I want to see if its like kind of the same, did you just give me a 10 round pistol and then run away. You actual im just gon na im gon na list a couple things i dont like. I dont, like all the rocks thats, not a good idea if youre youre gon na keep getting mad. You know what i mean: im gon na do a pros and con list im doing it right now as well rocks i dont like how many rocks there are, because you came out, i think, theres, an extra amount of trees like i look at all this like On the way down right, theres the trees looking everywhere, i i i do like how vibrant and colorful everything is awesome thats, where im at right there by the car its fine that i think the coloring is great thats, a big plus for dance, caldera guns im For dance, i gave it a nine out of ten caldera, a three out of ten vehicles: verdance 10 out of 10, some of the best vehicles ive ever played any video game. In my entire life, caldera negative one map for dance. You know it was dark, but it was, but it was very comfortable a lot of great pois. I gave it a strong seven, strong, seven caldera im, giving it an early eight. It could be a little lower than that im, giving early eight okay, three a negative one and an eight versus a nine ten and a seven thats the issue here, thats.

Why everybodys mad? I just thought the guns, i will say the guns we dont know whats good right now, theyre, so bad bro, its not even its a floor, loot too man its not even comparable to what we were playing with man its because were in 1930 man. Im telling you airfield the airfield the airfield, where is it? Okay, see it going right, yeah, im going to work yeah like whats the point of me coming over here when theres nine more. I should just get looted Music baby holy. That man was in an airfield. Actually, i know im dead, youre, probably on him. You know what crowdy get over here and you like it and you listen and you you say you just said you like it. No, i, like i, hate no, who likes it bro all the time its this stupid gun that sucks all the guns in the guru on the floor out here. Theyre all bad theyre bad magnum is bad. Its always been bad, its never good. Unless you throw snakes snake shots on it, oh the dude, the amount of copium that is running through my veins dude. I cant do im. So where is my gun im so angry? Why am i so mad? I cant identify it. Wait, wait tommy tommy! You said its funny that when anyones getting bopped in any video game, the video game sucks thats whats, going on here its new map getting bob.

Therefore, the map of the game – songs, okay, listen, domi, im, gon na prove you wrong. Ive been kind of like half playing, you know, half speed. I didnt know that we were grading me like this is a final exam. I didnt know, but now that i know i know i know the energy youre giving me. I got you on the next one. This ones, probably the next one dont worry. I got you okay, i got you im here now i mean this. This one is probably chalked, but the next rep im about to go dumb, sweaty ill get sweaty one day. What do you mean? This is wrapped in hard im still talking to my chat about like everything i i was saying, i actually enjoyed the gulag itself more, oh baby. I am, i enjoy the ghoul you guys like to go out more than the other. I literally knew it so i jumped off. I did not do that on and can you purpose stop around bobby back im on my pr and caldera zero wait. Ive lost this trade wait a second! This is not the business i wanted to. Do. I tried to sub for a sniper it doesnt work. I have enough gunpowder in it yeah, i will say whats the name of those little barrels. I hate those barrels hold on. Can i just say something: theyre everywhere, so yeah theyre theyre its like an express everywhere. Like did someone just come through its like, i dont need all these theres some ten thousand barrels.

Oh theres, a bar theres like three in this building that dennys in yeah for sure bro. What indie gun is this i down one? Second, four right: third, four: okay. Hes going to his teammate right now, up with you danny i down his friend all right. He made it around here, hes, just through yeah, thats gas, okay, dude, youre kind of crazy. For that one another one keepers, one bullet: i can rise him. What a weird land up here, hes not dead! What the here we go: Music, yeah im already going. This is the gun, the bar yeah good mountain, terrible, not mounted, really yep, okay, completely different gun, oh the best gun in the game mounted. Well, that might explain those kills. Then i was mounted the whole time. Oh yeah, there you go. We just dont know where the high pop zones are yet yeah everythings, so slow too. You cant really move as fast, because uh you dont, have your loading. You dont have uav money, you just you know its all different. Now we used to land super and we come out with like 40 racks, bro and and 10 kills like right, heres a prime example. Theres no quick way up here and like im, running im following this road. Why i picture this place like cory? I thought i would never. The whole map is like cory now, though stuff all right like this is we have to go this path, its like im, uh its like im, a buffalo, getting hurt you just trekking through the open.

