Ive never had this sensation. In my life, ive got the high ive got a high from the spice right now. Oh, my god, you could ask me my social security. You could ask me my social insecurity ill. Tell you all the answers i want to live in this moment forever, whats going on guys my chin here in san gabriel valley. This is one of my favorite place to go in the greater los angeles area, because this is home everywhere. You look chinese food. You want to go a little further down. You got vietnamese food korean food. It just feels so comfortable being here, because every morning i wake up. Good food is only about a few minutes away, and today one of my favorite places uh lous garden. This is one of my favorite place, because this is like the most comforting food. You can get in the morning, i believe, but todays video is gon na, be a little special because were going to a few places today, and i got a special guest with me and hes coming right now, im coming for the first time, yeah you are yeah. I brought my own microphone even i miked myself at home, hey, hey, im glad you took the initiative to microsoft at home, yes, im using my mic. First of all, sonny from best ever food review show, if you dont know him watch them links down below. I have no idea what were doing today.

I just showed up were shooting. Do you know about the 626? I dont know anything about california, im from minnesota and ive spent, maybe in my entire life 10 days in california, the 66 area cult. So this whole area is basically a chinese like, i said china city, if you want to call it that but theres korean food theres, vietnamese food, its like asian central here. This is just like limitless good, eats today. Im going to take you on some of my favorite places. Okay, i know youre good at eating. You know exotic stuff, cheese and cheese yeah, but are you good at eating spicy stuff? I can do it. I can, i know yeah. I knew we were doing something with spice. I can have anything you can do. I can do oh wow, okay, this is like a well. Do you remember those commercials anything you can do. I can do better. Those those i think those are burger. King commercials im not that old mike were both millennials by the way i dont, i dont, think youre a millennial. I think youd missed it. You narrowly missed it anyway uh. So what i like to do is feed us some good food before we explode our stomachs with the last dish. All right first place were going to one of my favorite places. Yummy breakfast food lets go lets go. This is gorgeous yeah, so thats. How this place works is that they have a pretty much like a buffet set up here, just get whatever you want, theyll scoop it up.

For you, i mean what i love about. This place is like this is like your asian grandmas kitchen. If you had an asian grandma yeah, you grandma, i do thats what i thought. Okay, i was adopted yeah, so whatever you think looks good get it, but we have to get the tomatoes and eggs thats. 100 musket, okay, ive never had that. Oh this looks so good. This pork yeah were going to get the pork chop one of my absolute favorite things in any kind of asian market. That is the best one. So we got that we got trotters. What else looks good to you? What else do you want? Oh you got to try this. That is the spicy pork belly, potatoes very good. Yes, i think so too. You ever had jellyfish. I have, and can i tell you something yeah it was awful. I did not like it, so i want to see if i like it here. Okay, she says its good. I know she might say that about all the food. No all the food here is good. Ive tried pretty much all this stuff is that some kind of seaweed over there in the corner have you had seaweed yeah yeah no lets get some chinese food. Okay, its a lot of food, come on man, youre, a big guy im, a big guy. We can fill up Music – oh, i hope, youre hungry for breakfast, so how many meals are we having today, were having three official meals, three meals – and this is but each meal were having multiple dishes heres.

What we got tomatoes and eggs is a chinese staple and then weve got the trip, pig trotters, the hong kong, pork belly and soy sauce, braised and soy sauce. We got some cold dishes here and then kanji i dont like in vietnam. They have their own plenty of kanji right, yeah, ive even had kanji when ive been sick in vietnam and kanji. There is just outstanding, i mean its so wholesome. The country in china depends on where you are so. Northern country is really kind of sweet and soupy. So inside got some sweet potatoes here you go bud. Thank you. Oh. What is this? Oh theres? Oh thank you. They just brought us an egg omelette dish. Thank you, terry. I thought it was a belgian waffle at first dude. Nothing here is belgian and nothing here is a waffle right. The giant ceramic spoon we dont need to use spoons for, for this, kanji use your chopsticks, i mean you could use sprinkles thats fine, but i like to just use my chopsticks help yourself. What do you want? You want the yeah thats, what i want right away if theres one mandarin word, i learned today it should be what this is, because i want to order this every time i come to a restaurant like this. How do you say it? Homings, red shaw means roasted no means meat red, roasted meat, which pretty much is what this is smells good, its stupid, good, oh it melts so well, and this pork belly, you wont, find it in any mainstream grocery store in the usa.

