We came here because we want to try to hit these little gaps with an x8 now youre thinking, x8 thats, eight motors right and the last time we had an eight motor drone. It had seven inch props, but i built something new, something really small that has an x8 form factor. This is going to be an awesome new inspection drone that were going to be able to use to inspect, really small spaces where humans shouldnt be going so were hoping at. This bando were going to be able to test out this thing and get in all the small gaps Music. So we recently did an episode with skype sonic. It was really cool. I recently got an opportunity to go up to detroit and fly with those guys and test out their inspection drone. The skyper sonic drone has a plastic bubble around it as protection to allow it to bump into objects, not damage the props or any of the internal workings or moving parts of the drone. Well, youre able to use this drone to do really cool things and really cool inspections in areas where humans cant necessarily go. While i was there, there was a couple of really small objects. We were trying to get the drone through and because it was so large and almost exactly the same size as the tube or tunnel were trying to go through. It got sucked against the sides a lot, and so, while i was there, i was thinking what.

If i can make this even smaller, so what about doing a smaller drone? Well, lately, weve been messing around a lot with this new baby shark that we make its a micro sized 2 inch prop drone, but yay big and it carries the shark bite hd system, which is great because you get hd video in the goggles, but its very Lightweight this thing, rips. In fact, we took it to this exact spot tore toured up doing some freestyle, bubby just went bananas, it was awesome and it definitely has some bumpability because its got the prop guard. So you can knock off things a little bit, but not so much as like something thats fully caged right its because its got that flat profile so thats. The challenge that shawn took on. Could we build a micro sized drone that had the capabilities of a fully caged drone Music? Why are there two battery connectors on this, so i wasnt sure how much power this thing was gon na need, i wasnt sure if one battery is gon na be sufficient. I wasnt sure if i put a battery on the top, if it was gon na throw off the weight. The whole idea of this design was to get the most stability possible, so i went ahead and put batteries on top and bottom just in case. I wanted to put a battery on the top and on the bottom, just in case, i needed the extra power of a second battery to either way itll be fine, okay, so its just more just for stability for stability, mainly yeah.

I had an awesome time flying the baby truck reselling it around this area um. But there was this one thing that paul was trying to do and i tried to do it and i kind of struggled with this pipe right here and its really small, eight inches or something like that and we its we could fly through there. But we were kind of bumping around and wed get tossed over and wed get stuck to the side of the wall, so i think seans little x8 thingy with the cage around. It would be really useful for something like this. So for this drone im going to want to be using angle mode because its in sections – well i mean, if you, if youre, going to try to go into some like really tight areas. Angle mode will help a little bit. Itll keep your focus on flying rather than trying to keep everything centered, so not only that if, if youre in angle mode theres an angle limit so its going to stop you from over correcting if you do bump into something gotcha, Music whoa, it sounds crazy. Watch out for the roof bubbies, i i couldnt see the room it feels faster than the baby shark. Is that just me? Well, i would hope. Itd be its got twice as much motors twice as many props. I feel like vano im gon na put in angle mode and see what i can get into lets see angle mode angle mode.

Oh my gosh, having fun in angle mode in forever yeah. This is weird so in angle mode. I have to hold the pitch stick forward to move forward, correct, yeah, ah angle mode, just going up in the rafters. Oh my yeah, okay, i didnt dont. Do it on purpose? Oh well, maybe thats! So cool dude! I can just crash it all! I want now. You just crashed as much as you want as hard as you want. Oh my gosh, oh my god, why are you breaking my stuff? You guys always have to break my stuff. Oh my gosh! Why are you telling me to do this? Okay, wait! Dont break it before we put it, you know what im gon na go inspect some rooms. Are you just gon na go straight yeah? This is cool im gon na go inspect some stuff, go up top go into the rafters and stuff i wan na. Oh, i can inspect it its so small. I can get up there. Oh wow yeah youre up there. Oh lets see. Am i in angle, mode down slow down, relax turn over correct, youre. Okay, you got this. You got to learn how to move your fingers slowly. Thats what they taught me in skype for sony. They taught me how to fly the drone. Slowly i mean im done. We know how to fly. I dont need a flight. Oh my gosh. Do we have the stick? I hope we brought the stick.

Hes gon na get it stuck all right. This is an inspection drone. Not a freestyle drone got ta go slow. Show me the bolt i wan na see the bolt where find to find a bolt. I wan na inspect the bolt theres a bolt theres a bolt to the right i wan na see the bolt see. I want to see it really close in hd. Look. You can see that it has a flat head on it. I know what tool i know. What tool to go grab out of my tool box now its a flathead screw? Okay were good. We did the inspection very good. We have a stick right were at 9.49, thats, not good for a 3s. What would you land that for 3s? Not that so i started thinking about the baby shark and how i could make it better. I i designed the baby shark a while back to be a lightweight freestyle drone that could carry the sharkbite digital hd system so that we could fly tiny whoops around our house in hd, and that was the coolest thing ever so i tried to figure out how I could put a bubble around baby shark and every time i tried to add something to it. It just kept gaining weight and i didnt want to make it unstable. So i figure, if im, going to stick a bubble around this thing. I need to have a little bit more power, but i dont really want to increase the size too much so, rather than having to come up with a complete new design and add a bubble, i actually took two beta 85x frames and stacked them on top of Each other upside down and created a baby shark x8, and this things really awesome.

