I guess – or it certainly broke the internet for a while, but why? How whats? Even going on? Usually for this scene breakdown series i like to pick my absolute favorite scene in a movie, usually for pixar its that emotional swinging, one on some revelation that fixes the whole plot line, and this is meant to be turning reds honestly, i prefer the dad sitting down And talking scene, but forget it, the scene opens up when uh, i guess. Actually it just interrupts the scene. Our main protagonist may lean has finally come to accept herself, for who she is choosing to keep her red panda inconveniences. She can turn into a red panda. You should know this now keep up this isnt. The sad pits before the final act as maylenes resolving her arcs right now. She feels free flying through the air above the street shes, reaching her goal event of the four town concert and make an amount with her best friends who she abandoned earlier and wow shes, even resolving things with her high school bully just took exposing his closeted interests. Also, you can bet this is one of those crumbly remains of disney exec shredding down any lgbt material anyway, as meline comes to accept herself and enjoy the boy band play in comes mother, uh spoilers at this point, if youre not really in the know, shes big, A full on kaiju, coming closer and closer as the kids are star, struck with some pretty fantastic expressions throughout, but she needs a moment to actually arrive in the meantime, its boy band time with each of the five members corresponding to each of our characters.

Obsessions not just as favorites but literally as role models to each of them to a certain degree, you ever notice that abby does the same, pose miriam is also the skater kid and hey this probably inspired all of tylers basketball interests. Anyway, the performance begins with a song. I legit cannot stop playing on loop in my head. Please help me its the embodiment of everything. Mae desires. I mean shes literally reaching up to the angelic status of lead. Singer: jesse whos, positioned, like a literal god, portrait rest in peace to all the heads may stepped on to reach this point. But then the tears of joy shatter into fear as the camera swerves and zooms to the looming. Godzilla face above great use of scale, and i love how immediately frantic the boys have all become case. You want some context. This red panda thing is a genetic family thing and all the older generations sealed their pandas away, but the mum very recently just broke her seal out of pure anger and her disobeying child thats. It youre caught up and now flipping the perspective from up here we get mings point of view, another plus for scale. The movie tactically skips out on the eight minute sequence of her eyeing aimlessly around the crowd with her poor gen x, eyesight and man. I love the animation movements of this film, its so refreshing, to see a lean into this cartoony style everythings. Looking more diverse these days on art, styles, or maybe i just have a thing for the fix it felix like movements anyway, it all comes to a head here.

This films been a relatively low stakes, slice of life movie, with some fantastical elements put in, but its the final lack baby so time to get some action in there and maybe some emotional weight in there a little bit. This, however, is my least favorite line in the movie. I dont know why something about the delivery just grinds. My gears. Is this really how youd out of this line when a gigantic monster is crashing above you, whatever time for a fight scene, so all of mays extended family have arrived. There is no security in this stadium and dozens are dead, but hey. This composition looks great. I told you she was big, and this is great too, throughout this movie theres, just so much expression in every word, utters its truly a marble to see not to mention director domi. She went absolutely ham throughout this movie to add some spice into every moment. I can list a thousand examples: the change in lighting and focal length whenever mei is sweating over a secret. The maintained animation poses whenever a character is shocked. All the small details of where meis, tears and sweat always ends up seriously. This movie is just an elongated liquid simulator or look at when the dad is cooking. Oh, my god, i love this dad character. He is my favorite. I will die for this man anyway, its time for the conflict mums gone so mad. Shell grip me up. Hundreds of feet in the air, though i do like this next line – where are your parents? Put some clothes on very parents and the boys are still flailing, but now its time for the thematic message of it.

