Well, today we have the recon 7 pro long range. Long live. The recon 7 is so huge. This thing is gon na be awesome. I havent floated so im really excited to take it out for a flight. Now, let me tell you about it: uh, the props. I changed myself. These are my own seven inch props. It does come with a set of hq props right here, which i brought just in case. I destroyed this today and i have to change the props. It also comes with these dell props that are foldable theyre, three bladed and foldable, which a lot of people might find pretty cool if youre trying to fit it into a bag or something you dont want to put the foldable props on, but im, not a super Big fan of foldable props when it comes to fpv drones. I like them to be hardcore in case i hit something they all stay together in one piece now, some of my viewers. When i first posted a picture of this drone, they saw the seven inch props and they said you know what you could probably fit an eight inch prop on that, and i think you might be right, but i dont own any 8 inch props. So i cant try it now. Dave c is the designer of this drone and he does have his own youtube channel. So you can go check him out anytime, and he said he wanted to make a large long range drone with very low profile, and you can see right here.

It is low profile. It is a dead cat design too, which i thought was pretty interesting, so dead cat designs are mostly for when you, the pilot, are looking out your camera here, you wont see the props in the frame or, if you put a gopro on top very rarely, would You ever get props in the frame unless its super wide range, so he made it very much for cinematic flying this vtx at the back is supposed to shoot out at 800 milliwatts, which is thats pretty long range thats pretty good. It has a cad dx, retell 2 camera at the front. I do have the analog version. If i have not mentioned it already, so this is the inexpensive version thats all they sent me. They didnt send me the digital version because they said they didnt have enough digital units to send out to reviewers. So i received the analog version and i should also mention i did receive this a while ago. Several weeks ago, i just havent had a chance to fly. It im reviewing so many products, but todays the day and im gon na go fly this today on the back. We have a gps and you will notice. I have a crossfire antenna going across here and you will notice. I have the same crossfire antenna right here. Let me just do this for you, so you can see it. Let me see if i flip it up like this along the gopro there.

I have it going more vertically. Can you see that there it is so its a diversity crossfire antenna. So what that means is, as the drone is flying, maybe away from you, it will use this antenna and as its flying towards you, it will use this antenna for long range reception. I will say one thing i noted uh when they built these drones. At least mine, when i received it my poor little crossfire antenna. Can you see? Well, you cant see it in there. It was jammed between the upper plate and the lower plate, so it actually got damaged and the wires were sticking out. So what i did is i just wrapped some electrical tape around it. I havent replaced it because i dont have an extra one, uh and im hoping that works, but it shouldnt matter because if it is working, one of these antennas should work, so it shouldnt be too bad and i dont plan on going. You know like super long range, because theres kids playing soccer today and im in canada and i got ta stay away from them. A few other things to mention it does have an f7 flight controller, so it has one of the most modern flight controllers also got a finder buzzer in it right in the front. It was kind of hidden and the only way you can find it if youre not looking for it is plug a battery in then unplug the battery it will beep because it goes into hey.

You must be looking for the drone mode, so it beeps, and then you can find it theres a tiny little button. You got to stick your finger in and push it to turn it off, or else its going to drive you and your wife up the wall for hours, wheres, the sun suns over there. You can see the construction on the bottom carbon fiber and i like the way they put these little nuts and bolts its really good, really nice design the way its all put together very replaceable parts like put it sideways. You might be able to see through it. You can see its a really good design. Let me see the final thing on this before we go flight is that it is designed to take a 2200 milliamp hour lipo battery. That is a big battery as well. It is designed to carry a gopro hero 9, which is super heavy. I have one here, thats a whole thats, a gopro hero 9.. As for battery, all i have is an 1800 milliamp hour 6s lipo battery. I dont have 2200 milliamp hour, lipo batteries for fpv drones, theyre just too big and too heavy, and i dont have anything to carry it. So let me just say this: if i put this battery, which is the biggest i have today on here – and this is only a gopro – seven – maybe later ill change it to a 9., it should have more than sufficient power to fly around as if it was Like a little tiny, 4s freestyle drone, it should be insanely fast, so were going to see that here so lets go fly enough.

Talking lets go fly now. I should also mention for radio, since its analog im using my radio master tx16s ill power, that on make sure all the switches are away and we are gon na be ready to go pretty soon. You can see on the back of my tx16s. If i bring it over here, i have a crossfire module. You will need that if you want to put a crossfire receiver in the drone like mine, has for fpv goggles im going to use my fat shark, analog, goggles and ill also record video on these goggles, which is going to look pretty crappy. The gopro is going to look great, but the video on here will look crappy. Now you can see in the front my crossfire im just going to tilt it a little bit so its on an angle. So when it takes off youll see the antenna will go down so ill have a little bit of an angle there, all right at the back here it has to get the satellites as it sits here so thats going to happen really fast and ill see it In my fat chart goggles when it has the satellites, all right were almost ready to go all right. The drone is behind me sitting behind this here, bleacher stand and theres some interference happening. I can see it already. I can see five satellites up in the six satellites up in the top right corner, so thats good.

