The changes really impressive to have the car right here and lets take a look at that massive front grille that has been updated. This is now the base a8 so to speak, and you have this elf form these fins in the front grille. Overall, they want to have the car standing more upright, more present, but not that sporty. Actually, they said yeah. Maybe it was a little bit too sporty. Whats your take on that, and you can also see that the lamps they now have the daytime running light in the top part here, and they also have this new cut in. However, if you want it sportier, looking again, you can also go for the s line. This one then has a different front: grille has a more wider stance, also a black frame around, and you can top it up, even with some black audi rings and black mirror caps. If you go for this dark package here, what we have here, however, is rather the more elegant design that again stretches the you know the upright side of the vehicle, also with new accentuations right here, the headlamp technology. By the way it starts with led as base then optional, matrix, led in some markets like germany, its already standard with the matrix, led and then option optional, the matrix led with a digital matrix function. There are some micro mirrors, and then you also can have projections on the road like a light field on the motorway that signals your line, but it doesnt have to do anything with the high beam range or something, and we also have a nighttime driving part in Our review here today – and we also take this one here to the spectacular atlantic ocean road and no, i never wanted to be a weather reporter and yes, james bond was also recently here, and the lighting features are really super spectacular thats.

Why i took some night shots for you, for example, with the turning indicators, both in the front and in the rear, and also a very interesting welcoming or goodbye light show you get that one with the matrix led special form, then, and even more so, if you Have projections, then, when opening or closing the vehicle, depending on, if its a wall or maybe its on the ground, and you can even pick different schemes for that? One of my favorite features are these small audi rings in here, and even more so better visible at night that theyre really also illuminated the a8 features a standard air suspension, also some special features. For example like this, you see that the car is pumped up. They can easier have an access into it without crouching down yeah its a comfort function, and when i close the door, you can see that the car automatically races down again that the car races down again lets see there we go, you can see slowly. Here we go, then that takes some time, but when i open the door again, that goes quite quickly. See here really spectacular. Indeed, quite cool feature isnt it. This is by the way, also used in case of a crash in case of a side impact. Then the car is also detecting the oncoming crash and is going up to protect inside um. You know that you face a harder area of the chassis and yeah.

The question is, what about you know the one that is crashing into you not so sure, if its so good for that one, the color here for today by the way, is called manhattan, gray and its a very elegant metallic color. We also have in that s line vehicle, the daytona gray, matte, even more spectacular, of course, because of that matte effect. This matte daytona gray is also a completely new color for the vehicle. Here we have 20 inch wheels today of all 18 to maximum of 21 inch wheels for summer tires. We have winter tires here today, thats, why 20 inch is the maximum and next to the base air suspension. You can also opt for this predictive air suspension. That is then for seeing whats coming on the road lifting the car up, five centimeters or two inches in front of a speed bump and then, basically, the speed bump is being sucked in by suspension the car stays upright. You stay upright just the suspension moves underneath you really cool effect in the rear. You also can get a rear axle, steering it would be standard for the s8. That means that the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction than the front wheels faking a shorter wheelbase. So to speak and talking about wheelbase, this is the a8l worldwide, the most solid model so yeah, you know more than three quarters of all a8 are sold with long wheelbase. That means for 5 meters, 30 or 209 inches the shortly based version, which is the bestseller in germany, for example, is that a little bit shorter? Its really? You know this area that you have a little bit more legroom in the rear, but in the us, for example, in canada, also in china, just the long wheelbase versions are being sold in the rear.

We have new oleds organic, led no theyre, not alive, but well, are they alive a little bit right here? So you see this proximity sensor. So when i go away and then i approach again or maybe if i would be a vehicle like this – you see here how the middle part is filled out and this kind of starts this communication, the car with the outside world um. You know on the long run, this will be a thing in the automotive industry, that, via lighting and so on, cars communicate with each other or maybe communicate with pedestrians and so on very interesting feature indeed, and also this – you know this signature on the inside, depending On which driving mode you are in it also switches, for example, in the dynamic mode it looks different and the organic leds are indeed also standard. So you do not need the matrix led to have that one really interesting and once again in the dark. It looks even cooler also with the turning indicators, for example, and also once again when you have that light, show even more impressive when its really really dark. But very cool here in the rear, a8l and then this the 60 tfsi. This naming is always a little bit complicated. Soon talking more about the engines and the quad core overdrive means its still here, the real one, the permanent overdrive 40 60 base setup. So you always have a rear wheel bias in the lower part.