You have to go to an asian market here if you get any kind of pork belly its going to be cured bacon and you cant get something unseasoned. I also dont think people in the u.s a lot of people in your way. I dont think they enjoy the pork fat. Like soft rice, you know people will love the bacon its cured its chewy. The fat is chewy, but here the fat melts and you want it to melt thats. So delicious lets try the egg. What do you call the so i always call it like a soy sauce egg. Its a ludan basically means its a marinated braised egg, its not a tea, theres theres, a difference. How good is that egg, this sauce thats on here its a little sweet, its a little savory. It tastes like the pork juices, have just really cooked down and reduced. They made this thick delicious sauce and then that permeates the egg on the white and it just soaks up that flavor its so good, okay, try, the tomatoes and eggs. This is every single chinese persons, favorite dish in the world shout out. Oh, you just throw that right in the conjunction, oh, threw it around the conch, its fine dont worry about it. This usually goes better on rice, but kanji is fine. All right its great its like scrambled eggs with tomato lets go for it. Does it feel, like your asian grandma, just hugged you its interesting because for you this creates a feeling of familiarity and something youve tasted many times before and for me im trying to figure it out hows, it feel to have a grandma agent, grandma hug you for The first time ever i like it, you like it even my own grandmother.

I dont think she owned me that much no thats, the asian grandmas hug right there. There you go, have a picture. I like this, the way its broken its like this pig had a gambling dent and some he just took him behind the barn and broke his legs. Music like that hit a woman. No is that, like a chinese five spice, you think chinese five spice is definitely used a lot of soy sauce um. Definitely some sugar me at age 12 would not appreciate this at all, but were you growing up with stuff like this? Every chinese clip before the age of 10 had a pig trot in his mouth, where her mouth yeah yeah thats just the way it goes yeah i just didnt grow up with it and so its so different. It took me time in my 20s and 30s to really come to appreciate these types of textures, and now i love it. You know whats so great about this. If you like meat, it has, if you like fat, it has, if you like little just lattice tendon collagen it has it the tendon like that. So whenever i get fog, my favorite cut is tender, because i love the texture, yes and thats. What that is a little bit gelatin is, but its got a little bit of density to it, so you can really rip through it, with your teeth, awesome and plus, like thats one of those dishes that the more you chew.

You see that the more with the flavor profile builds and releases thats. What i love about it like gushers is that a was that a was that a minnesota traditional dish, gushers yeah, you had that one i did have that. You know what i i saw. My friends have that, because i mean i have asian parents, they would never buy me like fruit roll ups, or so i see my western friends roll out the sheet of like whatever it is. I dont even know what it was im just like. Oh, i want that because it comes in a different shape and then, when gushers came out, theyre like youll, put this in your mouth and its just the most exciting thing ever im like well like a tea egg, and then it was this custarine chewy fruit yeah Its just sugar juice yeah lets try this traditional taiwanese uh egg omelette. So youve had something like this before yeah, but i never had a traditional taiwanese one. Thank you, so i am kind of intrigued by it yeah. I think ive probably had something similar to this. In taiwan, delicious sometimes for me, the worst thing you put in an omelette is that super processed ham and then super processed cheese because thats, all it tastes like, is processed crab. This is all in one direction and its just very oniony. Did you just give a shout out to one direction i did, and it must be about 98 degrees, its very hot yeah, thanks for that and uh? Is it in sync, with your taste buds yes hold on im, trying thinking more come on were running out of glitter.