Okay, pull this closer brother yeah just go just go high! Go up: go up, go up up up up up yep, all the way up, all the way up, keep going higher, im crazy, im cranking it yeah go up higher higher im, trying im hopping right here right there on the mountain in front of me, im getting Shot, i think, im going down. I think im dead, oh im dead af, you got gas inbound relocated because youre so high. Is this guy still like on me looking over me right here? I hate that, like i held this oh yeah dude, i cant man im dead, no, its just making me sick for some reason. I, like this gun, lamar its good but like mid range im not going to play up on that. Okay, that means yeah. You enter across the map from each other okay place on you or satchel yeah yeah yeah um plates on this tree right here go get that all right, whats up im always looking up. You know i did i dont know um. I died, i dont know what happened they like left me but theres. I dont know im probably going to die good luck. There we go. I was on the side of the mountain and i was getting like sick actual that was kind of crazy theyre pushing me. I im im, probably chalk voice, okay, clock youre headed over head over directly above me, and its like impossible for me to get an angle were, like maybe 20 30 seconds away, im gon na try and get in the tent.

I think i need to get like on level ground. I cant fight around peak. Keep going the way youre going perfect, see that guy right here right, i just dont, get it above me, clock destroy, guess, im just missing! I guess where are these guys come here? This guys one shot quiet, im, trucking the enemy, oh youre, looking at a different team, i think clock yeah, thats, cracked. I need to make a play for this suit. I got a uav hold on yeah pop that got it allied uav overhead hunt them down. Im. Really held by this guy im bi durable. Can we can we can we lean? Can we link or not yeah? We have to kill this those teams about right, and then you got him. Okay, hes moving im running. I got this these behind me ghosted. You sure theres only two yeah theres only two – i can grab him theyre, opening up the money, theyre opening up the money and then theyre going to come back ill call another uf, okay, im off on that guy, the live thing guys literally crack back live heck. I cant see yeah im like losing just through trees, its really weird bought those trees. I literally dont even know where im shooting down. I see the other guy yeah. I need that check it. Hey theres, a guy right here, one bullet one bullet. I got money. I can try and just get out so i can rush you all.

I have is a pistol denny im just going to buy it somewhere, penny theres a kid in front of me. I need you, so i can get it. The zones already moving. What the okay! This moves so fast bro. I feel like im trying so hard for this literally what what youre experiencing right here, just a prime example of what im talking about hes constantly going up. That makes it like isnt. That weird i mean the highest point of the map, is the direct center of the map right and were not near peak though, but youre constantly like looking upwards, i feel i feel like im always looking up. I dont know i dont know i dont know i dont know so you dont have a gun. Can you mark anything for me all righty? So no, i dont think you have a pistol guys. I think its a bug. Nick look on your screen. Bottom right. It looks like youre supposed to have one: oh yeah, okay, what is this weird like new, open the shoe thing as well theyre to my left kind of he might be, he might be able to get loaded and hit him. Hes got a good angle. Im good im safe is yeah. If you can stay alive, that has a flank theres another one denny unless hes. Ah, so he buy myself myself hes behind yeah. I think we just go far right here. F2 stands youre losing ground right.

I knock that guy and theres another guy at the house up top deeper, deeper, deeper look at two boys. I see him left yeah and at the house you understand that yeah yeah over here, okay, okay, i dont – want to give him this rock. I dont want to give him this rock how many people pushing this rock i dont, i dont. Have you right now here guys keeps pushing your right nick from that angle, dennis was just ripping him right here. I dont know where my guy is all right. My guys left right right here, entree im, sure hes ripped ted. My guy is your guy alive, yeah hes wrapping you nick. I hear mindy wright, yeah yeah brad. He made it nick all the way around your right, okay right there he was i swear to you – are you sure, is that the only guy? Oh, my god, what kind of time he that was kind of crazy? That was crazy timing, good call! Chad! Did you see him on my screen? I didnt see him, you know, but he cant get a win when i got like you know, five or six something but its a little something ive never seen this one so were getting a truck now were out easy money. All right, oh its, not done its like a little extra quiet here. I dont know why little dub little dab little dub, a bunch of ttvs in the in the look at all the ttvs fbg has probably got a rocket right there, Music.