Gladly the autograph exhaust police has no job here today, no alert because this is a nice graphic here. It looks once again a little bit different in that s line vehicle. We have for you today, but no fake exhaust. The rear axles are on the lower part of the vehicle, but this way you know why not? What do you think about the redesigning of the a8? Tell me in the comments and now lets move on to the engines as for engines. Today we have the four liter v8 and when you drive it in a very economic way, you would score some 10 liters or more kilometers. 23 emig, us 28 mbg uk. This one here with 460 horsepower and around four and a half seconds in the acceleration figure in the s8. This same engine is then spec with 571 horsepower and 3.8 seconds in the acceleration other than that. The worldwide most important engine is the three liter v6 turbo petrol engine and then theres also a 3d tdi, which is more you know prominent in europe and especially in germany. Of course, it is changing bit by bit because the flag and hybrid version of the three v6 petrol engine is gaining more importance. This is the car key, still the classic version. I really like it and then, when i open the door you see, has this function again with raising it up. I showed you earlier its pretty cool feature right and then you have two different.

You know door closing things. I need to show you first of all what about dog closing sound its really solid awesome, but in that way here, when you have that option, of course you would use the soft close mechanism so like this and then very gently ah magic one more time, a Little bit closer, maybe here its both for the rear and the front doors here. Look at that there we go then the interior itself. You can see here nice alcantara inserts, they are also new, and then you have here a matte wood insert. I would definitely pick this one here. It feels really nicely and looks also very warm and cozy for small bottles theres some space here in the inside of the doors and then that steering wheel here with these gaps right there and they explicitly sticked here with the turning wheels on the steering wheel. Also for the volume they watched, autography read our comments and they saw you do not like hashtag capacitive bs, so no capacitive buttons here for that a8 facelift. They really intentionally stick with that and i think thats a great decision. Then the digital instruments – audi virtual cockpit. Here, with the map mounted at the moment, soon also also more deals to that, and then the seats, the different seats available. These are the you know, the most comfortable ones, actually from the seat form. They are sportier ones which have also more bolt string at the side and yeah.

You see also with the perforation, sadly, animal skin only they did not bring any animal skin alternative here. In that facelift, thats really a let off and yeah, i mean bmw showed with the five series. Facebook, for example, that you can have a great high grade. Leather red also for luxury class cars and audi is going in the direction its inevitable that they also skip the animal skin, thats basically decided in all the automotive industry, but here in this segment they are actually late to the party. Indeed, however, the seat forms really comfortable super relaxing and here also a lot of headroom left with one minute, 86 or 601, its also very beautifully done with the bright alcantara ceiling. This brings so much coziness in the vehicle and since its a little bit dark today, here well winter in norway, thats, how it is you guys know it um. All our friends from scandinavia here was, with nice headliner ambient lighting really love that, of course, i have set it to thomas blue different colors are available. When you look at the whole ambient lighting at night, it is even more impressive thats why i always try to bring as many night shots as possible. You know when we have the chance to do that. You can also get the sporty steering here by the way in the s line than with some perforations at the side and also in the s line here with carbon fiber inserts also available.