All the panda stuff is just spectacle really very fuzzy spectacle. This isnt, you maybe told a little more aggressively than most emotional pixar scenes. This is the crux of the movie, its a coming of age movie, the conflicts of a 13 year old girl, with some panda fantasy on the side. This is kind of emblematic of pixar as a whole. Right now going on its own coming of age phase, i mean these last four movies have been deeply personal slice of life discovery stories pretty heavily based on the lives of their directors, especially for the last three films and thats different, i wont lie. I havent been the most on board with pixar lately. I dont know why i thought onward was bland. Apart from the final act, i thought seoul was good. Apart from the final act, luca i enjoyed, but its not a pixar masterpiece and turning red ive really gotten into, but again its not one of pixars greatest i mean i guess this is a good trajectory since i like each installment more than the last, but this Is a scary time for pixar theyve become overtly more personal, but its hard to follow up on their iconic track record still. Opening the doors to more groups of diversity is a very welcome addition, be they italian kids in a small harbour, town or asian canadians dealing with a culture conflict. You dont need to experience that exact childhood to relate to these characters.

We all felt a connection to a sentient pair of binoculars over a decade ago. The messaging can still ring true for each of us existential confusion trying to fit in fatherly guidance or pre pubescent self discovery im very much, not the as they say, target demographic, but still got heller into this movie regardless. I think people on the internet just get weird and uncomfortable at certain topics, though, why this scene actually turns the film around on people we havent actually reached yet so lets move on boys. I like loud music, i like gyrating uh, what now Music, and so the conflict continues, moms, not in the mood for talking and at her scale, theres no doors to passive aggressively slam in her childs face time to get the whole family involved. I love this man. He aint got any powers but hes, so so good. In fact, part of the reason were now dealing with this conflict in action form is because weve already had the emotional sad pit moment earlier. Just before the panda ceiling ritual taking place on may she was feeling stressed and the dad made an appearance to calm her nerves. After all, he is one of the few people to actually spot meis anxiety. Everyone else is pretty wrapped up in themselves, so he accidentally discovers mays camcorder and usually this is a plot point for anger, as a parent learns the secrets and misbehavings of their child when out of view, but he doesnt take it that way.

He sees his daughter as merely having fun in an infinitely better mood than as she stands tonight, so he talks to her about it. Its not a big argument: theres, no panda, fantasy element at all its just a human man talking to his human child. Did you make this here are all the races. For me, this might be a source of disobedience, something to start a lecture about, but to jin its a treasure, a cool memory to keep hold of, despite the controversies and its ultimately still a part of her people have all kinds of signs to them and some Signs are messy. He then goes on to foreshadow a little bit about the mums panda and talk about the backstory of how ming and the grandmother got into a fight over the disapproval of him, but thats. All there is to this scene, its not incredibly profound. In fact, its pretty simple, really just hitting directly on that theme of finding oneself and accepting it ending on one final point of validation and the freedom to act upon it. The reason if you want, but this side of you made me, laugh thats the emotional scene, its sweet, its grounded, its stark from everything else in this movie for just being ordinary. You dont need a collection of giant red pandas to strike the hearts of viewers. A little bit of validation is all you need god. I love this man by the way you should totally check our twitch or other links.

If you want to see my thoughts like this early or just full on subscribe here, if you havent already, i do things everywhere: tick tock included now, but were back in the present again and the family are setting up a new panda ceiling ritual. I love how this shaman struggles to get high enough for me. Its a joke thats been done before, but i almost want a little more of this make a reference to him being old and fragile realizing. He has all the more stairs to climb just one more time in the middle or something anyway. This is the scene that changed turning red right up to this point, the internet has been a little weird on the movie, some thinking its unrelatable, because its a young middle school girl, oof, pixar others saying its just low stakes and uninteresting, which unfair ive also heard Some people knocking down how over the top the mum is, but unfortunately thats a real life thing for some people that mermaid stall scene has never made me secondhand cringe so much before, and the poor dude basically never comes back again and some call this entire movie Cringe because of the cast, but i think its pretty accurate, certainly not you no look away kind of material, but then theres this moment the thing that really splits audiences in half. How can you be so so crass this whole time the mothers been fighting not only against abuse of the panda power, but also against the less reserved nature of her daughter, no suggestive doodlings in a scrapbook, no boys parties no concerts, her daughter is to be raised As she was herself strictly and under an intense eye, even other girls is a borderline.

