Today, im reviewing the pixie a new picture, taking mini drone from the makers of snapchat, whose appeal i totally see you probably know. Snapcat is the hugely popular social media app that you should not be on if you were born before 1997., whenever i open snapchat, i know what to do and what all the buttons mean and why someone would use it thats. Why im so excited about the pixie? Its a little drone that buzzes around you and it snaps photos and videos. You know how a bumblebee will buzz around your face and wont leave you alone. Well, what if that bumblebee, was snapping pictures of your forehead, obviously thats a gadget we would all enjoy best of all, i didnt accidentally fly the pixie into a big pot of tortilla soup that was boiling on my stove. The pixie is available right now and it costs 229 thats a reasonable price that does not sound way way too high to me like crazy, high overall, i love the pixie and already know my friends on smack. Trap are going to love my pixie photos, and none of them are going to cyberbully me for how old i am the snapchat pixie a gadget.