These are the spoiler seats as stamping, and also with some more sideball string. Shoulder area, and also at the side interior overview, beautiful, clean lines, more bauhaus style, german style. Here with this, you know matte aluminum style, a lot of black panel like thats, not so much to my liking, actually interesting that these two screens 10.1 and 8.6 inch they play together somewhat. For example, when you are in the gps mode and then you have the gps search, then you have the the key, the keypad here in the lower area, the keyboard and when youre in the normal home menu, then theres a temperature control either here with sliding or Then, with pressing and for a touch screen temperature solution, its the best one that is available, i still prefer manual knobs, for example, the volume knob is still a manual or for the passenger. But for this you know this solution, its fairly easy, how you can also control the pen, strength, for example, and when you, by the way, use two zone ac and its changed here. You have this. You know secret finger gesture like this youve seen that here. So this is a different temperature and then i kind of like swipe it in like this. Then the temperature is synced again. On the other side, then automatic shifting like this easy solution here, the adaptive cup holders good quality, extreme great, build quality everywhere. You can see this is done here.

You know for the armrest, you can also put it. You know up like this or if you want to have it fixed, then you have to hit this. You know this button on the back side and then you can slide it up like this and its high its also fixed, and then you can also open it and then theres inductive charging pad. But you have to put it like here and also the cable connection. Two times usb c now – and indeed these are my favorite virtual instruments, because you can change the view to more classic one. Have the map a little bit bigger like this, and you can also change the middle con. Sadly, its not be it possible to have the car play um, you know map or something in the middle part there, and this is also the night view. I also show you more of that in our nighttime driving part and the head up display is really clear: to read always a great option, also with some gps directions. Then here in the infotainment system is really interesting. You have the drive, select there. For example, you can see that also when you are in a dynamic mode, the air suspension lowers and also at a certain speed. It goes down, for example, and in the auto mode it really adjusts, depending on the driving situation. The overview menu here is actually quite simple and easy. I really like this version of the infotainment system and the gps map.

Here. You can also have the satellite view. You can also deactivate it if you think its a better overview, beautiful norway here, you know close to the coastal line as well here. Well, what is not coastline in norway and then here, apple, coupler or android. Auto integration looks like this and we also have the optional sound system in here. Its bang and olufsen, and its really great sound here. Wow great surround sound, and there are interesting settings here. Lets take a look at that. So when we go to settings and then sound and here the bno sound settings – and in this case i rather tend to you – know – lower the bass – maybe a little bit here – its actually cool to put bass and subwoofer a little bit higher because at the same Time you can have the surround level to maximum and 3d sound too high and then its really like a great surround sound all around, but it sounds less bass heavy then so i found the best setting is really put 3d sound and surrounding all the way up And then also increase a little bit the bass and the subwoofer, and overall this then you know really like club atmosphere. Welcome to this rear executive seating really cool position to have here, and since this is the a8l, what would be the standard one for our guys in the us and so on? If you have more legroom in the rear? Of course, you know a bunch of legroom: there are these nice footrests here um they can just have a more relaxing position for your feet.

They are indeed just you know like loosely adjustable like this, but you can also just put them out no problem, and here you also can have this function, that you um, you know press this button, but you have to press and hold it, and then you see Here my seat goes a little bit forward, also more in the back with the backrest, and then the co driver seat goes forward these um screens here, oh that got a little bit of rain. These screens here are by the way, also new, so new screens for the rear, entertainment, um, yeah, and then you can see here. Meanwhile, the seat is going all the way forward like this. Also, the screen is adjusting them that they have a proper angle, and then there is this calf rest and yeah. Recently i had my. I had an interesting comment: um someone saying, like oh thomas im, really happy that you take off your shoes before putting your feet on there, unlike some other car journalists who were raised by wild boars not saying who it was, it was mentioned in the comment, but Maybe you guys know who put that comment really interesting, so um yeah, thats, really cool and actually um. You have a lot of space and even here with one which 86 or six foot one, i can have a very relaxing position here and last time i remember. I was in the s class which, on the one hand, feels a little bit more comfortable from the seats themselves, but here the s this this you know this lying position is to me even better in the a8.

