8 million wonders walking the earth together as one in limitless glory. Now i dont care what you believe in politically, not because i dont love you. I do love. You you shouldnt care what i believe in politically, because the solutions that we come up with together are unlikely to come from the old paradigm that have got us into this terrible mess. So why are we considering going backwards to hillary clinton? Well, i suppose, because the democrat partys in serious trouble and joe biden hes ranking real real low and also because hillary clinton has done a master class. What kind of masterclass is hillary clinton offering? Not that i know her or im seeking to criticize or condemn her as an individual human being as a mother and a wife and all those things. Although i know theres some pretty interesting theories out there, but were going to stick to the facts that are available to us about what hillary clinton says and what hillary clinton in politics has done, a perfect storm in the democratic party is making a once unfathomable scenario. Plausible, a political comeback for hillary clinton in 2024. Now, the reason its implausible, of course, is because she stood against trump and if indeed, the republicans do go with trump reprising. That battle that went so badly for the democrat pai would seem to be a foolish thing to do, because many people believe that the democrats would have won that election were it not for hillary clintons unpopularity.

But a lot of people, of course, were very much affected. Emotionally by trump, i know a lot of you guys, for example, really really love donald trump and his whole anti establishment kind of stance, but weve had a trump presidency. Now we can see what thats like, and will we yet see? Hillary clinton as president of the united states, let me know in the comments below what that makes. You think whether you think its possible lets get into this. The circumstances that could lead to this are president bidens low approval rating doubts over his capacity to run for re election at 82 bloody hill. I mean like isnt there, a point where you stop feeling malice and think. Are you all right mate? Vice president kamala harriss unpopularity and the absence of another strong democrat to lead, the ticket in 2024 have created a leadership vacuum in the party which mrs clinton viably could fill okay. Well, i wonder if this is true, and i wonder if this is wise – i mean a lot of people think that bernie sanders would have been. You know, joe rogan, for example, endorsed bernie sanders. A lot of people think that bernie sanders would have bee and trump. A lot of us believe marnard included myself in this. That bernie sanders is the closest thing. Weve got to a politician with integrity who authentically just wants to help people im sure there are flaws in that, because youve got those flaws in everything, but thats, not whos, being talked about whos been talked about is hillary lets have a look at what that really Means because hillary clinton has been a politician, so we can see what kind of decisions shes made and what kind of things shes been involved in elizabeth schult writes in jacobin as a supporter of the war in iraq, clinton racked up quite the rap sheet.

During her time as secretary of state, escalating wars, green lighting, coups and generally maintaining and expanding us power around the globe so, like a lot of people, wont think theres anything wrong with that thats. You know all sphere in love and war and that kind of stuff, but often when ive seen hillary clintons, public appearances or performances theres a presentation of a kind of um. You know feminine strength, i suppose is the angle, but lets see how that lines up with the facts. In 2009 clinton stood with defense secretary robert gates, a republican and called for 30 000. More troops in afghanistan on most foreign policy decisions, including libya clinton, was in favor of equally aggressive action, if not more so than former bush appointee. Gates. Clinton and obama got away with hawkish policies because they stuck to the language of humanitarian intervention and liberation clinton, helped assert the right of the us government to intervene in any country of its choosing using the most brutal means possible to achieve its ends. This is why i think a lot of us have become disappointed and disillusioned with mainstream politics, because the party that likes to present itself as humanitarian actually behaves when it comes to the crunch as hawks. Let me know in the comments below, if thats, why you feel disillusioned. Do you see these people come out and say we care about this and that and everyones equal and were all the same and lets love one another.