No, no! You guys better go but no but smear. My mom already doesnt, like you, she doesnt or maybe thats a tomboy thing, its just a throwaway gag. But now it all comes to a head with this Music. This is the make or break of turning red. This is literally the scene that changed turning red in many peoples eyes. Oh its so disgusting, 13 year old, shakes her ass around in a pixar movie. Oh, no, no, no thats disgusting, so some people say its just too cringe no 13 year old. Actually does that spoilers they kind of do after years and years of boys will be boys on screen, sneaking out and being themselves now. Suddenly, a girl is doing it. So many on the internet seem to be so up in arms about it and its totally because shes just a girl and to those saying shes, cringe, uh yeah, all kids are cringed tick. Tockers nowadays look cringy with their dances old vine. Kids, look cringy with their catchphrases. We all used to spout like a boss and for the win and verbalize rage. Comics unironically, tumblr kids wrote fan fiction, everyone copied what they saw on tv, whether you can watch it or not. Young people have always been cringy and, in being so crass, its the exact middle finger mae can use against her helicopter parent. Now the fact that this is the single thing that gets the mother to stay in the ritual circle and she never seems to notice what everyone else is doing is kind of stupid.

Shes not really thinking in the moment, but she is literally red with rage right now, so i just went with it. Is this the best retaliation pixars ever made? No, but is it still entertaining in an unexpected way? Hell yeah. I think this is kind of funny and it comes along with the action. The ritual is fueled by song, any song. You probably know where this is going, considering the location and demonstrated pretty up front for miriams perspective shots until its too much for the mother. Now, occasionally giving us this spectacle angle, as is great for kaiju setups, just a loose camera fixed from its view looking and zooming around and as were up close, we get the superhero pose shot of may followed by this great shot. Drone wan na spinning around ming and getting those two toronto landmarks in the background is the moon just a generally great shot, all the while we get the very core cultural conflict in mings dialogue i put my family first, i tried to be a good daughter. The complete clash between the collectivism approach, that comes from chinese family dynamics and the individualism nature of society in the west. All the while mings fundamental flaw here is through the complete lack of observation on her front at the start of the movie. Mae was getting fantastic raids and she continued to help at the temple, and yet here she lose cooling, may a bad daughter forever. Downplaying her successes and highlighting her failures, ignorant of the actual desires or happiness of her child and never ever actually listening to her forever in denial of her child growing up and losing her because of it.

Yeah id be pretty angry with all those unrealistic expectations too and so Music. The art style briefly changed into this black and white aesthetic for those anime flourishes that directors mentioned behind the scenes, as well as the anime action lines. Funnily enough same thing happens when mum. First becomes her panda too still its the sad realization portion of the argument, as damage has been done, and both sides didnt really mean for things to get. This heated history repeats itself, as the very same thing happened between the mother and grandmother a generation ago. Also, they say the implications there with the scar, but they never properly lean into it. Is that salty or a missed opportunity? The mum is passed out out of the circle as theyre running out of blood moon time and for the first time the grandmother recognizes the two were going down the same bad ending she had the younger one, hurt the mentor and they forever become more distant on The other side of these changes, but its time to break the cycle, its a family, revelation, though, why are the other pandas bigger than mace? I get that ming is just extra destructive and big, but they would have all been teenagers when they turned did the pandas age over the decades, while sealed or would 15 year old maze panda just be gianter than a 13 year old one. Whatever i like how the scar remains on the grandmother panda, i wonder if the scar happened in panda form instead well, never know and together with their combined strength and jin.

Now i guess just sitting out not caring for his wife seriously. This could have been like a great joke of tiny him pulling, but also a genuinely wholesome moment. Why did he care for the aunties when his queen, literally just backsmashed, concrete, come on man? The family drags ming back to the circle Music and if any song is needed, of course, Music also great little detail how the old school cantonese singing complements great. With the modern 2002 boy band, sound font, the perfect mixing of both working together for a shared goal. Man, maybe id go to concerts if songs had action sequences where singing is the answer very cheesy, but we have the cg projectors to do that these days right and of course, it all leads to the spirit world, the real, emotive climax scene. But first can i just say: look at this aesthetic, the bamboo sure is lovely and spiritual, but look at the distortions as things go further back. This is a physical thing that can happen to the lens within a camera when it fails to focus all colors onto the same point, its called chromatic aberration and, honestly, its messing with my eyes. If theres one thing pixar goes above and beyond on the small cinematographic details, its recreating the effects of a physical camera on a digital camera, this is a forced, intentional effect, making the bamboo shoot seem ethereal, practically transparent and very spiritual in nature. Its just a brilliant use of camera technique and as mae searches, the spirit forest she finds another teen crying its her mother from when she was a teenager.

