Traveler 24 kilo spin rod its a beautiful looking setup if youre not into the manual winding or youre casting long distances. Id recommend going for something like this: the darwin tanacon 1000, its built with 1000 meters or 60 pounds spectra with a lithium power pack on the tekken trevor 24 kilo boat rod, two beautiful looking drain, setups ive been using this reel for a few months now, and I have to say its pretty damn good. The drag is so smooth the windings smooth and the casting is effortless its almost the ultimate drone fishing reel highly recommend it. It is a based ultimate setup. This is the hook section. You can get two six hook sections and this end here you clip on either end of your to your swivel and then the other end to your drone clip and your sinker made with 150 pound mono and aluminium crimps. You get two six hook, sections on one spool, these come in a drone fishing package or you can buy them from porch fishing systems as well. Perfect drone fishing setup ready to go into my hook section and im going to click onto my drone. My drone clip when youre doing it its a small loop. It goes in the clip its local to the drone, just like that and thats onto the hookset and ill demonstrate what it is like to clip the clip onto your swivel here, ive taken the drone clip off and ive replaced it with the swivel ive just clipped.

The swivel on, and then he runs back to my main line, just as easy as it, and you clip your hooks between the aluminium coats, the stoppers and youre fishing. Another good item, when drone fishing is the target sniper hooks. These hooks work very well. They have their wire appendage at the back of them that stops small fish from gut hooking themselves, and you increase your catch rate and large snapper. Here ive got the six barrow and you can also get them in five barrel and four barrel sizes. You can get them pre tied or you can get them half time. You tie your own online clips on them. These hooks are exclusively available from pulse fishing systems. Now coming to the drones when drone fishing on the left. Here i have the condor 500 and on the right, the condor 1000 difference in these drones is the 500 goes up to 500 meters, maximum distance and the 1000 meter goes out to a thousand meters heres. The newton three release system. So all it is, is two ball bearings when youre plugging your drone clip in here that i have just slots in between the gap and click, it youve got your line attached to the other end and when youre flying out – and you want to drop your baits Wherever you want, you just apply tension and that pulls it out of the release. Clip like that as easy, as that really safe release system really easy as well.

Its not too technical same on the 500 meter version same release really good drone heres the battery the remote on the 500 is a little bit different to the 100 000 meter, a little bit better on a thousand meter on the older model to turn it remote. On theres, a little button on the back press once and then hold and on a thousand meter, just gon na flick that little switch there all right. It goes on as easy as that. From my experience, the condor 1000 is slightly more powerful as it needs to reach greater distances compared to the older version. The 500. all right were flipping in just into the newton 3 release.