You got me, i think the also the awesome thing is theres. Some radish in here you taste that the crunchy radish i did not, but i believe you its also really meaty here. This is 100 musketeer. If you come here, okay were on to your favorite dish, the the jellyfish okay. So i did a whole video about jellyfish. In vietnam, okay, most of the jellyfish caught vietnam and they catch tons of it and they send it almost all to china. So folks, here love it every time i tried it in every different form. It just felt and tasted the same. It does not absorb flavor. It always just was kind of hard to chew through the texture, didnt change like really nothing. You did to a change check out how we do it right im very excited to try it. Oh you dont, like it. No thats good. Oh, you know its almost like a um. Oh, what do you call the korean noodle chop? Chick? Oh because it has sesame oil, sesame oil and also a lot of ginger theres, no fishiness gaminess to this whatsoever, its crunchy. Despite how jellyfish look its super crunchy – and you know you know how like, when people get steamed by jellyfish, they just like scream and run off, i would take it and cook it all right. This is also my favorite twice cooked pork. This is something you never had before either right. This is more of a chinese dish, but this is more of your cured pork belly and chase it with some spicy potatoes, which my my western friends call chinese.

French fries. Okay got it. I would never call it that, thank you, maybe hash browns! No, no! It doesnt! Look like your french fries. Stop all right! Stop chocolate shop, theres! No one theres something sweet in the sauce, its spicy thats, delicious buddy! You got to try this ever try this before. All right, this looks like the mid section of a fish. Am i correct? Do you know what this fish is um, no, its called a hair tail fish. It is one of the most traditional and popular fish in china. Look at this once you peel it apart and then the middle has like a spine once you get rid of all this its pretty much pure meat and pretty much not that many bones: okay, it has bones on the side right here. Just be careful of that and then im and just eat from the side Music chinese. This is called daiyu like really good, theres, no little bones in the meat. As long as you get the big bones out, they use like a fillet yeah. You have to be really smart to eat this because you could easily do it wrong and when i was when i lived in korea, i always hated the small fish because they would have so many bones. But i think part of the problem is, i didnt know how to eat it properly wow. So this is like the the tenderloin of the fish. If there was such a thing, so the spine just comes out so easily, and i bet somebody came back to fry this up.

We could eat this too, and then this is just some pure meat log right here. Try that oh its all wet to me, though thats your drinking food, i dont drink, so ill trust you on that all right. So what are we trying now seaweed? Sorry, oh its so good. We usually cook it with little vinegar, little chilies, how you like that thats really good is that the best way ever has seaweed. That is some of the best seaweed ive ever had yeah. The texture of seaweed is so incredible and you just have to know how to prepare it or find someone who knows how to prepare it or come here theyre. So crunchy and nice little garlic, little chilies perfect. We got ta eat up because uh we got ta have a full stomach before we go to the last place because thats, where you cant explode, a solid stomach unless its full so were gon na get up and weve got another place to go so were gon Na eat up there, then the explosion happens. Lets do it. Music, do Music, Music, do Music, okay, location number! Two now have you ever had shampoo before no is that, like general towels, chicken im, sorry, i i should have done that. Can you cut that out? Actually, good day to you, sir, all right, but like orange chicken i said good day sesame, chicken, cream cheese, wontons, all right im, making fun of that type of person, but im, not thats.