I think it needs a six or whatever, but you can see my image is going in and out its just snow thats because of these stands and the drone is on the ground so its having difficulty shooting out the vtx all right im, still showing only six Satellites and uh lets arm it. I see everything on my screen looks good, so lets go straight up and get some height. Oh clear, clear image now see what i mean just interference there, but look at how nice it hovers its windy out here there. I am over there im not going to fly over my head because i dont know this things going to fall out of the sky. So if you look at my fat shark display its low res, but its super smooth. The way the drone is flying lets just bring it this way so im taking it easy, slow and easy. I just want to make sure everythings a okay with this drone, so you can see its a very smooth flight as im coming around here. This is nothing yet guys. Hang on to your pantyhose hang on all right, so i think were good lets go find our switch for uh acro mode. You know i was flying right there in angle mode, so lets go, find acro mode. There we go baby here. We go all right. First, things first lets test out how this baby does there we go. You can hear it screaming now.

So far, all the readings on the display are a okay. I dont have any issues there, but i do think those props i stuck on. I think those props are less than stellar, so i might have to change the props. I think im going to have to land it and change the props. All right lets unplug the drone there we go, take that battery off and lets remove the props theres that beep i was talking about and to turn it off in the front here, theres a little button. If i push in here it should go off there. You go now. I should mention when a drone does that, on a 6s battery the sound i heard uh if youre a newbie, you probably wont notice it, but i noticed it and it makes the drone like vibrate nine times out of ten its the props theres, an unbalancing going On theres, something wrong with these props, or sometimes its the flight controller, it just doesnt like the 6s power of the battery, because theres not enough weight for it. I know that sounds silly, a drone with not enough weight, but if theres not enough weight on a drone, its all designed in the flight controller for a certain amount of weight and when you dont put enough weight on a drone and try to fly it very. Very fast uh thats, what happens its happened to me many times in the past, with six inch props and seven inch prop drones got ta, have a lot of weight and, like i said, ive only got this here battery so thats.

It all right lets put these props on the hq props that came with it uh. It is a props in design, so lets put them all props. In just add a bit more weight. Im gon na take off the gopro 7 in the front and im going to put on a gopro hero. 9.. All right here we go gopro hero 9 on the front for a bit more weight, ive changed the props and im going to put a fresh battery on and well take it for a flight, well see how it goes here. We go all right. Second, try here we go. Oh since ive got my oh, this is pretty smart. It noticed i had my navigation on. So just ive got my gps on so get those switches off geez. How did i hit all those all right here? We go again. Its uh fired up and lets get it up in the air there we are were in acro mode, so i should be able to fly nice and acroy around things, which means i have full control so lets go this way. Is that a bit better? I think its a bit better is more weight on it. Now it doesnt sound as wonky and im moving faster through the air, so i guess those props made all the difference. I have a problem here, so if i look out this way, whoo that wind isnt blowing, but this thing is not affected by it all so, look at this way: soccer game and parents im not going that way whatsoever.

You look out this way. Kids in the park cant go that way, so lets go back this way, which will be behind me, which is not a good thing, thats, where you can lose telemetry and all sorts of things. So i dont want to do that and then i have the farmers field out here where i can go, but, oh, my god, have you ever tried to find a drone in a farmers field walking through all these crops, even with the beeper going and the wind Blowing its a pain in the butt, i know youre, probably saying steve, you sound so lazy dont want to go for a walk, bring it close to me. Oh yeah, thats much better, much better, much better and no vibrations in the display at all so lets. Take it up there, we are there, we are im just going to do. A huge loop lets, see im way up now, everythings a dot down there and coming back so my dive, smooth flying coming into the trees Applause. That is the joy of a seven inch. It is like you would never want to get hit with one of these. They would just leave a massive dent in a part of your body, so thats something you dont want to have happen. A little scary. You hear the sound its like its craziness lets, bring it down over here, looking at me. Well, that was lame. All right were going to try this again.