Indeed, thats, very interesting and even more interesting is that this area, where my feet are at at the moment, um that it can be heated and theres also a massage function for it. This is really interesting. You have this middle part here, where you can then here adjust the back part of the seat, for example, or here slide it forward even more and then, when you go to seats here you know. Sometimes it takes a time and it can. You know well yeah. You always have to um protect it against the fingerprints. You have here, for example, the seat heating. This is really cool um. You can adjust the climate functions and then back to seats here. Yes, please wait. Yeah these there we go seat. Adjustment massage want to have massage and then, for example, i love this wave massage because it really goes from the top part to the bottom and back again, you can have these different, massage functions here, shoulder activation and so on and now theres the trick. So if youre an a8 owner, i can explain to you how that works here. This is for your seat or for my im sitting at the moment, and then you have to click basically on the passenger seat, because in the passenger seat you have here also turned forward there is you know you can pick your shoe size yeah. Of course l shoe size for me and then you have this foot massage.

It goes in wave or in circles, and you can start it and its really hard to pick it up on camera. But you know this back. Part of the seat is now moving and you can feel it that its you know going underneath the seat so now im holding this microfiber towel in front of the the seat, because that way, you can better see how the back part of the seat is moving. When you look at that brighter structure, so again its really hard to pick it up on camera, but maybe you can see that this microfiber towel is moving a little bit because here thats um yeah that backboard of the seat now here at the moment its you Know coming more towards this upper area and then its moving, for example back here in this lower area – and this is now wider a little bit and then here you can see it goes inward again and so on its a really cool feature, indeed very exclusive. Here the controls, seat, heating, seat cooling also works simultaneously, when youre, for example, wet in winter times, and you get in the vehicle want to be dried and warmed at the same time, and then here this is then the heating for the foot area. So indeed, now what i have now is a combination of a foot massage and a heating. Indeed, of this area there, where i have my feet, so this is really amazing, so my feet are warm now and are being massaged here by the way, so my space underneath inductive charging pad for your smartphone two usbc chargers now and then we have well theres.

No champagne box here today this would be just like reaching through the trunk. So theres, like you, know this um ski hedge. Basically, so then also with a night. Nice wood cover right here and you can also fold this whole thing up here. Um, then you have the cup holders here and you have also you know real power socket dont. Do that at home kids, i was, you know, going a little bit too deep in there with my fingers so, but this is also accessible when its not folded up. The thing that is only accessible when this one here is fold up are the tables, and you can put them out like this, like this and um yeah a little bit more towards me, and then you can also close this one again, and it also has this Lip here, for example, for your laptop or something you can also change it a little bit in the angle yeah, so you can actually work. It quite well put the laptop right here at the foot, heating and massage thats, a really nice workstation here, isnt it im gon na think about this by the way, if you move that seat back here in that normal position, it it just looks cool when things Are moving inside the vehicle and this actually quite quickly, you know um, comparing it to the s class. This one goes way faster. I have um, i have the impression here we go.

Oh you need to secure this one, so the seat can move further yeah there. We go now. We are back in that normal position. What about that trunk area? Lets? Take a look. You know this is a channel where we also measure the trunk, and this is here a meter in width of 40 inches, and you can see also my luggage. Yeah, these are my two corona stickers. This means like for yesterday for the day corona test negative by the way, yeah just some details here for that uh driving event yeah. This is my lunchbox um yeah, and then the length is one meters 20 or some. You know like yeah thats, one meter 20 or some 46 inches, and you can see here. I also this. Have this ski hedge here and yeah. Has anyone tested that actually not sure, because here, when i use the ski hatch and load things through, you can easily go? You know distant here, two meters or 80 inches the full stick and youre, not even through the front seats. So you can have some very long skiers, but nowadays most people use short skiers or like these bigfoot skiers, so yeah not really that necessary. Actually so you can see um, very, very usable, and here the height this may be also crucial – is about 50 centimeters or 20 inches. Applause: welcome to thomass luxury driving, lounge or, in this case, a8l rally driving lounge because were here on this b road of gravel road in norway – and this is super spectacular because here the air suspension with all its comfort, can play out its advantages.

