So this is the 2021 version uh. The 2020 version, which was the three inch prop based version, is no longer in production, as far as i know, its been discontinued. So this is the new model for 2021. I think its been out for a little while um, i dont know how long its been out there. They just sent this to me recently, so i just wanted to go over some of the differences. I dont think i reviewed the three inch version. I reviewed the four inch version of this, so these are all based on the same twig frame here. Its basically like a stretch, decks frame with these iconic braces in the front, the back usually theres a curved one. In the front and uh straight one in the back – and this is obviously for three and a half inch props, so they give you the three and a half inch gem fans and also the hqs. I like to go with the gem fans on this particular setup. Uh upgraded motors, upgraded um, camera retail 2 upgraded video transmitter now goes up to 350 milliwatts ill just put a little table up here of all the differences between the two versions, the 2020 and the 2021.. Obviously, now that were at three and a half inches uh were gon na get more power, but this is a much lighter setup than the four inch version that i reviewed last year. So this will definitely get you under the 250 gram mark.

If you go with the um recommended 4s 450 lipo, which is what i flew with – and i think these are lets see they have 1404s theyre. You know 3 800 kb, so typical of this class for 4s 3.5 inches a ton of these now um. I i know you guys are looking for a round of video. I still have to go through a couple more vendors, so hang on theres a few more of these coming out, theyre all coming out in bunches now and uh after i get through all those reviews. I will do a round up on all the three and a half inch models, because theres um, a lot of them now and youre, probably wondering what all the differences are so ill go over that in that video coming up. But this is, you know, obviously bottom mounted battery um. They have a sticky pad now on this version that will really hold that battery in. So, if you crash a lot its gon na you know hold that battery in no problem. This is the crossfire receiver version, its got the standard cluster antenna here in the back. I think it comes in other receiver versions as well. They have also updated the canopy here. This is the x night canopy. They were using an older canopy model before now. This is the newer version, this ones a fair bit tougher and i believe the all in one esc is also upgraded.

I think this one is 20 amps now, instead of 12 previously, so yeah lets go right to the how much this thing weighs all right. So its 103.6 grams and then with the battery. This is the um all up flying 158.2, so well under the 250 gram limit – and i believe this is in this setup here – the lightest um, with the recommended battery of any of the 3.5 inch ones out there. So you know youre going to get the most performance per um weight for this particular model of the three and a half inch ones, because it does the bottom on battery and just basically a minimalistic canopy in the center and um yeah. This is mainly for racing. So if you, if youre looking for a racing three and a half inch up, this is kind of what its for and the frame is very durable. Although it is a again a uni body, its not a removable arm, so uh the you know the bottom plate. If you crack it anywhere, which is going to be pretty tough to do at this week, you know you know at this at the weight it is youre gon na have to really crash it hard to crash actually break this frame, but if it does, then youll Have to replace the whole bottom plate, of course thats uh thats, just a given. So, as i said, i dont think i reviewed the three inch version of this, so i dont um at least i dont.

Remember probably, then, if someone remembers that me reviewing that model, let me know in the comments below, because i dont remember reviewing that model at all: uh, yes, theres, so many of them these days and in the past year that i cant remember its really hard to Remember every single model that i reviewed, but in case im mistaken. Let me know – and let me let me know what the link is to that video, because i couldnt find it – and i dont remember reviewing that one so, but i do reviewing the four inch version of this and that one is significantly heavier its got. Much bigger motors, of course, but i think the power to weight ratio is similar. You know to the four inch version. So if you dont want to go up to a four inch version, you want kind of a similar power to rate ratio in terms of flight. Feel this one is pretty close to the four inch version if youre considering the four inch version and maybe want to go with lighter, i would say this ones probably better to consider the four inch version, i think, does have more top end power. Of course, with the bigger motors, it is going to be overall faster with the four inch props, but this one has a similar sort of feel in terms of flight in terms of the performance. Its going to give you, in terms of you know, making maneuvers quick turns.

You know, acro moves that kind of stuff. This ones pretty similar and again i dont recall ever reviewing the three inch version, so i really cant say anything about that um. I dont remember. If i did or not so um, i cant really tell you how this one compares to the three inch version, because i honestly dont remember at all. But if i had to compare this to say some of the cloned versions of the twig, i think, like the eachine twig, which is a three inch model which has smaller motors, like 1105 motors, obviously going to a 1404 motor and a bigger 3.5 inch prop. This is going to give you a lot more power in terms of like performance compared to the three inch. So you know if youre you know thinking about getting into three inch, but you want more performance but still want to get under 250 grams. All up weight. Then obviously, this is gon na give you better performance over the three inch because it just has you know the bigger prop with the bigger motor is just going to perform better than the smaller prop with the smaller motor, even though it is going to be overall, Less weight so just something to keep in mind and its trade off strength. So if you want to go smaller and maybe a little bit less noise, you know three inch is going to be a little bit less noisy. You know.

