From my point of view. So in my sky, quite fraud, video in which i expose the fraud of the ad that was put out on youtube, one of the basically commenters they requested that i up that. I put upload videos and pictures coming from the drone. So i decided, instead of just uploading pictures or showing pictures. I would just do a full, complete review of the drone so that you know what youre getting into Music. So i want to start off with saying that this is a very generic drone. Its basically been ive seen it advertised in a different name. You know theres the e50, a drone for me, the drone x pro. You know, of course, the sky quad drum and im pretty sure there are plenty other names that it goes under. I just havent seen them, but its pretty much the same drone, its all the same drone. In reality, there is no such thing as a sky quad drone. It really doesnt exist its actually. The emotion drone, because this is the this – is whats labeled on the drones and theyre, like i said, theyre all the same drones, but its this. Actually, the emotion drone, regardless of what is being advertised under Music. Now, when you get the drone it basically most of them are more likely going to come in a box this similar to this. This is pretty much the box and you see its the drone x pro box now inside the box.

Youll find the clam shell compartment in which all the drawing is in, and everything is inside of now inside the case, youre going to find this. This foam insert cover you also youll, get the drawing itself, of course, and you have the controller and you have four prop guards. You also have your instruction instruction booklet and you have this pouch here that contains the screwdriver extra props and the charging cable Music. Now this is the drone right here, as you can see its just a plain old drone. It has a drawing motion, symbol, of course, on the top as well. Now it just falls out. You know the front legs fold back and then the back legs also fold straight out. Now, as you notice, there are no sensors except for those. So they got these two leds, but there are no sensors whatsoever, its wrong, no optical flow system, anything so the there are no sensors. Also the battery compartment is in the back. You just simply pull the battery out and thats pretty much. All there is to the drone, except for the power button is right here at the top. You turn on you, push in your hole and youll see the led, stops flashing and to turn it off. You just push and hold and itll turn off now. As far as the prop cords go, the prop guards fits on the bottom of the drone. You can see um the bottom of the feet.

You see those two screw holes with the screws in it and the the prop guard itself you can see, has those two little prongs in here. They basically fit in right inside those two holes and you just snap them down in Music now to charge the battery. It requires a micro, usbc, cable, now, obviously its not going to be the latest technology, so it wont be a usbc but then again theres a lot of devices out there that still use micro usb – and this is not like the latest, most technologically advanced drone. Its like way on low end, but in order to charge your drone, you just simply you plug the usbc micro usbc pro into the battery on the side here and then, once you do that the red led light will come on and its going to stay on Until its finished charging and once its finished charging, the led is just simply going to go off and the battery is ready to go now. The front of the controller contains your two thumb sticks, of course, which are not undetachable. You cannot detach them and you have your on off switch. You also have six arrow buttons. Now, two of the arrow buttons, i mean four of the arrow buttons. That is our trimming. You know you have trim, left, trim, right, trim up, trim down and then the two other arrow buttons are. Basically your auto take off and your auto lan buttons on the top of the controller.

You see your antennas, you have the antennas on the top. You also have your photo and video button, and you have the the headless mode button. Of course, if you understand headless mode, headless mode is just simply a mode in which the drone is going to go in any direction the same direction, regardless of which, whichever way the drawing is facing – and you have your stunt button, which uh the drawing which would You uh basically rolls 36 degree roll spins, and you also have your speed button, where you can change the speed of the drone. Now, as far as holding your smartphone or whatever device you use, it basically fits in the bottom and you just simply pull the tray out and your device simply goes in the bottom like such now. It would be better if you actually had to put a case on your smartphone or whatever device that youre going to use, because what i find that, outside of the case, this thing, the foam and such just it just keeps slipping out. So it i mean its cheap plastic, does a terrible job of holding any foam thats not going to be inside of a case. Putting it inside of a case is going to make it again just a more snug fit and its going to add more traction to it, making it difficult for the phone to fall out and and increasing the hold on the phone, because really it becomes actually frustrating.