And this is a really uneven, gravel road and it feels like nothing. Its super comfortable, still 20 inch wheels and the cool thing about the a8 in general is: it is a sporty vehicle. It is long, it is very luxurious, but it still feels sporty to drive. Thats the cool thing about, and indeed i prefer, the a8 and the bmw 7 series to drive myself over the mercedes s class, because a8 and 7 series are more fun to drive the s class. Has this more like this ship, like you, know very soft air suspension set up, and here i think they really have found a great compromise. It does deliver you a great comfort, but it does deliver you sporty driving fun. At the same time, again, if you more want that you know this more heavy soft feeding, then the s class is something more for you, and what about when i put it in dynamic mode – and you remember four and a half seconds – is the acceleration figure here For this four liter v8, and now i accelerate out of this car at this wet ground, we have the overdrive, rear bias, 40, 60 fashion. What will the car do lets see? Music wow holy mo wow, i mean great power. Definitely the thing is really. You know. Wow i mean you could really feel that super traction. I mean its very slippery here on this asphalt, but then, with the all wheel drive i mean 460 horsepower so much power at the same time, no wheel span at all and you could see the steering wheel was perfectly stable and it was really flooring it out.

So this is really the thing about this classic overdrive. It can bring the power to the ground so well, and of course this, then you know you might not hammer the photo all the way through when its like snowy or icy, or something just be gentle with throttle, but it shows how well it also performs on Slippery surfaces, so i always tend to you, know, thats why i also drive really fast in our tests on the on the german autobahn, for example, when we are allowed to, because you know these extreme tests so to speak. They show then how the car performs at these. You know extraordinary levels, so to speak, you know, and in general this feeling here is. I can actually is one of the best cars to drive at all. You know from the driving feeling so um. I also experienced that in the audi s8 there we have a special german autobahn driving part where i could also floor without this very impressive episode as well. You should tune into that at the later stage. They can see more about the high speed driving. It is. Such a flawless driving experience, so i think what the drive concerns flawless is really the thing you can go back to the auto mode and we have even more comfort and from the assistant systems. Theres, a nice blind spot monitor integrated in the side, mirror adaptive cruise control, thats the speed and then also holds the car in the lane here at the moment, its a little bit tricky because its not the motorway and theres no car is a little bit irritated.

Like where are the side lines you know, so this then not the ideal solution with that, but on the motorway, the system is again working very, very well on the motorway thats, also where its reserved for you also have these digital mirror functions where you have like A light carpet in front of you signaling, like thats your lane, but i think the usage of this system is somewhat limited, so you dont really need that option actually and now were driving one of the most scenic roads in the world. The atlantas vein, the atlantic ocean road or atlantic highway up here at the norwegian atlantic coast and today is really harsh weather a lot of wind and even more spectacular, yeah owen, thanks to my cameraman today, its really tough, really tough. When you know filming in this weather in on the outside wow – and i mean a lot of small bridges here – its not too long this road overall, but here when its so harsh and windy on the outside and the salt water is going all over the road. In some places this can really happen here and you hear in this warm and cozy cabin everything is soft and relaxed and comfortable. This is really something you know and also looking here at the digital instruments and seeing this road. That really goes, i mean its even in the dark in in this dark or night mode, because its so dark on the outside that the light sensor catches it and makes it actually darker really really interesting.

Having here the air suspension in the auto mode and once again, really flying on that road, super cool searing by the way is super precise, yes, its comfortable and its easy to steer yet again, theres no dead zone area, and you can also steer it in a Very sporty way and yeah the bridge that is coming ahead there. This is one of the most spectacular ones, and you also see that you know the the water is. You know about to spill over the road here so that some space to the car in front of us now that you can see the road very, very well the different viewpoints here. Also, you can park at the side of the road and then take a stroll around best, of course, in good weather, but yeah. The thing is when you have such a harsh run this you know this bridge is really insane look at that youre, literally driving up to the sky and left it right, theres, just the ocean, wow, really cool thing to enjoy, and here having that long. Wheelbase also brings more, you know, just more even more calmness to the whole driving experience so and it doesnt feel less agile in the short wheelbase version. You know, because of the rear axis steering, and especially when were here at slower speeds, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction and that kind of fakes a shorter wheelbase, and this is really easy to ease the car around.

