said, links are below go check it out its on the hglrc website.

I do not know if its on other websites like banggood or whatever, if it is therell, be a discount code. Ill have to ask banggood so ill be doing that tonight. Uh, but anyways check this out, see if its for you, if you have questions on this drone, just post them below, and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch. You in a future review with many more rc products.