Not me, im cultured, is is, is that bandana too tight on your head? Its cutting off the circulation yeah all right sham food, uh its a lot of noodles theres, a lot of buns because we were from the north and so theres a lot of heavy spices, a lot of chilies a lot of sour vinegar stuff. Is it cold there? Its cold there, its real winter, yes, because whats really interesting about china – is its so huge yeah and even uh theres such a range of uh longitude yeah that theres places that are hot all year, yeah and then theres places with intense winters, yeah im guessing you Would want more energy packed food for those yeah cold places? You want things that are hearty that are spicy, because you want to keep warm because when i lived there was a long time ago like we didnt have heat in our apartments. So i lived by every day going home im stuffing chili filled noodles down my throat and then afterwards i feel good. I dont need a jack when i go outside. That is what we love heavy flavors, a lot of meat, a lot of noodles three, most popular shion dishes in front of us. Have you had anything like this before all right? That looks like noodles? Yes, are these rice noodles? These are not. These are uh. These are actually made with flour. You know how to make this. You have to literally wash dough until, like your your water is concentrated with like excess flour, and then you steam it and it becomes these noodles.

Oh, this is the number one most popular item to get. This is also really popular. This is called lamb, pizza, soup, so theres little pita bits in there thats cooked into the soup, with lamb and woody or mushroom, with your mushroom got some scallions some noodles. Oh, that looks really good yeah and you eat it with pickled garlic, so you dont put hot oil on this. You put garlic chilies in i smell this. You smell it just dont like dont, i was gon na, say dont snort it. No. I dont smell it. This is how i smell stuff, especially in l.a, its so inappropriate thats, why it smells good. Its super fresh, im, gon na add all of it. Okay – and this is my pride and joy – this is called guess the name of this um. What does it look like to you, a bowl of chicken? Oh, what bowl of chicken big bowl of chicken is that full of chicken thats, the real name, the translation, a big? Well. Actually, they call it big plated chicken, oh okay, ill! Take it yeah! I didnt. Even recognize that as chicken at first that sauce is so dark. Are you ready for this surprise surprise for you, my friend yeah? Is this noodles surprise surprise noodles inside these are the chickens big sheets of noodles noodles? Have you ever had these noodles before its like lasagna and called noodles giant bell sized noodles inside the chicken wow? Those are awesome and then you cover it with the sauce and the chicken theres potatoes in here and theres onions.

So how many people should this feed one? So this is the best thing here i always get this here, but before we get to this lets. Try the liam p, because i want you to try this choppy sticks chopped sticks for you by the way. Thank you for chopsticks whats, your preference. I prefer chopsticks. Okay, do you know why i like chopsticks? Why, first of all did you know chinese also invented a fork? Is that right, yeah, but we chose chopsticks over thousands of years wow. Secondly, ultimate flex like we created something even more effective and didnt, want to use it right and then the second reason is, if youre ever in the wild right, you need some utensils, two branches thats. All you need here, try this all right plate me up. That looks, awesome yeah, so just a really broad wide noodle smells good, its really cold thats. Your first impression of this yeah thats delicious did that chariot was called noodles. I didnt no, no, no, its called noodles a little spicy mm, hmm, but arent you spicy uh huh. I was looking at you with like this. This anticipation that you were gon na love this the first words out of your mouth, was its cold. Thank thank you. Its yes, its cold, i enjoy it, but im like whats going on in there theres. Is there something fermented in here, no first of all notice how chewy this is right? Yes, so should we show you elasticate? Secondly, a little vinegar in here little sesame, paste thats, where you get the creaminess from taste, yeah theres, something thats, almost a little chalky how about gluten my friend a a pure gluten, a gluten gluten? How good is that gluten, its quite a gluten thats called a gluten? No, it is gluten, its literally a piece of gluten.

Oh im, going to sneak that into my brothers. Food youll be able to go to work for a week happiness. I i feel like im not getting as much happiness from you im. So sorry, um, the flavor is its not like what we just had its a little different from what we just had, because the flavors are a little bit more understated. No, i like the texture. I think elasticy is a good word to describe yes noodles. Well, let me give you some of this. This is uh lampeda, soup uh. This is another very traditional dish. Let me give it to you in the bowl here: have some lamb? Are you a lamb lover or no? Oh yeah? I like that some people is a little too gamey for them. No, i like the game. There you go. Thank you. There are pieces of pita thats bread, thats bread. I know ive never seen a dish like this yeah, its gon na be try the texture. Oh you know what mm hmm. This reminds me of uzbekistan. Oh you went to his magazine too. Did you guys? Everybody wants come on its so tender yeah? But you know the star of this is really the pita thats. What xian people love so like you? If you go to xian, they give they dont give it to you like this. They give you like an actual bread. You have to kind of make it into the little pieces yourself with your hands so its like a workout before you eat yeah, so ive never had any chinese food with lamb and with these kind of like really bold, hearty flavors, you get a garlic and then You eat that Music.

