Actually, since ive made some good content and im feeling like ive, got a little bit of my mojo back, so i decided to get back into creating the content that youve always come around onto this channel, for which is talking about military equipment. Today were talking about military drones and how absolutely honestly ive never been more adamant on this point that we are developing weapon systems in the drone technology world that are totally evolutionizing. The way in which battlefields are today um im not gon na, go too much into the specifics of what is obviously going on in the war in ukraine. You should see my video recently that i released on my channel, probably prior to this video that deciphers exactly why i dont want to talk about ukraine and why i will not do so, but of course, going into talking about more military equipment in the future. Inherently there are going to be some points which are going to touch upon this and recently i did see a news report of the switchblade 300 drone, which is basically a piece of equipment. Thats been designed by aero vermont, which is uh or aero environment, which is a very popular and very prominent drone technology, manufacturer um here in the west, and they produce this drone to basically turn into what is basically a kamikaze drone. Now they have a whole host of different capabilities out there, whether it be you know, surveillance, target acquisition, etc.

But this one is specifically designed to destroy targets. It is a kamikaze one way trip to a target and is going to nuke it from above and not literally nuke it, of course, im not gon na. Have tactical nuclear warhead drones wait a minute Music wait a minute, take a step back. That could be another discussion for another day drone nuclear warheads, but in all honesty this really has spoke to me a little today, because when i saw a news article talking about this equipment and, of course, how prominent it is on the battlefield of today, specifically in Ukraine uh. It really woke me up to say that yes, ive talked about drones, a lot on my channel in the past and how fantastic they are and how theyre changing the modern battlefield, blah blah blah blah blah blah. But the reality is. Is that these things really are completely throwing traditional combat and traditional tactics out the window? They really are im in the artillery. I love my trade. I love what i do im never going to deploy in an operational environment where im actually going to put rounds down range, i say, never, never say never! Uh with the artillery im, an army reservist im here to basically train and and practice to do things that really arent relevant to the modern day environment with the equipment i use but thats off the point. The reason im bringing that up is because im starting to see that the artillery may need to start emphasizing more on this technology.

Truly. So when you talk about the excalibur 155 millimeter artillery round, it is a very sophisticated precision, guidance warhead that can be basically gps. Guided onto a target, its incredible, very expensive, very accurate, and from what ive heard from the users its a bit of a pain in the butt to use its very specific, its temperamental, it has to be used before certain period when you set it off into its Sort of programming mode theres, a lot of you – know, processes that has to go through its fairly complicated for something that youre punching down the bowel of 155 millimeter caliber gun. However, when you launch that round off it goes and theres not a huge amount, you can do with it once its in the air and it programs onto its target with something like switchblade, were talking about something that a isnt quite as complicated b, is not so Much a fire and forget, you know youre, not launching this thing and saying: okay well off, it goes just leave it on its own. You do have to do some manual intervention, but the reality is. Is you dont need a seven man crew to set this thing up? You can literally pump it out a tube it pops out and off. It goes, and you can have a one or two man team. That does that and then basically one individual that just monitors through the camera of using this thing now it is truly a kamikaze drone.

It is there to literally see what its going to engage dive bomb it from above and take it out theres. So much talk about anti tank, guided missiles today, whether it be javelin n law, etc, etc, etc. But i truly feel that the world of military technology needs to start really waking up to the threat that this kind of equipment is because a theyre going to be a lot cheaper than an excalibur round. Theyre quicker to set up theyre easier to set up. They can be produced in mass youd. Think that something like an artillery round is fairly simple to produce and in essence it is. You know you have your casing. You have the metallic projectile itself, you have the gps warhead that goes inside of you. Have the explosives sit inside and in essence, its fairly simple, but its a heavy bit of kit the logistics that follows behind trying to get that projectile to engage the target 155 millimeters of heavy duty projectile to hit this target theres a lot going on. In the background, youve got to get the gun set up. Youve got to tow the gun. Youve got to train the soldiers, seven of them youve got to load, it youve got to prime it it needs propellant, it needs the gps set up for it. It needs to be programmed, it needs to be guided onto its target with specific coordinates and the gun needs to be laid into position counter battery artillery fire.

The the list is endless in regards to modern artillery, being, i wouldnt say, impacted severely with this kind technology, but its really starting to change it up. When you launch one of these things, not only you gathering intel with it, you can use its camera, you can use its um. You know its drone, like you, know, surveillance capabilities, but on top of that, once youve found a target, you can engage it and kill it almost instantaneously at about probably six times less the cost than you would with say a predator or a reaper or the more Sophisticated flyby systems that require a pilot thats, very you, know very highly trained uh. You know lives somewhere in freaking. You know nevada and hangs out to nellis air force base. This doesnt need that youve got an infantry soldier on the field that can bring a couple of two of these along with him and take out you know, t80, t90 or whatever tank for that matter from a long distance away and at the same time, on the Way there gather a ton of intelligence and once its taken out the vehicle, there is absolutely no evidence of it obviously occurring ever again its its gone, its its destroyed itself, youre, not concerned about you know if the reaper gets shot down or a predator gets shot Down theres a lot of technology inside of that equipment right, they expect it to come home its designed, so it doesnt really matter too much if it crashes, but theres still technology in situations where having a predator or reaper on the more sophisticated surveillance and even attack Drones being captured by ground forces could cause some problems.

