I know a lot of you have asked for me to review rotor riot drones because youre all wondering how good are they, since i review all the big name, fpv drones, they said well, how come you never review, rotor riot drones and thats because they never send Me one so i bought this with my own money ill get into that in a second. So this is, i have to look at my chart. This is the hd1 xr 7 inch thats, what they name it and when i pulled this out of the box, i was amazed at how thick the arms are on this thing. I have never seen arms this thick on an fpv drone. There is no way i can break this drone, even if i try it, i dont think i can break it. It is so solid. So if youre new to the fpv hobby, you may not be familiar with road or riot so rhoda riot today. Currently, they are located in the united states in the state of florida theyre, a small group of people and their main goal is to get individuals into the fpv hobby. So they show how cool it is and how easy it is to get into the fpv hobby and on their store. You can actually buy everything you need to get into the fpv hobby and theyll, configure it for you and youre all set to go and for me i honestly believe in rotorite and thats why i buy their merch to support them.

I even have their hoodie here. I even have patches a lot of times when you see me out flying fpv ive got their patch on my one of my bags, so my channel is one of the largest drone channels on youtube and i dont know any of the guys in rotorite, because im Up in canada, however, since a lot of you keep asking if their drones are any good, the only way to know is for me to buy one myself to support rotor riot and take it out for a flight. So i bought this when the black friday sale was on and its at a pretty good price, and currently, as of today, that im making this video its still at the same price, now youre asking what sets rotor riot drones. Apart from all the other big name, drones like hglrc recon gap, rc iflight, uh flywoo, we can go on and on with all the brand names. What sets them apart? Well, what they say and what they do, thats different than those other companies is that when you order a drone, they just dont, pull it off the shelf and send it to you. They pull it off the shelf. They configure it to your specifications. What type of motors do you want? What type of flight controller? Do you want? What type of camera do you want up front? What receiver do you want? Any other add ons that you want with the drone, but, more importantly, what makes them different than anybody else is that they say on their website that they tune these so theyre perfect.

So each one is individually inspected and tuned after its built, so thats. What my goal of buying one was to check it out and see if thats, true, all right so lets get into my observations of this drone. What did i get well? First off it didnt make the greatest impression when i received the drone. It looked like my kids sent me a christmas or birthday gift because it arrived in a box, its just thrown in the box with a bunch of brown paper. Wrapping theres, no presentation, nothing. So when you open up the box yeah, you see this sort of stuff but everythings tossed in there in a way that might make you think. Oh, this isnt going to be good. Theres, no instructions, nothing! So if youre a beginner youre going to be lost, but it is pre tuned for beginners, so it should be perfectly fine for that, of course. For me to do this review, i didnt change any of the tunings, because i want to see how good they are. So i didnt touch the pids or any of the rates or anything like that, but i did change the mode so that, on my controller they are set up in a fashion that i like now. This unit is all digital, so i have to fly with the fpv dji goggles and use the fpv controller, because i didnt ask them to put in a receiver its just plug and play thats.

Another cool thing. If you want to buy a drone from rotor ride and you dont have the goggles in the radio right now, if their sale is still on, you can buy a drone from them. Pre tuned hooked up with the goggles and the radios, so youre all set everythings. There, the only thing you have to buy is the batteries and a battery charger youre set to fly now. This is a seven inch drone. That means the props are seven inch, so the arms have to be longer to accommodate the props and the motors have to be powerful enough to push the air at a good velocity. To keep this thing flying seven inch. Drones weigh an awful lot and for that reason i would never recommend them for beginners not to start off, never start off with a 7 inch drone youre going to damage yourself, somebody else or some property, but when you get really good at fpv, get yourself a 7 inch drone theyre a lot of fun to fly because it doesnt matter how windy it is outside it, doesnt matter what the weather is like. You can fly in anything with these things, theyre theyre built so tough and you put massive batteries on them. If you wish this ones pretty cool in that it can take a 4s battery, i have one here so i use this battery or it could take a 6s battery like this, so im going to use that battery.