Then, when it comes to crunch time, the bombs start, dropping clinton was an enthusiastic supporter of obamas decision to step up the use of drone warfare in pakistan, yemen and somalia, clinton and the obama administration sold the drone program as a precise and effective way to target Terrorists with fewer risks of collateral damage, but the numbers tell a different story in his investigative report entitled the drone papers, the intercepts jeremy scar hill demonstrates that the drone program is far from precise and that the death of civilians is a common gamble. The u.s willingly makes during one five month period of the operation. According to the documents, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in air strikes were not the intended targets, bloody hell. 90. That means a hundred people died. Nine earphones. That was a mistake. As secretary of state clinton made it her business to make sure the world was open for us business from securing defense contracts for lockheed martin to brokering deals to build nuclear power plants for westinghouse clinton and her ambassador ceos traveled the globe to bring foreign governments and U.S companies together we have to position ourselves to lead in a world where security is shaped in boardrooms and on trading floors, as well as on battlefields clinton said, which sounds to me like handing over power to corporations to control geopolitics, which i dont think. Most of us want thats, not how we see the world. Is it apparently, what were after is democracies where we, the people vote for politicians who represent our interests and the idea that more and more of that power, as well as billions of dollars, trillions of dollars, is being handed over to private corporations? Many of us find troubling if you want to accept thats the way the world is, and frankly i dont then thats kind of up to you, but is it in alignment with the way that hillary clinton posits herself positions herself represents herself according to a report by David sirota at truthdig, american military contractors and their affiliates who donated to the clinton foundation, were awarded some 163 billion dollars of arms deals authorized by the clinton state department.

That makes me feel a little uneasy. The idea that the foundation receives donations and then the state arm awards contracts that feels like corruption, even if it isnt corruption and the government seeking to buy arms got the same preferential treatment if they sent money. The foundations way, no matter their human rights record, clintons department authorized 151 billion dollars in pentagon. Brokered deals for 16 of the countries that gave to the clinton foundation. So certainly there there is at least um enough evidence for skepticism when it comes to the activities of the clinton foundation and hillary clinton. Now, when she does this master class, presumably shes going to talk to us about integrity, authenticity, kindness, compassion and all those kind of things how to become a diplomat, how to make the world a better place and all those things are great and admirable. If thats, how you live im going to share with you what i intended to say if i had been elected in 2016.? Well, you wont also, we dont need for everything to be soft focus and wooly, because this is a person thats been in government. Weve got a fair idea that its going to involve military industrial, complex foreign, military action, thats beneficial to companies that donate to your foundation, drone strikes my fellow americans. Today you sent a message to the whole world Music – oh my god, shes still upset about it. Like theyre, interesting with human beings that were more affected by our own emotional journey, our own emotional ups and downs than like uh bombing kids in that now for all, i know when those 90 of people that are killed by drone strikes were killed.

Hillary clinton might have been crying like that, but i feel like if i went through, that i wouldnt want anything to do with politics ever again. This is what is called sentimentality unearned emotion, emotion that is displayed that isnt really for something thats been earned. Hillary clinton has undoubtedly lived an incredible life. She must be a pretty powerful person to get from wherever it was that she began to being in a position of such authority and power, and that is not something im seeking a discredit or undermined. But the reality is: is this is a career politician that does the kind of things that career politicians do and dressing it up in, like you know, sort of femininity and compassion and matriarchal principles when, in fact same number of little somalian kids are getting bombed. Same number of big american lockheed martin style firms are getting massive contracts. Whats. The difference like we shouldnt be encouraged to make our decisions on that basis to form our perceptions. On that basis, oh well, thats, nice. She looks nice shes got a cardigan on. We can trust her by the way you can trust me. Look how cool my cardigan is. Everybody will be knocked down. The question is: will you get back up? She looks like shes getting right back up for 2024 Music. In a way, the fact that you could see all those people in one cavalcade of shiny photographs staring out of you from a roster is a demonstration of the homogenuity of contemporary politics.

All the storm and drang about the distinctions between a republican and a democratic candidate, and there they all are democrat republican, lined up in one easy cavalcade to present to you a master class. To tell you all. This is how to do diplomacy. Oh, this is how i look someone in the eye and talk to him. Like you mean it, this is the way to set up a deal with lockheed martin. This is the way to callously cut off emotionally, while youre droning some foreign country. Why are we even invested in this, because the media continually tells us were doing something valuable instead of telling us the truth? Look it dont matter who you vote for youre, getting the same deal thats, what youre going to be getting thats whats on offer shut up and like it. I want to share my life lessons with the hope that it might help you as you navigate your own life thanks hilary, because i do need your advice on whether or not im gon na bomb, the yemen. Oh no im not gon na i made so many gaffes. One of my gaffs was: i bombed these people in the yemen and mistakes, but again the presentation. This is something light hearted. Oh, i made some gaffes. One of the gaffes was we authorized. 150 billion dollars in pentagon broker deals for 16 countries that gave to the clinton foundation. That was a bit of a gaffe we done.