You like that. I like that. A lot is this: on the silk trail: the silk road yeah, because yeah the silk road has a completely different kind of culinary identity, especially as you go from nation to nation. Yeah and uzbekistan is also on the silk road. I dont have a better comparison, but it just reminds me of yeah those strong flavors. I had there yeah and it doesnt taste at all like any chinese food ive ever known. This is very unique, because china also has a lot of uh uyghurs. They cook a lot of land, so this is uh. This is a dish that a lot of weekenders will cook as well. Uncle roger just dont recognize those people. No, i dont think so. Here you go, buddy, try this right! So these! What do you call these big flat, noodles theyre called noodles. You know why theyre called bamboo noodles because when they are made theyre slapped on the counter – and it makes this bamboo sound and have a piece of chicken. Let me get you nice chicken. Is it just its hacked up randomly right, so yeah so watch out watch out for the bones. Did i get this piece right here? Yeah get the piece look at that. This is just straight carbs, with a nice layer of sauce on the outside its sticky, its like youre gon na hate this, but its like. When you get lasagna – and i im – i mean i get lasagna – i got fettucini any other dishes.

You want to compare this to that they make at the olive garden, no actually for the people watching who havent had real chinese food. I just thought itd be a good comparison. No, it is im just teasing you like, when you have two pieces of lasagna that are stuffed together: theyve kind of caked, together, okay heres and its really carby im gon na start im gon na stop you right. There uh huh its cake together because we kind of let it sit a little bit im gon na give you the noodles that thats kind of more fresh, because its not supposed to be stuck together all right. So this is in its original form, its supposed to be a noodle, its not supposed to be stuck together here. Okay, try this out. Okay, feel that texture feel that bounciness doesnt. It feel like this noodles been like working at a trampoline park right its so bouncy yeah. If i finished a marathon id want to break through one of those, i got a recipe for this. You guys want to try, make it at home ill put the link down below you can make it at home too. This is not hard to make, but its one. It is my favorite noodle in the world, but you have to make this from scratch right. Yeah its easy, you dont find theres no box like, for example, if you had bow tie pasta, no, no theres, no box like this.

No okay, you got it without the stretchiness. Without your hand, making a stretch, it will not stretch Music, all right. Last meal of the day, are you ready to be hurt by the killer? Noodle im yeah im very excited its uh, its gon na be spicy. I i hope so its not just gon na be spicy its gon na be spicy and numbing, no okay, but then it cant hurt you. What do you cant? Hurt you? Okay, it cancels each other out, no, it doesnt. It makes it worse. Listen! Let me listen to this logic. Spice painful yeah numbing reduces pain. What do you do when you go to the dentist you get it numbed up its like novocaine, in a weird way that doesnt make sense, yeah thats thats, not what these noodles do. They they make. You numb in a bad way and they burn you in a bad way or actually in a good way in a delicious way, but also painful hes like trying to hurt me and hes trying to sell the thread. Why? Why arent you afraid this? You should be afraid right now, oh its oh, like for the video for the drama, its called killer. Noodle this you know its supposed to be the spiciest in los angeles and its you can adjust your spice level in the num level. Were going all out were going full and full the scale is the scale one through five. I think so, and are you so youre going five and five five and five youre, not even gon na go off menu until i get you want to.