So when i go fly im going to try both batteries and see if theres any difference between the two, the only negative i could see with a 7 inch drone well at least negatives ive found is that since theyre so big, they weigh a lot and when You put massive batteries on them. It weighs a lot. Your flight time is usually pretty much reduced. Now, when i ordered this drone, i did not get a camera mount a gopro mount up front. I just attached a little mount here, thats just held on by zip ties, and i put the dji action 2 camera up front. Hopefully the video i show you out of this turns out. Well, i dont know i havent used it on too many fpv drones. I usually use gopros or smaller cameras, but ill. Try this one out, so my observations on this drone, taking it out of the boxes, everythings well protected. The only thing that caught me off guard was they have escs on the arm. Right here looks like escs from the olden days. I say olden days because when i used to build fpv drones or started in the fbv hobby, we all put escs on the arms. But today most people put the escs inside on the flight controller or the power distribution board. It ends up in one of those spots. The only bad thing with having the escs on a board is that if your esc goes just one, you got to replace the whole board.

The benefit with having them on the arms is that if one of the escs goes, you just replace one of the escs. Now included in the box was one of these little. This is your packing slip and description of how we built your drone one of these little things, so everything was pretty cool out here, except my brain was starting to wonder: hey somethings wrong here, because on here everything works, except for when you get down to the Flight controller on their website, it says its an f7 flight controller, and here it says its an f4 flight controller with a 55 amp system, so rotor right, if youre watching this just post a comment below why things are different: im: okay with it, because yeah everything Looks good now, one of the things they included in the package was a lanyard they didnt have to, but i guess they tossed these in these are pretty decent. I have a million lanyards, but i have none that say road or riot so ill. Try this out use it. I dont usually use lanyards but ill. Try it out when i go fly all right, so the weather is not the greatest at this moment, its dull, its overcast. The only thing i always worry about when i fly an fpv drone on a cloudy day, even with a digital or analog camera, a lot of you guys can relate to this. If you fly in the winter with snow, what happens a lot of times? If you have this white thing here, thats your snow, you cannot tell the difference between the ground and the sky a lot of times that always drives me up the wall, at least for my eyesight, and sometimes i get too low to the ground, and i might Just crash – hopefully it doesnt happen today, because i got ta go, walk out and pick this up.

If thats the case, all right lets go fly check it out all right. First up, i have a 1550 milliamp hour for cell lipo battery im going to see how well it performs with a 4s battery. So here we go, ive got the rotor riot. Lanyard ive never tried a lanyard before im, not really a lanyard guy. But hey: look at that hands! Free, oh its cold out here, im using my dji fpv goggles and a lot of people always ask this question. How do i put the goggles on with no glasses? Because you know i wear glasses thats, because i have the vr prescription lenses inside. I have astigmatism in one of my eyes and a prescription for you know being farsighted so uh these little lenses that are inside make everything perfect all right. So i got gloves on lets, see if i can fly. What hang on i cant fly this so gloves on lets, go its an acro mode arm it, and here we go its a 4s battery. So how does it fly with a 4s? Well, so far its pretty smooth, i dont want to wonk it in the snow because im going to have to go, look for it, but i do have a beeper, which is a good thing. All right lets bring it back. To me first thing i can say right away: is it flies very smooth, its a smooth drone wow? I can put the smallest of input into the joysticks and it is tuned really well, and it goes exactly where i wanted to three and over whew nice.

So i guess router right when they said they tuned it. They did a good job, and this is on 4s, usually when a drone is tuned, i like to fly lower to the ground, but with this dull weather, oh thats, too low with this dull weather its just hard to see anything, i cant make out where the Snow starts and the sky ends with this thing, so im going to fly higher coming over, you should see me coming. One of these cameras are picking up going, slow, im, hovering right here, its so easy to hover too. This is an acro mode for a big seven inch, its a lot of weight moving around, but this is no problem now i can go back out where the gopro is right. Here, come down right, there blow some snow. So if i bring it close to me, youll see it in the other camera i have on the back of the jeep. I dont want to get too close, because these are seven inch props and they are spinning quite fast to make a salad out of me. There we go going over my jeep, very nice, all right, so 4s battery lets try the normal little flippies and stuff like that. Rolls ill do a slow one. There we go oh its well balanced it doesnt drop out of the sky wow. That is really nice. Okay, lets go this way and just try some typical, simple uh forward rolls and just make sure it doesnt drop out either nice slow forward roll look at that lots of time to get back up and no, i dont see any cavitation or anything.