There are steps you can take to build confidence in yourself to begin to trust yourself about the decisions you will make im, not making a personal judgment of hillary clinton. As a fellow human being, i am saying that the evidence suggests states that she was involved in wars, foundations that took money from companies that later were advantaged as a result of that relationship, and i feel that anyone thats been involved in that kind of stuff has To own the reality of it, it makes you realize doesnt it, and let me know if you agree in the comments below that the media functions as a kind of laundry laundering the perception of these people, so george bush, who was involved in all them wars, is Seen as like a cuddly old guy doing watercolor paintings, hillary clinton its not only that were positioning her as a matriarch and why not have a matriarchy but were also presenting potentially for re election. For me, there is an obligation on people that are apparently advocating on behalf of humanity. Kindness, ecology, love all of these things to behave differently, and if your rapshi is all about, we bombed these countries. We profited in these ways. Then the media should not be complicit in presenting those people were sort of lovable little sweethearts, because thats simply not the reality of the way they exercised power. This class is for anyone at any age who wants to think about building a life of meaning and purpose.

Masterclass, which you know, is a pretty good thing. Actually ive watched some of those and theyre enjoyable, presenting this as some sort of tool, some piece of utility theres. No doubt hillary clinton has lived an incredible life and got incredible things to tell people, but really the real message is the world of politics: media, big business, government, theyre, incredibly, corrupt places where you have to make unbelievable compromises and you have to be complicit in the Death of innocent people thats a reality that you cant package through masterclass. This is just puff and fluff and nonsense the reality. The truth is an economic and military truth that has sort of a human death toll and im, not saying you know that thats something that shes personally responsible for but shes personally, complicit within it and all have that as an accessible and upfront component of her public Perception ive, been, you know, reduced to tears, ive been frustrated beyond words. I like that the office is in as well looks a little bit like the oval office. This is what it would have been like. I might be like in 24. the lesson that ive learned about getting back up after setbacks or disappointments is to first feel the disappointment. Dont pretend it didnt happen. It did its weird isnt it because these things are kind of true, but i actually resent the repackaging of public figures that participated in significant suffering as benign uncles and aunts that can sort of put an arm around you and guide you through life.

I think you know the choice was made: youre a participant in systems of profit and destruction and in order to continue with that, potentially in 2024 theres. This sort of makeover of like sort of on a president when the reality of these institutions and these structures is suffering deception, corruption. No, she aint got a laptop on a desk, otherwise people be asking about the emails im. Hillary rodham clinton – and this is masterclass fascinating, really and obviously i dont know anything about hillary clinton as an individual human being and as an individual human being nothing but respect for people that go on various complex journeys through life, but the reality of a politician. If someone has operated at that level of state means, theyve participated in a great deal of suffering and corruption, much of which has been investigated and is plainly demonstrable and has been listed here. What i suppose interests me is the medias role in repackaging and representing these figures as like elders as people, we can turn to and trust when that is not the reality. We have to turn starkly harshly and definitively away from these figures to create anything like happy satisfying lives of purpose and meaning, which is what were being offered through this. I would have to call it a sort of piece of puff piece content if we want to build a future with meaning and purpose. These are the kind of things we have to avoid at all costs become more discerning about more skeptical, about more willing to spot, identify and move away from, but thats just why? I think what do you think about this video? What do you think about the idea of hillary clinton returning as a potential presidential candidate, when you want something new from politics, when you need something new from politics? How can you continue to believe in the circus? Well, because its continually packaged to you as something thats, appealing and real, rather than the facts that they are the reality of what people in those positions necessarily do because of the systems they are participants in, but thats just what i think, whats a lot more important.

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