Now the kit includes all the common bits you're going to use on a regular basis, as well as several specialty and security bits that are really difficult to find. Now this project started a few months back and it sprang from my frustration of never having the driver I needed to work on a particular project. I found myself wandering around the shop looking on benches, looking in toolboxes and I'm wasting a lot of time, so I thought there has to be a way that we can put together a kit that includes all the common bits and all the specialty bits we use On a regular basis that was portable, easy to use and was really well organized and that's exactly what this product is now I sat down with the team, and I said if I had to ask you what bitch you found essential, what would those bits be and As you can imagine, if you asked five nerds that question you're gon na get five different answers, so we ended up with about a hundred and fifty bits, and I said we can't put a kid together with 150 bits in it. So we whittled it down to just the 48 bits that all of us could agree on were the ones that we use on a regular basis and that's exactly what's included in the kit. Then we took it a step further and said we can find a manufacturer that can build the kit to be small and portable, so it's easy to bring along with you when you're out flying in case.

You got to change props and I wanted it to be really well organized, so the kid itself has got a really nice aluminum, exterior holder and it's spring loaded. So when you touch the top of it, it pops up and out slides all the bits. So I'll show you what those bits look like now and then I'll explain a little bit further about how the unit works. We built the kit to be as durable as possible. It'S made out of aluminum with nice, rounded edges that make it easy to slide it into a pocket or a backpack to take along with you in the field. The carrier inside is spring loaded. You tap the top and it pops up. You can slide it out and on the front of the carrier, we have 24, the most common bit you're going to use and the actual handle across the top we've got the Phillips head bit, starting with a quad zero up to a Phillips head number two in The center or the torque bed, starting with the smallest up to the largest some of these, are security torques as well, which will help you take out those security Torx screws on the her flat blades, starting with the smallest to the largest and the handle you used With all the bits on the back of the more exotic fits we've got a collection of positive and negative octagon triangular and star bets and across the bottom, or six high security bits that you won't use that often but it's really nice to have them.

When you need them, we've got a split security bit and a bunch of other positive, a negative security bits now to use the kit. You basically pop the handle out here and select whatever bit you're going to use now say. For example, you want to change the props on this Mavic mini you'll use the number two Phillips right here. You just pop it out of the case and then it's magnetically attached to the handle and we actually built the handle to have a spin tab on the top. So when you push down on this, you get a lot of torque and you're, not getting any kind of friction up top there, so it spins really nicely and we've also built divots into the handle that give you a little bit of gripping when you're going. One of the problems are a lot of the screwdrivers are really short and it's hard to get torque on these, so you're, never sure if you've got them tight. So by having a nice long screwdriver like this, you get plenty of torque. The other thing that we spent a lot of time on was the amount of magnetism that the bit actually presented because a lot of screwdriver kits out there just go crazy and make these bits incredibly magnetic. And that seems like a good thing until you start using and realize, when you put the bit down to up near a bunch of screws, they're all going to race over to attach to the bit and it's hard to get the one you want off there.

What we did was balance that magnetics, so it's strong enough to hold the screw, but not to magnetic where it might actually attract all the other screws or damage the sensitive electronics with the gear you're working on so it's. A really good balance between the two. So to remove this screw you'll, basically just put it in take the screw out and I'll. Show you how the magnetics work in a second. So let me shake that screw up so again, it's strong enough, where it'll actually hold onto the screw so it's exactly what you need to put it back in the hole and start it up. So the threads match up but it's, not too strong, we're going to radiate magnetics all around to cause damage the electronics. Now, if I shake this real hard, it is going to fall off but that's exactly what you want if you buy a screwdriver set and it holds onto the screw and you shake it and doesn't come off it's, probably too magnetic and again to put the screw Back in you put it back on the end of the bit you'll line up the propeller and you can put it right back on the actual drone, so here's the propeller. They put it through showing you something you probably do a hundred times already, but you can start the screw, tighten it down and you're good to go and when you're done with the work you're concentrating on you put the bit back in the kit and again these Are all magnet attached here, they're, not gon na fall out on you, you put the handle back in slide it back inside the carrier, put it back in your backpack and your all set it'll.

Be there the next time you need it. All of us here at your own Valley, are really proud of the way this kit turned out. We'Re sure we've included all the bits you're going to need to crack open, pretty much any electronics you have at home, and the decision on which of those 48 bits actually made it into the kit was not an easy one, because there are literally hundreds of bits Out there to choose from so, we spent a lot of time talking to our manufacturers working with the team to put together the most complete kit. We could that we feel you're gon na get the best use out of now. I can promise you when you open up the kit, you're gon na recognize a lot of the bits immediately and start using them, but in there there's, probably eight or ten bits, you've never seen before, and you're gon na take one of those out and look at It and go man, I wonder what kind of screw that works with and you're gon na, put it back in the kit and forget about it, but down the road somewhere you're gon na be working on some bizarre piece of electronics and you're gon na come across The screw that you can't take out then you're gon na think I've bought that 48 piece precision, screwdriver kit from throwin Valley. I wonder if there's a bit in there, you're gon na open it up, find the bit you need and be able to pull that screw out, and you can thank us later for that, but it's a kit.

We, like a kit, we use ourselves and when we put a project like this together, we don't want to just build something that looks like everybody else's kid on the market. So we spend an awful lot of time. Looking at the competition deciding what our kits going to look like and really building something that we're using ourselves and can recommend to friends. So I know there are a lot of other screwdriver kits on the market. Some are in plastic cases, some come in nylon cases. We decided we wanted to build one that was a little bit better than everything out there, so we built the case out of aluminum. We made sure the handle was magnetic and metal with the spin cap on the top. We made the bits magnetic the holder magnetic and we put the best collection of bits in there. We could find that really solve all the problems you're going to need working on small electronics like this, so these are available on our website. I'Ve got a link below if you want to go check them out. If your purchases from us you're going to be supporting a channel. We like that, an awful lot and I love putting these kind of projects together because for us to get started on something like this it's. Usually a problem we've tripped over in the field, and we want to correct it by building something ourselves that we can use and we can recommend to others and that's exactly where this came from so again, they're available on the website.

We really appreciate a little support. You guys have shown us if you find this interesting hit. The link and we've got them available. We ship every day we ship for free and I'll, get it to you faster than Amazon. Well so we're doing our best to keep everybody thanks an awful lot for watching today. I hope you found value in the clip.