I see somebody walking behind my jeep. My spotter will keep them away from me. Lets try uh backwards, one all right cut the throttle going around nice and close to the snow yeah. This is awesome. Now i can see when i blip the throttle with the 4s coming back up, that it does give me a little bit of a low voltage warning which tells me what this cold out here and the amount of power im using. It is taking a toll on this little guy lets. Go this way can follow these trails that people have made really really nice. Look at this, you just cruise along the ground. Its got a lot of speed for its size, thats for sure very nice. All right lets go up and well bring it back for a landing Music. There we go all right. Next battery were going to try as a 6l, 6s 1800 milliamp hour battery its much bigger and much heavier all right. Acro mode and uh were not going to arm lets, go 6l battery this time, little slower a little heavier with the 6s because theres more weight. I really like the 4s that was pretty sweet. So now i got to get used to the weight of this yeah. A little bit different, it doesnt punch up as fast with the 6.. It goes up, but my brain is still used to the forest, so lets bring it down here, bring it around so, with the six cell battery theres more voltage a little bit more weight, though, because the battery does have weight to it same weight with the camera.

Up front everything else, it certainly flies super awesome uh. I guess i just had to get used to it. Im getting used to it now. It just seems it does feel a little heavier in the hands like when i want to go up. I can go up, but just not as fast it seems so i got ta refresh. The brain does have some nice distance on my way out here at the end of my field. Coming back this way, and if i go way up here since i have a six cell, i have lots of power. Let me look around this area. What do i see? I see nothing theres, nobody over in any of the fields im, the only guy out here, its barren totally barren all right lets come down and then cruiser along the roads and stuff. Since we have this place to ourselves diving down here, we come get over these power lines and then dive on down there we go. This is the great thing with fpv its just like my god. You can just go. Explore have so much fun doing all sorts of stuff like this thats great and lets go this way and then over here. Oh, i guess i should try the same thing with the flippies and stuff okay lets bring her over here and a nice slow roll. Look at that so smooth. I dont think i have any drone that does freestyle as smooth as this one.

This is definitely one of a kind for me smooth this way and for even the forward flips im high up so im doing a super slow forward. Flip look at that come out of it it it loses altitude, but not much. You know for flying upside down its really good and if you do a backwards flip, do it nice and slow. Oh, i added some throttle at the end of that one thats, pretty cool. That is pretty cool, really really good. I could see people that buy this. Would have a blast with it right still got plenty of voltage power im checking my battery here. Its all good lets go this way, so we missed the trees go under them. Lets go over here. Lets go through our little forest, nice and low fly. This way. Go through our forest see if i can find a path now, i cant even find a path because i dont remember where the path is alright ill. Go this way, just miss all the trees. Oh, i see a tree branch go down. Go down, go up! Receptions! Good im way behind all these trees – and i still have plenty of reception – seems pretty good. That car looks stuck down there. All right come back to us. Oh the winds, picking up and lets bring it back to me wheres. My arm switch alright over here wink. In the snow there we go, i would like to introduce you to nanuk of the north right here.

I am freezing im going back to my igloo. My hands are cold everythings iced up its pretty darn cold out today, so uh yeah. Let me just end this. Video by saying the rotor riot drone the seven inch one. I got im really impressed with it its full of snow right now, but these drones look at that. I got snow all in the flight controller everything as long as i get it out before it melts. Then its fine, it will save everything if it melts, then probably not so fine, so all i can say is really good love. It im going to put links below to rota riot store. They had some drones on sale. When i got this one, i dont know. If they still have a sale on but go check them out, see if you can find one for yourself, they supply everything. If you want the goggles the radio everythings set up, they can supply that as well. All right guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions on this drone, what i thought some other stuff ill be back out when its warmer or maybe some other days out here in the winter. If you have any questions, post them below and ill get back to you, but for now i say im going to get warm and ill catch you in the next video bye, Music.