Then, of course, the shoulder base version will be a little bit more agile, but, for example, you know when im steering here look at that 90 degree corner 90 degree turn of the steering thats really easy to do, and, for example, when im easing the sky around In that parking lot, you can see about the turning circle and here now im turning all the way in rear wheels also go around, and you see here, although theres a huge vehicle, i could easily do this 180 turn here well in the middle of the way, I changed positions because it wouldnt be a true luxury sedan review. If i wouldnt take off my shoes, be in the back seat and are being driven so and now im on the camera in a way that it should fit that it actually, the seat passes the camera, including the microphone receiver, mount thats, all yeah. Yes, it works exactly. This is really spectacular to see. I already prepared the seat control here. This is so cool to have it while driving wow – and i mean oh, my socks should be. You know: yeah, probably whoa yeah. This is such an amazing atmosphere here and now i also put on the seat massage once again. Yes, my favorite wave, massage of course, and then yeah. Meanwhile, i get some practice to pick the other seat in the front. Then then, Music, big shoe size wave, massage also for my feet.

Yeah massage for my feet is starting and then i also want to have the feet heating and sometimes literally a little bit um hard to to find there. It is there. It is so now seat eating and feed heating, thats cool right, and i think i could drive like this all day – probably um. Usually, i always prefer to drive a car myself because im a car driver im, a car enthusiast, just like you and i want to drive the cars, and this is really one of the very, very rare cases where i would say i would really also enjoy being Driven for a longer period of time i mean really being all the way stretch and relax, foot massage back massage heated back part of the seat and then the beautiful landscape here on the outside wow, the water is really high today. So last time i was here theres also another video from the vw tour rec p have where we also drove this road here, also with um some great drone shots, i some of them. I reused today as well. Wow i mean the water is so high. That looks so amazing, and indeed also in the rear. The comfort is superb, also from the suspension. Sometimes you have vehicles which have more comfort near the front axle here. Also, you feel that this air suspension comfort also accounts for the rear axle, so everything is even out very very well. This is the big difference.

You know when youre driving in the front yourself difference between a8 and a6 is not that extremely huge. You can also get the a6 with the air suspension and its really really may we just turn around and drive the same road again so um james, yeah, okay, yeah james, is all right with that hes not really called james. Did i tell you that one funny story? There was one event couple of days back and a couple of years ago, actually years and days whatever my brain is also meanwhile im getting old. So there was this event where i was being shuttled and i was getting into the vehicle and i just said, like uh, hey james, how are you well, thank you james, and then he was turning around like. How do you know? My name just happened to be called james, just by instance um yeah, and then we start this discussion here at article through like in which country is how is a chauffeur called in your country? You know, and then the korean viewer said. Ah, you know they call that where the french viewer said like uh is it was it jack, i think in french? So all the countries was writing like this is how a chauffeur is typically called in our country. You know but yeah, but james is probably the typical um chef for our name right. So every james watching here or gyms or jimmys, greetings to all all you guys and now back again in the atlantic ocean road, its really a short route.

You know, but its so beautiful and so great to enjoy here yeah i can just say um. Sometimes i was thinking like yeah. The s class is better in the in the rear, surfer comfort. You know because the seats are maybe a little bit more plush and so on, and that might be the case, but this leg extension. I feel that its somehow better done here in the a8. You know when you scroll back to our s class reviews, also with the long way based there, even the maybach version, um the feed solution here or the foot solution. You know if its a singular plural in that case is to me really really well done. You know thats the thing its really too bad. That audi did not offer any animal skin alternative here for that vehicle. Otherwise i mean i have so much fun driving this vehicle here, um yeah. Maybe i would go for one if there would be an animal skin alternative, but yo audi guys youre listening to this change it, at least for the next generation im holding you accountable, yeah. I will enjoy my time here. Definitely really great atmosphere great show for a ride, but whats still missing is our night time driving experience, which will also be amazing, so welcome to this night driving part. I have activated the high beam here with the matrix led with the micro mirror option. This digital light – and you see here that left and right of the road, the high beam – is active.