It still carries the sharkbite digital hd system ended up having to use a 30×30 flight control board in the middle here rather than a 20×20, because its only board that i could find that had eight motor outputs. How about we let sean fly at first before you drew yeah i wan na. Can i fly it before you break it? Please im not gon na break it. I will not break it. You promise youre gon na promise and i promise youre not gon na bring in this three two one. Oh yeah did you roll it yet bubby i did yeah. Oh this is awesome. Did they power loop anything? Yet i didnt want to break it. So i didnt. Okay, ill, probably just bench right by it. Oh my gosh! Here you go hold it right here, watch out hold on watch out Music. Here we go one two three, oh, my god. Okay now im an angle youre above that fiberglass stuff dude. This is dropping. There were there: okay, okay, this is crazy. This is crazy. Oh my god, i just feel like i can go anywhere. I havent really bounced off anything. Yet, though its just so small, oh wow, okay were bouncing were bouncing were bouncing, we made it, we made it see the angle mode really works for that. If i was an acura, i think i would have flipped i mean. Maybe not i dont know yeah that oh this is awesome.

Look im gon na go through the little one. Did you go through the little one? I didnt? No you didnt go through the little one angle is so weird, though. Oh you just bounced off of it, though its going to power through power through a part through hey thats cool video is good for me. Hows, your video, its like pretty its got like a couple stats. I just got like some snow, but yeah look at all this. This is crazy sean. This is awesome, im having so much fun right now, just flying through all this little stuff. Oh, this is awesome. Okay wow: this is awesome perfect. This is so cool. Do you think i could fly through this thing? Try it do it. Do you think i should yes, yes, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go you got this wait lets check. The lighter. Well, be! Okay, yeah well be fine. Do it go fly better, okay hold on oh, i disarmed. I didnt mean to oh breaking stuff, already huh uh, oh, oh, my god! Oh wait! Thats turtle mode were good, were live were alive and back in that room. Okay, maybe not that one. Where was the one that you were trying with just the normal baby, try its over by us yeah thats right there: okay, so this ones less risk yeah, okay, way too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast. So now, youre gon na do an angle right, yeah, im, an angle right now, which angle man when youre used to flying acro angle, is just so counter intuitive its like difficult it doesnt have to be.

Oh you! Yes, we got ta, get all right: youre not allowed to use air mode anymore, air mode, spikes up the eye term, so its its making. This way worse, weve got to turn air mode because whats happening is air mode, boosts your eye term at low throttle. So its its im hitting something and its feeling that im hitting something – and i term deals with external forces like wind or knocks and stuff like that, and even though im going to zero a throttle, the i term is just going crazy, correct, correct, correct and its Like its getting stuck, so we need to turn off air mode so that, if you bump something – and you are at low throttle, you wont have eye term just go nuts. So lets lets see if that helps: okay, Music im in angle mode. Now, all right im scared, oh whatd, you! This is hard. Oh, my goodness, i almost went like a crosshair okay im in there im in there it works it works. I was able to just bounce my way through that was perfect. Yeah all right im gon na come back through here it just bounces it just bounces right around lets. Go it just bounces right around no problem Music. That is awesome that is thats really cool it just bounced right off. No problem not like. I have so much more confidence in these rafters now, im like if i can fit through, i mean i did fly the cinema through the rafters no problem, but still like okay im going over.

So when i was up in the rafters in my cinema. This is the area that i avoided, because it got extra congested and theres stuff hanging now, with this smaller drone, i feel like i can just be right up in here. This is so cool. This is so cool this, oh my gosh. What and look i just bounce off stuff? No problem, no problem. If i could fit between oh, my gosh, this is so cool. I can tell you exactly what type of screw this is. Look at that bolt thats a great bolt, hey crew crew, that bolt that bolt is looking really rusty. I think we should replace it. Oh no, where inspect the wasp nest. Now. Oh, look at that theres a wasp mess here um. This is freaking me out because im allergic to insects – and i know im safe on the ground, but still its like giving me anxiety. Oh god, i need to get away its freaking me out. I got ta get away from this thats, so cool that is so cool, acro mode, and then she ripped Music, okay, uh, thats, awesome, thats, awesome catch me, sean catch me three, two one disarm yes, thats, so cool that is so cool. Do Music Applause so Music inspection drone? I think that this project was definitely a huge success. What do you think yeah i mean we could do all kinds of cool stuff with it all right. This drone was awesome.

We were flying it inspecting things in like the tiniest gaps ever. I cant believe we made it through that little tiny tube over there i mean drew, flew it through there like it, was no big deal. I was expecting it to totally get stuck in there. So this is really more of a proof of concept. I dont think well be selling this in store. We do sell all the parts in the store. If you want to build one of these yourself and i will provide the stl files online of all these 3d printed parts in case, you want to build it yourself, but this is really more of a proof of concept. I think its a very viable concept if you enjoyed this episode of rotorate, go ahead and hit the like button and if you are not subscribed, smash that subscribe button dont forget the bell.