After a while having to constantly keep having the phone fall out, you know so thats something that you have to take something that you have to be aware of Music. Now the control itself is powered by three double a batteries, and this is the battery compartment in the back. You just simply unscrew the compartment that you see the screw in the bottom and you can just open it up and put the batteries in it again. This is a sure sign of a lower tier drone in which you have to use double a batteries or aaa batteries, and not rechargeable batteries, but again thats what you expect to get for in the lower tier drone Music now, in order to use your smartphone or Device with the drone you first will have to download the app, and this is a jy ufo app. You go to the app store im, pretty sure its apple and uh android store, and you have to download this app Music now took it to connect your phone to the drone itself, because the drone connects directly to the phone through wi fi. You have to first go to connections, uh your settings and then go. You know, go to connections and then go to wi fi, and you have to wait for the the drone to show up and thats the itll be the wi fi 720p. And all these such numbers im pretty sure its different and for every drone, but you go ahead and select that and then wait for it to connect to the wait for the drone to connect to your phone Music.

Now, once its connected, you go out of your settings, then you go to the the app the jy ufo app and once you get into that, you push play on the lower right corner and then youre going to get the video come through Music. Now, in order to connect the drone to controller, you just simply turn both the both the controller and the drone on and youll see that the led lights led lights are blank. You just simply take the left, control stiff, push it up and down and theyll sync and the leds will stop blinking Music. Now, as far as performance goes theres, honestly, not much that i can really say about this drone it it flies. It has no gps, so it has no gps hold on this drone. Thats a lie by the ad notable sky cry head: it basically cant tolerate much wind and i it was basically almost uncontrollable in basically 10 miles per hour, wind, no! So so much for the level 7 wind resistance that the ad lied about um. As far as the footage goes uh, i would say: thats probably the worst thing about this drone. The footage is absolute crappy. You know you see a lot of fish eye and it was so uncontrollable. As i was trying to do my you know tests, i couldnt even get footage. Basically, i couldnt i couldnt even get footage flying the drone. I had to literally hold the drone itself to get footage thats how terrible it was at dealing with the wind, Music, Music, Music.

So in closing uh, who is this drone for? Well? Basically, anybody thats looking for a cheap drone to fly around to see if they may be interested in this hobby. You know you dont, want to go out and buy a pro super level drone by buying air 2s and then well come to realize. Well, im not really interested in this, so if you want to, you, want to go in low end, get your cheap drone to see if this, if this is a hobby, that you are, if youre really interested in this hobby, also, if you want to fly indoors, Something to fly indoors or, if theres, very little to no wind outside, because its thinking, like i said just cant, handle very much wind at all. Now would i recommend this drone for the sky quad price? Oh hell! No! Oh hell! No! Oh hell! No! No! Oh hell, no, oh hell! No! Now i found this particular drone here at on on amazon for 26 dollars. At that price point, i would recommend this drone to anyone. You know, plus. I also like that red color that red color is uh its a nice touch on it, theres also the issue of the build quality issue. You know, aside from the you know the cheap plastic thats made on that controller. I mean they literally pick the cheapest plastic that they can find. You know, and i mean that the system to hold the phone is just ridiculous.

I mean, like i said you need to make sure you at least try to put your have a phone in the case to give extra grip, because its just going to keep sliding out. If you have a phone with no case on it, its just going to get frustrating to have to keep putting it in place, then reloading the app and reconnecting with the app, also the front feet of prone to fall off in mid flight thats. How again its just the the terrible build quality of this drone um, but all in all Music? It is what it is i mean the emotion drawn is it is what it is it just it its not a bad drone for the price point and knowing what youre getting into but to. I know a lot of people and falsely tell people that youre getting a a 5 000 drone that the created by navy seals. If this was a drone that was given to navy seals about the navy seal, i would protest. I would cut up. You know it would be uh slim, no sales lives matter if this was a drawing that i was given as a seal now anyway, i hope you all enjoyed this review just to give you, like, i say in uh an honest review of this drone so that You know if you buy what youre getting into and the price point that you should buy, that i wouldnt buy.

I wouldnt pay no more than the 25 or the 26 of their drawing on ebay, which is actually advertised on a different name and yet another name.