Whoa now were getting into the good territory im. Sorry, its all my fault taken back to her youth when she too was going through her transitional time. This is a great premise to found your heart to heart, not as mother and daughter, but as equally unsure girls opening the parallels to making them essentially the same going through history as it repeats itself. You think shes apologizing to mei, but shes, actually talking about her mother referencing, the scar over her eyes, im just so sick of being perfect. Im, never gon na be good enough for her. Its the exact same toils mays been going through, but it isnt true and may. Having now accepted, herself can now assist with her mum on her internal conflicts and maybe together they can address their own. Personal disagreements come on or i guess they can just walk off: thats, fine, still, a cool concept. What follows next is that classic shot of a simple line of sight, disruption being the cue to transition up and ming ages up first to young adult and then to the form we all know. Personally, i thought there was a whole scene missing here. I feel, maybe more than like two lines: each could have been appropriate since this isnt a heart to heart for me and ming its healing the emotional damage between the mother and grandmother, which is also good. But can we not have both and so may brings ming back to the rest of the group? Theyre, not age down, theyre, not internally damaged, but a change has been made after seeing the bad ending spiral from her daughter and granddaughter and how distance they may soon become.

She can help heal at least a little of the wounds of the past. A little hug and validation is all a vulnerable child needs. Sometimes you dont have to apologize im, your mother, all the while shes already accepting of her granddaughter to allow her to take the next steps and keep in the panda. Why? Oh, they do always say your relationship with your grandchild is less strained than your direct child, or maybe shes just fearful of having to take that head butting mood herself. Whatever the case she gives her blessing me sunny, guide you and keep you safe and thats all she wrote this also feels of quick. At this point. Everyone enters the dimensional portal that splits their pandas away, leaving just ming and mei, and with one last bout of rebellion, mae claims im changing mom, but im scared. Itll. Take me away from you me too. Okay. I guess this is the setting for the heart to heart, with a literal divide, down the middle of the stage. Okay, i can get into that and ming. Finally, turning around saying the words maze needed to hear you are so hard on yourself and if i taught you that im sorry, its simple grounded, even the very thing i liked about the dad scene earlier, is it the scene that makes you sob, like pixar films Used to do no, not really, i think, theyre, coming away from that honestly for some people. This will really resonate me personally.

I find it enjoyable. Do i, like the spirit world idea being used a bit more more heart to hearts from the young stages grandma included? Maybe, but this still does the job, and just like that, ming grants may her freedom and doesnt jeopardize their relationship doing so and as one final guest son ye appears to give her blessing too in her creepy smiling hugging ways showing the full moon unread. The only two who kept themselves in fighting form, though shouldnt her panda, look a lot more angry and battle, worn whatever one nose nozzle later and the happy ending cues relationships, mended, canadian, blue jays referenced and a nuanced balance of cultures comes together. As the best case scenario oops, this went on a little longer than intended. This scene isnt my personal favorite, its also like four or five scenes combined together, but taking our title format literally. This is the scene that changed turning red. Do i think its bad and cringe no? At the same time, i dont think this is one of pixars masterpieces, either its a decent film, very charming, but also quite predictable and a worthy addition to the pixar library. It really resonated with me its charming. You know, but maybe im just less of a fan of the non crying personal story approach. Still, i guess pixars on a good track record since ive liked each of the last 4 pixel films, subsequently more and more high hopes for light year.

But tell me your thoughts. Ive already heard some reviews split down the middle, and hopefully this video doesnt anger too many people for what it is its pretty good. Yes, this is my new way of sneaking in a review. Essentially, for now my names been daz.