Maybe you want to go for that one! This one is not that noisy, considering it because its because its so light and because its lighter than a lot of the other three and a half inch ones out there uh compared to some of the ones that i reviewed previously. If noise is a factor for you, because its much lighter at the weight than im flying it at it does make less noise than the other ones now granted its not a huge difference. But it is somewhat noticeable anyway. Youll see here in the flight footage and the narrated flight, you can hear what it sounds like its pretty quiet and it performs pretty well anyway ill have a roundup video on all these 25 inch ones down the road sometime, hopefully soon i have got to get You few more miles to get through so after that ill have one. I know you guys are looking for that, so you guys can have an idea of which ones are going to be better for you, because everyones got different. Sort of you know, preferences on what they like and uh, were gon na find sit down and go through every single one of them. Then maybe theyll give you a better idea but ill put a playlist to all the other three and a half inch models that ive reviewed down in the video description. If you cant wait for the video check out the other ones that i reviewed already and you can sort of kind of comp make your own sort of judgments as to what you think is going to be best for you and also maybe see which ones are Still in stock, because a lot of them, i think about half of them right now – are not in stock right now, because theyre pretty popular, so okay, thats gon na, do it for this one heres the flight and ill talk to you guys in the next video.

All right guys, so this is the uh monthly giveaway here for september 2021., im giving away a ih3 three inch drone this controller from camp rc and these goggles. So this whole package, all is all bound together, works together, ready to go. I just need to get a battery and some chargers so theres going to be a link down in the video description to the giveaway form and all of the instructions, and everything will be on that giveaway form. So you have to make sure you read that very carefully ive been noticing that many of you are entering the giveaways and doing about uh. I dont know half of the stuff thats on there and not really following all the directions or not following any of the directions and if you dont, follow the directions or read the rules, its not possible to win so be aware of that. Make sure you go to that link and follow all the rules to be able to enter the giveaway for this month and the winners will be drawn uh in the first week of october. Good luck, everybody Music so were off the bat a little bit of an oscillation. I think, as the voltage goes down thats going to go away now, you can hear it as i make the hard turn. So i noticed that as part of this design, the flight controller is right. On top of the battery strap – and i you know – i mean the battery shaft – does have a little bit of like space there i mean it can barely move it, but im feeling that the vibrations from the frame are being transmitted through the battery shaft to the Flight controller so thats a little bit of a design flaw.

I i think i mentioned that in the uh. The four inch version, i think, all the three three and a half inch and four inch versions are all the same. You can hear yeah there you can. You can hear what im making those moves – Applause yeah, so it could be tuned out a little bit. It probably just needs more filtering, but the motors are fairly warm. I dont think theyre going to be like smoking hot or anything, but you can hear that also they do give you the hq props. I im flying the gem fan: props uh thats, the other set that they give you so maybe switching to the hq props might help yeah. You can hear the little bit of like oscillation at high throttle. Doesnt really affect the flight performance. This is kind of annoying to hear that sound, but you know this is um. You get that from build to build like you might buy, you might buy this exact same model and your build might not have that, but it just kind of depends on how tightly theyve strapped down that flight controller. Maybe adding some spacers not screwing down the shoulder. So tight to the battery strap can can definitely help with that problem. Im pretty sure thats, where its coming from, because the arms on this are very stiff, its not coming from the arms flapping around, like that Applause, and now, as the voltage comes down a little bit Applause, the oscillations are definitely not as bad Music.

Oh, the rates are pretty high in this one Music yeah, as i come down into the prop wash you get a little bit of that oscillation so could be tuned out a little bit with some better filtering, but i think that its part of the the design And the the way its built and put together, i think that battery strap just um, maybe its a little bit too thick a thinner battery strap, might help. I think that some vibrations are coming through that part to the flight controller yeah. There you go some more Applause and im getting the low voltage warning its tagging, the battery out pretty bad too, but when you get a lot of oscillations that tends to drop a lot more current as well and reduce your flight time too. Just part of the uh the tune not being optimal, but i think thats a good demo. Let me know what you guys think almost five minutes of flight time, its still like 14 and a half volts on this 4s. 450..