This thing, i mean its small enough that if you wanted to say you know what this isnt working out for me right now were probably gon na, get this thing captured by someone and try and use it. I just nose dive it to the ground and take itself out, and even then it doesnt have anywhere near the level of sophistication of which a predator or reaper drone would have if it crashed into the ground. I i feel that this kind of technology is obviously around but not being noticed or implemented enough um. I recently went to uh. You know the us militarys uh social media group and started searching through what drones they have and, of course, theres. A plethora of drones. Theyre using including looking at the switchblade 300 and all the technology that it provides from error environment, but it doesnt seem like its a prominent tactic that they want to capitalize on wholeheartedly. We talk about. You know, tanks artillery the air force infantry and all of those applications can use this. You can launch it from a plane or a helicopter. The artillery can use it just as a standalone system. You could create a battery of these things. You know 25 tubes of these things. You set them up quickly out the back of a truck you need, you know a team of maybe three. Instead of a team of seven and youve launched, you know 20 programmable long distance, guided weapon systems that are very accurate and have a whole multitude of other capabilities that protect it from uh.

You know for outside from killing buddy that you didnt mean to you know its got the wave off procedure, so you dont just program this thing to go into kamikaze mode it gives out and then just like you know what no im not going to listen to You now ive already locked onto my target. No, you can actually tell this thing to bugger off and come back later. If you want it to and again even if you dont use any of those 20 drones in the artillery setting, you can use them. As you know, surveillance and target acquisition things like that um infantry, take a couple of tubes of these. Along with you, yes, youre gon na have your javelin youre gon na, have that you know short to medium range engagement package, but now, with two of these things behind you, you can take out tanks from in the long distance range right and again gathering so much Intel for um, you know the brigade or the battle group behind you with it, going on route, um and also im, not too sure. If its able to provide live, recordable feed, i presume it would be that it can store the data, but its also good for an after action review right, seeing whether or not uh targets reacted well enough to one of these things hitting it. You know if youre putting in a lot of warhead explosives into these things and youre putting it on top of a tank, and you found out that didnt actually kill it.

You can start learning about the you know: the capabilities of equipment that youre engaging with these things, theres so much information and capability that these things have, and i only really woke up to it today and and kind of said to myself holy cow. This is insane like its its insanity that ive not realized the importance of drone technology, and you know if youve watched my channel, how much ive pun, the pun droned on about drones. But its true guys like this is insanity that you can launch these kind of things and take out a you know: million dollar tank couple of million dollar tanks with something that costs ten thousand dollars. You can launch up to a range of like 15 to 20 kilometers and nowhere near the logistical burden which artillery unit regiment battery whatever it may be, um and its its baffling to me that no ones really taking it very seriously. I mean yes, they are being used quite heavily in the war of ukraine theres thousands of these things being sent out, but you know when i talked to a couple of my friends in the uk about drone technology theyre more more heavily relayed on to the you Know, surveillance acquisition, side and just you know, get gathering intel, not the engagement side, maybe theyre just not quite needing it right now. I dont know maybe all the moneys going towards the beautiful challenger 3., but id love to hear your opinion on these kind of drones.

Folks, what do you think of the switchblade um theres, so many other videos out there talking about what they can do their capabilities? You saw a little bit in the footage you can see some of the features it has im not going to harp on about it. Specifically and what it can do because its just been beaten like a dead horse, but i want to know what you think about this kind of um. You know kamikaze style. Drone technology. Do you feel its going to be expanded upon as a larger scale? I mean? Were talking about drones that can be sent out take out carriers, ships, you know that are cheap mass industrialized that dont cost a lot of lots of money, but can be automated or manually control to take out ships um, even underwater drone technology like underwater drone torpedoes. I know that sounds ridiculous, but this is where were kind of getting to you know and of course it never negates the need for infantry armored artillery theres always going to be a place in the battlefield for the big heavy combat groups, but this seems like it Could be a whole new realm of combat trade? You know we talk about infantry. We talk about armoured, we talk about artillery and engineers right. Why arent we talking about electronic drone technology regiments, like literally all they do, is go out and hunt and kill with drones. Like this um yeah, its its fascinating to me – and i truly think in the next 10 to 20 years – were gon na see that youre going to have a combat arms that doesnt, just you know, artillery doesnt just embrace this.

It may be an incompletely new doctrine of combat trade that is given to militaries around the world right, your infantry, your artillery, your armored and your you know: specialist drone, tech, drone, ops, a drone drone combat trade. I think its i think its coming. I really do you know the development of technology today and the speed its going is insane and, unfortunately, war tends to speed up this kind of technology substantially, certainly not something. You know that i can really stand behind, knowing that you know this is happening in real life, but it is happening and at least its a technology thats benefiting a side, thats uh, using it to full effect. I guess thats all i can say about that anyway. Please let me know your thoughts on this id love to hear about it and uh. If you did enjoy todays video, please click the little bell by the subscribe button and uh. Thank you. Everyone whos been supporting me both on patreon and paypal. It really does mean a lot and, of course, if you do want to follow me on social media, ive got my instagram, my facebook and all the other links below. Also, if you want to go check out my sponsorship company, that im working with attire for effect, they make artillery based clothing and branding stuff, its really cool, go check out their website, some really fun stuff there, its a veteran owned business, and i support them wholeheartedly.