We have snow so uh, since we have snow today, im gon na take out an rc vehicle that is, gas. Powered has tracks on the back skis on the front and im gon na sling it down all over the place in the snow. Here i dont think it goes very fast, but ill put a camera on it and well see how it goes. You want to see it its pretty big check this out its in the back of my jeep. All right so lets open this up and there it is over there and theres some gas over there. Let me grab this gopro here and ill put it over here. So you can see it as i pull out this beast, so let me just drag it back. It is kind of heavy, even though its made out of aluminum there we go so yeah its uh, pretty darn sweet. So this should be a lot of fun to drive around in the snow if it works. Oh, my god, this things heavy, i havent driven this for a while. So i dont know how well its gon na work out here. So uh lets put it down. Put some gas in it and get it running. We got the remote control down here and we got ta put some gas in it. Take the gloves off all right. So, as i put some gas in it, let me tell you a little bit about this baby here, so uh its a 30.

5 cc engine, i believe uh its mostly constructed of aluminum, some plastic, probably some hard metal. It probably has horsepower im gon na guess. Probably four or five horsepower it cant be that much but its geared so that it has enough power to turn these huge tracks in the back this model here when i bought it three years ago, it comes with summer tires for the back in the front. So you take off the tracks in the back, you take off the skis in the front you put the summer tires on and you drive it around in the summer and then in the winter you put everything back on the fuel that im putting in here is Just straight gas uh its 25 to 1 for the oil whoa. Well, i just put too much gas in that. Oh, i got to burn that off. There is a battery inside that it comes with, and theres a little charging unit. You just plug it right into the front and you let it charge up, for i dont know just an hour or two or something like that and then thats pretty much it and then uh its all charged and its ready to go so watch this so that It powered on on the controller is on. This is the included controller, and then i have an on button down here, which i can barely see there. We go. I turn you on, and that means my skis.

If i lift this up, let me see, can i lift this up? Try to find an area where i can get my finger there we go so we can steer it and we have gas and we have brake and all the other good stuff. So uh lets start it up now all right to start these things is pretty simple: you have a little bubble and you have a gas return line. All you have to do is push the bubble until you see all the bubbles pretty much go out of the return line. I dont know if my hat cam is picking that up there we go theyre all done, and then you have a little choke down here. You push it down and with my cold heads lets, start her up and its going to sound like a chainsaw when it starts going all right come on Applause. Music. The snow is not very good today icy snow, i dont know i dont think its gon na be too good, but lets try it Music. I tell you its just tearing up the ground theres grass flying up in the air and everything the the tracks are spinning. So much but its not getting any traction, look what its done to the ground look at that it needs harder ground for something Music, so Music Applause, Music now lets check this. It made that sound like its out of gas and when i look in oh, i see some gas in there, yeah theres still gas, i dont know just sounded like it was out of gas.

Oh, i see what happened the choke the choke went on. For some reason here take the choke off yeah, so the choke went on, i dont know maybe snow or something ice got in it. So thats. Why i bogged out like that? No no choke! Now i know one of these tracks is loose. I saw it. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh ho ho thats, half the problem thats how we got no speed. We got ta fix that lets, see if i can fix this im, just gon na turn it on its side here for a second, you see its too loose. So the way to fix it is right here, theres, a little uh little type of waltz, and i dont know what it is a screw bolt or something you just have to spin it. It comes loose sometimes so you just see. I can spin it by hand that shouldnt you shouldnt be able to do that. So all you got to do is take a pair of pliers, spin, it and uh. What i need to do is put loctite on it, and then it wont do that. I havent put any loctite so thats. My fault, all right lets see. Is that good, so tight? If i get it tight and these things here, yeah thats tight, so now that its tight, this thing should haul ass on both tracks. Lets see that track is good check out the other track.

Yeah thats good enough, all right. So she starts great and lets see if it pulls us Applause. Oh yeah, yeah, now its too fast, oh yeah, baby Music, now its harder to control Music, uh, Music. Okay, im over here now that the track is fixed im going to see if i could drive it through here in the snow that i couldnt drive in before so lets, see all right here we go. The problem is everything: is Applause, Music, Music, hmm, Applause, Applause? There we go shut, that off, shut this off and uh shut this off there we go okay, so that was a blast, its always fun. When i take this thing out its always a blast, the only thing i have to do all the time is tighten the tracks because they do become loose and as soon as you tighten the tracks, you get tons of traction and you can go. Go go: go, go. I did have problems in the snow over there because its ice, its a layer of ice from rain on top of snow and what happens is uh. This things trying to push itself the skis and everything and the tracks uh yeah theyre. Just having difficulty but over here where the snow is a little bit softer and everything else like that, not a problem im sure if uh i took this out on a day where we had some light snow on top of this hard snow uh, then it would Just cruise along the top, but as soon as it falls through that ice, its its falling through the ice and the ice is about like two inches, so its yeah, its just getting bogged down but other than that.

It worked really well im, always amazed when i take this out, because i only use it in the winter. I dont really put the summer tires on in the summertime, because i have other gas powered vehicles that i use but uh. If this is all you owned. Well then, it would be fun. I dont know if you can still buy this because it was very popular. Maybe five years ago i bought it three three and a half years ago, maybe four years im not sure now, but uh its sold less and less, even though theyre still kind of made, but you can buy parts for them. I see them always on aliexpress and everything, but anyways all that to say that uh ill see if i can find one and if i can find one ill put links below just in case youd like to buy one for yourself. They are kind of pricey thats. For sure, because they come with the winter and the summer gear, so you have a winter vehicle and a summer vehicle, but theyre a lot of fun, especially you and the kids get out drive around, have a lot of fun. This is a lot of fun. Yeah.