The last field i was at there was too many people around and i had no room to fly so im at another field. Right now i have a spotter right there and the spotter is telling me that there are kids starting to show up for soccer thats. My drone, it just beeped to say its got enough satellites to fly so lets go fly. I can only do one flight right now, so lets go really quick lets arm it and uh lets go all right, so you can see the fields are pretty much empty and im just going to speed along here. Really fast. Im im cruising it here. If you want to know how fast im going take a look at the top right, you can see where it says: 82, 84, 79 or whatever thats my speed right now and you can see it didnt. Take me very long to get to the end of this field that im coming back here, Applause! So look at my speed. I was at 110, probably over that its a very, very fast drone and there i am right down there and theres my spot rover to the left and you can see soccer players over there by the net, so i have to avoid them. So all i can say right now about this drone is its freaking awesome when you can get it out in the wild and cruise around here, like im, doing here now, really quick im going to slow it down im going to tell you what you see on Your screen so take a look at the top left.

You see an arrow that will always point back to me. So home is where that arrow is, which is where im coming back to me over here im at the jeep, and there we go also on the left. Youre gon na have other stuff like how far away away i am from oh geez. I was paying attention to the top left, not the post there uh you have that you have my speed over at the right. The number of satellites down at the bottom right, youre going to have my battery status and then at the bottom left youre going to see a pile of stuff dealing with the video transmission and heat and other stuff, like that, with your um or whatever. It is. Your imu thats it so its a pretty cool drone and over on the middle uh on the right hand, side in the middle, where it says 99 100. That is my reception im going to fly away over here, see that 99 it says reception is bang on. I could go – probably you know – probably another kilometer or mile away, but im just going to come on back here. There we go and im going to come down so, as you can see its a really good drone, but im gon na bring it back now, because i dont want the soccer kids to be in the way of my drone. My spotter is telling me i can hear is i can hear him calling out my name like steve, more kids, showing up so im going to bring it on back all right.

So once again, this is a really cool drone. It does freestyle everything else, but i have to move to another spot. I cant believe it again. I have to move just plop it down here. I can see more cars coming and point there. We are all right. I got my drone down here. Rc planes in the air so lets go chase them next thing is change. The camera on here, im gon na, take the gopro off and put the insta 360 1r on so were going to get a 360 view as im flying. That should be pretty nice. I got peter over here, whos admiring the drone. What do you think youre? Looking at it im admiring the drone see? I was right, hes admiring the drone. Then we have andre over here whos getting his plane ready to go and uh were going to uh. Maybe follow this for a little bit so for this flight i have the insta360 one r, which is going to give us a 360 degree view of the flight. What do you think its going to fly? I think i i think the other side goes right side up all right. A bit of a problem with this one r is that uh, the cameras at the front looks good, but watch when we flip around 360 to the camera in the back. The battery is so large its kind of blocking a lot of the image but thats what youre going to see bring the camera back to me – and here i am all right – lets go for a flight.

Andre is still trying to get his plane working, but were going to go up and just take some load to the ground. Video footage, Music, andres, bringing his out all right lets, go were gon na go in uh angle, mode, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause. When i do a snapshot of the image ill show it now, so the audience could see it. Yeah we were a wee bit close thats, okay. Well at least i didnt shred, the bottom of your plane and your plane didnt kill my little drone down there. All right next thing to show you with this beast is: what comes in the box when you buy it, so check this out, heres the recon 7 pro box and inside well heres the recon 7 pro i will say it is a well constructed drone check this Out the carbon fiber is quite thick for a drone this size. Now it is an analog 6s drone and the motors are very large in size and they are 1250kv check out the size of the motor compared to my thumb, make sure the batteries you buy. For this drone have an xt60 connector two sets of seven inch. Props are included, you have the foldable ones, and you have the non foldable ones depending which props you decide to put on you, get the appropriate nuts or screws. Two battery straps are included as well as a bolt bolton nut for your gopro mount.

A diagram is included for your f7 flight controller as well as your m80 gps module. And, finally, you get a propeller direction card as well as recon fpv stickers. The weight of this is 529 grams, all right final thoughts on the recon 7 pro. I will tell you right off the bat it is not designed for beginners. It is very dangerous because its very large and if you get hit with this or you hit somebody else or you hit some object like a car with it its going to leave a massive dent. So beginners! Beware now for people who know how to fly fpv, this is an awesome drone. I probably dont have to say too much because it is a recon 7 pro and youve, probably already seen a lot of reviews probably been looking into it. You saw my video here. Its fast, its very agile, its easy to control and its a heck of a lot of fun people in the fpv hobby that fly for a very long time love the bigger drones, because you know we can handle them no problem, and this one here is very Easy to handle so thumbs up from me, really good, im gon na put links below to where you can find it check it out on the various sites and find one at the price. For you, mine is the analog version. It does come in digital, which is much more expensive, but ive shown you the analog version in case.

You want to save some money because its not that expensive in analog all right guys, thanks for watching this video. If you have questions on this drone post them below and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up.