I bet theres an off menu option. We can ask them, do you want to go off menu yeah? Well, just tell them the spiciest. They can make it yeah whatever you want this to be im, not edible, though i want it to taste good and be spicy. Okay, so well see what they think is the perfect balance of that well, have them bring it lets. Do it all right all right, so you ready for this yeah. This is a dry ramen noodle with um just tons of peppercorn. The peppercorn is actually mainly mixed with ghost peppers, so we asked for level six, which is this is the max you can. You can do for for ronaldo whats, the spiciest chili you have so far in our life, so yeah, the ghost pepper. I had ghost peppers in india where they come from yeah and thats it thats it. I did one thats crazy. I told you right. I did the carolina reaper, curry, challenge that was ill link it below guys. That was the worst week of my life. Remember before how i was excited, yeah, not anymore, im im here, im smelling it just the pepper itself is: does it smell like terror yeah its? It smells brutal, yeah its borderline, not food, no offense to the person. Well, i mean it looks i mean i made it but uh. I think it tastes pretty good. I did last time i had it. I was like well, it tastes, pretty good theres, just so much spice for the amount of ramen yeah its theres.

A ball is that peppercorn no thats a bowl of meat. I thought this was an ice cream scoop of peppercorn. That would be amazing. All right. We destroyed it, weve mixed everything together. So its really, it seems like a chili oil, almost dont smell it dont was that real. That was real. The reactions. Oh, you got some nice nostrils. Yeah weve been snorting up there. Im very competitive, ive lost all sensation in my nostrils, its l.a cant bother me im good. You know whats happening to me right now. Sometimes when you smell spicy food, your mouth automatically salivates. I cant stop salivating because its it just smells like something. So it smells good im, just kind of excited to eat this. It does all right, cheers friends, my one and only goal mm hmm is to keep my composure while eating with mike chen world famous were taking on chili oil spices chilis things of that nature. If i can hold my own with you im the top of the top im, a spice lord as they say so, are there such one um peppercorns in here yeah there is. I love that yeah ive had such one hot pot before freaking love it yeah. This is too much numminess for you right now. How do you feel i feel in the middle between numbing and pain? I feel im detoxifying im starting to sweat a little bit yeah, okay, thats, why you got your bandana on youre good? How do you feel i feel pretty good? All right lets, keep going.

I like the flavor. I like the noodles theres, a nice chew on those noodles yeah nice thick ramen noodle, like very weedy, thick noodle, the thing about the peppercorns, the more you eat it. It has almost like a metallic fit flavor in your mouth thats enjoyable. I dont know how to explain it. Oh, you know what its like, what its like, when you have a nine volt battery and you put it on your tongue, this tastes like electricity, please nobody put nine volt batteries on your tongue. Can i make a suggestion? I think we get a spoon uh huh like this uh huh full of meat and spices, yeah and juice lets. Do it and nuts and take it down. I like it, lets hit it here. We go Music, thats, pretty flavorful the almonds kind of sweet, bring a nice sweetness to it. Do this just just dont. Do anything just be quiet. Five seconds i feel like ants are walking around in my mouth. I feel like my mouth is like electrified, like electricity, the battery through my mouth yeah youre, reminded of the of the nine volt battery ive. Never had that much sensation in my life. Have you ever been into a fabric? I uh no not directly and ive ive had i thought. Ive had special one hot pot, but ive never had this much direct contact with the peppercorns whoa. It feels so cool thats like a whole new sensation.