This you know this forest left and right abroad lets call it that way is totally illuminated. You can see it right there, its yeah its almost as it would be day, but the car in front of us now this small truck now also cars facing us here – is not blinded now its building up again, this is really interesting. So you see that the high beam really belongs to the car in front of us. Its left and right is illumi, but the car itself is not illuminated, and so they are not blinded and once again i think there should be the next car facing us. You see these reflections from the poles on the left side, maybe as well, and then they will be gone when the next car is coming. You know in the opposite direction. This is really really impressive, so you can very, very very, very well see already from the normal light and then when the high beam is active, of course, even more so then you know when the high beam is active, then this effect of the digital light is Playing the major role actually and even more so, of course, when youre just alone on the on the road, and then you also have this night driving assistant. I can activate it here in the digital instruments and when there would be, for example, also, you know animals or people running across the street. There would be an additional warning and i can also see them a little bit better.

There. There youve maybe seen it now. The light was, you know, dimmed, and then it was built up again at the left side um. I hope you could pick that up on camera camera, sometimes its really hard to film that actually, it also goes quite quickly um there again and they are theyre. Also, obviously, not complaining – and i mean they have – i have really big lighting power here, so theres these night vision, assistants, not sure, maybe one of you guys use that in a emergency situation or so then really feel free to share your experience. I have not had an ex you know: emergency situation with a night drawing assistant, yet from my experience, so im also not quite sure if its that useful, but we did get some feedback before that. It was quite helpful to a lot of people. So again, when you have experienced yourself of that, please share them in the comments its a pleasure to drive this one here at night, especially because of the ambient lighting. Of course, i have said it to thomas blue yeah thats. Of course, my signature and see here the light all around that vehicle, really cool, what a great night riding atmosphere and once again, this soft air suspension. But you can still see that the light which is building up you know among those trees also quite high. Actually, but then again, the cartridge is not behind it. Its really good to see it here actually at the moment, yeah back to the suspension, so it always gives you this really soft experience.

At the same time, the car feels still sporty thats really cool thing to have, and then, when you also have that rear axis steering told you earlier even more agile and then this predictive function well, the moment there are no speed bumps here, but its really so Funny when you have a speed bump and the speed was really like sucked up by the suspension and the cars going straight, it is actually really interesting to just watch what the lights are doing. Cant be maybe also irritating or is it maybe catching your attention here? You can really see how the light is following the car basically, but just next to it, you know so thats really interesting. You activate or deactivate this outer function by the way by pressing the stall column forward once and here now once again right and left high illumination, but not in the center of the vehicle wow yeah. I mean its really really unpleasant here outside at the moment. Where were driving up in in norway? Oh yeah 10 degrees celsius, thats also same like in in germany. So at this stage here as unpleasant as in germany at this time of the year yeah, you know our viewers from norway would probably say. Like hey thats summer, temperatures to us yeah, but you did have some great summers right um recently, so maybe that has also changed for you, then in this case. But it gives you here this very calm and relaxing feeling, and you just think like you could really ride all night and just stay super super relaxed thats, you know and maybe, like you know, activate, see massage and play your favorite rc massage um stretch, maybe um Yeah thats a good idea right stretch, or maybe i like the waves stephanie.

The waves are, you know, waves are always great and high intensity and yeah hit your favorite music station and and so on and then enjoy your drive. You can see the difference by the way when theres, no one in front of us. You seen that here high beam brothers, no high beam, well, yeah, very impressive. Indeed, here one more time: whoa that really lights up the whole environment here wow, look at that youre! Getting a difference, see nothing see everything, oh, that that small build up lets, see it once again there we go see that build up here when wipers. Once again, a little bit offered experience here as well. Here there we go whoa. That buildup is really a great show and wow yeah i mean these headlamps are super expensive. Indeed, if you have the micro mirror option or not, that is not the most crucial thing. The high beam will be just the same. The micro mirror just for extensive function, so that is not the you know the crucial thing, but having the matrix ld for night rides, thats, definitely so cool to have yeah getting the full potential out of it. At this moment, of course, you should all check out the bmw, 7 series review and the new mercedes s class to compare this right here.