For me, i love that really wow im, just gon na have like some snot rolled up my face pretty soon i like it im. Are you gon na keep eating yeah? Oh boy come on lets. Do it i feel, like im, wrapped in a warm blanket on a hot day in hell, its very nice. This is a great dish to eat. In the winter we dont have heat, no yeah, no kidding um. You know a lot of people they know mark. They know trevor, they know me, they know you of us four who do you think handles spice the best im gon na sing mark. I was gon na say its probably between you and mark mark and i have done some spicy stuff, but you get trained in thailand. Yeah, thailand, thats, really spicy food. Vietnam is not thats where i live and theres like no air conditioning all right. Oh you keep eating. Why do you keep eating without freezer its giving me a little bit of a headache? Thats, just a chili, you got ta push pasta dude. My mouth feels crazy. Its like tv static. Do you feel like its like? My mouth fell asleep. You know like when your foot falls asleep uh huh, i feel like my mouth fell. Asleep. Has it moved up from a 9 volt battery to like a 12 volt yeah its like a car battery, now its good to sweat every once in a while? Without going to the gym were basically burning, calories, yeah, thats whats, going to ask you: do you feel like we burned some calories yeah its basically net zero, its like eating celery? I see sweat coming down to spite the banana.

Is your banana wet right now, uh uh huh you wan na touch it i dont know: yeah dude is damp. Oh, i wan na die. Well, ive never had this sensation. In my life i got the high ive got a high from the spice right now. Oh, my god, you could ask me my social security. You could ask me my social insecurity ill. Tell you all the answers last bite right here. Yeah good job boom is that the spiciest thing youve ever had in your life. No, no more spicier these stupid wings. I had in new orleans drink drink of tea. Oh no, are you sure? Is it going to make the pain go away? You want the pain to go away. No. I want to live in this moment forever, so i just want to keep like feeling it. It feels so weird did you know if you use something too spicy it messes with your equilibrium like after i did the carolina reaper thing i couldnt stand up mm. Hmm because, like i stand up, my blood pressure is like messed up. I feel think so. I was crawling to the bathroom for the next few days. Did you like the noodles i like them, uh huh yeah? I wouldnt do this every day and im definitely gon na regret it, but this was this was great fun. So what i like about this, i dont think they put anything fake in here. Like uh.

Excuse me, like did i just burn your finger. Yeah. Did you see the floor? Yeah i saw the flame come out. Theres no chili extract. I just asked everythings natural and so thats. Why thats, where its supposed to be because it hurts you, but it hurts you as nature intended. So what i mean is this: the ghost pepper is the hottest chili that god created, and then man did a bunch of weird breeding yeah in the back room with some spotlights in the camera. And then somehow we got the carolina, reaper yeah, unnatural, but very very hot. Yes, you know what im talking about, and so this is what were supposed to be able to tolerate as humans, and then people have just taken it way too far. But i like this, you like this yeah, okay, well, im glad you like it, because we had a second boat coming up with a suit. Are you serious right now i dont want to see your face. I know were gon na take was pure panic. I thought were gon na. Take two bites, like your eyes were just bald youre youre just like. If that was true, would you have like just dyed it right in front of the bowl of soup? No, i would have done it yeah, okay, theres anything for you. Mike chen all right, well, thats it man. Thank you for being such a good sport. Today, i i i got you some comfort food and i try to destroy you a little bit yeah.

That was fun, so i feel like two people, whos been through comfort and pain, can really build a strong friendship. Yes, because any time you go through something difficult with someone else, it brings you closer. It does its like people who you know go to war together. Yeah or eat spicy food together, basically the same russia, fraternity same yeah, similar stuff like that really fun doing this with you today, yeah me too um. I think its long overdue and uh thanks for uh again being such a good sport and i didnt, have to do anything. I just showed you brought me around and you treated me to like three lunches in a row: hey all in a row im glad you liked everything and you ate everything – absolutely so uh, again really good to hang out with you here in los angeles, who would Have thought you would be in los angeles? This is where we hang out were a couple los angeles over here. Being hollywood types of us guys right who people say you look like um kanye, west well, people say i look like that. Guy from the rush hour movies, i mean i google chris tucker but yeah i dont see it. I dont see it huh hold on say: do you understand the words coming on my mom? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth a little bit? Do i no, maybe its the hair anyway buddy uh, so fun hanging out with you guys check him out best ever food review show ill put the link down below for you.